Savage Fang Ojou-sama 4.7

Savage Fang Ojou-Sama

Chapter 4

20,025 Jun 25,22 Akaishi Kakkaku,Kayahara,Umashi

This is the story of a "princess" who torments the whole world. She is loved by God, she has beautiful hair, and she wields a violent blade. She was the prettiest young lady in the kingdom, but she was also the most powerful of mercenaries, nicknamed "Savage Fang." All of them are now beginning to be trampled by a girl who defies expectations.
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For My Derelict Beloved 4.8

For My Derelict Beloved

Vol.1 Chapter 13

80,084 Jun 23,22 Kim Seon-Yu, Ryuho

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite
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Shinsujeon 2.8


Chapter 9

6,464 Jun 24,22 Satan (마왕)

For the sake of his parents, who became ill after hunting a tiger, Choi Hyeon went to the mountains in search of the sacred guardian tree. Upon finding the sacred tree, a mysterious man named Tak Myeong appeared before him.In return for helping his parents recover, Tak Myeong asks Choi Hyeon to visit him in the mountains for a hundred days. But, will Choi Hyeon be able to repay Tak Myeong’s ki
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I Will Take Responsibility for the Welfare of the Male Lead 4.4

I Will Take Responsibility For The Welfare Of The Male Lead

Chapter 8

70,085 Jun 24,22 Lee Jiha

I possessed a character in the novel I had been writing roughly for a year: A wicked woman who was destined to die horribly within the next two years. ‘Is this the price for making the readers suffer?’ Anyway, the male lead was suffering from rolling over like a hoop. For the welfare of my creation, the poor male lead, and for my survival, I got a job at the mansion as a maid
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My Debut as a Loser! 4.4

My Debut As A Loser!

Chapter 12

9,494 Jun 24,22 野比小培, 阿慢慢, 星空社

The popular actress Lin Meiyu woke up and became her vicious supporting actress! Holding the script, she knew that sooner or later the handsome guys around her would ruin her reputation and die without a burial! Black-bellied assistant Qin Fei: You taught me! Do anything to achieve your goals! Sunshine Security Shen Zai: You said you hate me? Well it's you! Ji Yuancheng, the ultimate b
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Trapped in the Academy's Eroge 4.4

Trapped In The Academy's Eroge

Chapter 1

135,134 Jun 24,22 Feel

I woke up in the world of the ero-game 'Seka' after writing a bad review... The God of the game 'Seka' said that they will kill me if I don't get the harem ending of all 6 heroines! Such a stingy god... All right. I will try to seduce all six of them and survive until the harem endings...!
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It's My Destiny to Be Hero's Savior 4.7

It's My Destiny To Be Hero's Savior

Chapter 8

115,125 Jun 24,22 Dodam, Eunsoro

I remember the memory of my previous life when I was abused by my father for the experiment. Then I realized. According to my previous life, this is the world of fantasy fiction I’ve read. That she was born with a minor role and died before the novel even started. Ariadne thought calmly, ‘I am screwed’.She was also screwed on a global basis, this novel has a bad ending. The end of this 10-volu
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King of Battlefield 4.5

King Of Battlefield

Chapter 40

125,131 Jun 24,22 Action99 (건드리고고)

Family and the safety of others are our priorities. Murim comes next.My wife who is like a rabbit is my first priority, next is my daughter who is like a fox.Next will be my son who is like a bear, and my other priorities are father, mother, and younger brother…I cannot see the safety of murim as my priority.Is it my business to care about what happens to murim?Murim,I will
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Damn Reincarnation 4.8

Damn Reincarnation

Chapter 20

315,318 Jun 23,22 Park Jeong yeol (박정열),Kiki (키키),Mogma (목마)

The warrior Hamel went on an adventure with his companions to defeat the Demon Kings, but after dying just before the final battle with the Demon Kings…. “Waaah.” ‘What the fuck!’ He was reincarnated as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. Hamel — no, Eugene Lionheart was reborn with the blood of the Great Vermouth. ‘My previous body held enough talent to be mistaken for a genius, bu
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An Earth Immortal Reborn 3.3

An Earth Immortal Reborn

Chapter 84: Planning

100,112 Jun 25,22 Chen Guojian

Chen Mo, an Immortal Transformation cultivator who died when exploring the forbidden grounds with his junior, has returned to his Senior High days. He has to rebuild his cultivation foundation to regain his strength and look for his junior. Taking advantage of his memories of past life, he has laid out plans to undo all regrets. This time, he will protect his family and friends, crush his enemies,
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Strange Store 3.8

Strange Store

Chapter 14: A Charming Disguise - 2

13,506 Jun 23,22 Xingyue Jiang

This is a ghost online shop that betrays desire. As long as the customer needs it, the black business card will arrive as promised and will be delivered with exclusive items with magical effects. However, no one knows how much it costs to use these items. The legend of “Strange Store” has already started circulating in the city. “The next business card… will it appear next to you?”
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Strange Love Story 4.6

Strange Love Story

Chapter 15: Snow Spirit (8)

2,579 Jun 23,22 大喜, 创画文化, 大棉花, 七海

A piece of fantasy love story in a field of light from magic land. Each story tell the story of the parallel time and space of Ba Jiu and Li Shi whom are destined to meet. The strange love story between normal person and strange person, how will their story end ...
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Start Raising Dragons From Today 4.3

Start Raising Dragons From Today

Chapter 7

30,030 Jun 23,22 瞎子哦

In a world full of magic, Lynn, who got isekai-ed, obtained the cheat – the Dragon Ranch. Lynn relied on the power obtained by raising dragons, so I started to raise dragons diligently. Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Ice Dragon, Steel Dragon… Dark Dragon, Bright Dragon. many years later to enter the Holy Iris Academy to learn magic. He wanted to hide his strength and develop wretchedly, but he always
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Princess Blooms into a Crazy Flower 4.7

Princess Blooms Into A Crazy Flower

Vol.1 Chapter 5

40,042 Jun 26,22 Han Bo-Yeon, Hwang Man-ju

“I, Melody Corbella, wish to marry him!” The rest of the table reacted in a cold enough manner for the Princess to feel ashamed, having raised her right arm vigorously with sparkles in her eyes.And then, Prince Deimos broke the silence to open his mouth, “We must not send a nutcase like her, Your Majesty!!”It was finally the moment where all of her crazy deeds in the past came to fruition;
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Martial God Chat Group 4.5

Martial God Chat Group

Chapter 11

80,086 Jun 25,22 重庆慢慢画, 欲言文化

He stepped into Li Jing’s mansion as a poor man and became the son-in-law of Li’s mansion. After 15 years, I finally got to the day when the system was activated, and the Wu shen chat group was launched~
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It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times 4.5

It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times

Chapter 26

120,118 Jun 23,22 猫仆工作室

Three years ago, the supreme bone got seized and Jiang Yu has since become a handyman disciple. Three years later… “Congratulations to the host’s supreme bone rebirth, awakening the strongest physique in the heavens and the earth!” Hearing this, Jiang Yu smashed the pole! Finally, The system has activated!---**Links:**- ( (https://www.ku
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Arknights: A1 Operations Preparation Detachment 4.6

Arknights: A1 Operations Preparation Detachment

Chapter 2: Without Cure

6,220 Jun 23,22 Hypergryph

Rookie members of the Columbia garrison, Fang, Beagle and Kroos have been posted to the commercial city of Tkaronto’s Infected district for their internship. Although it’s crowded and has quite a complex situation, the three of them resolve to do their duty to the fullest, quickly integrating with the local Infected. Soon, their six-month internship will be over, and the three of them will become
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I, The Invincible Villain Master With My Apprentices 4.3

I, The Invincible Villain Master With My Apprentices

Chapter 14

100,136 Jun 23,22 SF Light Novels, 宁谖

Shen Shi felt very sad. He didn’t understand why he transmigrated into the book he wrote and was not the protagonist. He also didn’t understand why immortal male protagonist became a female? He didn’t understand even more. It was obvious that he wanted to be a cultivator apprentices, so why everyone wanted to become his apprentice The protagonist: “Master! Are you going to eat me first today, or d
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My Senior Brother Is Too Steady 4.3

My Senior Brother Is Too Steady

Chapter 13

30,034 Jun 23,22 优酷动漫

After being reborn in ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou became a small cultivator.To survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma. He always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines pois
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My Mom Is My Constellation 4.6

My Mom Is My Constellation

Chapter 8

80,080 Jun 23,22 갈색팬더

Miraculously, I went back in time after my death. But that isn’t the issue right now.“M-Mom?”My mother, who passed away a few years ago, is my constellation?
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Marronnier Farm Near By The Imperial Palace 4.5

Marronnier Farm Near By The Imperial Palace

Chapter 17

20,026 Jun 23,22 Jeong Yeon

Hazel Mayfield, a farming genius who possessed the "hands of the sun." Holding the land document her grandfather gave her, she looked for her farm with excitement... "That 'amazingly high-ranking landlord' ...was the emperor?" Iskanda, the young emperor of the great Bratania Empire. The biggest crisis was approaching him, who had dreamed of a perfect imperial palace. "As long as my name is on the
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Please Do Errands Instead of Me! 3.7

Please Do Errands Instead Of Me!

Chapter 30

2,692 Jun 23,22 Go Ara

There is a village called Yi Yang Ri where there are demons, love, and secrets.Eunho, who grew up there, became twenty years old just as the goblin who was asleep for twenty years had also woken up.Someone told her that there is something she must do to protect her precious friend... An emotional fantasy where human relationships grow stronger!
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Konjiki no Gash!! 2 4.9

Konjiki No Gash!! 2

Chapter 4

10,008 Jun 23,22 Raiku Makoto

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon world comes to light. And i
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