The Supreme Almighty Master 3.9

The Supreme Almighty Master

Chapter 83

6M Jun 13,24 阅文漫画

“The most versatile student in history! An adventure changed my life. From then on, I got a full score in the exam, I will hit the score, basketball genius, swimmer, beautiful harem… omnipotent, how lonely~~ ~” Just another manhua trash with big boob
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I, the Demon Lord, Am Being Targeted by My Female Disciples! 4.6

I, The Demon Lord, Am Being Targeted By My Female Disciples!

Chapter 22

614.4K Jun 13,24 芝士雪豹嗷, 奇了漫画

Bai Feng transmigrated into an ancient chinese style dating game and became the Demon Lord, Bai Qingling. The Bai Qingling in the game is cold-hearted and ruthless. In order to seek immortality, he cultivates the Path of Gu, makes human puppets, and does all kinds of evil. What’s even more hateful is that his three stunning female disciples he regards as pawns, are the villain bosses in the game’s
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Tenohira Kaitaku Mura de Isekai Kenkokuki: Fueteku Yome-tachi to Nonbiri Mujintou Life 4.8

Tenohira Kaitaku Mura De Isekai Kenkokuki: Fueteku Yome-Tachi To Nonbiri Mujintou Life

Chapter 47

43.1M Jun 13,24 Hoshizaki Kon

Kai, a sickly kid, wished for a lively normal life on his deathbed when he was suddenly reincarnated into another world. Not only the boy’s wishes were fulfilled, he was also gifted an ability to be a god of his own little world at the back of his palm. Yet such bliss did not last long… Kai was abruptly separated from his loving adopted family and banished into an uninhabited island tee
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Against the Gods 4.5

Against The Gods

Chapter 675

89.2M Jun 13,24 Xiao Qi, Huo Xing Yin Li

Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery. Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heave
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Bocchi Tenseiki 4

Bocchi Tenseiki

Vol.4 Chapter 24

11.7M Jun 13,24 Fast, Midorikawa You

I don't trust any human being. An unemployed, virgin 29-years-old Loner man who has a very deep distrust toward humans was trying to save a woman who was almost raped. He is stabbed in the chest by the assaulter and left to die alone while cursing the humans. When he came to, he realized that he had reincarnated in another world as the second son of a lower noble family where magic and
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Akai Ringo 3.3

Akai Ringo

Chapter 56

5.4M Jun 13,24 Murata Kouji

Japan in the Reiwa XX era, where sexual activity is illegal. Hikaru Inuta, an honor student whose father is the director of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Sexual Enforcement Division, witnesses something shocking at a club he visits for the first time with her friend. There are a lot of people who enjoy sex with a great deal of alcohol and music! And among them is Inuta's favo
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The Supreme Almighty Master Remake 4.1

The Supreme Almighty Master Remake

Chapter 83

6.6M Jun 13,24 Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)

The young man, Xia Tian, suddenly obtained x-ray vision and from then on began series of infinite blessings. He was apprenticed to martial arts masters, made friends with treasure experts, and won the favor of countless women... He continued to grow and became the Supreme Almighty Master one step at a time.
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Hunter Academy’s Strongest Battle God 4.5

Hunter Academy’S Strongest Battle God

Chapter 29

893.7K Jun 13,24 Yeon Mosmaen

Hunter Academy's Strongest Battle GodEvaluated as having the lowest attribute type, F-Class, the five-year-old Shin Yu-Sung was abandoned by the famous Shin hunter family. That same year, Shin Yu-Sung was taken in by one of the top Hunters, the King of Fighters, at his orphanage. The King of Fighters, who had obtained the highest attribute type with his "physical strength" and not his attributes o
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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka 4.7

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 238

138.7M Jun 13,24 Naitou Kinosuke

You know the deal by now. Middle-aged office worker gets sick and dies. He meets God, who tells him that he can be reincarnated in a new world. Our main character accepts, and decides to become a farmer. Welcome to farming in an alternate world.
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Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi 4.7

Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi

Chapter 140

25.8M Jun 12,24 Naitou Marcey

Kamihate Uryuu, orphaned since childhood, receives an invitation to stay at the local Shinto shrine. All he wanted was a quiet place to study so that he can fulfill his dream of making it into a top medical school, but after arriving there, he comes across three beautiful shrine maiden sisters... and the head priest requests that he marry one of them and take over the shrine. A tale of love and mi
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Harem Yori Heion o! Isekai de Shizuka ni NEET Hime sasete Kure 3.5

Harem Yori Heion O! Isekai De Shizuka Ni Neet Hime Sasete Kure

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

32.1K Jun 12,24 Sakata Haruki

An elite salaryman (aspiring NEET), gets reincarnated and genderswapped into a princess living an idle life of masturbation...!? Kishibe is an elite office worker who dreams of becoming a NEET who has attained FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). The fulfillment of his dream is now right before his very eyes!! ...or was, when he died saving a girl from getting hit by a car. A self-proc
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Unique Skill “Tame Encyclopedia” 4.3

Unique Skill “Tame Encyclopedia”

Chapter 7

157.3K Jun 12,24

The main character, Drain, has only one unique skill. It is the forbidden ability to tame.
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Great Zhou Immortal Officials 4.6

Great Zhou Immortal Officials

Chapter 104

962.7K Jun 12,24 Animation hall,Reading comics

Li Mu, from a poor family, traveled to the world of enchanting and enchanting fairy tales, and originally only wanted to survive forever. But the little fox rescued accidentally wanted to agree with her. The violent female neighbor was Bai Fumei, and the cold boss also preferred him... The helpless Li Mu had tears in his eyes and tears. Reluctantly began his vigorous Xianxia life. 大周仙
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Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei 4.7

Kamigami No Kago De Seisan Kakumei

Vol.3 Chapter 12.2

7.7M Jun 12,24 Fuuraisan

During the reincarnation of the Japanese company slave, Tadashi, he was impressed by God by choosing the agricultural blessing that no one had ever chosen, and received unprecedented generous blessing. And he has a dream slow life in a different world-it should have landed all-you-can-eat, a huge peninsula called Miasma Limbo! Tadashi struggled, but with his serious personality and blessing from G
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 4

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.5 Chapter 39

7.1M Jun 12,24 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Nagasarete Airantou 4.7

Nagasarete Airantou

Vol.31 Chapter 190: Warm And Rise

10.2M Jun 12,24 Fujishiro Takeshi

Teppei Sakamoto is a boy living in the countryside. He loves soccer, and all his soccer skills were taught to him by his sister. Finally, his sister wants him to join in Mizumoto High School soccer team. Teppei's turn in life has come!! How will this soccer newbie fare in the new environment?
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Wu Di Zhi Qian Qing Zhai Tai Duo 4.6

Wu Di Zhi Qian Qing Zhai Tai Duo

Chapter 78

2.4M Jun 12,24 遍地星辰 ; 天空树漫工厂

Supreme Saint's Love Debts manhua, Too Much Love Debt Before Invincibility, Before Being Invincible, There Were Too Many Love DebtsAfter a desperate struggle, Supreme Saint Ling Yunfeng along with a team with determined beliefs have finally restored order to the world. I was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace, but suddenly discovered that before the struggle, he actually forged a lot of love d
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Ojousama no Shimobe 4.7

Ojousama No Shimobe

Chapter 138

33.8M Jun 11,24 Hoshino Taguchi

The story centers around a main character with a meddlesome personality whose father is a butler and whose mother is a maid, and who one day meets a rich young lady who cannot even change her own clothes, let alone know what do in the outside world.
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Goddess Café Terrace 4

Goddess Café Terrace

Chapter 155

13.2M Jun 11,24 Seo Kouji

Kasukabe Hayato has been accepted to Tokyo U on his first try. Receiving news of his grandmother's death, he returns to his childhood home, Cafe Terrace Familia, for the first time in three years to find five strange girls there who claim to be "Grandma's Family"! Hayato's unexpected life in a seaside town with these five girls of fate begins here!
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The Cuckoo's Fiancee 4.1

The Cuckoo's Fiancee

Chapter 207

38.2M Jun 11,24 Yoshikawa Miki

A romantic comedy about Nagi going to a meeting with her real parents, and about Erika, who is tormented by an unwanted engagement!
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Choukadou Girls 4.6

Choukadou Girls

Vol.7 Chapter 63: The City Of Life Of Mob Characters 2

569.5K Jun 11,24 Oyster

A moving girl figure are back. A love comedy of the everyday feeling that a super-movable girl wraps around a nerdy boy, Haruto!!
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Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! Master of Garden ~Shichikage Retsuden~ 4.7

Kage No Jitsuryokusha Ni Naritakute! Master Of Garden ~Shichikage Retsuden~

Chapter 2.1

24.3K Jun 11,24 Aizawa Daisuke , Kanco

Based on the Gatcha auto battler video game. Focuses on recounting the past of other characters and intermediate stories that occur during the main story which are also canonical. Not the main character, and not the last boss. The one who lurks in the shadows of the storyline and holds all the power, hiding his true abilities by acting like a side character. The boy who longs to be a 'Shadowb
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Chichi Chichi 4.3

Chichi Chichi

Vol.6 Chapter 103

45.3M Jun 11,24 Cool Kyoushinsha

One day, a picture book writer named Yorozu Hiraku was asked by his close online friend, Chintarou, if they could share a room while he attended a nearby university. Although they only knew each other through online interactions, Hikaru agrees to it without much thought. However unbeknownst to Hikaru, Chintarou, despite having a male name, is actually a girl; a very well endowed girl.
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Amai Seikatsu 4.6

Amai Seikatsu

Chapter 303: Swimsuit Development

6.4M Jun 11,24 Yuzuki Hikaru

The complicated story of a young man who goes to work for a lingerie company.
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