Home Room 3.5

Home Room

Chapter 3: Librarian

0 Jul 01,22 Chiyo

High school student Sachiko is bullied daily and is the recipient of constant unpleasant pranks in class. The culprit is unknown, however, in truth, to Sachiko those days were not particularly painful. That is because her beloved Aida-sensei is there to save her. Bright, handsome, and with a strong sense of justice, he is popular with everyone. Of course to Sachiko he is her special hero. However,
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Doki Doki Connection 4.2

Doki Doki Connection

Chapter 17: Arin Opens Up To Seong-Hyun

165,191 Jun 30,22 SSAEM

Because of the slow internet in my place these days, I changed the Wi-Fi password to avoid freeloading. From that day on, random porn videos that I'd never seen, are played onto my TV... "It's not even my video.. Is this someone's real-time pairing?"
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No More Love With the Girls 4.5

No More Love With The Girls

Chapter 13: Romcoms Don't Happen Because You're "onii-Chan"

30,037 Jun 30,22 Shinya Misu

Eiyuu (A.U.), a high school boy, has a problem! Two childhood friends "Shio" and "Akari" who go to the same high school are too cute! If they find out that I'm the only one looking sexually at them now that they've grown up, even though I have no intention of doing so... that would be too much! On the other hand, the two childhood friends also have their own secrets...? It's so awkward! It's compl
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The Eternal Supreme 2.8

The Eternal Supreme

9,657 Jun 28,22

One of the Conferred Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, passed away in the Tiandang Mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yunxiao of the State of Tianshui, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable geniuses of the time. The nine levels of the Martial Art; the Divine Realms of the ten quarters. From then on, the whole world fell into chaos!
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My Wife Is the Union Leader of Martial Arts Circles 4.4

My Wife Is The Union Leader Of Martial Arts Circles

Chapter 5: Trouble Comes Knocking

30,182 Jun 30,22 黑夜de白羊

He was originally just your average joe, but he was chosen by the female martial arts union leader, Murong Ying, to be her husband because of his pure yang physique. The 11 years of cultivation he absorbed from Murong Ying helped kickstart his cultivation career, allowing him to dominate the campus, become an escort, become an island owner, and fight on his own path. After finally reaching the imm
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Dore ga Koi Ka ga Wakaranai 3.2

Dore Ga Koi Ka Ga Wakaranai

Vol.1 Chapter 7

23,441 Jun 30,22 Oku Tamamushi

Our protagonist, Soraike Mei, confessed her unrequited love to her friend at the high school graduation ceremony… That was the plan, at least. Her confession was a failure. Because of that, she is keen to go to school to “Definitely get a girlfriend during college!” But for some reason, one woman after another keeps on approaching her?!
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My Multiple Personality Girlfriend 4.4

My Multiple Personality Girlfriend

Vol.1 Chapter 9: The Lilies In My Hometown Are Blooming

9,354 Jun 30,22 懒猫薛定谔

Appearing in front of Gu Bei, who had lost his memory, was the beautiful girl Su Mo who claimed to be his girlfriend. However, Su Mo had other personalities in her body. The problem for Gu Bei is that if he wants to date normally, it seems he has to conquer all the other personalities?
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My Debut as a Loser! 4.3

My Debut As A Loser!

Chapter 12

12,930 Jun 24,22 野比小培, 阿慢慢, 星空社

The popular actress Lin Meiyu woke up and became her vicious supporting actress! Holding the script, she knew that sooner or later the handsome guys around her would ruin her reputation and die without a burial! Black-bellied assistant Qin Fei: You taught me! Do anything to achieve your goals! Sunshine Security Shen Zai: You said you hate me? Well it's you! Ji Yuancheng, the ultimate b
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Trapped in the Academy's Eroge 4.5

Trapped In The Academy's Eroge

Chapter 2

320,371 Jun 30,22 Feel

I woke up in the world of the ero-game 'Seka' after writing a bad review... The God of the game 'Seka' said that they will kill me if I don't get the harem ending of all 6 heroines! Such a stingy god... All right. I will try to seduce all six of them and survive until the harem endings...!
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I Want a Taste 4

I Want A Taste

Chapter 12: Fucking Noona Very Hard

400,432 Jul 01,22 Team Danbi

Ho-Chan who visits Somang Enterprise after receiving their business card, was greeted with the Manager’s ample bust inside the rundown company? “Ho-Chan, aren’t you curious what’s inside my panties?”. Already being seduced by Da-Som and now… from an older woman with a supple body to a fresh 20 year-old… is this the life’s best restaurant?!
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Damn Reincarnation 4.8

Damn Reincarnation

Chapter 21

830,871 Jun 30,22 Park Jeong yeol (박정열),Kiki (키키),Mogma (목마)

The warrior Hamel went on an adventure with his companions to defeat the Demon Kings, but after dying just before the final battle with the Demon Kings…. “Waaah.” ‘What the fuck!’ He was reincarnated as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. Hamel — no, Eugene Lionheart was reborn with the blood of the Great Vermouth. ‘My previous body held enough talent to be mistaken for a genius, bu
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Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi 4.7

Mikadono Sanshimai Wa Angai, Choroi

Chapter 23: Here, Too.

350,357 Jun 30,22 Hirakawa Aya

Though Ayase Yuu is the son of a renowned and talented actress, he is below average in anything he does. He is entrusted to live under the care of his mother's friend, and later discovers that he will also be rooming with the three sisters from his school who possess both beauty and talent. Though Yuu thought that an understanding would be impossible to reach between an ordinary person and those b
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The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist 3.8

The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist

Chapter 4.1

39,025 Jun 23,22 Popuri Yoshikita,Okemaru

Wataru Sajou , who is deeply in love with his beautiful classmate Aika Natsukawa, is continuing to approach her without getting discouraged while having dreams about their mutual love. However one day he woke up thinking, “I am not really fit to be together with someone as good as her, huh…” Upon realizing this, Wataru started keeping an appropriate distance towards her, much to Aika’s surprise. “
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Staying with Ajumma 4.4

Staying With Ajumma

Chapter 20.5

880,974 Jun 30,22 Geurogoreu (그레고르)

Middle School Graduate Jeong-Hoo is an orphan… His only warmth was an Ajumma. He endures life day by day but in a place like this, can he be with his Ajumma forever?
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Sekai Saikyou no Shinjuu Tsukai 4.3

Sekai Saikyou No Shinjuu Tsukai

Chapter 4

241,570 Jun 23,22 Yasahashi Rakku

Mag (Magu) was gifted the skill , a skill capable of attracting monsters and causing disasters. As such, he was banished from the city. Therefore, he decided to live alone in a hunting cabin deep in the mountains. However, there, he draws the attention of Divine Beasts: Loa the Dragon (a beautiful girl), Fiana the Phoenix (another beautiful girl), and Kelpie the Maera (another beautiful girl)
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Plundering The Heavens 4.6

Plundering The Heavens

Chapter 9

145,172 Jun 30,22 Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)

Some people say that he is a black sheep in the cultivation world, one with no sense of righteousness and honor, and one who disrupts the order of Taoism! Some people say that he is the biggest scum in Nanzhan Prefecture, colluding with demonic cultivators, swindling and committing all kinds of crimes! To all the slanders, Fang Xing said, “that’s right, I’m that legendary black sheep. Is there a p
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Media Mix Maiden 3.5

Media Mix Maiden

Chapter 11

45,053 Jun 19,22 Maruto Fumiaki,Musha Sabu

Do you like working onee-san? Three women appear before Kouta Nagase, claiming to be colleagues of his father, a famous producer who has recently gone missing. It now falls upon him to take responsibility for a grand media project, the likes of which never seen before. But, all the people involved are crooks! In an industry overrun by greed and corruption, can Kouta make the 10 billion entertain
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Imaizumin's House is a Place for Gals to Gather 4.8

Imaizumin's House Is A Place For Gals To Gather

Chapter 4

144,737 Jun 24,22 Nori5Rou

Imaizumi is a high school boy who lives alone in his apartment for a reason. He has a secret that he can't tell to anyone. And the secret is that he lives with the top three Gyarus (gals) of his school, Hamasaki, Kurumozaka, and Sasaki. He spends his day playing, talking and getting physical with these Gyarus, all of whom have a quirk or two. Imaizumi-kun is getting more and more addicted to h
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Sekai Saisoku no Level Up! 4.6

Sekai Saisoku No Level Up!

Chapter 12

340,278 Jun 10,22 SUZUMI Atsushi,Yamata Nagato

It’s been 20 years since dungeons suddenly appeared in the world. Humanity got supernatural powers like Level, Status, and Skill. Dreaming of becoming rich quickly, Amane Rin, an adventurer challenged to capture dungeons. Even though he possessed a skill unique to even adventurers Transfer within dungeon , he was deemed as incompetent because of the poor usability of the skill. However, the turn
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I Determine My Own Destiny 4.5

I Determine My Own Destiny

Chapter 3: Why Was My Brother Patrolling The Mountain At That Time..?

43,988 Jun 17,22 Sanfu Mutual Entertainment, Reading Comics

Jiang Beiran's journey to the Xuanlong Continent began in tragedy. He had finally gotten the system, but he had not anticipated it has its own rhythm. As a result, Jiang Beiran chose Gou, avoiding all opportunities to brag and living the practice in quiet. However, reality prevents him from salting a fish; even if he merely displays his might, he has established himself as a mystery powerhouse in
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Princess, Please Stay Away From Me! 4.1

Princess, Please Stay Away From Me!

Chapter 48

845,937 Jun 29,22 Big Bear Company

Women? It’s fine to play with them for a bit, but as for those sacred vows professing eternal love? Heh, I’m sorry. I won’t believe a single word! Especially if they’re coming from the mouth of a beautiful girl… That’s what I used to think. However, after I transmigrated one day and was bedded by a certain loli princess, I… seem to have changed.
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"kukuku....... He Is The Weakest Of The Four Heavenly Monarchs." I Was Dismissed From My Job, But Somehow I Became The Master Of A Hero And A Holy Maiden

Chapter 10.1

296,735 Jun 06,22 Nobuno Masayuki,Yoshihashi Atsushi

"Then… you, drop dead…" Capsodia the Death Scorpion (Level 1) was called the "weakest" and was chased out of his position as one of the Four Heavenly Monarchs in the Demon Lord's Army. He was planning to hide out in the Human's Territory until things die down a bit, but he became idolized by Pafimia, an animal-eared Heroine, and Sharon, a pint-sized Saint… Introducing an astounding fanta
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Cross H 3.6

Cross H

Vol.3 Chapter 13: Freedom And Choices

380,431 Jun 16,22 Itosugi Masahiro

The story follows Oruka, who is wallowing in despair after he fails his college entrance exams. Desperate, he has a one-night stand with a beautiful girl named Noa after meeting her for the first time. When Oruka finally gets to college, he finds himself reunited with Noa, but she has certain conditions if they are going to continue as lovers.
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She is Working Out 4.1

She Is Working Out

Chapter 37

1,942,223 Jun 28,22 Kim Mundo

Namseok, who returned to his hometown after 10 years to operate a kendo dojo. Jungbin, who I’ve known as a guy, turned out to be a girl! In the stamp with only the two of us, Jungbin soaked in sweat is waiting defenselessly. “Was kendo such a sexual exercise?”---- (
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