Little Busters! (ANAGURA Mogura) 5

Little Busters! (Anagura Mogura)

Vol.1 Chapter 11.5 : Extra: Tribute Album

137K Jan 21,16 Key

When Riki was a kid, his parents passed away. What saved him was a group of his friends. They called themselves the Little Busters. They took Riki out and played together with him. He really enjoyed it and his grief gradually faded away. And now, they are in the second year of the same high school. They still hang out together and enjoy their school life....
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Love Yume Mix 5

Love Yume Mix

Vol.1 Ch.9 : An Ordinary Day In The Homely Love Drama Life

124.2K Jan 21,16 Kaishinshi

Kensuke is your usual high schooler. He's unattractive, unreliable and leads a very boring life. This all changes in one night, when a goddess grants him his wish and makes him a popular guy. Soon after that girls start flocking to him like there is no tomorrow. The first dramatic change in his life came from his sister and the second was from a childhood friend that he had no idea. Things just do
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Mai-Hime 4.5


Vol.5 Ch.44 : Welcome To Fuuka Academy

632K Jan 21,16 Kimura Noboru

Yuuichi Tate is overjoyed: He gets to go to a brand new high school. Of course, then he just happens to find out the school he choose is under frequent attack by strange creatures called ''Orphans'', and the school set up a special task force of female members called ''HiME''s, using various elements as their powers, to battle these invaders. That's not all, though. Each member of the HiME task fo
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Midnight Children 4.5

Midnight Children

Vol.2 Ch.8

188.9K Jan 21,16 Shinjo Mayu

From JShoujo: It’s a story about a girl who lost her every memory. One stormy night a sudden meeting changes her life forever. She starts anew while still trying to set the pieces of the puzzle that was once her life. Soon after, a love that puts everything on a line is born in the girl’s heart.
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Manatsu no Eden 4.3

Manatsu No Eden

Vol.1 Ch.2

84.8K Jan 21,16 Kitagawa Miyuki

From Sound of Jewels: Mizuka met a strange boy when she was 13. He was her first love. But when the summer ended, even if they promised to see each other again, Mizuka never saw him again. 12 years later, Mizuka meet the same boy again. She's so happy until she found out that he has a twin brother...
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Mei no Naisho 4.6

Mei No Naisho

Vol.4 Ch.18 : Mei And Fuuka And The Last Secret

432.5K Jan 21,16 Kusaka Shiroi

Mei no Naisho revolves around the life of the title character Mei Haruna, an effeminate young boy who was raised by his witch mother as a girl, and always thought of himself as female. His mother was the only family he had, so after she died, he transfers to an all-girls high school and comes to reside in the school's dormitory with his talking familiar cat Abel, and his roommate Fuuka Honjou, who
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Marriage Royale 4

Marriage Royale

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Swimsuit Victory!?

142.2K Jan 21,16 Navel

Marriage Royale's story revolves around the male protagonist, a high school student named Tsukasa Hinomoto, who is told one day by his parents that he was adopted. Furthermore, they tell him that his real father is a manager of a large company, meaning he is very rich and holds a lot of power. Tsukasa's real father wants his son to marry a good woman, so he sets up an event known as Marriage Royal
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Mayoi Neko Overrun! 5

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Vol.3 Ch.10 : Kanae Spike!

258.1K Jan 21,16 Matsu Tomohiro

The story revolves around Takumi Tsuzuki, a boy who lives with his older "sister" Otome, although the two have no blood ties between them. Otome manages a run-down confectionery store called Stray Cats. One day, Otome picks up a mysterious beautiful girl off the streets.
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M.G. Darling 5

M.g. Darling

Vol.2 Ch.12

144.8K Jan 21,16 Mizuto Aqua

Ouri is a girl who dreams of getting married to someone who will protect her, just like her dad protected her mom. When she refuses an arranged betrothal to someone she doesn't know, her mom insists she attends Clover Academy, where there are plenty of fiancee candidates. Rumors about her quickly spread around the school, causing many boys to swarm around her. Then, caught in a pinch, she'
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Millennium Mirage 5

Millennium Mirage

Vol.2 Ch.9 : If You Try To Meet

109K Jan 21,16 Burger Suzuki

"Let’s make a child together!!" is what a girl who appeared out of the blue said. A pretty onee-sama and a cute girl, middle school student Takao Reiichi’s destiny is going to change in a big way since he met these two girls! Was their encounter a coincidence? Or something is bound to happen? Falling in love with the opposite sex and friendship?! Here comes another new love comedy!
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Mx0 4.6


Vol.10 Ch.99 : Farewell Seinagi (3)

2.3M Jan 21,16 Kano Yasuhiro

During a flashback, an interviewer inquires Kuzumi Taiga, a prospective student for Seinagi Private High School, on what he would do if he could use magic, during his entrance interview. He replies, "take over the world", with an outburst of laughter, from an attractive girl, following his answer. After the entrance exam, the school rejects his application; although he recalls almost nothing after
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Namiiro 4.7


Ch.7 : End

129K Jan 21,16 Winlight

The time of the folk dance is approaching in Takumi's school, the folk dance is a famous couples event thus people that are single and unpopular such as himself have absolutely nothing to do with it, well; he is part of the committee that sets up the event, so while he lacks romance his relationship to the event "isn't zero". .... Takumi, however keeps having this dream where a beautiful girl a
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Nuiguru Mix 4.9

Nuiguru Mix

Vol.4 Ch.21

226.3K Jan 21,16 Izumi Yuuji

Kouta's school-year is off to a great start; this year he and lovely Ayano are in the same class--and they're sitting next to each other! Here's the problem: whenever Kouta get's excited he passes out--and wakes up in a stuffed toy. (No, he's not cos-play--he is the stuffed toy.) It's never the same toy and it always seems to have some sexy girl hugging it close. Then his childhood friend Ako gets
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Nusunde Lilith 4.9

Nusunde Lilith

Vol.3 Ch.18 : Onii-Sama, I've Always...

168.1K Jan 21,16 Tinkle

From Divine Sanctuary: Lilith is a phantom thief who is after genius artist, Michelle Corradi’s portrait. After she had already stolen some pictures, Michelle had the idea to catch her. When she announces to steal his new artwork he met her and fell in love with her. What will he do to meet her again..?
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Oedo wa Nemuranai! 5

Oedo Wa Nemuranai!

Vol.5 Ch.32

236.6K Jan 21,16 Honda Keiko

From Wingtip Cafe: In Edo (ancient Japan), an oiran (high-class courtesan) joined a robber gang that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Together, they battled against the enemy who used ‘Eleki’ (electric gadgetry and dolls) as weapons.
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Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru 4-Koma 4.9

Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru 4-Koma

Ch.4 : Masuzu Gained Weight!

574.9K Jan 21,16 Yuuji Yuuji

Spin off of the popular light novel, follows in 4 koma version the spats between the honor student Kidou Eita, his "handsome girlfriend" Natsukawa Masuzu and his "hyper active" childhood friend Harusaki Chiwa. Rather than "a story" placed on a continuity, it's a bunch of 4' skits and jokes using the well known characters.
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Princess Lover! - Pure My Heart 4.5

Princess Lover! - Pure My Heart

Vol.1 Ch.9 : Forever In Our Hearts

508.4K Jan 21,16 Ricotta

Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scion
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Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai! Goshujinsama 4.5

Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai! Goshujinsama

Vol.3 Ch.18 : Surely, From Now Until Forever...

532.4K Jan 21,16 Yui Daisuke

Inukai Shirou a male high-school student leading his life when suddenly his dog Mashiro turns into a human girl and now he must satisfy her wants or face the consequences.
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Princess Nightmare 4.3

Princess Nightmare

Vol.2 Ch.7

138.4K Jan 21,16 Karin Entertainment

From Wasuretai For her birthday present, she wishes she could be an ordinary girl. She commutes to Rose Academy in Usuyami Town. She is Little, a beautiful 114 year old vampire. Her brother Radou watches her, there's a werewolf servant Inukai, and the magical boy Shinji. The ghost that threatens Little's school life has appeared.
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Prism Palette 5

Prism Palette

Vol.1 Ch.10 : Beyond The Blue Sky...

131.9K Jan 21,16 Peach-pit

[From AT-Translations]: Based on an ero-game, Prism Palette is Peach-Pit’s (famous for DearS, Zombie Loan, Rozen Maiden and assorted other manga) first publication. It follows the main character, Masaki Shirai, as he spends his days at school, surrounded by beautiful girls.
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Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi 5

Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Celestial Magician Will Not Be Defeated

71.1K Jan 21,16 Kawazoe Mariko

In the Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi series: 1. Senjutsushi wa Kujikenai - Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi 2. Senjutsushi wa Koi ni Oboreru 3. Senjutsushi wa Netsuai Sareru 4. Senjutsushi to Majin no Shiro 5. Senjutsushi to Fukushuu no Koto 6. Senjutsushi to Saiyaku no Tsubo (1) 7. Senjutsushi to Saiyaku no Tsubo (2) In a certain time, in a certain land, there was a beautiful magicia
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Ru~mu! Room No.1301 4.9

Ru~Mu! Room No.1301

Vol.1 Ch.4 : The Most Important Thing

110.9K Jan 21,16 Arai Teru

From Operation Boredom: High school Student Kinugawa Kenichi is one of the members of the class committee and also the boyfriend of the super cute Ooumi Chiyako. However, one day a new student, Kuwabatake Aya, transfers to their school and demands that Kenichi be her boyfriend...?! Who exactly is this girl, and how does she know Kenichi? Rewritten from a new author's perspective, the love st
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Saving Life 4.7

Saving Life

Vol.1 Ch.6

143.7K Jan 21,16 Kaneda Mario

Haruhiko can't stand his tyrannical father, so he leaves home. The life of a super-rich high school student is difficult. By relying on his relatives, he ended up with a large debt... Even with his classmate Yoriko and his maid Nanako helping him out, things just keep happening in his unfamiliar economic lifestyle. It's a promise-filled, high tension, romantic comedy!
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Seitokai no Ichizon 4.4

Seitokai No Ichizon

Vol.2 Ch.9.5

461.7K Jan 21,16 Aoi Sekina,Inugami Kira

From Baka-Updates: Hekiyou Private Academy's student council members are decided through what basically is a popularity contest. Since good looking girls are admired by both sexes, unlike boys, the student council room became known as paradise. As the pillar of the student council, Sugisaki Ken seeks to create his own bishoujo harem due to his love of girls.
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