I'm a Fake Saintess But the Gods Are Obsessed With Me 4.7

I'm A Fake Saintess But The Gods Are Obsessed With Me

Chapter 82

8.7M Jun 15,24 Junye,Huinangsiye

I reincarnated into the body of a fake saintess who will die when the real saintess appears five years later. If I were to gather the monthly allowance given to the saintess I can at the very least buy a building! But while I was carefully setting up a plan to run away after playing the role of the saintess... "Choose me, or else..." "I prepared a prison just for you. My goddess&quo
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The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit 4.2

The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit

Chapter 59

819.6K Jun 15,24 Seol Hong Baek

I possessed the body of Yvelina, a fallen saintess from a romance novel I read before I died. I’m a fake saintess who’s about to be burned at the stake. I can’t die like this. Until the real saintess appears, I must fix my relationships with the male leads and change the future. But… “You want to continue living in this body, don’t
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It’s Time to Change the Genre 4.8

It’S Time To Change The Genre

Chapter 99

27.2M Jun 15,24 Garin,KEN

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels. I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I’ll try my best to take care of my nephew until his uncle shows up and takes him as per the original plot. But then… “Oh, mom!” I’ve become his mother all of a sudden? “I don’t know your circums
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Seven Ninja of the Imperial Guard 5

Seven Ninja Of The Imperial Guard

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Reiki 3: Magai Shinpen Onshin Ninpo

1.5K Jun 15,24 Yamaguchi Takayuki

With the power of the shogunate, Ieyasu, the supreme ruler of Japan, holds sway over the Sengoku Era. Those who refuse to follow his whims are doomed to be put to death by the god of war, Kibitsuhiko-no-Mikoto. But behold! Seven shadows are still rampant in this ruthless world. Are they men? Beasts? Petals? The wind? No, they are the seven blades of the Efu–the grudgeful ninja! Note:
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Keep A Low Profile, Sect Leader 4.8

Keep A Low Profile, Sect Leader

Chapter 375

32.8M Jun 15,24 二胡藏剑 , 阅文漫画

Traveling to the world of Tian Xuan, can't believe I've become a useless sect's leader! Paying money in the city to be reborn in a game's realm. Making the players my workers, collecting the main characters from the world as my underlings. If we're talking about being pretentious, then I'll only take the number one spot!
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Pet the Little Princess 4.6

Pet The Little Princess

Chapter 54: Start Fighting Back

2.6M Jun 15,24 Young Dream

This is a story about: a female lead who transforms into a child after losing her virginity, her identity switches between an adult and a kid. With the crown prince who has a dual personality too, there's equal parts love and bite.
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Finding Camellia 4.7

Finding Camellia

Chapter 109

21.7M Jun 15,24 Jin soye

Her life was nothing but lies. Camellia was just 12 when she was taken away from her mother in the slums and forced to live as the son of an aristocratic family. But under the layers of secrets and lies, she never forgets. She continues to struggle to be her true self again, to reclaim the life of Camellia. 참아주세요, 대공 / Please Be Patient, Grand Duke / Finding Camellia
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My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path 4.6

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

Chapter 86

9.6M Jun 14,24 Hylain

When I was reincarnated, I only wanted to live happily with my one and only younger brother. But the problem is, my younger brother, who will do anything for my sake, gave me the crown off the head of the tyrant who was the Emperor just up until yesterday. "I'll make the continent kneel at your feet, Sister!" ...At this rate, before becoming the first Empress to unify the continent, I migh
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Viola Tames the Duke 4.6

Viola Tames The Duke

Chapter 61

891.6K Jun 14,24 Hidden Moon

Read manhwa I Tamed the Duke / Viola Tames the Duke / / Of all the clumsy hands, I'm the worst.I was possessed by a supporting actor in a novel, her name was Viola.How can a bad hand act as an artist?I have no choice but to declare that I am clumsy.By the way."I've never seen such an original painting style!"I became a sensation in the art world.And with all intents and purposes, I ended up tur
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Reminiscence Adonis 4.8

Reminiscence Adonis

Chapter 257

32.9M Jun 14,24 Duo Yun Wenhu

Ianna and Arhad had much in common. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. The difference is one wanted the other's warmth, and the other wanted submission. Though Ianna's life ended in a heated battle against Arhad, the Kingdom's emperor, she is reincarnated into the same life for reasons unknown. Two people who faced
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Clandestine Affair 4.3

Clandestine Affair

Vol.2 Chapter 7: That's Absurd, Right?

54.2K Jun 14,24 红头模, 橘姬社

Two female leads hidden away in a vast estate, who save each other through their roller coaster of a relationship! Bai Yuetao, wife of a rich businessman, blames herself for her husband's skirt-chasing tendencies. After spending another night alone in their lavish residence, she sees a graceful woman appear on the newly bought raree show. This woman calls herself "Butterfly Dream" and says that sh
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I Am the Fated Villain 4.8

I Am The Fated Villain

Chapter 161

45.7M Jun 14,24 天命反派,绘术动漫

Gu Zhangge was transmigrated into Xuanhuan World. The moment he was transmigrated, he saw many models surrounding the Lucky Male Protagonist and he really show hate him. Even the Female Protagonist was hugging him which lead to many jealousy among the VIP guest who witness it. Since I am more powerful and higher in status than him, destroying him would be very easy, but wait, there is a system her
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The Emperor is a Woman 4.6

The Emperor Is A Woman

Chapter 267

14.5M Jun 14,24 Updating

After finally confessing to the male god, you are about to usher in a sweet first love, but you have crossed into the world of cultivating immortals because of an electric shock? ! I wanted to find a chance to go home, but I suddenly added a plug-in, how could I not make good use of it? ! The brothers with flowers and jade elder brothers have been very tired to fight monsters and upgrade. They are
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Legend 3.7


Vol.8 Chapter 38

150.5K Jun 14,24 Soo Jung Woo (우수정)

Once upon a time, a selfish king summoned the monstrous Bulkirin into the real world. The monster killed half of all human beings, leaving the rest helpless as to what to do. That is, until one day when a hero appeared and defeated the Bulkirin with the legendary ”Seven Blade Sword.” But…what does all this have to do with 8th grader Eun-Gyo Sung?! First, she gets suspended from school for fighting
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Fall in Love or Die 4.3

Fall In Love Or Die

Chapter 26

57K Jun 14,24 Honey Bee

Read manhwa Fall in Love or Die / Die or fall in love / In the fair city of Rubern, a string of mysterious murders unfolds. A quiet, unobtrusive Isabella receives an invitation from the killer A life-threatening wager lasting fifteen days. She must never fall in love, ensnared by any pleasure or illusion.
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Musket Girls! ~Tensei Sanbou to Senretsu Otome-tachi~ 4.9

Musket Girls! ~Tensei Sanbou To Senretsu Otome-Tachi~

Vol.1 Chapter 5.1

339.7K Jun 14,24 Hyougetsu

After my previous life was cut short, I was reincarnated in a world of early modern-style warfare where line infantry exchanges gunfire. Being a commoner second lieutenant, I was shunned as "Krombertz the Grim Reaper" because of the many deaths of my men in battle. With that, I was assigned to the 6th Special Tasks Brigade, an all-female unit, as a staff officer. The brigade commander, who is up t
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My Father, the Possessive Demi-God 4.8

My Father, The Possessive Demi-God

Chapter 69

7.9M Jun 14,24 Hae Yeo Neul , Sanbom

Young Claire lives with her mother and her twin sister in a humble country home. Feeling mature for her age, Claire is tired of being different from everyone she's ever met. However, when her father suddenly appears, she realizes that she wasn't the only "strange" one in the family. As she slowly learns about her family's past, she understands more about herself and her destiny.
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Nightwatcher 4.6


Chapter 39

2M Jun 14,24 初樱社, 龙宝

In this world, there is: Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism, Demons, and Magicians. Xu Qi’an, a graduate from the police academy, suddenly finds himself waking up in prison, to be exiled to the border three days later …His initial goal was to protect himself in this world with no laws, and to be able to live a leisurely life as a rich man..Many years later, Xu Qi’an looks back on the past, and
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Mao 4.7


Chapter 232: The Face In The Jar

1.5M Jun 14,24 Takahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."(from ebookjapan):Onmyoji and Yokai? A girl's bizarre Taisho romance! When she was in the first grade of elementary school, her whole family was involved in an accident, but she is the only one who survived. In her third year of junior high school, she pass
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Warrior Executioner 4.6

Warrior Executioner

Chapter 88

165.5K Jun 14,24 Kim Sarae

After whopping 20 years as the headsman of the kingdom, Denil finally gets to hang up his ax not. With the flickering prospect of a tranquil, possibly happy post-beheading life snatched from him, he's got no choice; open his eyes, open up the skills given to him by the Creator Goddess, open up about his tortured past, and bury that hatchet preferably in his new enemies' craniums.Warrior Executio
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Single Wizard’s Dormitory Apartment 4.3

Single Wizard’S Dormitory Apartment

Chapter 63

753.1K Jun 14,24 Girdap , Jaeyoon

"Huh? I have to go to the Wizards Apartment?" Rangse Enna, an ordinary lady who become minister of foreign affairs. Due to the redevelopment of the civil servants apartment, she has to live in an apartment dedicated to wizards. Wizards that have zero life skills, zero common sense, zero empathy! Arent they weird people who arent interested in anything but magic?
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I Will Become the Villain's Poison Taster 4.7

I Will Become The Villain's Poison Taster

Chapter 53

1.8M Jun 14,24 Nemolaming,Pilyoo

I, an innocent office worker, possessed a character in the devastating novel *The Poisoned Apple*. On top of that, I'm Giselle Lloydsvin, a villainess who gets poisoned to death before being hanged! But the poison brought by the assassins doesn't work? It even tastes like fruit! "You'll be okay since it's only a little bit, so hurry and drink it." …Even though I possessed someone
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I decided not to pretend I don’t see it anymore 4

I Decided Not To Pretend I Don’T See It Anymore

Chapter 112

10.5M Jun 14,24 Dama,율비 작가님

I realized after going back in time. My husband who had an affair had an affair again, and the woman he had an affair with appeared in front of me again. Also, I don't have much time left to live. “ Let's get a divorce.” “ ...What” “ I don't have a single penny to give you, so take out everything I bought you and leave. Hey, I mean everything. That's i
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Royal Marriage 4.7

Royal Marriage

Chapter 70

14.8M Jun 14,24 Portofino , Huiya , Heeya , 희야

The symbol of beauty and money, Tatiana Cartien, the most eligible bachelorette of the Freya Empire.The despair of being betrayed by her trusted fiance lasted only a moment, as who could’ve known a bigger shock would happen.“I’ll only endure for a few days, getting discovered in an idiotic manners of all ways.”To think that my family, who I believed was on my side, knew my fiance’s nat
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