The Redemption of Earl Nottingham 4

The Redemption Of Earl Nottingham

Chapter 8

4.7K Dec 11,23 Boem 1800

Read manhwa The Redemption of Earl Nottingham / Is my cursed husband's fate up to me?Madelyn's husband Ian was left broken after the war, and in turn, made her life a living he**. Fleeing her doomed marriage, she meets a tragic end. But when she opens her eyes, she finds herself at 17 again. The war has yet to start, and Madelyn can still change her fate. But what about Ian?
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High School Life Guide for the Great Wizard 4

High School Life Guide For The Great Wizard

Chapter 31

55.1K Dec 09,23 Bamppa, Dunggeul , Lolppang

Despite her hatred of humans, the powerful wizard Oz decides to attend a human high school and make friends due to an old deal. Unfortunately, she has difficulty adjusting due to her uncontrollable magic. Things get even more complicated when a mysterious tornado from Oz's world drops a knight named Dorothy at her school. In an effort not to blow her cover, Oz quickly takes him in, oblivious to th
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Unaware His Majesty Is a Girl 3.8

Unaware His Majesty Is A Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Who Should One Share These Feelings Of Mutual Longing With?

7.8K Dec 11,23 欢了个喜, Lily Club (橘姬社)

The new emperor, Qi Nian, acceded to the throne many years ago. He kept refusing the requests by his officials to choose a consort, brushing them off by saying "the affairs of state are important, and I am busy with my work". But Qi Nian finally relented as rumors that "the emperor is impotent" spread ever more widely.Yu Dingdang was a particularly dim-witted girl, but born to a prestigious fa
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Fate/Grand Order - Curious Tales of Heroic Spirits - Ashiya Douman and the Itsumade 5

Fate/grand Order - Curious Tales Of Heroic Spirits - Ashiya Douman And The Itsumade

1.6K Dec 06,23 TYPE-MOON, Sakurai Hikaru

A special Fate/Grand Order one-shot featuring a tale of the Servant, Ashiya Douman and a strange bird.
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World of Ten Billion 4.3

World Of Ten Billion

2.5K Dec 04,23 Pposong

Haven, endowed with innate talent, beauty, and special abilities, was the pride of the Siren royal family, garnering great expectations.One day, due to a sudden turn of events, Haven had to endure a significant event involving the destruction of her family and race at the hands of a fairy. Avoiding the fairies who might still be searching for her, Haven disguises herself by cross-dressing, con
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Princess Knight (1953) 5

Princess Knight (1953)

1.2K Dec 04,23 Tezuka Osamu

In the country of Goldland, it is prohibited to have a princess succeed the throne. When the queen has a daughter, she decides to raise her as a boy, and have her identity be a secret. However, Sapphire would occasionally don girl's clothes.One day, disguised as a girl, Sapphire meets Franz Charming, a prince from another country. Not knowing the truth of her identity, they fall in love. H
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Fugue Across Worlds 3.3

Fugue Across Worlds

1.3K Dec 04,23 Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子)

During troubled times, Weng Shaoying is one of the most famous singers in Dongping. Many people go to Song of Fairyland just to see her perform. However, under her glamorous facade, she has been controlled for more than 10 years. On the other side of Dongping is Bi Xing Tang, one of the most famous gangs there. After her father’s death, Yanchu became the young female leader of Bi Xing Tang, which
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Youko no Danna-sama  Taisho Hanayome Kitan 3.7

Youko No Danna-Sama Taisho Hanayome Kitan

Chapter 6

11.9K Dec 02,23 Momono Moto

Through music, the Hanamura clan manifested special powers that brought about prosperity to their clan; however, Akari, who didn't exhibit any powers was deemed a "Seed of Misfortune" and scorned by her family. From then on begins her days of bearing callous treatment from her parents and sister. But one day, she finds an invitation to a soiree hosted by one of the oldest and noblest clans in the
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A New Me at the Academy 5

A New Me At The Academy

Chapter 3

9.8K Dec 02,23 脑回路文化

The Pentacle. Five handsome men. My new life at the academy. Who knew my life would take a turn?A New Me at the Academy, Da Nei Ao Jiao Xueshenghui, Ein Sprung mit Folgen, Tsundere Student Union in Imperial Palace, , mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations
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That Fishery, I’ll take it 4.7

That Fishery, I’Ll Take It

Chapter 23

170.2K Dec 10,23 Kkochnilang

Read manhwa That Fishery, I'll take it / , The first life was as So-yeon, an illegitimate child of a Chaebol family, where I would break my nose even if I fell backwards, the second life was one where I lived unfairly as the illegitimate child of a martial arts sect leader, the third life I was in a romance novel I read in my first life, the illegitimate daughter of the evil supporting family! T
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Tougou-ka e Totsuida Hanashi 5

Tougou-Ka E Totsuida Hanashi

Chapter 3

16.4K Dec 01,23 Shimizu Sora

Almost all humans are born with a divine blessing from G**. However, in rare cases, a human being without a divine blessing is born ? a "cursed child". Aya Matsukata is such a "curse child". Because her divine blessing did not manifest, her father almost kicked her out of the house when she was young. Ever since, she has been nothing more than a servant in the Matsukata family. Every day she is ab
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Gabai 4


Vol.1 Chapter 3: Th...thief?!

4.1K Dec 05,23 Shimada Yoshichi

This is the story of a young boy, after being sent from Hiroshima to Saga (10 years after the second World War, in 1958) by his mom because of a lack of money, journeying to a faraway place, and living in conditions alien to him, definitely makes him miss home. Worse, he is not familiar with his grandmother and her ways too. But with his Gabai Granny, he will slowly discover with his growing pains
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Ryuu Ou no Kagehime 5

Ryuu Ou No Kagehime

Chapter 3

19.5K Nov 29,23 Oosora Akira

"Ever since that night, I've lived only to kill you."Kohaku was the lone survivor from her hometown, which was sunk and destroyed by the kingdom's guardian water dragon. She entered the Imperial Place under the guise of a lady-in-waiting, plotting to take revenge on Prince Miaki, who was supposed to be the only person who could control the dragon.However, he seemed nothing like she imagined. And w
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Shounen wa Kataki ni Koi wo suru 4.5

Shounen Wa Kataki Ni Koi Wo Suru

Vol.1 Chapter 3

8.6K Dec 01,23 Shimeji

A country in an unnamed continent – Shuang. On a dark night, a boy named Hao infiltrates the capital residence of the prestigious and noble Wu family wielding his blade against the family heir, Yanghua. Because Hao’s precious savior, Feng, was betrayed by his lover, Yanghua, Hao decides to get revenge on Feng’s behalf. But, Yanghua offers an unexpected proposal! With his romantic rival, the man he
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The Manipulative Prince’s Bride 5

The Manipulative Prince’S Bride

Chapter 20

15.2K Dec 02,23 左岸卡漫

The deadliest female assassin of the 21st century dies in an explosion and later wakes up to find herself in the body of the namby-pamby daughter of an ancient dynasty's Prime Minister. The Prime Minister uses her as a pa** in his political game by setting her up with the King's grotesque, no-good brother. When she realizes her soon-to-be husband is so much smarter than he lets on, she strikes a d
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She Will Not Kiss up to the Prince 4

She Will Not Kiss Up To The Prince

Chapter 20

8.9K Dec 02,23 阿柯文化

When a modern girl wakes up after falling into a lake, she realizes she has traveled into the novel she was reading and became Wu Yulin, the princess consort of the lord of East Lin City, Song Wei. After Yulin discovers that the lord's thumb ring is the key to coming back to the real world, she tries her best to obtain it. But before she succeeds, the lord seems to have fallen for her.Chuanyue Mei
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My Honey and My Baby 5

My Honey And My Baby

Chapter 30

12.2K Dec 02,23 极漫文化

Criminal psychologist Gu Ruoru travels back in time and becomes a broke widow with a young son. Oh, that's right, she also picks up a slightly "dumb" guy along the way too. Gu Ruoru decides the three of them can play a happy family for now. The real identity of the three members of the family? Well, all I can tell you is that each one is better than the next.Wangye, Nide Majiadiaole
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Reversal in Chaos 5

Reversal In Chaos

Chapter 25

10.4K Dec 02,23 极漫文化

A female assassin transmigrated into the beloved princess of a nation. She expected to live her life in peace, but a split second after waking up, she was trapped in a plot of her own sister's design. Now her fianc the crown prince wants a divorce?! Fine, she's decided to play along with these devils and seek out revenge for the body's original owner.Chongsheng Di Nv Luan TianxiaChngshng D N Lun
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The Moon On The Cliff 3.8

The Moon On The Cliff

Chapter 49

22.2K Dec 02,23 Hyeon min ye / Cube / Potato chips / Jae yul lang

Read Manhwa| The Moon On The Cliff / There was a man who's been dragged down from the throne and chased out to live on the edge of a cliff on a shabby island. I dared to fall in love with him.Sam Wol is woman who stands in for her sickly father at his post on a destitute island.Hwan is a man who's been dragged down from the throne and chased out to live on the edge of a cliff on a shabby island.
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Otogi no Uta ~Chronicle~ 3.6

Otogi No Uta ~Chronicle~

Chapter 4: Hello Wonder World♣, Part 2

17.1K Dec 05,23 Nippon Columbia, San-X

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music.What awaits them is either hope or――。
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Nami Uraraka ni, Meoto Biyori 4.6

Nami Uraraka Ni, Meoto Biyori

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: What We Call Each Other

24.7K Nov 29,23 Nishiga Hachi

In spring, 20-year-old Natsumi receives a marriage proposal to Takiaki Masashi, who works for the Imperial Navy. Suddenly, she is married to a Navy husband. Their (fairly) inexperienced in house matters, as well as in the affairs of men and women, begin their life as a couple in the highest degree of purity! When the sea breeze blows, I think of you. A story of a couple living in prewar Japan, spr
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Golden Bat - A Mysterious Story of the Taisho Era's Skull 4.8

Golden Bat - A Mysterious Story Of The Taisho Era's Skull

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Evil God Nazo

28.8K Dec 06,23 Kagurazaka Atsushi

New Champion Red serialization featuring Golden Bat and set during Japan's Taisho Era.
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Fall in love if you want to ascend 4.3

Fall In Love If You Want To Ascend

Chapter 20

10.2K Nov 23,23 龙柒

Shen Qingxian was the Lord of Lianhua, just a step away from ascending. Gu Jianshen was the Demon Lord of Jiuyuan, just a step away from destroying the Three Realms. The Heavenly Mechanism said: In the cultivation world, no one has ascended for thousands of years, which is due to the collapse of the Heavenly Staircase. The only remedy is for Shen Qingxian to act according to this jade scroll. Jade
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