For My Derelict Beloved 4.8

For My Derelict Beloved

Vol.1 Chapter 13

80,084 Jun 23,22 Kim Seon-Yu, Ryuho

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite
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Shinsujeon 2.8


Chapter 9

6,464 Jun 24,22 Satan (마왕)

For the sake of his parents, who became ill after hunting a tiger, Choi Hyeon went to the mountains in search of the sacred guardian tree. Upon finding the sacred tree, a mysterious man named Tak Myeong appeared before him.In return for helping his parents recover, Tak Myeong asks Choi Hyeon to visit him in the mountains for a hundred days. But, will Choi Hyeon be able to repay Tak Myeong’s ki
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I Will Take Responsibility for the Welfare of the Male Lead 4.4

I Will Take Responsibility For The Welfare Of The Male Lead

Chapter 8

70,085 Jun 24,22 Lee Jiha

I possessed a character in the novel I had been writing roughly for a year: A wicked woman who was destined to die horribly within the next two years. ‘Is this the price for making the readers suffer?’ Anyway, the male lead was suffering from rolling over like a hoop. For the welfare of my creation, the poor male lead, and for my survival, I got a job at the mansion as a maid
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Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen Looks Like the Greatest in the World 4.7

Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen Looks Like The Greatest In The World

Chapter 6.1

85,080 Jun 23,22 KURAGEZAKI Matsuri

Rather than just the king’s wife, she’s more of an Empress. A romcom about a woman who is more than just a “villainess”—she’s a “Heinous villainess.”Victoria Winner, a duke’s daughter, is told by Prince Frederick that their engagement is annulled. An ordinary lady would either burst into tears or fly into rage. But Victoria did neither. “I will not allow our engagement to be annull
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It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times 4.5

It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times

Chapter 26

120,118 Jun 23,22 猫仆工作室

Three years ago, the supreme bone got seized and Jiang Yu has since become a handyman disciple. Three years later… “Congratulations to the host’s supreme bone rebirth, awakening the strongest physique in the heavens and the earth!” Hearing this, Jiang Yu smashed the pole! Finally, The system has activated!---**Links:**- ( (https://www.ku
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Chapter 27

50,061 Jun 22,22 Zhang Jing

The twins who have lost both their mother and father had got their humongous inheritance stolen by their evil stepmother. The three sons of their stepmother have a special relationship towards their non-biological sisters. Thus, a scene of love, love and hate occurred in this old mansion. This is a fairy tale of romance and vengeance.
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Paripi Koumei 5

Paripi Koumei

Chapter 49

32,002 Jun 23,22 Yotsuba Yuuto,Ogawa Ryou

General of the Three Kingdoms, Kongming had struggled his whole life, facing countless battles that made him into the accomplished strategist he was. So on his deathbed, he wished only to be reborn into a peaceful world...and was sent straight to modern-day party-central, Tokyo! Can even a brilliant strategist like Kongming adapt to the wild beats and even wilder party people?!
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Father, I'm Definitely Not the Villainous Side Character 4.1

Father, I'm Definitely Not The Villainous Side Character

Chapter 10: Prince Cheeto

49,305 Jun 23,22 夜喵喵

I reincarnated! The good news is I'm still alive! The bad news is that I am a devil incarnate and everyone wants to murder me. If my father was not strong-willed enough, I might have been killed right at birth. My sick and petite uncle vomits blood at any time and his life is in danger, my hero father does whatever he want with the heavens, the Earth and the emperor, my goddess twin sister is cute
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White Cat Legend 3.4

White Cat Legend

Chapter 53

27,060 Jun 21,22 R.C

This amusing and charming story happened in 7th century ,when the first and only female monarch of ancient China got the throne. We follow the daily life of Chen Shi, a kind young man who came to the capital city Luoyang to look for his brother. To find him, he went to the Dali Court (a government institute like nowadays High Court of Justice). One thing led to another, he eventually became a secr
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Qing Dong 3.5

Qing Dong

Chapter 6

4,194 Jun 20,22 人子Rz

In a beautiful and fantastical world—the Yanhuo Empire—the story of some cute and cheerful kids takes place in Haixi town. Brought together and separated due to love, how will their story unfold…?---**Note:** Please support the creator and read the original webcomic (
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Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite 4.6

Chi - Chikyuu No Undou Ni Tsuite

Chapter 49

16,362 Jun 23,22 Uoto

The setting is 15th century Poland. It was a time when heretical ideas lead those to who possessed such a mindset to being burned at the stake for their beliefs. Rafal, a child prodigy, is expected to major in theology, the most important subject at the time, at the university. One day, however, he comes across a mysterious man, and is now studying a possible "truth" in the midst of heretical thou
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Legend 3.7


Vol.2 Chapter 8

5,321 Jun 23,22 Soo Jung Woo (우수정)

Once upon a time, a selfish king summoned the monstrous Bulkirin into the real world. The monster killed half of all human beings, leaving the rest helpless as to what to do. That is, until one day when a hero appeared and defeated the Bulkirin with the legendary ”Seven Blade Sword.” But…what does all this have to do with 8th grader Eun-Gyo Sung?! First, she gets suspended from school for fighting
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Ravishing Physician: Yield To Me, Your Royal Highness 3.6

Ravishing Physician: Yield To Me, Your Royal Highness

Chapter 36: The Crown Prince Is Angry, And The Consequences Are Very Serious

28,574 Jun 25,22 Chen Guojian

Never mind if I became a peerless beauty, but I, a modern female doctor, actually traveled back in time and transmigrated into the body of a beggar that everyone scorns after getting into a car accident. Not long after, I’m brought to a brothel, where I accidentally found out that the brothel’s owner is actually the crown prince. The physician who saved me, on the other hand, is an ascetic person.
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Ashes of Love 3.3

Ashes Of Love

Chapter 4: 4

4,029 Jun 17,22 Big Bear Company

The Fire God and second son of Heavenly Emperor—Xufeng—was ambushed and trespassed to the Reflection Space in the Flower Realm. Suffering from injuries, he was rescued and treated by the clumsy Jinmi. Jinmi was then brought back to the Heavens by Xufeng, without realizing Xufeng’s true identity. Over a hundred years had passed, Xufeng had developed feelings for Jinmi—so did the Night God, Runyu. R
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You’re Addictive! 3.8

You’Re Addictive!

Chapter 44: Play Him The "song Of Phoenix Courtship" If She Loves Him

64,113 Jun 24,22 Chen Guojian

One day, a golden single woman met an expert level single man. The God Emperor who’s still single after living for a few hundred thousand years, was targeted by Ling Zhixi, the Security Chief of the Heavens on the first day of His Majesty’s release from Closed Door Cultivation.“This pretty man…”“Shoo.”“He has quite a character. Pretty man, you’ve successfully caught my attention,” Ling Zhixi thoug
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Taming the Consort 4

Taming The Consort

Chapter 64: Child Bride

55,043 Jun 24,22 Dxd A&C

Xu Chaomu was born in a peaceful and prosperous age as an aristocrat, beloved by the Emperor and spoiled by the Empress Dowager... In short, she had plenty of reasons to be smirking. "Ah... This is the life!" Then, an imperial decree was issued, naming the Protector-Princess the new Crown Princess.Xu Chaomu was taken aback. "So... Who's the Crown Prince?"The Crown Princess had been selected before
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Blind Girl Isekai 4.6

Blind Girl Isekai

Chapter 2

87,873 Jun 14,22 Nibe Run,Hira Ichika

Countess Phyllis is reincarnated with memories of her previous life intact. Phyllis is mistreated by her family because she is blind. She has a constitution that somehow has more mana than others, and one of the reasons she is heavily disliked is because of her ability to use magic without difficulty. As the story begins, Phyllis is attacked by demons while out on the road. She then finds herself
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A Merman's Affair 3.4

A Merman's Affair

Chapter 44: Confronting Lies

24,461 Jun 20,22 Good God Culture

Stunt double—Yu Bei—fell into a merman’s territory by accident. To stay out of trouble, she disguised herself as a princess. The merman prince, who had not seen humankind for a long time, suggested a marriage of state just so he could meet the human emperor and save his kind from exploitation. He then visited earth with Yu Bei but later fell into a trap that Yu Bei set up for him...
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Portrait of David 4.2

Portrait Of David

Chapter 3

26,182 Jun 24,22 Geumseon

Painter Joseph, who has outstanding copying skills, but is not recognized due to his lack of creative talent, could not overcome his sense of shame and tried to make an extreme choice.Renée, the secretive woman who stopped him.Joseph's heart pounded at her request to paint paintings for her, and he followed her to the painter's metropolis of 'Delmo', to seize his last chance.However, a
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Mao 3.8


Chapter 145: A Gift From The Heavens

37,325 Jun 24,22 Takahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."(from ebookjapan):Onmyoji and Yokai? A girl's bizarre Taisho romance! When she was in the first grade of elementary school, her whole family was involved in an accident, but she is the only one who survived. In her third year of junior high school, she pass
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Gwang-an 4.5


Chapter 43

415,437 Jun 17,22 Yuk Mihwa, Rahye

Eun-Woo quietly worked as a court lady and hoped to become a Jimil Sanggung, a servant exclusive to the royal family.After 15 years of court life, she finally receives the favor of the Crown Prince.After getting drunk, the Prince visited Eun-Woo just once.But he keeps thinking of her...This is a story about Lee Hyun, a lonely but outstanding Crown Prince, and Court Lady Eun-Woo, wh
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Uryuudou Yumebanashi 5

Uryuudou Yumebanashi

Chapter 6

5,730 Jun 24,22 Hatsu Akiko

This manga tells the stories of an antique store that is run by an elderly man and his grandson. The grandson watches the store while his grandfather is out, and it seems like the most interesting customers come by during these times. The grandson has the ability to perceive the supernatural, and his customers often end up being entwined with the stories of different antiques in the store.
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My Chubby Consort 3.6

My Chubby Consort

Chapter 139: Just You Wait!

135,132 Jun 24,22 Yuririn

She was a top-tier miracle doctor, as well as a special agent in the 21st century. But, she transmigrated to become the Third Lady of Dingguo Mansion, an infamous fat and ugly trash? The moment she opened her cold eyes, thousands of beasts submitted to her. She trampled all over the wicked women and scumbags who came after her and became a top summoner! Nothing could stop her from doing what she w
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