Welfare Center 4.2

Welfare Center

Chapter 26

85.3K Mar 23,23 Kwak Nana

Seonghye wakes up in a room she does not recognize, surrounded by women she does not know. It is a torturous, malevolent prison, ironically called the Pureum Welfare Center. With no memory of how she got there, and using nothing but her wits, Seonghye must overcome hostile social dynamics, unknown dangers, and her own psychological roadblocks to rediscover her past and free herself from the Welfar
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Liar Satsuki Can See Death 4.6

Liar Satsuki Can See Death

Chapter 60: Tearaway

8.8M Mar 23,23 Ryouko

"You... are going to die tomorrow." Minadzuki Satsuki, 16 years old. Apart from being antisocial and declaring the death of her classmates, she is a normal high school second-year student. Her nickname is "Liar Satsuki". However, her eyes alone are abnormal. What she is gazing at is... Twitter of the author : https://t
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One Day, Suddenly, Seoul Is 4.7

One Day, Suddenly, Seoul Is

Vol.1 Chapter 71

5.1M Mar 22,23 Park Chang-geun

The terrible variation virus that suddenly hit Seoul one day! Yeon-woo who has been on a school trip to Seoul, is so singing about the idea that he can get acquainted with the same class so-yeon, who was usually unrequited love. Unidentified cells appeared in front of The Yeon-woo's Class while sightseeing in Seoul. The math trips of classmates like the actors turn into hell because of the cel
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Kazoku Scramble 4.5

Kazoku Scramble

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Dried Persimmons

6.9K Mar 22,23 Tamaru Masatomo

This is a strange family story-I went camping with my family.We met a man with a strange demeanor and a strange lantern that could alter time and space! I can't believe it's real! it?Kazoku Scramble is a collection of short stories with a twist, based off of the novel with the same name. However it encompasses its own original stories so original fans and new readers can e
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Ukyo no Ozora 4.6

Ukyo No Ozora

Vol.8 Chapter 25: A New Friendship!!

425.4K Mar 22,23 KAJI Kengo , OKAMURA Kenji

Ukyo Ozora came from Brazil, holding up his Musashiri Tenryu, a special fist created by Miyamoto Musashi. As soon as you come to Japan, defeat the giant Rick who defeated `` Hazinkai '' karate and get attention at once!
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Yomotsuhegui - Shisha no Kuni no Kajitsu 5

Yomotsuhegui - Shisha No Kuni No Kajitsu

Chapter 10: A Promise Between Siblings

18.5K Mar 22,23 Kakizaki Masasumi

Ex-policeman Kanetsugu Nawa is a model prisoner, imprisoned for murder and attempted murder in an act of revenge for his late wife and daughter.After being released on parole and shunned by his only remaining family, he returns to the only thing he has left; his revenge.A strange young girl follows him upon his release, seemingly with an ulterior motive...
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Haunted by Desire 4

Haunted By Desire


648.9K Mar 22,23 Penguin, Unknown

.Jo Sungjae spends passionate nights with the ghost that visits him every night- a ghost that resembles Dohwi, the person he loves, and as the nights progress, his condition worsens. Dowhi is worried about Sungae and invites him over to his house What could Hong Dowhi's birth secret be? Will the enchanted Jo Sungjae be able to survive till the end?
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Shin Karura Dance! 5

Shin Karura Dance!

Vol.8 Chapter 33: Rage At Houryuuji

2.9K Mar 22,23 Takakazu Nagakubo

Caught in the conflict between the Mikogami Family and the Kuroe Family, twin sisters Maiko and Shouko will need to use the full extent of their supernatural abilities and investigational skills to uncover the truth behind a bizarre demonic ritual disguised as a murder in Wakayama Prefecture.
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Priest 4.2


Chapter 15: Vol.15 Chapter 7

73.1K Mar 22,23 Hyung Min-Woo

In the frontier of the American West, a veil of evil threatens to engulf humanity. Servants of the fallen archangel Temozarela are paving the way for their dark lord's resurrection. One man stands in the way of the apocalypse: Ivan Isaacs, a fallen priest who sold his soul to the devil Belial for the power to fight evil. Armed with a wicked blade and silver bullets, Ivan will give the heretics a b
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Big Uncle’s Podcast of Mysteries 3.8

Big Uncle’S Podcast Of Mysteries

Chapter 151

615K Mar 22,23 Big Uncle Boyang

This is an anthology of short comics. It documents all of the amazing thoughts I’ve had based in this city. Even though it’s just a drop, or just a rumour, I’ve done my best to make them interesting. I hope you’ll like it.
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Her Story 5

Her Story

Chapter 68

9.8K Mar 22,23 Lee Ja-hyun

The ugliness behind city glamour. Playboy Ondal lives a life of wooing women and seeing ghosts. His curiosity is piqued when he hears about a serial murderer involving the supernatural, and his investigation leads him to a widow who had lost her husband in a similar manner years ago. Ready to face the truth, he hears her story.
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Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night 4.8

Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

Chapter 52

10.8M Mar 22,23 Yu Jin Sung (유진성),Jp,Song Min (송민)

The Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe took in Jin Sohan as an orphan, and he spent his childhood with them. But one day, one of the four great demons, the Venom Demon, discovered that he was special and kidnapped him. After all kinds of test, he decided to raise him as his disciple. Ten years later, Jin Sohan tried to look for traces of the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe, but the Sword Dance Troupe had alre
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Creep In 4.6

Creep In

Chapter 16: Origin (6)

106.3K Mar 21,23 Ino Septian

They come with three reasons, greeting you, liking you, or wanting to harm you.
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The Imposter 4.2

The Imposter

Chapter 25

63K Mar 21,23 south space

"Don't worry, I won't harm you."Gaeun is enjoying her perfect high school life until she encounters Haeun, her identical twin. Except she doesn't have a twin. Things start getting strange when everyone behaves as though Haeun has always existed, including Gaeun's own family. Now, Gaeun must defend her identity from this imposter.The Imposter, Desiring Me, You Want Me, , mangabuddy is a website de
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Kakeru 3


Vol.2 Chapter 17: The Island Of Lust - 7

10.5K Mar 21,23 Takeshita Kenjirou

When high school student Kakeru Daiba runs for long enough, he enters into a runner's high state that heightens his senses. When his crush, Natsume, disappears mysteriously one day he's forced to use his ability in ways he never expected.
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Ashura (GEORGE Akiyama) 4.6

Ashura (George Akiyama)

Vol.3 Chapter 22

10.5K Mar 21,23 Akiyama George

Ashura is an unrelentingly dark drama that follows the struggles of a young boy who did whatever it took to survive during a time of war and famine in medieval Japan.
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Island Part 2. 4.4

Island Part 2.

Chapter 24

989.4K Mar 20,23 Youn In-Wan

"On the beautiful Jeju Island, MiHo Won, a beautiful teacher, and Van, a cold and mysterious guy, become entangled in strange events, fighting unknown monsters. A legend of exorcism comics is back as webtoon!"
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Nanashi - Nakushita Nani ka no Sagashikata 5

Nanashi - Nakushita Nani Ka No Sagashikata

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Crimson Residue

4.8K Mar 20,23 Fujino Harumi

The manga will adapt Harumi Fujino's "Nanashi Series" online occult horror stories. The stories center on the protagonist Haru (a pseudonym for the author), and his friend Kyousuke "Nanashi" Nanashima, who possesses strange powers.
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Cleo and the Forest of the Undead 4.5

Cleo And The Forest Of The Undead

Chapter 21: A Trap

229.8K Mar 20,23 Umeki Taisuke

“The Forest of the Undead”. People live their lives by using the mysterious sacred trees that tower there. However, there are terrifying beings called the “Keepers” who reign over the forest. An epic fantasy adventure that revolves around Cleo, the daughter of a feudal Lord who challenges the forest and Joker, a Magic Artisanー!
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Zanki x 99 4.2

Zanki X 99

Chapter 2

123.8K Mar 20,23 Minamiro Ai

Out of nowhere, 99 girls were sent to a large room, where they are inadvertently transferred to the other side of the screen. There, strange creatures live, which begin to hunt the girls who cross the monitor.
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The Summer Hikaru Died 4.6

The Summer Hikaru Died

Vol.3 Chapter 15

951.1K Mar 20,23 Mokumoku Ren

"So, Hikaru is no more... If that's true then..."Yoshiki and Hikaru are two boys who live in a certain village. They're the same age and have always been together growing up. But one day, Yoshiki noticed that "something else" has taken Hikaru's place. Even after learning of this, Yoshiki still wants them to be together. And so, his life with the "something" that looks like his friend begins.
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Meguri 4.5

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Meguri

Vol.4 Chapter 14: Nekoakashi-Hen Part 1.1

38.8K Mar 20,23 Ryukishi07, Akase Tomato

Based on Higurashi Gou and Sotsu, it's the manga version of the answer arc!After overcoming the repeating June of 1983, Rika Furude has proactively decided to live in a future she has yet to see, but... why are these repeating tragedies happening, and how are they occurring? The curtain rises on a new chapter revealing a girl who tries to deceive fate. Countless choices are made, cycling throu
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Romantic Dark 4.1

Romantic Dark

Chapter 7

278.1K Mar 19,23 Watanabe Kana,Shirado Natsumi

Neo, who is about to make his major debut in the band, gets constantly injured. A traffic accident that happened for three days in a row, a mysterious high fever and him constanly falling down the stairs... The manager ordered me to remove the curse, and the one I was heading towards was a pretty girl- "Yoyo". "I'll help you find the mystery of your destiny", the girl spoke, while stepping into my
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School Zone 3.6

School Zone

Chapter 99.5: Hiatus Notice

245.7K Mar 19,23 Kanako Inuki

The Queen of Horror Manga, Kanako Inuki, brings you School Zone, a series about ordinary children who encounter the strange and terrifying at their very own school, and discover that many ghost stories, urban legends, and superstitions are truly and horribly real.
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