Welfare Center 4

Welfare Center

Chapter 10

6.7K Dec 01,22 Kwak Nana

Seonghye wakes up in a room she does not recognize, surrounded by women she does not know. It is a torturous, malevolent prison, ironically called the Pureum Welfare Center. With no memory of how she got there, and using nothing but her wits, Seonghye must overcome hostile social dynamics, unknown dangers, and her own psychological roadblocks to rediscover her past and free herself from the Welfar
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Our Resident Exorcist 4.1

Our Resident Exorcist

Chapter 12

70.1K Dec 02,22 BaStards

“Trinity Tower” is a high-rise multi-purpose condominium. Emitting strong evil energy, this place has been the shrine for the devils, providing them with evil power and pleasure. At the same time, there couldn’t be a better trap for an exorcist to capture these devils. Sowol, the legendary exorcist, is dispatched to this condo. Or, we could say he is “locked up” in Trinity Tower as a punishment fo
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The Decagon House Murders 4.6

The Decagon House Murders

Chapter 25.5

58.4K Oct 24,22 Kiyohara Hiro,Ayatsuji Yukito

Students from a university mystery club decide to visit an island which was the site of a grisly multiple murder the year before. Predictably, they get picked off one by one by an unseen murderer. Is there a madman on the loose? What connection is there to the earlier murders? The answer is a bombshell revelation which few readers will see coming.
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I Know Your Secret 4.2

I Know Your Secret

Chapter 47

170.1K Nov 28,22 沐七

After she was nearly killed and then rescued, Ruan Ruan lost all her memories. Her savior, Ding Xiao, treated her with all the tenderness in the world; she completely let her guard down in the face of his perfect image. After figuring out the identity of her attacker, Ruan Ruan naively thought they were heading toward a happy ending. However, after discovering Ding Xiao's secret, her world turned
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The Isle of 100 Kills 3.1

The Isle Of 100 Kills

Chapter 17: Alice In Murder Island

169.9K Nov 13,22 Ooki Kousuke,Kishimoto Yuki

You can't leave this island until you've killed 100 people. The most deadly survival game begins on a solitary island where desires swirl and only the strongest survive!
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Alone Like a Wolf manhwa 3.5

Alone Like A Wolf Manhwa

Chapter 12

73.7K Oct 17,22

Alone Like a Wolf manhwa , Alone Like the Wolf, Towards the end of the Joseon period, In a village between the borders of Joseon, Russia, and China, an old man who buried his violent past, Mu Myeong', lives his life out. Suddenly, a pale Russian girl, as white as a birch branch, comes into his life. For the girl, he plunges himself into the inferno once again! The blade of twilight shining in the
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Save me, Roommate! 4.6

Save Me, Roommate!

Chapter 51

137.4K Nov 05,22 Gokoa

Jo-Young and Baek Seung-Ha met in a class to promote friendship. Jo Young tried to keep a proper distance from Baek Seung-ha, who had a dark and reticent impression, but after taking care of Baek Seung-ha, who had a cold, the two became closer and gradually came closer to the darkness they had been hiding... +
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Scroll if You Dare 3.5

Scroll If You Dare

Chapter 27

186.9K Nov 23,22

Think you can make it to the end? Blood-thirsty spirits, vicious curses, and sickening twists haunt these individual horror stories from 29 different creators. Scroll if you dare. But whatever you do, don't scroll alone!2022 [] Don't ScrollJangan Scroll
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Sheep's Mask 3.6

Sheep's Mask

Chapter 12

200.3K Nov 21,22 Paskim

Enlisted to a hellish military life of sexual harrassment due to senior Yoo-hyuk. After seeing Yoo-hyuk's happy appearance on the Internet after being discharged from the military, a plan to kidnap him and take revenge is set!
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Spiritual Master 4.8

Spiritual Master

Chapter 2: Fighting The Tiger

17.7K Sep 29,22 Bujin Wenhua (不仅文化)

Strange events are rampant, grieved souls are everywhere, and people's lives are disturbed. In order to deal with the constantly appearing spirits, the royal family created a profession called "Spiritual Master." They travel around and use special methods to transcend the resentment of the spirits. When the bell rings and the night falls, they will accompany the fading green flames until the very
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Twilight Sisters 2.7

Twilight Sisters

Chapter 20: Tattoo (Part Two)

20.1K Oct 10,22 Yuririn

Nanfeng and Ya were a team of paranormal investigators with different personalities. Nanfeng loved to investigate various haunted places while Ya prefered to observe the world quietly. They gained some local fame for solving a paranormal case. However, more incidents occurred and their true identities became even more obscured. It was as though someone was drawing them from the school to the city.
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Never-Ending Darling 4.4

Never-Ending Darling

Chapter 28

101.5K Nov 29,22 Woollee

Ha-im Yun lives in a world where people register their DNA into cloning databases, a world where human suffering has basically been eradicated. The brilliant mind behind this cloning technology is none other than Ha-im's boyfriend of five years, Geunhu Ji. Their relationship isn't perfect, but they make it work -- or so Ha-im thinks, until she finds a dead body at her boyfriend's house and the dea
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The Evolution 4.7

The Evolution

Chapter 15

426.9K Oct 09,22 BOOM工作室 , 辉夜源漫画工作室

Twelve Alien destroyers turned into meteorites and hit the earth, bringing an unknown zombie virus and setting off a doomsday frenzy. The evolution zone has opened, and power user has started to emerge! Wang Zhe, who died in battle ten years later, has reborn and returned back in time. Now he decided to use the advantages of his memory and strength to become the strongest evolutionary!
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Shin Tokyo 4.2

Shin Tokyo

Vol.1 Chapter 2

64.8K Sep 25,22 Sakaki Kenji

According to urban legend, the guilty are sentenced to fall to the Tokyo Underworld. There, they are given no mercy and are mercilessly judged for their crimes in the cruelest ways imaginable!
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Sura's Lover 4.4

Sura's Lover

Side. : S1 Side Story 2

168.2K Oct 28,22 Shin Yuri

Deep in the mountains is a village that offers prayers to the mythical Asura/Sura in order to stay protected. Doctor Cho-ah' who lives in the doctor's town ends up saving a mysterious man named Mujin'.This encounter marks the end of Cho-ah's peaceful days as he gets caught up in a whirlwind of events.
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Me & Roboco 4.4

Me & Roboco

Chapter 105

158.4K Sep 24,22 Miyazaki Shuuhei

The year is 20XX… A time when every household owns cute maid robots known as OrderMaids. Average grade-schooler Bondo dreams of having his very own robot. But what he got was… Unable to compute!!! Life is gonna get a whole lot weirder when Roboco, the most powerful clumsy maid ever created, shows up at his door!
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Do Not Perceive 4.2

Do Not Perceive

Chapter 27

48.4K Sep 21,22 Changpei literature , matthia , 自觉进行时 , 长佩文学 , 风烟

This is a story of a mystery investigator, Levi, and a flamboyant medium, Laird. Two people have disappeared in this ordinary town. They were seen entering a 'door' that sudden appeared only to disappear along with that 'door'. To find the missing, investigator Levi and self-proclaimed psychic, exorcist, explorer, and mystery researcher Laird decide to enter this 'door' together and investigate th
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Prey 4.7


Chapter 22: Crossroads (8)

119.3K Sep 18,22 Cyclops

Park Yun-yeong has a mysterious power which allows her to see ghastly creatures that seem to inhabit our world but not interact with it - unless they notice you acknowledge their existence. That’s when they stop being harmless.
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Safe As Houses 4.3

Safe As Houses

Chapter 33

685.7K Dec 03,22 NoSleepAreWe

Safe As Houses manhwa, A young woman named Eun Gee awakens from a coma to discover that a zombie outbreak has taken over the island nation she calls home. As the horde closes in, she is rescued by Shuhei, a mysterious zombie slayer with a terrible secret. Eun Gee will need his help to brave the bloodthirsty mobs roaming between her and her younger siblings, who she hopes are still alive on the oth
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I Reincarnated as the Little Sister of a Death Game Manga’s Murd3r Mastermind and Failed 4.5

I Reincarnated As The Little Sister Of A Death Game Manga’S Murd3R Mastermind And Failed

Chapter 7

121.8K Nov 04,22

One day, Mai remembers that her perfect stepbrother is a character in a death game manga, and that one year later he will hold a death game involving all of his classmates, killing his sister in the process. Mai plans a variety of surprises for her stepbrother every day based on what he said in the manga, "Nothing unexpected happened, so I was bored," but as the days go by, he begins to show abnor
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Ani Datta Mono 4.1

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.3 Chapter 22

92.6K Nov 12,22 Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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ZomGan 4.4


Chapter 26

1.4M Dec 01,22 ongoo (옹구)

In a world where everyone struggles to live, Onmirae, the only boy who wants death.One day, a death squad appeared in front of him and offered him a proposal. ‘I’ll kill you, let’s rebuild human society together’ Todie, you have to save everyone.
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No cats were harmed in this comic. 3.9

No Cats Were Harmed In This Comic.

Vol.1 Chapter 11.5: Epilogue

42.1K Sep 24,22 Jun Hanyunyu

Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow. Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow!! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow... Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow—?!
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Mugen Shinshi: Gensou-hen 3.8

Mugen Shinshi: Gensou-Hen

Chapter 9

75.3K Nov 22,22 Takahashi Yousuke

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