Mitarai-ke, Enjou suru 4.4

Mitarai-Ke, Enjou Suru

Chapter 32: The Mitarai House Is On Fire

654,192 Jun 21,22 Fujisawa Moyashi

The house of the Mitarai family, who operate a hospital, burned down in an unfortunate incident. The wife who caused the fire in an act of carelessness prostrated herself, apologizing in front of the flames. 13 years later, Murata Anzu is hired as a housekeeper for the Mitarai house. The woman who greets her is the second wife, Makiko. Despite her high standards, Anzu manages to secure a contract
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I Want to Be the Wall 3.6

I Want To Be The Wall

Chapter 6.5

117,930 Jun 20,22 SHIRONO Honami

"I can't like people, and I never have." The asexual Yuriko decides to get married under pressure from her parents. The one she marries is the gay Takerota, who has a crush on his childhood friend. Enter Yuriko (Fujoshi), "I want to be a wall to watch people fall in love." and with her,"I like my childhood friend (♂), but I'm unable to like like him. However, due to fami
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A Witch's Hopeless Wish 4.6

A Witch's Hopeless Wish

Chapter 128

14,029,405 Jun 20,22 HaeChung,posaposa

"If I had died then..." Caidel lost everything in a fire. With no home or family, Caidel ended up alone in an orphanage. Unfortunately, he was ostracized and had a hard time. Then one day, the Earl who knew the origins of the fire, came and asked to adopt him... "Won't you search for the white-haired woman with me?" The only clue to the arsonist was that
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The Office Blind Date 4.5

The Office Blind Date

Chapter 152

4,420,517 Jun 20,22 Narak,해화,들깨

A thrilling story of office romance. Shin Ha-ri attended a blind date on behalf of a friend. But is suddenly proposed to by her own boss! Will Shin Ha-ri be able to work at the company safely?!
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Yo-Jo Life! 4.7

Yo-Jo Life!

Vol.2 Chapter 17

649,027 Jun 20,22 Ama (あまー)

Akihiko Shimura, 20 years old (male). When I woke up in the morning, I was a little blonde loli.
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My Fiancé is in Love with My Little Sister 4.4

My Fiancé Is In Love With My Little Sister

Vol.2 Chapter 13.1

2,512,707 Jun 19,22 Mashiro,Hanabusa

There my fiancé stood, gazing intently at my charming younger sister. When I saw them fall in love the moment they laid eyes on each other, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Aah, again?   My fiancé had been in love with my younger sister even in my previous life. There was nothing I could do but watch it all unfold.
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Toshishita Onzoushi to Iinari Doukyo Maiban danante Arienai 4

Toshishita Onzoushi To Iinari Doukyo Maiban Danante Arienai

Chapter 42

700,410 Jun 19,22 Sanzui syaku

Tsukiko always strives for self-improvement and she believes that effort paves the way to happiness. Yet, the man of her dreams was stolen by another woman... A cute younger guy who calls himself "Pyonkichi" gently called out to her in a bar while she was ranting to the bartender. Whenever Tsukiko is feeling down, he gently comforts her. However, when things get intimate, he suddenly becomes aggre
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The Last Will of a Crush 4.3

The Last Will Of A Crush

Chapter 29

261,475 Jun 19,22 Goonbam

Mingyeol is a happy-go-lucky twenty-six-year-old girl who recently quit her job. With extra time on her hands, she spends her days crushing on Tae-eun, a cute boy who works at her favorite coffee shop owned by Tae-eun's older sister Huiyeon. Mingyeol stops by every day despite Tae-eun's lukewarm reactions. What seems like a lucky break finally arrives when he asks for a favor. He hands her
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Collectors 3.6


Chapter 24.5: La Fin De Girlhood

392,393 Jun 19,22 Nishi Uko

Nishi Uko's Collectors is about two women in a relationship who disapprove of each other's spending habits.
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Cross the Line 4.4

Cross The Line

Chapter 77

335,065 Jun 19,22 Yunmi Heo

Hayeon Eun, who at 16 years old, found herself in jail for arson resulting in a death, is finally released back into the world. But as soon as she's out, she is snatched up by Taeman Ji, the director of a private organization, to whom her stepfather racked up quite a debt. She says she will pay it off in his stead, but because of the low value of the product, Taeman takes her home with him and
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Hug Me, Bossy CEO 3.9

Hug Me, Bossy Ceo

Chapter 289

7,513,186 Jun 19,22 Zhang Yue Culture

Just throw in two hundred bucks after a one-night stand and consider it a bad night! She thought that they would be strangers from then onward but she was being repeatedly dragged to bed… When she got fed up with it, he righteously said that he would be responsible for her. She wondered, “How are you going to be responsible?” He pounced on her like a beast. “Let’s continue!”
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Teke Teke Rendezvous 5

Teke Teke Rendezvous

Chapter 17: Four Eyes' Heartbreak

184,469 Jun 19,22 George Asakura

From Stiletto Heels: Tayoko is a gyaru who flaunts herself on the outside, but is still a virgin who has not yet known love. Despite being a student in the agricultural department, she works parttime in a hostess club, where she meets and becomes interested in a patron's grandson named Shishio.
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CEO Above, Me Below 3.8

Ceo Above, Me Below

Chapter 541

24,455,039 Jun 19,22 Unknown, ICiyuan dongman

Do you want to steal my genes then leave?? He grabbed her and tried to force her to hand over the child that was born three years ago. She never had a baby? Then conceive one! The delusional CEO's desperate love. Her inability to resist as she fell deeper...
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Sesame Salt and Pudding 4.8

Sesame Salt And Pudding

Chapter 23

1,018,824 Jun 18,22 Suzuki Yufuko

Haruhi, a 22-year-old machine operator, woke up one day to find that she drunkenly married an older man the night before. They make a deal and end up living together!
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Omukae Shibuya-kun 4.4

Omukae Shibuya-Kun

Chapter 25

710,372 Jun 18,22 Makoto Mitsuno

Aika is a 28 year old teacher who lives her day to day full of harmony in the nursery where she works. She tries so hard in her work, she does not have time to go out and find a boyfriend. But this is until Shibuya-san comes into her life, a mysterious boy who will make her routine change completely.
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Chippai Kanojo to Bijin Kareshi 4.5

Chippai Kanojo To Bijin Kareshi

Chapter 29

1,814,987 Jun 18,22 Neco

Ayase Iori has a big complex about her flat chest. Luckily there's this alpha hunk with long eyelashes who's totally into that stuff and initiates her into the world of hot sex, even though she doesn't have big boobs.
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The Duchess' Lewd Invitation 4.4

The Duchess' Lewd Invitation


4,434,910 Jun 18,22 Joosang

Unable to endure the greedy and unscrupulous people from his wife's family, Archduke Arthur Percy demands a divorce from his wife, Roxanne. Knowing fully well that as soon as she gets divorce her family will sell her out to another man, the Duchess offers a bold proposal. She asks permission to have an affair with another man before the div
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The Remarriage Contract 4.5

The Remarriage Contract

Chapter 37: For How Long?

489,631 Jun 17,22 설우희

Gun-ha and So-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce. Five years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a ‘contract couple'. “Please marry me again. This time, we stay as an ordinary couple.” --- - (
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Another Happy Day for the Villainess 4.2

Another Happy Day For The Villainess

Chapter 40

1,318,751 Jun 17,22 Sam Woel,니니양,스튜

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but...when I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has everything: appearance, assets, and intelligence. The only thing this girl lacked was the insight to judge a man.
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Kiss de Fusaide, Bare naide. 4.6

Kiss De Fusaide, Bare Naide.

Chapter 17

4,006,467 Jun 17,22 Fudono Fudou

Batoto Scans : “You’re so turned on for someone trapped in this situation…" My sensitive spots are getting rubbed harshly over my shirt and a finger is slowly creeping inside of me How can I suppress my voice so that we won’t get found out…! One night, Kaede was accide
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Gwang-an 4.5


Chapter 43

415,437 Jun 17,22 Yuk Mihwa, Rahye

Eun-Woo quietly worked as a court lady and hoped to become a Jimil Sanggung, a servant exclusive to the royal family.After 15 years of court life, she finally receives the favor of the Crown Prince.After getting drunk, the Prince visited Eun-Woo just once.But he keeps thinking of her...This is a story about Lee Hyun, a lonely but outstanding Crown Prince, and Court Lady Eun-Woo, wh
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Anata no Koisuru Kirai na Watashi 4.3

Anata No Koisuru Kirai Na Watashi

Chapter 1

75,093 Jun 16,22 Mibune

A confession from the boss with a secret longing. The passionate gaze and tender, loving caresses. It's like a dream... but maybe it's not me whom he loves.Saki was once bullied because of her appearance, but she has improved her makeup skills and is now a glamorous beauty. The men in her offices make advances, and although some of her co-workers gossip about her being fliratious, she is still
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Inukai-san wa Kakure Dekiai Joushi 4.4

Inukai-San Wa Kakure Dekiai Joushi

Chapter 2

100,119 Jun 16,22 Jou Itosugi

Nagisa, a web editor, has a crush on Inukai, her boss. She is often compared to her sister, who is a famous model, and the quiet and kind Inukai is the only one who looks out for her.One day, Nagisa receives a 'Magic Charm of Love' at a drinking party, and she accidentally presses its button on her way back home in a taxi with Inukai. To her surprise, she hears a song that says "You've been ca
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A Prenuptial Contract 3.1

A Prenuptial Contract

Chapter 18

53,916 Jun 15,22 Updating

A Prenuptial Contract manhwa, The Pre-Nup Seung-Hee is young, pretty and leads her own company! The only problem is that a past trauma blocks her from getting into a relationship. One day, she learns that she is in the center of a long ago arranged marriage with the handsome and talented Han Mu-Gyeon. She has no choice but to get married, but she will leave nothing to chance and draws up a prenupt
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