Samugari ni Yuki 4.3

Samugari Ni Yuki

Vol.2 Chapter 16

696.3K May 21,24 Yoshichika Ichi

My childhood friend, who's sensitive to cold, is such a pain! He gets close to me every chance he gets to feel my body heat! He has no sense of personal space!Yuki, who's fed up with being in the same school as Sabu, rejects him ruthlessly and brilliantly, sometimes with physical force and sometimes with words of disdain.We have the kind-hearted, beautiful, strong girl and the super sensit
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Werewolves Going Crazy over Me 4.2

Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me

Chapter 47

783.3K May 21,24

Single mother Olivia finds Damian dying on the streets and takes him home. Before long, the two are sharing a passionate kiss. Damian soon realizes the side effects of the drug suppressing his werewolf instincts vanish when he is with her. Now he must find a way to keep her around, no matter the cost.
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The Dignity Of Romance 4.7

The Dignity Of Romance

Chapter 71

1.5M May 21,24 Flower J , Kim Seol-hee

When corporate director Seo Woohyun goes on a blind date with journalist Lee Byul, love is not on his mind. Nonetheless, charmed by her eccentric personality, he soon finds himself in bed with her. But when Byul suddenly disappears, Woohyun tracks her down at an abandoned hotel that his company plans to develop. To his surprise, it’s a hangout for stray cats, a handsome young actor… and Byul! With
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The Maid Wants to Quit Within the Reverse Harem Game 4.2

The Maid Wants To Quit Within The Reverse Harem Game

Chapter 41

5.4M May 21,24 EUN Hae-yoon

The main character, who transmigrates into an exhausting reverse harem game as an extra, has seen it to the end six times, but yet she's still unable to return to reality? No matter how true she stays to her role as an extra, she keeps getting swept along with the characters' tragic ending. Now, she's determined to leave everything behind and live her own life. "It's my resignation letter. I would
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I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead 4.7

I Lost The Leash Of The Yandere Male Lead

Chapter 60

11.7M May 21,24 Flanby

I transmigrated into a novel and became the villainess, Serina who comes from the noble Ducal Melford family.    As a well-to-do character, I tried to mind my own business, but the story had other ideas. A self-proclaimed mother brought back a boy – the duke's heir and a genius wizard -intent on brainwashing and blackening him.    The contents
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Elegant Desire 4

Elegant Desire

Chapter 48

382.8K May 21,24 Kim Jong Geon

For the past 12 years, she has been waiting for her first love, who motivates her to play the violin & pursue her dreams, but that little hope shattered into pieces when she finally sees him unexpectedly kissing a rich married middle-aged woman the moment the elevator doors opens. In turn of events she becomes the tutor of the married lady son.With her first love having no memories of her and the
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Koi Yori Aoku (Oneshot) 3.8

Koi Yori Aoku (Oneshot)

Vol.3 Chapter 16

172K May 21,24 Fukaumi Kon

Takamine, who can't find anything she likes, and Sakikura, who loves books. The two girls meet by chance and spend their after-school hours together. Are they friends? Or is it a nameless relationship spun between the two girls? ------------ Note: Serialization of the oneshot of same title by Fukaumi Kon in COMIC Ogyaaa!! published by Homesha.
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If You Want a Fake Sister 4.6

If You Want A Fake Sister

Chapter 44

4.1M May 21,24 Rose Line , 로즈라인

Following an uprising, the nine-year-old princess of Grandia, Gris Benedict, had gone missing. In fact, she ended up working as a maid in brothel, really no better than a slave. She spent eleven years in that hellhole, but was fortunate enough to escape her prison. Apparently, she looked similar to the youngest daughter of the House of Byrenhag who had also gone missing in the woods at a young age
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Kitai Fuku Ga Aru 4.6

Kitai Fuku Ga Aru

Vol.3 Chapter 21: Someone Who Suits Rose

88K May 21,24 TSUNEKI Netarou

Mami was always seen as the "cool" type of girl. The type of girl that cute things doesn't suit and would be better off wearing "cool style" clothing. But Mami has a secret. She wants to wear lolita fashion!
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I Married the Enemy Who Killed My Parents 3.8

I Married The Enemy Who Killed My Parents

Chapter 29

531.3K May 21,24 Eogijug

I thought it would be the happiest day of my life. I could finally be next to the person I loved so much, we would be together forever It was the best day of my life, because I finally managed to have everything I wantedOr at least that's what I believed. I never imagined that it would be the most tragic day of my life."Why are you keeping me alive?""Because I love you,Rene."Love? The man who kill
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Annie Green Hates Girls 3.2

Annie Green Hates Girls

Chapter 52

288.1K May 21,24

Annie Green, a 16-year-old girl who has always had a hard time getting close to girls, faces the worst rumor going around school... that she hates them! That's not true at all! Annie will fight to deny this false rumor and will try to achieve what she has always wanted: to make friends with girls. Her friends Eugene and Colin will accompany her on this incredible adventure full of misunderstanding
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Secretary Deviance 4.7

Secretary Deviance

Chapter 61

2.2M May 21,24 Ban Ji Young , Pinecone , Kkulbonge

"Will this relationship change if we kiss?" Lee Seung-jo, the eldest son of the Jaekyung group, who is said to be the cornerstone of the royal family, and Cho Yi-yeon, who works as Seungjo's secretary while hiding his unrequited love for her. And at the same time, Lee Moon-jo, the illegitimate son of Jaekyung's group, always wants him to win everything. At a certain moment, Lee Yeon's troubles sta
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I took care of him, but he came back obsessed with me 4.6

I Took Care Of Him, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

Chapter 55

3.5M May 21,24 Choam

I possessed the body of ‘Cersinia’, the only sorceress in the Empire who can conjure the power of fire. Fortunately for me, I still had three years before the original story began. Determined to change my fate, I decided to visit a gambling house, where I hit the jackpot. But Instead of money, I was offered a young slave boy as collateral. “Regarding your name, what about Ben?” “I like it. Ben… it
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Kimi Towa Kore Kara 1.9

Kimi Towa Kore Kara

Chapter 8

164.5K May 21,24 Wan Shimako

Monster customers, a boss who takes no responsibility, nonchalant coworkers, unreasonable departments… Food company customer support worker Tokura has racked up daily stress. One day after a stress induced meltdown, cleaning staff Keita offers himself up. “How about me?” While at first he can’t imagine taking out his frustration on the self-described hardcore masochist, his pent-up anger incites h
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Not a Secretary, But a Woman 4.3

Not A Secretary, But A Woman

Chapter 7

70.2K May 21,24 Byeolgyu

Read manhwa "Not a Secretary, But a Woman" for free at Summary:"Can you spend just one night with me?"Sein, who served as the secretary for Director Shin Taehun for three years, has an impulsive one-night stand with him. He coolly planned to leave for an overseas branch, but he changed after that day."Am I the only one who's concerned about Secretary Yoon?"Not con
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Kyou, Eki de Mita Kawaii Onna no Ko. 4.6

Kyou, Eki De Mita Kawaii Onna No Ko.

Vol.1 Chapter 4

21.2K May 21,24 Sakana Kouji

An observational comedy about an older man obsessed with beauty products and a seemingly perfect girl(?!).Kameyama, a middle-aged man, can't help but notice what the pretty girl he sees at the train station is wearing. That Milbon scent is loved by all of mankind! This glittering case is from Sebon Star! That glowing skin... isn't a treatment, just a highlight! Which brand's cosmetics wear off
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Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend 2.8

Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend

Chapter 56

526.5K May 21,24 Ayano Ayano

not found...
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How to Tame My Beastly Husband 4.5

How To Tame My Beastly Husband

Chapter 50

366K May 21,24 Rachik

not found...
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Princess’s Doll Shop 4.8

Princess’S Doll Shop

Chapter 61

3M May 20,24 Pompom melo,우서라

“There is this small thing I want to do, but I need to leave the palace.” “…Leave the palace, you say?” asked Deon nervously. Somehow, he displayed a bigger reaction to her leaving the palace compared to when Kathia asked for a country before. Kathia, blinded by the joy of her wish coming true, did not notice. She looked at Deon with sparkling eyes,
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The Elegant Sea of Savagery 4.3

The Elegant Sea Of Savagery

Chapter 69

5.6M May 20,24 Tilda Kim

Irina Nodiac, the eldest daughter of the Marquis, was entrusted to Count Elenoa Schuberg after her father's business continued to fail. All rights were handed over to Elenoa, whom she has known since childhood. "You belong to me. So don't go messing around." "Are you treating me like an object?" However, even though she became a maid, her reputation of a "Crazy Bit
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Sigrid 4.7


Chapter 95

10.5M May 20,24 Siya , Glee , 글리, 시야

She always lived by the rules. She thought her life had been honorable. She was loyal to the emperor, even at the cost of her life. But the only thing she got in return was the blade of the guillotine. Why? Why is it like this? She kept asking this before her death. However, when she opened her eyes, she had returned to 5 years before she died. &ldqu
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To Have an Affair With Someone 4.3

To Have An Affair With Someone

Chapter 55

668.8K May 20,24 Son Sehee

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "To Have an Affair With Someone"Summary:Scarlett, who grew up to be an obedient daughter all her life. She had gone to the capital to marry Duke Huntington on her father's orders. But his fianc already had a mistress, and Scarlett was only chosen as a cover to hide between the tw
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Bright Red Temptation 4.4

Bright Red Temptation

Chapter 49

405.7K May 20,24 Writing Ghost

Shy and timid Yoo Seoyeong is desperate to get back at Min Jooyeon for ruining her life in high school, no matter how petty the revenge is. So when she sees Seo Jaeha, the gorgeous new department manager of her company and Jooyeon's fiance, she grabs the chance to seduce him into spending a steamy night with her. But what should've been a one-night stand becomes much more tangled as both Seoyeong'
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A Wife’s Sweet Revenge 4.2

A Wife’S Sweet Revenge

Chapter 135

2.3M May 20,24 JYUN , Mana

Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that Dayoung swore revenge. She begins to systematically destroy their lives as they did hers, but what happens when someone
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