Shi to Kanojo to Boku 4.5

Shi To Kanojo To Boku

Chapter 34.2

125,872 May 01,22 Kawaguchi Madoka

Yukari is a girl who can see the deceased. Yuusaku is a boy who can hear any phenomena that has a voice. Through their encounters with the inhuman, they learn fear, sadness, and compassion; and grow as humans.
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4 Ways To Save Your Wife 4.5

4 Ways To Save Your Wife

Chapter 37

356,133 May 01,22 Yoonda

He posted an ad on social media for a contractual wife. She works hard to follow her family mottos everyday. Follow the story of a man who has a phobia of marriage, and suddenly fell into a contractual relationship with a strange woman who entered the interview room. How do the two of them fit into each other's lives?
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A Contractual Couple Again 4.7

A Contractual Couple Again

Chapter 34

400,264 May 01,22 설우희,제제

Gun-ha and Seo-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce. Five years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a 'contract couple'. "Please marry me again. This time, we stay as an ordinary couple." Please Marry Me Again / Let's Get Married Again / Again, A Con
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The Remarriage Contract 4.5

The Remarriage Contract

Chapter 34: Who Is Jun-Woo's Father?

346,341 May 01,22 설우희

Gun-ha and So-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce. Five years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a ‘contract couple'. “Please marry me again. This time, we stay as an ordinary couple.” --- - (
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Yo-Jo Life! 4.7

Yo-Jo Life!

Chapter 14

560,401 May 01,22 Ama (あまー)

Akihiko Shimura, 20 years old (male). When I woke up in the morning, I was a little blonde loli.
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Breaking the rules, and I have to do what ?! 4.4

Breaking The Rules, And I Have To Do What ?!

Chapter 20

2,120,400 May 01,22 rera

Yuki decided to live alone when she got a job. However due to a mistake in the contract she has to live with Keita, her childhood friend! The two of them then established a set of rules for their cohabitation life together but there's a penalty if one break the rules! What's the penalty?!
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Halcyon 3.1


Vol.2 Chapter 12: Case: 12

108,563 Apr 30,22 Naked Ape

Metropolitan Police Department, First Investigative Division, Eighth Criminal Investigation Unit - also known as “The Eighth”. In order to solve vicious and unusual crimes, an elite force serving as both a surpression and execution force was created. Among them is a man with a high arrest rate, in contrast with his bewildered demeanor. Chigira Hinato: what deep secret lies behind his high arres
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Koi no Kiseki 4.1

Koi No Kiseki

Chapter 15: The Goddesses' Afternoon

86,926 Apr 30,22 Morita Yuko

Chubby and plain, Taeko's biggest worry is whether she'll ever have the courage to tell her crush how she feels. Then one day a mysterious cousin comes to stay and Taeko's world is shattered. Cast out of her own home after her mother's death, Taeko stumbles into the night and is hit by a truck. When she wakes up, she's greeted by a doctor who promises to turn her life around. A
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Sono Keisatsukan, Tokidoki Yajuu! 4.5

Sono Keisatsukan, Tokidoki Yajuu!

Chapter 15

2,678,921 Apr 30,22 Torai Sigma

Rainbow D Translations: The ordinary office lady Hiyori, who lives in a peaceful city, was involved in an accident and broke her arm. I decided to live with Kumano, a policeman who happened to be there. Hiyori was relieved because he was a police officer... "Show me your place." I thought it was okay because he is a police officer.
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We Are Not Ourselves Today 4.7

We Are Not Ourselves Today

Chapter 41

929,773 Apr 29,22 Natsumi Ando

Kougetsu An, a well-established Japanese-style confectionary store where Nao's mother worked and lived is where she met Tsubaki. However, after a certain incident, Nao's mother was accused of murder and is arrested. Because of that, Nao was banned from Kougetus An. Fifteen years later, Tsubaki revisits a disapproving Nao, which make the two compete at a showdown for their skills. The hatef
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Dakishimete, Tsuideni Kiss mo 4.7

Dakishimete, Tsuideni Kiss Mo

Chapter 18

529,331 Apr 29,22 Ao Mimori

Tamako Asahina, who lived without care, unmarried and without a lover, will soon be 30. But, an unexpected meeting swoops down from a familiar place…?!
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Natsume Yuujinchou 4.8

Natsume Yuujinchou

Chapter 170.2

2,260,536 Apr 29,22 Midorikawa Yuki

From Storm in Heaven: Natsume's just an ordinary kid, except he can see spirits, just like his grandma Reiko could. Reiko, though, used to bully the spirits, and bound them to her will in the "Book of Friends". Now that Natsume has inherited this book, a never-ending stream of spirits is coming after him. With the help of a spirit "cat" (who really just wants Natsume to die
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A Witch's Hopeless Wish 4.6

A Witch's Hopeless Wish

Chapter 122

13,278,613 Apr 28,22 HaeChung,posaposa

"If I had died then..." Caidel lost everything in a fire. With no home or family, Caidel ended up alone in an orphanage. Unfortunately, he was ostracized and had a hard time. Then one day, the Earl who knew the origins of the fire, came and asked to adopt him... "Won't you search for the white-haired woman with me?" The only clue to the arsonist was that
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Villainess Level 99 ~I may be the Hidden Boss but I'm not the Demon Lord~ 4.8

Villainess Level 99 ~I May Be The Hidden Boss But I'm Not The Demon Lord~

Chapter 13.2

10,373,447 Apr 28,22 Tanabata Satori,Nokomi,Tea

I reincarnated into the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumielle'as merely a side character, but after the ending, she reenters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character on par to the Heroes with her high stats!! Lighting a fire in my gamer's soul, and taking advantage of being left on my own in my parent's territory, I tra
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Butai ni Sake! 4.5

Butai Ni Sake!

Chapter 10

127,115 Apr 27,22 Harusono Shou

Oniwa Asahi's just starting his high-school life, and he's decided it's time to turn over a new leaf and learn how to make friends and get to know those around him. How does someone who's terrible at interacting with other people go about doing that, though? Turns out, it's as easy as joining the Theatre Club and its quirky cast of characters, including the captain Imari, who s
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Dousei Sensei wa Renai ga Wakaranai. 4

Dousei Sensei Wa Renai Ga Wakaranai.

Chapter 48

750,334 Apr 27,22 Ono Haruka

32-year-old Futaba Kiryu is a manga artist that writes for a weekly shounen magazine. Her latest ongoing manga is a romantic comedy, "Bocchi no Ore kara Riaju no Omaera ni Ittoku" (A Loner Like Me's Got a Lot to Say about You Normies out There) or "Bottoku" for short. It is a best-seller and has an anime adaption on the works. But the truth is, she's completely clueless
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Dream Sign 3.2

Dream Sign

Chapter 40 : End

570,750 Apr 27,22 Woonseok

For some reason, ordinary college student Han Gyeom has gained the ability to have lucid dreams. In these dreams, Han Gyeom has relations with his unrequited love, Leejoon. When this happens, the content of the dreams is actually shared with Leejoon. This causes him a lot of confusion regarding his own identity, when he happens to meet Gyeom at the bar where the latter works. Leejoon finds out tha
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Kitanai Kimi ga ichiban kawaii 4.1

Kitanai Kimi Ga Ichiban Kawaii

Vol.5 Chapter 26.1

766,842 Apr 27,22 Manio

Airi Sezaki and Hinako Hanamura. In the class, they are in a different group and caste with no interaction, but they have a secret that cannot be said to the others. The girls' secret is that of love, selfishness and fetishes.... Airi y Hinako son dos chicas jóvenes que provienen de diferentes grupos y castas y viven un amor secreto. Un beso en un laboratorio de química después de
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A Prenuptial Contract 2.9

A Prenuptial Contract

Chapter 10

21,610 Apr 27,22 Updating

A Prenuptial Contract manhwa, The Pre-Nup Seung-Hee is young, pretty and leads her own company! The only problem is that a past trauma blocks her from getting into a relationship. One day, she learns that she is in the center of a long ago arranged marriage with the handsome and talented Han Mu-Gyeon. She has no choice but to get married, but she will leave nothing to chance and draws up a prenupt
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Terumina 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

86,991 Apr 26,22 Kashmir

This is the strange story of a catgirl and her excursions along the railways of Japan.
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Korogaru Onna to Koi no Numa 4.6

Korogaru Onna To Koi No Numa

Chapter 8

351,334 Apr 26,22 Akuta Fumie

My motto is “continue as you are”. What will my precious life become once it starts to change?
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Black Dragon Romance 4.5

Black Dragon Romance

Chapter 96

4,988,276 Apr 26,22 July archive,Kidari Studio

The wealthy Black Dragon clan rules Shanghai, and their power knows no bounds. But for three ordinary young Koreans, life in the city is very different. Pyung-an, an art enthusiast, is working her dream job in a prestigious gallery. Yeo-rae, a talented cellist at the Music Institute, is grafting hard to make ends meet. And Jin-hwan is looking for inspiration after his dream of being a taekwondo st
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Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi - Koryuu Monogatari 4.4

Corseltel No Ryuujitsushi - Koryuu Monogatari

Vol.4 Chapter 27: Dragon Egg And Dragon Mage (2)

125,818 Apr 25,22 Isurugi Ayuma

The adventures of Marciel and his dragons continues. In Koryuu Monogatari, the baby dragons have grown up a little.
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Are You Alice? 4.4

Are You Alice?

Chapter 69: An Unwanted Memory

1,131,581 Apr 25,22 Ninomiya Ai, Katagiri Ikumi

From Yen Press: A disillusioned young man in search of “something” stumbles into the weird and wacky world of Wonderland, where, as “Alice,” he is thrust into a murderous game of “Kill the White Rabbit” by command of the ruler of the land, the Queen of Hearts. But while Alice rails against the role that has been forced upon him, he has little choice but to compl
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