The Great Conqueror 4.7

The Great Conqueror

Chapter 34

4.1M Aug 17,18 Skeleton Fairy

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Gaikou-Kakkaku 1.8


Vol.1 Chapter: Rapid Fire

171.6K Jul 27,18 Kuji Mitsuhisa

A collection of oneshots. 1. Yume-Zamurai 2. Sengoku Juuhei Magoichi 3. Raiden Tokkou 4-5. Dangan Gaki 6. Chigusa-touge no Arashi 7. Rapid Fire Follows Dolores as she trains in self-defense, and her reasons for doing so. 8. Gaikou-kakkaku (Luminous and brightness)
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Emo Faze 4.7

Emo Faze

Chapter 13

2.6M Jul 23,18 Tiao Wu, Zhi Geng Niao

Description from Novel: Duwei is born into this new world from Earth without a sound, he does not cry, he simply stares at the people around him. As he grows he does not speak and curses this new world he was forced into. His Father a Great General is sure there must be something he has an aptitude for, however he is simply trash. Disregarded by his family as the Retarded heir. This is the story o
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Surviving Demon 4.6

Surviving Demon

Chapter 10

508K Jul 22,18 Wolf Wei

Humans are distingushed between good and bad. Human souls would also be distinguished from Evil and good. In this world, there is a monster that was given birth by a type of soul. They attack humans, and try in vain to become the rule of the Earth.
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Raruto Sisepuede 4.6

Raruto Sisepuede

Vol.4 Chapter 26 : Elite Combats

125.2K Jun 25,18 Jesús García Ferrer (Jesulink)

Raruto is a Spanish webcomic by Jesús García Ferrer (Jesulink), started in 2005, and is a parody of the Japanese manga Naruto with absurd humor and a careless super-deformed artstyle. Raruto Sisepuede is its sequel, based on Naruto Shippuuden, ongoing since 2009. Despite the artwork, Raruto became the most well-known parody of Naruto in Spain, and has been sold in printed volumes in manga conventi
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Hana no Miyako! 5

Hana No Miyako!

Chapter 17.9: At The Beach (Type-Moon Ace 10 Extra Chapter)

232.2K Jun 18,18 Kirishima Takeru,Type-moon

New works from the author of Melty Blood and Tsukihime. Familiar figures, familiar names, but a completely new storyline. Enjoy yourself with this masterwork of daily life scenes in a combat school. Shiki Nanaya is really troubled now. As the weakest member of the Aikido club, she was charged to recruit one more member. Unfortunately, her potential prey, Miyako Arima, is uninterested in joining
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Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Burned 4.8

Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Burned

Vol.02 Chapter 039 : [End]

281.5K Jun 08,18 Imagawa Yasuhiro

In the mid-1990's, Yasuhiro Imagawa adapted Mitsuteru Yokoyama's original manga, Giant Robo, into a 7-part OVA series entitled Giant Robo: The Animation - The Day the Earth Stood Still. Imagawa's adaption strayed far from Yokoyama's Giant Robo, featuring a mostly original storyline which included characters and elements pulled from several other Yokoyama projects, such as Tetsujin 28 and Babel II.
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Kotaro Makaritoru! L 5

Kotaro Makaritoru! L

Vol.05 Chapter 023

263.4K Jun 07,18 Hiruta Tatsuya

Sequel of Shin Kotaro Makaritoru Suspended after 8 volumes due to the author's poor health.
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Battle Club 4.5

Battle Club

Chapter 47

941.1K Jun 04,18 Shiozaki Yuji

From Tokyopop: When freshman transfer Mokichi arrives at Swan Academy High, he's got a chance to start over with a clean slate. He's got a plan, too. Kick the butts of the toughest guys in school, prove himself to be the baddest dude around, and run the whole shebang. Problem is, it's his butt that gets kicked that first day. Completely humiliated, Mokichi joins the Wrestling Club in hopes of l
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Kento Ankokuden Cestvs 4.7

Kento Ankokuden Cestvs

Chapter 154: Envoys Of The Emperor [End]

2.9M May 31,18 Wazarai Shizuya

54 AD. Cestvs, a young boy and member of the lowest social class, is placed into a training school for slave-boxers. It is here that he begins his journey to defy fate and survive.
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Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki 4.9

Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki

Chapter 5: The Girl Who Travels Between Worlds

588.3K May 23,18 Watase Yuu

From Nyan-Nyan Rampage: "The final arc of the story begins... When Takao Osugi receives the mysterious "Universe of the Four Gods" book from his mentor, Einosuke Okuda, he does everything to keep it away from his young daughter, Suzuno. But when disaster strikes Tokyo, can he still protect her from her fate? Shortly after the tragic finale of Genbu Kaiden, young Suzuno Osugi's t
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Ozland 4.8


Chapter 20

213.9K May 12,18 Lee Yoon Chang

Martial artist Min Deul-le finds herself trapped in the body of Dorothy, the magician, and embarks on an adventure in the fantasy world of Ozland.
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Ze Tian Ji 4.7

Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 3

276K May 10,18 Mao Ni, 猫腻

“You won’t live past the age of 20…” “Since my illness is incurable…this must be my Fate then…” “But what if there is a secret to defy Fate? Are you willing to risk your life for one more chance?” With less than a decade of his life remaining and a marriage contract in his hands, Chen ChangSheng s
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BattleSexer Seishiro 3.3

Battlesexer Seishiro

Chapter 0 : The Finals

253.8K May 01,18 Yasuhisa Kubo

It is the 23rd century, an age of science and technology, where sex is no longer required to reproduce. However, humanity has not forgotten sex! Sex has evolved to become a form of martial arts, and those who practice it are known throughout the world as BattleSexers!
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Giant Warrior Nagi 4.2

Giant Warrior Nagi

Chapter 9 : Barrage #9 Giant Warrior [Nagi] [End]

453.2K Apr 28,18 Katou Hironobu

In a world where traditional warfare has been replaced by proxy battles fought by extremely powerful, and extremely LARGE, individual representatives chosen from each country, one rookie warrior faces her introduction to the international stage.
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Tong 4.6


Chapter 181 : Vanity - Chapter 87

3.1M Apr 27,18 Min (민)

Having lived as a fighting legend in Busan, he wanted to live peacefully in Seoul. However, we all know that wasn't how Lee Jung Woo lived. Showing off immense skills in the fight against the best fighters in the school, Lee Jung Woo takes over the area in no time at all. After that, the gangs nearby never leave the 'Tong' Lee Jung Woo alone. Although he is the 'Tong', since Le
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Violent Path Martial Arts School 4.5

Violent Path Martial Arts School

Chapter 8.4

617.2K Mar 28,18 Smokeless Wushu

Sold for 20 gold as a lifetime apprentice to Wudang Wudang in the serene cloud, how will he deal with the impoverished Wudang College's daily life? What kind of hilarious hijinks will Emei, Kongtong, Huashan, and the rest of the gang ensue in the school? Who will be selected for the highest institution of martial arts?
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Kogaratsu 5


Vol.05 Chapter 1 : After The Snow

122K Mar 26,18 Bosse

From Manga Daisuki: Once upon a time in the east... a mercenary called Kogaratsu. Samurai in the service of a sire, or errant knight without fixed attachment, caught in a fratricidal war, and confronted with superstitious farmers, Nakamura Kogaratsu always follows the same guidelines in his life: his honour, his love, and his weapons. And in the tumultuous Japan of the XVIIst century, honour is t
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Mok Yuna's Honeymoon Diary 4.7

Mok Yuna's Honeymoon Diary

Vol.3 Chapter 3

177.8K Mar 25,18 Han Yu-rang

From Bamboo Garden -Mok Yuna's mother is the owner of the family Dojang (martial arts place) and she's strong as ever! Even the strong Yuna's beaten up easily by her merciless mother. After having her older sister Nan-Ah suffer due to an engaged marriage planned by her mother (read the prequel Moknanahui Honeymoon Diary), she's now to marry a Japanese gangster? Ryu Sein, her best friend, will sav
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Saint Seiya 4.6

Saint Seiya

Vol.28 Chapter 108 : Final Chapter: Towards A World Of Light

1.1M Mar 24,18 Kurumada Masami

From Viz: The series begins with the story of Seiya, the main hero, who is one of Athena's Knights. Seiya, along with the other Bronze Knights, must train hard to earn their "Cloths," and take on other challenges as well. Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) has been a hit in Japan (where it is known as simply Saint Seiya), as well as many European countries including Spain, France, a
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Black Survival 4.4

Black Survival

Chapter 12

486K Mar 23,18 Kwon Na Hyun

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Princess Mononoke 4.7

Princess Mononoke

Vol.03 Chapter 3

370.6K Mar 18,18 Miyazaki Hayao

Also known as Princess Mononoke, the Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghilbi film. In order to satisfy their own needs for land and resources, Man is encroaching on their sacred territory, cutting down the trees and destroying everything else that stand in their path. As a result, the animal gods became angry and attacked the encampment. Into this conflict wanders a young boy, Ashitaka, a refugee of the
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Samurai Champloo 4.7

Samurai Champloo

Chapter 10 : 10

331.1K Mar 18,18 Manglobe

Mugen is a rough-around-the-edges mercenary with a killer technique and nothing left to lose. Jin is a disciplined samurai who's as deadly as he is reserved. Fuu is a young waitress with a good heart and a resourcefulness that emerges when you least expect it. These three unlikely companions are about to begin a journey that will change all of their lives. It's a dangerous quest for a myst
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Shaolin Sisters 4.6

Shaolin Sisters

Vol.05 Chapter 5

165.3K Mar 18,18 Hirano Toshiki

From Tokyopop: Separated at birth, three Shaolin Princesses trained in the arts of supernatural and physical combat must work together to defeat evil.
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