The Star of a Supreme Ruler 3.1

The Star Of A Supreme Ruler

Chapter 46

15K Dec 06,22 Kang Ho-poong (강호풍)

The mighty crimson star of the supreme ruler has appeared!The child who receives the energy of this star would grow to become the supreme leader and also become the legendary star that will rule over the world!Cheon Ryuyeong, someone who grew from a lowly position to the highest position!“I don’t know… just how much more I’m capable of as well.”“It’s because I haven’t experienced m
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Apex Future Martial Arts 4

Apex Future Martial Arts

Chapter 0

5K Dec 06,22 常盘勇者

At the beginning of the martial dao, abnormal beasts invaded the world. Humanity’s martials had to retreat in defeat time and time again. Lu Sheng transmigrates to that time, but in his dreams he enters a world 10 000 years later. The foundational body refining method from 10k years in the future is several thousand times more effective than the current one. Then there’s the breathing method, body
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Enemies 4


0 Dec 06,22 Bang Geul

“I Will Become a Demon”. A young man named Won-soo, known from the terrible legends of Murim, shows his way in this story.
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It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master 4.3

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master

Chapter 7

55.1K Dec 03,22 博易动漫

If he fails to confess his love to his beautiful master, he’ll turn into a dog? Zhang Yi obtained the Destiny System and awakened the Supreme Holy Body. As long as he’s able win the heart of the beauties in his harem, he’ll be able to get stronger! A cold master, a charming female Taoist senior, a cute junior sister, a sickly princess, and a pure saint… In the face of thousands of beauties, Zhang
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Ancient Godly Monarch 4.3

Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 6

230.2K Nov 24,22 净无痕

In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator. Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of me
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Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?! 4.2

Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!

Chapter 7

92.7K Dec 02,22 BOOM工作室

The Sword God Jian ZiQi, proved his way of the sword, cultivated the heavens and practiced his 9 heavenly series and ascended to a golden immortal, but in the secret realm he was ambushed by hundreds of golden immortals, and eventually died. Before he died, Jian ZiQi was able to reincarnate, and was reborn as the 3 year old everlasting sect master!
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Heavenly Demon Bakery 4.4

Heavenly Demon Bakery

Chapter 42

510.6K Nov 23,22 Miruha

It’s been decades since he began ruling over the Central Plains as the Heavenly Demon, but now he’s back to his original world! Now that he’s returned, he’s started to help his father with his bakery. Using the Mind’s Eye skill, he uncovers recipes while using Body Reformation to optimize the kneading of dough. The strongest in the Central Plains, the Heavenly Demon, uses his martial arts to be
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Time Retrograde 4.1

Time Retrograde

Chapter 10

84.7K Nov 20,22 Kuangzi Dashu

Liu Ya is a teenager who jumped back in time to 16 years ago, a time when his mother was still alive. However, he finds himself to be in an on-going war between monsters called Devourers and humanity. A story of time manipulation and monsters that terrorize humans excel in this thrilling manhua!
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World’s Greatest Senior Disciple 4.6

World’S Greatest Senior Disciple

Chapter 9

180.1K Dec 03,22 Bug Mihon

A senior disciple from a countryside martial academy returns as the world’s best! Dragged into a brutal political war, senior disciple ‘Hyeok Musang’ didn’t return after the bloody war ended. No one knew whether he was still alive for 5 years. Upon barely returning to his hometown, he found his Dragon Tiger Martial Academy being persecuted and destroyed by a third-rate gang. He thought he could
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My Wife and I Dominate the Three Realms 4.4

My Wife And I Dominate The Three Realms

Chapter 17

240.2K Dec 05,22 遍地星辰

Read My Wife and I Dominate the Three RealmsNot Available
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Demon Keeper 2.2

Demon Keeper

Chapter 10.1

31K Nov 19,22 绘境社

The hard-working programmer Qin Jian died unexpectedly after working for several days. His soul penetrated into Qin Jian, the county official of Sanyuan Town of the Tianyuan Dynasty. He has the ability to recognize demons with the Heavenly eyes but because he sleeps with demons all day he was contaminated with their breath which caused a misunderstanding by the demon hunter and the demon clan to b
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The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid 4.4

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid

Chapter 16

335.4K Dec 04,22

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid manhua, Heaven and earth are benevolent towards everything Bullshit, I don't agree with this! The former heavenly Dao was the villain, and the same heavenly Dao is full of slaughter and death! Watch me and how I straighten the yin and yang, reshape the cycle of reincarnation, and create a perfect world of cultivation. One in which all the rebels will.cough cough
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Heavenly Inquisition Sword (Nine Heavens Swordmaster) 4.4

Heavenly Inquisition Sword (Nine Heavens Swordmaster)

Chapter 25

1.1M Dec 01,22 Cardok,Jo Jin Young,Saint Nine

“He is the master of the Nine Heavens.” Yeon Jeokha was the child of a second wife. Viciously bullied by his father’s first wife and his siblings, he was later imprisoned in a warehouse after his father died of illness… It has been ten years since his escape after he had learned martial arts that were out of the world. “I regard the Yeon Family with great bitterness.” The unstoppable adventure
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Akatsuki Jihen 3.8

Akatsuki Jihen

Chapter 11: Desert Training

69K Dec 06,22 Chigusa Ichihara

The Sukaku (Zhu He) family is a distinguished line of shamans that protects mankind from divine beasts. Our protagonist, Mutsuki, (Wang Yue) bears a promising future while his sister Uzuki (Chu Yue) completely lacks the capability to use any spiritual techniques. "You are not a child of Sukaku if you are not a shaman." Bound by those antiquated customs, Uzuki is forbidden from leaving the house. A
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Abating Scoundrel 4.4

Abating Scoundrel

Chapter 27

195.2K Oct 27,22 Kakao Webtoon

During the Japanese occupation period, Kang Deokbae was born without knowing who his parents were.Having built up his strength to protect himself and formed a group under the name of his family, he becomes the Korea's top organization, the"Taesung Group".On his 50th birthday, Kang Deokbae closes his eyes after getting stabbed by a hostile organization while he gathering with his family.30 years af
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Naruto: Sasuke's Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: The Manga 4.5

Naruto: Sasuke's Story—The Uchiha And The Heavenly Stardust: The Manga

Chapter 4

335.4K Dec 04,22 Kishimoto Masashi,Jun Esaka,Shingo Kimura

Uchiha Sasuke heads for an astronomical observatory far from the Land of Fire where he joins up with Sakura and dives into an undercover investigation to search for traces of the Sage of Six Paths! There, they discover a plan that goes beyond life and death… Where will the battle take this husband-and-wife team?
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The House Without Time 4.7

The House Without Time

Chapter 47

195.2K Oct 20,22 Hego

An abused little girl with nothing to live for meets an old man with a nasty personality
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Invincible After a Hundred Years of Seclusion 4.6

Invincible After A Hundred Years Of Seclusion

Chapter 11

296.6K Oct 28,22 创迹文化

He clearly transmigrated into the body of the young master of a powerful aristocratic family in the fantasy world, but was sent out of his ancestral home and made to live in a remote courtyard!? But Chu Xuan doesn't care at all, because he has a system that will help him get stronger! As long as he stay at home long enough, he can become strong! Ding~ Stayed at home for a day, reward- Indestructib
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Villain Unrivaled 4.7

Villain Unrivaled

Chapter 27

1.1M Nov 30,22 Hae Gyeong,Seo Hyun Jin (서현진)

When I woke up, I discovered I had become the villain in the martial arts novel I wrote! But of all people, why does the body I possess belong to a damn villain? Hyuk Ryun Woon: The fourth son of the Demonic Cult’s Leader A nasty womanizer A martial arts weakling with a filthy temper A worthless villain who is one shotted by the main character in the novel! If I don’t want to be killed by the ma
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General, Watch Out for the Mad Dog! 4.4

General, Watch Out For The Mad Dog!

Chapter 70

157.2K Nov 28,22 Kuaikan comics

In order to prove that he has more than just beauty, the General strictly runs the army and bravely fights battles to maintain the peace of the Human and Immortal Realms. This time, the “monster” causing chaos was actually the Spiritual Realm’s Heavenly Wolf and the rare Spiritual Clan was also participating in the chaos. As a prisoner of war, the Heavenly Wolf had a frivolous attitude and no remo
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Rebirth of the Strongest Sword God 4.4

Rebirth Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 17

575.8K Dec 02,22 Yu Cheng

The top player of the popular MMO, “Divine Realm”, Shi Feng, was betrayed by his club. He drank in sadness, but then woke up realizing he had gone back 10 years, to the time when Divine Realm had just released. Using the ten years of experience he had, he started all over to climb back to the top. This time, he intends to surpass himself and reach greater heights.
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Nostalgic Warrior 4.5

Nostalgic Warrior

Chapter 29

306.7K Dec 06,22 Bumberham, Seong Sang Hyun

‘The Ghost Wolf of the Battlefield howls in the Murim!’ So Cheon-Ho returns to his homeland after a decade of war and learns that his father has passed away and his disciple-brother, who was no different from his family, had disappeared without a trace! He briefly spends pleasant days with his childhood friend, So-Hyae, but is entrusted with her daughter, Hui-Yeon before she dies of a disease. Che
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