Chaos Rings 5

Chaos Rings

Chapter 1

54.4K Jan 20,16 Kitajima Yukinori

From MangaHelpers: This manga is based on the cell-phone rpg of the same name. Two children, Kiriru and Ignato, are born to a life of fighting. Their mother hopes that they will not end up having to fight alone. As a teenager, Kiriru does not like his assigned destiny, but he must fight monsters or many other people will die. Will he accept his fate, and will he ever find a partner? [tethysdust
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Phantom Blood 4.6

Phantom Blood

Vol.5 Chapter 44 V2 : Into Oblivion [End Of Part 1] (Official Color Scans)

2.9M Jan 20,16 Araki Hirohiko

SERIES 1: Phantom Blood Phantom Blood stars Jonathan Joestar and the ambitious Dio Brando. It shows how the stone mask was found and how Dio first obtained and utilized his powers. Once Jonathan and Robert E. O. Speedwagon realize Dio's intentions, they must team up with Will A. Zeppeli and learn Ripple (Hamon) to stop Dio. Other manga: +
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Sanzokuou 5


Vol.3 Ch.8 : King Of Harima Appears!

96.6K Jan 20,16 Sawada Hirofumi

Nagakado [Seyu] was a fairly normal boy, albeit a trap genius. He and his father lived comfortably in a small town. However, that innocent family had secrets that Nagakado [Seyu] was only half-aware of. Everyone in the family line inherited a strange sword, a black katana that is much heavier than it looks and is only usable by people of Nagakado's [Seyu's] bloodline. They also passed on a strange
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Makai Tenshou 3.7

Makai Tenshou

Ch.11 : The Eternal Struggle [End]

115.9K Jan 20,16 Yamada Fuutarou

The story takes place after the failed Shimabara Rebellion, led by Shiro Amakusa as a Christian uprising against the Shogunate. It ended...brutally, and Amakusa himself was executed. However, dark forces are at work, and Amakusa returns from the grave...
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Kakumeiki Valvrave - Ryuusei no Valkyrie 4.4

Kakumeiki Valvrave - Ryuusei No Valkyrie

Vol.2 Ch.10 : [End]

227.5K Jan 20,16 NAGAI Shingo

A side-story of Kakumeiki Valvrave centered on the school idol Saki Rukino, telling her story from both past and present points of view.> Spin-off of Kakumeiki Valvrave( )
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Kakumeiki Valvrave 4.6

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Revolutionary Children [End]

170.2K Jan 20,16 Sunrise

True Calendar (T.C.) 71 - A new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of "Dyson Sphere", a city in space.The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew out of a military alliance, and the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS), which grew in power as it expanded its trade agreements. The minor nation
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GetBackers Bangaihen 4.5

Getbackers Bangaihen

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

55.3K Jan 20,16 AOKI Yuuya

Side story of Get Backers created two years after the conclusion of the main series.
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Shiroi Majo 4.6

Shiroi Majo

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Decisive Battle

186.1K Jan 20,16 Nagakawa Naruki

Simo Häyhä, the legendary sniper who distinguished himself defending Finland from Russia in World War II, is a woman.
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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 4.5

Kami To Sengoku Seitokai

Vol.6 Ch.42 : Fenrit

366.6K Jan 20,16 Akahori Satoru

Katsuragi lost his parents in an accident and is now all alone. He missed the first months of school and now he arrives to be put through a lot of weird occurences. The school he is attending is said to be the center of the universe and he must fight to become the king. His opponent however was a crybaby he used to protect. Does he have what it takes to fight against his childhood friend, deal wit
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Kingdom Hearts 4.6

Kingdom Hearts

Ch.43 : Special#winnie The Pooh

716.4K Jan 20,16 Nomura Tetsuya, Amaro Shiro

From Yen Press: Sora, a young boy who lives a peaceful life on his tropical island home, is set adrift when a horrible storm wrecks the world he loves and separates him from his friends, Riku and Kairi. In another world, the Disney castle is in chaos when King Mickey goes missing, and it’s up to Donald, the court magician, and Goofy, the captain of the army, to find their king. When both Sor
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GaoGaiGar FINAL 5

Gaogaigar Final

Vol.1 Chapter 8

82.6K Jan 20,16 Yatate Hajime

The official side-story manga accompanying the Yuusha-ou GaoGaiGar anime. The first story, Wings of Light and Darkness, takes place between episodes 43 and 44 of the GaoGaiGar TV anime. In this three-chapter story, a bit of the backstory of Soldato J and Arma is revealed as they come into contact - and conflict! - with one of J's old comrades: the Black Soldato, J-013! The second story, Evol
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The Premise 5

The Premise

Ch.8 : Erina

97.8K Jan 20,16 MGO

The Premise is a story about the moral contradictions and ethical dilemmas that arise when two policemen discover a criminal gang, commonly known as “The Executioners Sect”, which wants to enforce justice through a horrible method.
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Rock Paper Scissors 4.9

Rock Paper Scissors


136.6K Jan 20,16 Kimura Shinichi

Masumasu Academy, an Academic City floating in the Pacific, is home to children with mysterious powers known as "Fiction". "Fiction" grants them enhanced physical prowess, as well as one additional ability. What will happen when a time stopper, Kazuma, meets a cute girl with the ability to move at lightspeed, who knows and is searching for him?
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Yukarism 4.9


Vol.2 Ch.12

231.1K Jan 20,16 Shiomi Chika

From Omari's Sister: Yukari, at the tender age of 17, is a renown Edo period novelist who claims visions of Yoshihara during the Edo period gush from his heart. After meeting Mahoro, a girl he swears he knows and has met before, Yukari finds himself falling asleep and waking up in the Edo period as an Oiran. The past and present collide in this time traveling romance.
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The Wild Kingdom 1.3

The Wild Kingdom

Vol.1 Ch.5

73.1K Jan 20,16 Manabe Jouji

Many different anthropomorphic predator and prey species are intermingling in a fantastical African savanna society! It is a strictly structured society with many rules, such as those governing when and where a predator is allowed to hunt their prey. One lion, Leon, does not quite fit into the role nature has chosen for him. He doesn't grow his mane out, and, despite his physical strength, he s
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World End Fairytale 5

World End Fairytale

Vol.4 Ch.16.2

130.5K Jan 20,16 Hakoda Maki

From Inane: Death, Enchantments, Fairies, Spirits...all these elements twist amongst themselves to offer a mysterious World End Fairytale for us. Join Koroku Morisaki as he unravels the truth that lies behind the conscience of several other characters with promising roles. Like a broken stage effect/ Standing in continuous snowfall/ The girl told me... / This is the last winter / A quiet endi
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Kaprekar 5


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Boy Meets 2Girls

69.6K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Makoto

Altered humans, Uno and Yuuna, takes on ARCA's deal to service their debt.
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Manga of the Dead 4.5

Manga Of The Dead


157.2K Jan 20,16 Anthology

A collection of eight Zombie related oneshots by several authors. And I Love Her by Katsuya Terada Dead and Fail to Die by Hitoshi Kino Children Living with Corpses by Uguisu Sachiko Zombie by Shimada Toranosuke Forest of Spirits by Hokazono Masaya Zombie Boy by Hiromoto Shinichi Fight of of the Living Dead by Koizumi Tomohiro Organic Human Solution Organogel by Fukao Atsus
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Lingjiedian 5


Chapter 2 : Two Lancelot?

76.3K Jan 20,16 Bei Xiang

When a game turn into reality and your husbando is summoned in front of you, what will you do?
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Zenryou naru Itan no Machi 4.9

Zenryou Naru Itan No Machi

Vol.1 Ch.7.5 : Afterword

119.1K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Jiro

A collection of short stories.
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Dance in the Vampire Bund 4.8

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Vol.14 Chapter 82

2.1M Jan 20,16 Tamaki Nozomu

The storyline revolves around Mina ?epe?: Princess- her werewolf guardian Akira Kaburagi Regendorf and Ruler of Vampires. For a long time, Mina is in hiding along with her folks as with other vampires. Trying to end centuries of isolation, Mina gets permission to produce a particular district for vampires called "The Bund" off the shore of Tokyo, Japan by paying off the whole national de
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12 Days Before Graduation 3

12 Days Before Graduation

Vol.0 Chapter 1.2

67.6K Jan 20,16 Mr. Some1else

Vyalen, the main character in the story, is a graduating high school student from their school.Their school was pretty known as one of the best athletic and academic breeding students. In other words, only those who have special talents, elite minds, and abilities could only enter the school. Each of the students were categorized according to their major fields-- like being an elite, academic, and
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Gundam Build Fighters A 4.6

Gundam Build Fighters A

Chapter 13 : Julian Mackenzie

306.4K Jan 20,16

Prequel to the Gundam Build Fighters TV anime, covering how Yuuki Tatsuya got into Gunpla Battle.
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Dokuro 4.8


Vol.4 Chapter 32.5 : Dokuro (The Hells Of Youth Arc)

437K Jan 20,16 Saruwatari Tetsuya

The story is set in a dystopian near future where the Japan society is experiencing a crime rampage and in which a powerful and secret religious organization, with mysterious goals, is acting as an invisible hand behind the scenes. The main character is their strongest assassin, lent to them by his fanatic mother when he was a child, and now a ruthless killing machine whose fists and feet cause
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