Double Leash 2.9

Double Leash

0 May 26,23 Kaesam

When Lycaon, the most elite ESPer at the agency meets the Guide, Belial, he dreams of a spring day. But the unusual Belial would rather avoid guiding.Can the two of them really be together?
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My Cultivation Simulator 4.8

My Cultivation Simulator

0 May 26,23 时代漫王

Xu Yuan has reincarnated into an alternate world where monsters arise and daoism declines. Using the Life Simulator, he’s able to simulate the endless possibilities and experiences of all of humanity which allows him to inherit exceptional powers. The world shall remain in darkness if I, Xu Yuan, is not birthed!
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The Tiger Still Won't Eat The Dragon 5

The Tiger Still Won't Eat The Dragon

0 May 26,23 Inaba Hachi

In a distant place, on a certain mountain, a young dragon has been captured by a beautiful female tiger. The two, who were prey and predator, begin a journey to find a way for two animals with very different life spans to live by each other's sides.TL;DR: Tiger Woman x Dragon Boy
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Shuffle Gakuen 5

Shuffle Gakuen

0 May 26,23 Hori Yuusuke

Shizuma Suzumori had a normal high school life until one day, a serial killer attacks the classroom.
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F-Class Destiny Hunter 4.6

F-Class Destiny Hunter

10K May 26,23 Anamin

many more!]In a world where destiny decides the ability one awakens, Seo Gangrim is born with the worst destiny.He awakened as a hunter, but he was the very bottom of the bottom.One day, he is ambushed[Power Destiny Stealing' is being activated. You have obtained the power Regression'.]He lost all his teammates to an assassin, but right before dying, he regressed to his past.Right then, Seo Gangri
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Resurgence 4


615 May 25,23 bip bop

Cloaked in a heavy snowfall, a mysterious woman makes her way deep into the Frostlands...
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Saitei Rank no Boukensha, Yuusha Shoujo wo Sodateru Orette 4

Saitei Rank No Boukensha, Yuusha Shoujo Wo Sodateru Orette

5K May 25,23 NOUMIN Yazuu

The old man who matches the number is actually a legendary adventurer! The strongest training fantasy from becoming a novelist!!
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Of Avarice and Wrath 3

Of Avarice And Wrath

1.4K May 25,23 Nicolas Langhans

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Project Curse 3

Project Curse

2.2K May 25,23 Deva

a boy named Marco is an orphan who lives with his little brother on their own after their parents' death and their grandfather disappearance, with him working hardly everyday a fortunate or rather unfortunate turn of events on his 18th birthday, makes him discover a whole hidden society with supernatural powers , in that aspect begins his long journey of twisted events
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My Ascension Had Failed, So I Had To Become A Demon Hunter 4.7

My Ascension Had Failed, So I Had To Become A Demon Hunter

Chapter 3

23.4K May 25,23 大行道动漫

A genius in cultivation, Qiu Qian, tried to ascend but was unsuccessful. He then entered a realm of demon hunters and decided to become a demon hunter to cut down the demons. The male protagonist was adored by ladies from other worlds because of his great strength. All female characters desire to be companions with the male protagonist, including female elves, female sorcerers, and female dancers.
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Rauch The Destroyer 5

Rauch The Destroyer

Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Legend Of The Evening Star

3.1K May 25,23 Arklight Blues

A fearsome threat by the ominous name "Rauch" approaches Earth while a fractured Legend of The Past emerges once more to provide the planet one last hope...T
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According to the Hero Who Returned From Another World 4.4

According To The Hero Who Returned From Another World

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Thus Spoke The Former Hero

30.3K May 25,23 Koh Suzukure

Kurosu Daiki is an ordinary high school student. He worries about his test results and deals with his cute but overbearing little sister, but he's not entirely dissatisfied with his peaceful everyday life. However, Daiki feels a sense of discomfort with such a routine life. One day, he meets a girl on a street corner who appears with a sudden intense palpitation. She is a witch living in the prese
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Fatal Choices X 4

Fatal Choices X

1.9K May 24,23 TadxSarahComics

After a lot of traumatic events Strive receives an app on his phone that will give him three choices at random times that will change his life and those around him. Little does he know that all 5 app users will soon decide the fate of the world.
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PaPiPuPe Poniko! 3.8

Papipupe Poniko!

Chapter 2: Welcome To Hinoji Village

1.5K May 25,23 Namagaki Yukina

To commemorate Ponycon X (10), the author has made corrections to the past Japony manga and is now in higher resolution. Japan Ponycon is an exchange event for fans of the cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."This is a story about Poniko, the mascot character and her friends.
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The Strongest Heroes, Now in Their 40’s, Once Again Become Warriors on the Battlefield 4

The Strongest Heroes, Now In Their 40’S, Once Again Become Warriors On The Battlefield

Chapter 2.1

41.3K May 25,23 Kishima Kiraku

The Seven legendary heroes are overwhelming!The war of extinction "Titanomachy" ended with humanity completely destroying the demons and winning.Twenty-five years have passed since then. Alain, one of the seven heroes who subdued the Demon King Beelzebub in the war, is already 43 years old. As a knight captain on the frontier, he was spending peaceful days, sandwiched between inflexible lo
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World's Strongest Sorcerer Gets Reincarnated 4.6

World's Strongest Sorcerer Gets Reincarnated

Chapter 2

49.7K May 25,23 Studio Grigo, en-dolphin studio

This story goes back to the Azuka period (550 – 710 A.D.). The protagonist, En No Ozunu, was living peacefully deep in the mountains attended by a married couple of demons, Zenki and Goki. He is old now, but this emaciated elderly person is actually the strongest sorcerer in Japan… This was precisely En No Ozunu, a japanese ultimate maverick that confronted not only the government officials from t
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Tatari 4.9


Chapter 1: I Am With You

5K May 25,23 Watari

Tatari is a lone stray cat. He is taken care of by his siblings Takeru and Yuki. In a ramshackle apartment, they lived a poor but happy life. Until that day.
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Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi ga Jibun no Saikyou ni Kizuku made 4.6

Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi Ga Jibun No Saikyou Ni Kizuku Made

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Worst Start

9.3K May 25,23 Tokura Haka

Wimme Strauss is an adjunct sorcerer who provides support and does odd jobs. However, after defeating the master of the hierarchy, he is expelled from the party by the leader, whose pride is hurt. Wimme is at a loss, but his childhood friend (and Wimme's's stalker), Heidemarie, finds him and recruits him for the biggest party, the Wings of the Dragon. "It's like a miracle ...... fuhehe." He claims
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Misenchanted 4


Vol.3 Chapter 18.5: Blood Gone Loose Pt. 3

3.3K May 25,23 sekora2000

In a world slowly getting corrupted by the growth of magic users, a young man strives to triumph over it becoming the best hero he can be in this ENTIRELY, most DEFINITELY, absolutely SERIOUS manga.
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Massacre Happy Ending - Chapter of Blue - 4.6

Massacre Happy Ending - Chapter Of Blue -

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Chapter 2

5.9K May 25,23 Miyatsuki Arata

Ao Minato, a young man who killed his father-in-law who repeatedly abused his family and entered a juvenile reformatory. However, the sister who should have protected committed suicide at the end of suffering, and her sister Akane is also missing. Ao, who arrived at a certain shrine, wished for the safety of his sister, which is the only hope left, and swears to God that he will do anything for th
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Nue no Onmyouji 2.6

Nue No Onmyouji

1.7K May 23,23 Kouta Kawae

Yajima has been able to see spirits since he was small. At his new school is a room that nobody else can see. And inside is a spirit who loves playing video games. A new modern exorcist saga now begins!
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The Invincible Man 4.4

The Invincible Man

Chapter 4

32.2K May 25,23 Cyungchan Noh

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "The Invincible Man"Summary:Im Hwapyung. A man who wants to live a normal life like his name. Everything he had in his mundane life was destroyed. [Your love has become my loathing.] You shouldn't have messed with me in the first place. You should have just let me live a quiet life. And now he
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Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight 4.6

Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight

Chapter 7

150.2K May 24,23 Jung Seon-yul

[By the author that brought you !] is a fantasy RPG infamous for its extreme difficulty. However, to Yoo Chan, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age, this game was his entire life and has now become his reality. From now on, Yoo Chan has to survive in this world as Nox von Reinharber, the worst villain in the first act of the game. Will he be able to reach the end of the story s
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The Golden Lion King 4.7

The Golden Lion King

Chapter 6

25.9K May 25,23 大妖王, 飞卢小说网

Liu Fan isekai-ed, becoming the Golden lion demon and he even received a cheat system! Eating, sleeping, reading, fighting, and even being in a daze can all be rewarded with attributes given by the system. A Golden lion with super wisdom, comprehension and talent leads female ghosts, goddesses, mutated animals, and tortures human awakeners, ancient immortal cultivators, reincarnated people, and fi
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