Masakadou e Irasshai 4.8

Masakadou E Irasshai

Vol.1 Chapter 3

145.1K Apr 04,19 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Bird shop owner Masaka meets exchange student Fon-kun.
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Gakuen Tengoku - Sore wa Koi desu Koizumi-kun 4.4

Gakuen Tengoku - Sore Wa Koi Desu Koizumi-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Long Vacation

239.3K Mar 29,19 Hideyoshico

A boy wearing a facade of a pristine angel, Koizumi-kun, and the class’s disliked Kashihara-kun, and their changed relationship since the day they had sex. This popular pair was introduced in “High School ☆ Lullaby
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Hokusou Shinsengumi 4.3

Hokusou Shinsengumi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

93.2K Mar 23,19 Kanno Aya

Featuring a later period of the Shinsengumi, it starts as the Bakumatsu ends, and is about the remnants of the Shinsengumi that fought during the Boshin war. Divided into three sections, each of which deals with one of the leading characters, first Nomura Risaburou, then Souma Kozue, and finally Hijikata Toshizou.
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Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi 4.1

Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi

Chapter 1: Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi

415K Mar 21,19 Komeya (Circle),NEKOTA Yonezou

When Kobayashi Jiro, a 28-year old physics teacher asked his student, Atana, to try applying for K University, Atana said he'd do it... Only if he can see Sensei's crying face?!
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Odeko no Mahou 4.9

Odeko No Mahou

Vol.1 Chapter 4

108.1K Mar 17,19 Ootani Noriko

Eiko wants a part-time job really badly. One day during soccer practice, Eiko gets hit in the head with a ball kicked by a member of Shigeru's soccer team. The next day, a strange love letter appears. Who could have sent it, and what happened to Eiko's forehead?
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Darling in the FranXX! - 4-koma 4.8

Darling In The Franxx! - 4-Koma

Chapter 78: Art Compilation

1.4M Mar 16,19 mato (Mozu Hayanie)

Official 4-koma manga for Darling in the FranXX.
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Galette (Anthology) 3.7

Galette (Anthology)

Vol.1 Chapter 0

222.1K Mar 10,19 Various, Yui Asube, Ootomo Megane, Uno Zinnia, Mogirokku, Goto, Yukino Sakura, Sugata Uri, Takemiya Jin, Kanmi, Yotsuhara Furiko, Hamano Ringo

Collection of Shoujo Ai & Yuri Oneshots from Galette
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Robot 4.6


Vol.10 Chapter 10: Polaris

848.5K Mar 09,19 Okama,Kinutani Yuu,Miura Yasuto,Naruko Hanaharu,Sanbe Kei,Nekoi Mie,Sabe,Abe Yoshitoshi,Itoh Mami,Yasuda Suzuhito,Murata Range,Asada Hiroyu

Robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists, created by Range Murata.
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Musume-iri Hako 4

Musume-Iri Hako

Chapter 8: We Don't Learn Carelessly

338.7K Feb 19,19 Akatsuki Akira

A delinquent finds a girl abandoned in a box... and takes her home...
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A Cold and After That 4.9

A Cold And After That

Vol.2 Chapter 5: She's An Android

180K Feb 15,19 Minase Ruruu

Naho is having trouble keeping her feelings in check when taking care of her sick friend Mana.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 - Steel Ball Run 4.9

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

Vol.24 Chapter 95: World Of Stars And Stripes - Outro

29.9M Feb 10,19 Araki Hirohiko

In the American Old West, the world's greatest race is about to begin. Thousands line up in San Diego to travel over six thousand kilometers for a chance to win the grand prize of fifty million dollars. With the era of the horse reaching its end, contestants are allowed to use any kind of vehicle they wish. Competitors will have to endure grueling conditions, traveling up to a hundred kilomete
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Amber 4.9


Chapter 20: Amber [End Of Season 1]

159.7K Jan 27,19 Komura Ayumi

Mio Hasekura is a helpful high school girl who looks after her workaholic mother and others at her school, which has earned her the nickname "Mom" among her classmates. Mio is very fond of her late father who died when she was younger, and hopes to find a guy like him someday. On her way to school one day, she comes across a man collapsed on the side of the road who is very different from her fath
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Afghanistan 4.5


Chapter 26.2: Final Chapter

206.4K Jan 27,19 Timaking

From ANN: Afghanistan is a young girl who works hard to eat every day, yet has bad luck and is frequently bullied by others. As she learns to stand up for herself, she begins to make new friends from other nations. 4-Koma.
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Try! Try! Try! 4.9

Try! Try! Try!

Chapter 3: Special Episode

121.8K Jan 19,19 Azuma Kiyohiko

Kiyohiko Azuma's Try! Try! Try! follows the adventures of a weird girl named Yotsuba whose bizarre antics baffle her friends and her father. The characters in this comic later went on to appear in the monthly Yotsubato! serial manga currently running in Dengeki Daioh magazine.
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Even 3.2


Chapter 3

90.9K Jan 18,19 Miman

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Hentai Elf to Majime Orc 4.2

Hentai Elf To Majime Orc

Chapter 11: The First Invitation [End]

5.8M Jan 07,19 Yudokuya (tomokichi)

It's about a super crazy-sexy elf with a very very serious Orc....
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Liquor & Cigarette 4.9

Liquor & Cigarette

Chapter 5.5 [End]

377.6K Dec 29,18 Zaria

Liquor, cigarettes, and a grapefruit-scented shampoo.
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JC no Life 4.2

Jc No Life

Chapter 28

771.4K Dec 29,18 Engiyoshi

A present day, girl's secret story, effective in life.
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Love in Motion 4.7

Love In Motion

Chapter 4: Yukiiro Machiboke (By Mikage Tsubaki)

129.2K Dec 27,18 Kumota Haruko

Super sadistic gay high school student and a kind teacher.
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Kocchi Muite, Ai 4.6

Kocchi Muite, Ai

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : Kocchi Muite, Ai - Extra [End]

759.2K Dec 27,18 Michinoku Atami

Includes also oneshot: "Hi Manyuaru Ren Ai": Akio suffers because of the harsh words that the man that left him used ‘If you only were a woman, it would be a lot better.’ Asking himself ‘Why did you say something like that?’ He runs into a friend in a bar, who also was left by his partner. They’re both uke, but they try to do it anyway. Could it be that one of them has an interior seme? What will
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Trans Boy 3.7

Trans Boy

Chapter 2 [End]

112.7K Dec 26,18 Yabuki Kentaro

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Yajirushi 4.3


Chapter 6.7: Paper

546.8K Dec 21,18 Harada

A student who’s had it super easy his whole life & an errand boy with communication difficulties.
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Complex Age 4.7

Complex Age

Vol.6 Cospedia: Glossary Of Cosplay Terms

451.5K Dec 13,18 Sakuma Yui

Oneshot: Unknownst to her coworkers, Sawako, 34 years old and in her second year of marriage, has the hobby of wearing gothic lolita clothes. She had always kept it as her hobby, but as the years pass by, she begins to notice the pleasure she derives from those clothes waning...
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