Akuma na Kuchibiru 4.5

Akuma Na Kuchibiru

Vol.1 Chapter 5

301.4K Jan 20,16 Miura Hiraku

From Midnight Scans: 1. Akuma na Kuchibiru Hana Yamada, a high school girl, gets sick during a mixer, and is rescued by a very cool male student, who was casually passing by. However, when he suddenly asks her if she's an elementary student, Hana becomes very angry and kicks him, before running away. The next day, when Hana goes to the nurse's office, she finds none other than the very boy who
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Sweet HR - Minami-sensei no Himitsu no Houkago 5

Sweet Hr - Minami-Sensei No Himitsu No Houkago

Chapter 1 : The Sensei Likes The Problem Child

87.8K Jan 20,16 Yokoyama Mayumi

Dreaming of being a a woman that successfully balanced Love and Work, Mahigashi Minami heads to Tokyo to become a teacher. She faces hurdles at work as a rookie teacher because students have no faith in her. Then she met this first rate sleaze that is everything she hated but somehow his cooking has seduced her?! What will happen to Minami-sensei from here onwards? A hilarious homeroom comedy is a
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Koi Nanka Hajimaranai 4.6

Koi Nanka Hajimaranai

Vol.7 Chapter 29 : Extra: Side Story [End]

482K Jan 20,16 Fujiwara Yoshiko

Due to job transfers, Makoto has no choice but to stay at the home of her father's friend for the time being. But there lives a boy who makes her boiling mad!? Turns out he's the king of popularity at school, but he's a prankster who likes to mess with Makoto, and even recently dumped one of Makoto's good friends! How is Makoto supposed to handle this obnoxious brat!?
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Hanzasky 4.6



592.6K Jan 20,16 Sadogawa Jun

The main character is a delinquent feared in the whole region. He tried to start a new peaceful life full of love instead of blood but his past immediately catches up to him and reveals his true identity to everyone in the class. He meets a girl in trouble and decides to revert to his old self just to save her.... except she doesn't really need saving, beats him up and calls him weak!. He fell in
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Mielino Kashiwagi 4.8

Mielino Kashiwagi

Vol.1 Ch.22 : Love's Form

203.9K Jan 20,16 Akimoto Yasushi,Takahata Hideta

Can't find a way to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? These people will help do it for you.
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Kurashi no Izumi 3.7

Kurashi No Izumi

Vol.1 Ch.4

77.4K Jan 20,16 Tanikawa Fumiko

From BlueFlor: Collection of short stories about married couples. House 1・ Somei Family Despite being friends since childhood, there are many things that the husband does not understand about his wife.
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Sai x Ai 5

Sai X Ai

Vol.1 Ch.3

132.7K Jan 20,16 Mitsuki Kako

From Chibi Manga: She loved a teacher. But that kind of love is forbidden! Still she kept on loving him, and didn't care about it. One day, she met a boy in white clothes in the greenhouse of the school. She saw his kind eyes and she smelled the odor of wood coming from him. For the first time, Tsugumi felt her heart beating for someone. But after that encounter she understood that this g
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Wedding Season 2 4.8

Wedding Season 2

Vol.2 Ch.8

157.1K Jan 20,16 Lin Yu Chin

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Mimi has given birth to a son, but she won't let motherhood tie her down. She's just as fierce and independent as ever. She's determined to find out what happened to Yuan Qing, her husband and the father of her child. According to the rumors, he was killed in the war, but Mimi knows he's too crafty to let himself get killed.
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Idolm@ster Dearly Stars: Neue Green 4.6

[email protected] Dearly Stars: Neue Green

Vol.3 Ch.18.5 : Ex: After Episode

215.3K Jan 20,16 Kurose Kousuke

Based on the Idolmaster Dearly Stars DS game. Ryou has always had a problem with his feminine appearance. As a child he was often mistaken as a girl, and to his disappointment, that didn't change even after he got to high school. One day he came up with his best idea yet for gaining masculinity; he decided to become a male idol! His cousin Ritsuko worked in the idol industry, so she was able
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Kiri no Mori Hotel 5

Kiri No Mori Hotel

Vol.2 Ch.7

138K Jan 20,16 Shinohara Chie

Nobody know where it is, but it's a place that offers shelter to those who hate their lives or are trapped in the labyrinth of their own hearts... a mysterious hotel. Even now, those who are tired of their lives come to stay in the "Kiri no Mori" Hotel...
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Yellow Gate! 4.8

Yellow Gate!

Vol.2 Ch.11.5

145.6K Jan 20,16 Mori Misaki

In order to pay for the debt that his parents left behind, Gin accepts an escort job from the bill collectors of the Tokugawa Group conglomerate. The client is a girl named Hikari who goes to Tokugawa Private Academy. Using the experience he gained from his previous part-time jobs, Gin protects Hikari along with the other escorts, Suke and Kaku. However, Hikari seems to have a hidden secret...!?
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Iinari Princess 4.6

Iinari Princess

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5

564.3K Jan 20,16 Nakata Yumi

First princess in line to the throne of the Principality of Rivetaria, Lena Reena Rene Risheranto, is an overseas student in Hyuuga Nobuyuki's class. She has silky blond hair, clear blue eyes and a childlike face on a developed body and her personality... is that of the ideal princess. But it is the Noble Princess' periodic bouts of defenseless that make for a heart pounding, ecchi love comedy.
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Kure-nai 4.7


Chapter 52 : Talk About Love

910.7K Jan 20,16 Katayama Kentarou

Based on a series of light novels, Kure-nai is about the adventures and misadventures of 16-year-old Shinkurou Kurenai. Shinkurou is an authority in settling disputes between people, and is one day approached by Murasaki Kuhouin, the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family, asking him to be her bodyguard.
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Chou Osuteki Darling 5

Chou Osuteki Darling

Vol.1 Chapter 1.2

61.3K Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Mao

Sequel to Osuteki Darling The love-love romantic comedy "Osuteki Darling" of Kaibara Serika and her 2-year-younger boyfriend, Aoki Taiki, makes a powered-up appearance. After dating for two years, Serika has become a college student and Taiki is studying for exams. Even though their circumstances have changed, their love-love hasn't changed. At least, it shouldn't have but now Serika is being d
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Otome, Sakazu ni Chiru na Kare 4.7

Otome, Sakazu Ni Chiru Na Kare

Vol.2 Ch.5.2

88K Jan 20,16 Washio Mie

From Ochibichan: Ibuki Noa is an eighteen-year-old girl who has never had any experience with love. In order to maintain the family’s inn, her mother then made her go to Oofujiya Inn to carry out a secret plan to find a spouse! To only just experience her first love, how would the spouse scout go…?
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Sore wa Kiss de Hajimatta 4.9

Sore Wa Kiss De Hajimatta

Vol.1 Chapter 4

137.5K Jan 20,16 Mary Lyons

Millionaires prefer blondes! It was certainly the case for Luke Cunningham. The American tycoon had seen Angelica Lonsdale in a crowded street and followed her, mesmerized by her long blonde hair. He would stop at nothing until he had her! But Angelica had more pressing problems than dealing with infatuated millionaires--however gorgeous. To save her family home she needed nothing short of a
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Toscana no Yuuutsu 4.9

Toscana No Yuuutsu

Vol.1 Ch.3

102.6K Jan 20,16 Diana Hamilton

She's really a mouse...but he thinks she's a tiger! Cesare Saracino is bent on revenge! He doesn't realize that the woman he forces back to Italy is not the thief, but her identical twin, Milly Lee. With Cesare watching her every move, the usually mousy Milly struggles to masquerade as her sexy twin. And when desire unexpectedly flares between them, Milly is powerless to refuse Cesare's adva
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Nyatto! 4.3


Vol.3 Ch.18 : Cat Days

879.4K Jan 20,16 Shigunyan

Yaneda Shigeru is a guy living alone with his cat Konbu until it turns mostly into a human (she keeps her cat tail and ears) for unknown reasons. Though to Shigeru, this isn't a problem; he has a cat-girl fetish. The problem is, his cat, Konbu, is stuck-up and wants everything to be elegant to fit her high-class tastes, even her name to be something more high-class. So, they each want to mold each
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Kami Sen 4.3

Kami Sen

Vol.5 Ch.27 : Hot Spring And Guardian Deity

422.4K Jan 20,16 Momose Takeaki

Izumi Koutarou's family has been working at their hot spring resort for many generations. But it seems that the hot spring has dried out and the family began to have financial problems. The situation got so bad they were planning to skip town. As a last resort, they try to pray to their god, Konoha-sama, which was in legend sealed in their backyard. At first they thought that nothing will happen,
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Mashikaku Rock 4.5

Mashikaku Rock


140.1K Jan 20,16 Watanabe Kana

From Shoujo Crusade: Miyako's living her life diligently following rules, just as her deceased father wanted her to. But one day Azuma Koutarou sees her play guitar and blackmail her to join his band. How will she face it up? There's also three extra stories that are unrelated to the main one.
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Abe Seimei Koikatari 5

Abe Seimei Koikatari

Vol.2 Chapter 3

102.7K Jan 20,16 Takada Tami

In the Abe Seimei Koikatari series V.1 - Hana no Utage 1. Feast of the Flowers Ming became blind after an unknown illness two years ago. One night, she meets a man in her dreams who restores her sight. She falls in love with him, but how will she find him again? 2. The Girl Among the Moonlilies A princess chases a firefly which leads her to a man. She is so surprised by him that she ste
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Bokura wa Itsumo 4.9

Bokura Wa Itsumo

Vol.8 Chapter 45.1 : Extra 1

484K Jan 20,16 Fujimiya Ayu

The series is composed of four heroine/hero. Nori: An energetic, upbeat girl who was heartbroken sometime ago due to her childhood friend. Now she is headed to meet Haruna, the lonely kid who she always played with back then but she was surprised to see he turned out to be a hunk. Kyou: The school's prince. From a distinguish family: he is handsome, smart, athletic and rich. He has never str
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Himitsu no Bara Juujidan 4.5

Himitsu No Bara Juujidan

Chapter 9

90K Jan 20,16 Hideki

From AQUA Scans: A Poor High-school girl meets a magician! One day, a suspicious Ikemen appears in front of Saga Honoka, a stingy highschool girl. He continuously tries to persuade Honoka that he is a magician of a secret organization, "Rosen Kreuz", realist Honoka refuses to believe him. A mean magician and a poor highschool girl; a magical romantic comedy begins!
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Imouto! Android 3.8

Imouto! Android

Vol.1 Ch.1

249.7K Jan 20,16 Tanisawa Shiki

From MangaHelpers: One day, a mysterious box arrived at Matsuda's door steps. The content of the box was none other than an android girl that insists that she's Matsuda's younger sister. Now, the purely otaku Matsuda has the privilege to live with a beautiful and submissive android sister that bows to his commands, or at least he wishes that were the case.
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