Angel Time 4.6

Angel Time

Chapter 1

60.1K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Natsumi

While scribbling on her desk during class, Mai suddenly gets an answer!!? And no less from a boy using the same desk 6 years prior. What Mai doesn't realize is that she might be closer to this guy than she first thought.
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Angel Wars 5

Angel Wars

Vol.4 Chapter 16

139.3K Jan 20,16 Ueda Miwa

"Forgive me. I can't become a servant of the Lord yet," Maria says as she runs from her vows ceremony at the convent where she was orphaned 16 years ago. She has received another letter from the mysterious "G," her faceless benefactor. She is not as alone in the world as she thinks; "G" writes that she has a relative at Hakuhou Academy who is in need of her guidance, but he cannot tell her this re
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Arashi no Ato 4.8

Arashi No Ato

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Extra: Double Line

191.6K Jan 20,16 Hidaka Shoko

The Sequel to; 'Signal' and prequel to "Hatsukoi no Atosaki" From Attractive Fascinante: Sakaki, a president of an import interior company, wouldn’t get serious with anyone. He became afraid when he started to care about Okada, a hetero. Sakaki couldn’t remember anything when he found himself waking up in Okada’s home. With Okada’s unconscious speech and conduct, Sakaki felt bothered. Will the
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Angry 3.7


Vol.1 Chapter 4 : A Puzzle That Doesn't Fit

76K Jan 20,16 Yoo Kyung Won

"In a Fight, they say that the first one to bleed from his or her nose is the loser. Father, Mother and Brother...They're all LOSERS that bled from the nose facing that damn monster called WORLD! I'm not going to fall into that one. Even though I have to break my head, I'm not going to bow my head before anyone. I'm going to finish everyone! I'm going to throw everyone on the ground with the "U
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Ani-Com 5


Vol.2 Chapter 10

106.8K Jan 20,16 Yabuuchi Yuu

Maachi is a 15 year-old girl who loves her brother Riichi. Actually, the two of them are not related by blood, but due to their parents work situation they are forced to live alone together. Riichi, whose looks, personality, and grades are top-class, is the idol around school. But he has a huge secret that only Maachi knows about. Riichi is actually an otaku!
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Aniki wa Tsunayoshi! 4.2

Aniki Wa Tsunayoshi!

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : The Way For A Happy Ending

91.8K Jan 20,16 Hayashida Chihiro

Fateful Encounters: Tsunayoshi is Misao's non blood-related big brother. He used to be a juvenile delinquent and his love for his little sister is constantly embarrassing Misao, but he's a good guy that will do anything to protect his little sister. A powerful and dangerous brother x sister love battle begins!
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Anikoi 5


Vol.1 Chapter 4 : The New Anime Club Is Born!

77.8K Jan 20,16 Gotsubo Ryuuji

Takatoki is a high school boy with an intense obsession for manga and anime. He desperately wants a typical anime romance with a girl who falls into a typical female anime stereotype. His childhood friend Chiyoko, a very unladylike girl who is a notorious fighter, tries in vain to get his mind back to reality. One day, the two of them run into a girl in a sailor schoolgirl outfit being threaten
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Animal Jungle 4.8

Animal Jungle

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Sympathy's Language

160.4K Jan 20,16 Shiiba Nana

From Intercross and Divine Sanctuary: A collection of Oneshots 1) Animal Jungle Her mother has decided to remarry. Sumi suddenly has to live with three handsome brothers, Amane, Midori, and Hitomi. She wanted to have a happy family, but the house has become a dangerous animal zone. Fighting dangerous situations everyday…?! 2) Saikyou Venus Aoi is a weak girl... A REALLY, REALLY weak girl. O
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Ann Cassandra 5

Ann Cassandra

Vol.2 Chapter 8 : Uncassandra

142.1K Jan 20,16 Hifumishi Gorou

Bekku Nanaki is mirror clairvoyant. She moved to Tokyo from the countryside to escape calamities she sees. There she witnesses an accident on the road caused by a mobile fish vendor who saves her life from being crushed by a billboard from above. The next day, he turns out to be Banjou Kizaki, her classmate and a student held back due to him being involved in incidents and accidents that others
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Anne no Aijou 5

Anne No Aijou

Vol.1 Chapter 6

110.4K Jan 20,16 Igarashi Yumiko,Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne leaves Green Gables and her work as a teacher in Avonlea to continue her education at Redmond College in Nova Scotia. She tucks her memories of rural Avonlea away and discovers life on her own terms, filled with surprises… including a marriage proposal from the worst fellow imaginable, the sale of her very first story, and a tragedy that teaches her a painful lesson.
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Anne the Lover 5

Anne The Lover

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Girls And Boys, Love!

58.5K Jan 20,16 Wann

From Sherbet Lemon: The main character Hansul, a high school student in grade 10, has never had a boyfriend before in her life. She starts dating Sulgyo in order to buff at her teasing friends. However, as their relationship got more and more stiff, she starts arguing with him. The argument ends awkwardly, and a sweet romance started because they actually fell in love with each other already.
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Annyui na Kanojo 5

Annyui Na Kanojo

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Small Adult [End]

85.3K Jan 20,16 Yamanaka Riko

From Chibi Manga: After being broken-hearted for 3 times, in Kozue's mind, she no longer needed men anymore. But she unconsciously started to care about this mature and considerate Asano-sensei. After knowing Asano-sensei cherished and loved his girlfriend so much, she then discovered that she fell deeply in love with Asano-sensei... Even though being rejected by the teacher, But Kozue still c
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Ano Hi Bokura wa Koutei de 4.6

Ano Hi Bokura Wa Koutei De

Vol.1 Ch.10 : Act.9 Katahano's Confession

139.2K Jan 20,16 Umetarou

1) High-school student and tattoo artist Tohru is holding a secret love for his friend. So when he's confessed to by his junior he turns the boy down flat. But Katsumi isn't one to give up easily. 2) Former students and current sensei's Kikawa and Meguro had a relationship as children. But that was all over years ago, right? So why can't Kikawa stop thinking about Meguro? 3) Student Katahana
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Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara 4.8

Ano Hi No Kimi Wo Dakishimeta Nara

Vol.2 Chapter 12

204.6K Jan 20,16 Sakiya Haruhi

From Bliss: Ever since Hidetoshi told his best friend Kengo that he was gay at graduation, and Kengo responded with “we’ll always be friends no matter what,” Hidetoshi was determined to keep things that way. Though Kengo realized that Hidetoshi probably wanted to confess to him, he keeps his mouth shut in fear of ruining their relationship. But when Hidetoshi gets involved with an abusive boyfr
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Ano Kado wo Magatta Tokoro 4.8

Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : [Extra]

133.5K Jan 20,16 Kawai Touko

Yuuya, a high school student, unexpectedly bumps into Kiriya-san while walking down the street and ends up saving the older man's life. The two are neither "friends nor lovers," but form a companionship in order to listen to each other's troubles. Will this friendship turn into love? (from Kawaisa) Yuuya, a high school student, unexpectedly bumps into Kiriya-san while walking down the str
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Ano Niji o Koete 5

Ano Niji O Koete

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Over The Rainbow -A Story Of The Sakamoto Family-

50.8K Jan 20,16 Kurita Riku

From Sugar-Oasis: "I wish I was born in a normal family..." A high school girl, Sakamoto Kina, is one of the nine children in her family. She's so embarrassed that she can't tell people that she has such a big family. Of course, she can't tell Noguchi-kun, her crush, either... One day, Kina's mom, who is usually energetic, suddenly collapses...!!
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Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru 4.9

Anohito To Nitenai Kuchibiru

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Double Snake

162.6K Jan 20,16 Oumi Shinano

Collection of short stories: 1) Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru Kaji was in love with his sempai for years but his sempai got married and had a child. Kaji takes care of the kid and watches him growing up... 2) Kuchibiru Kara Biyaku Sequel to Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru 3) Blood When their father dies, the rival half brothers must sort through their feelings of anger, regret, pain and de
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Another Kingdom 4.1

Another Kingdom

Vol.2 Chapter 8 : Shii

115.9K Jan 20,16 Fujita Maki

Ever since she was a little girl, Hatsuse Nanao has had trouble making friends because she can see ghosts and demons that others can't. She thought things might improve in high school with new classmates, but the rumors have somehow started up there, too. Finding all the stares and whispers uncomfortable, she feigns being sick to skip school for a few days, and runs into a strange little boy at th
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Another Summer Kishi's 4.9

Another Summer Kishi's

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Sweet War In Izume 3Rd Block

82K Jan 20,16 Ooya Kazumi

From Aerandria Scans: Natsumi Touma is sixteen years old. She began to work part-time at a coffee shop during the summer vacation when she was a first-year student of high school. However, the shop is a dubious place where Natsumi can see those who cannot be seen. Her inspiration gets stronger day by day at this spiritual place. There appears a very handsome savior.
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Galactic Romance 5

Galactic Romance

Chapter 7

98.9K Jan 20,16 Jeong Wang Cheol

The story of a boy who dreams to be the last scholar of the 21st century. Original webcomic
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Ganota no Onna 5

Ganota No Onna

Vol.3 Chapter 27 : Afranshia Ganota

241.8K Jan 20,16 Uroaki Sabishi

Ganota Utsuki is an odd one – she just started her new job at a new company and already she acts like she owns the place. And, she tends to live her life as if inspired by Gundam…
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Garasu Bijin 4.8

Garasu Bijin

Chapter Ibi-Manga : [Oneshot]

74.3K Jan 20,16 Sugi Shippo

From Chibi Manga: In order for Maki to accomplish her goal, she worked hard in order to get rid of her ugly appearance and now that her chance has arrived...?!
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Gekka No Kimi 4.7

Gekka No Kimi

Chapter 29 : Extra#kyuutarou

409.3K Jan 20,16 Shimaki Ako

From ShoujoMagic: This manga is loosely based on The Tale of Genji / ??????(Genji Monogatari) and is a MUST read! When the Emperor takes a new Empress, she is barely older than the Emperor's son Hikaru. She becomes both the one woman Hikaru loves and the one woman he can never have. And so Hikaru's feelings roam as his body wanders from bed to bed, seeking a replacement for her. When he fi
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Yu no Hana Tsubame 5

Yu No Hana Tsubame

Vol.2 Ch.9

136.2K Jan 20,16 Konami Shouko

From Project Shueiguo: After getting drunk, Chiroru gets married to a complete stranger. Unbeknownst to her, the stranger is one of the Three Hot Takasou Brothers from the neighbourhood bath house. Thus begins her crazy life with the Takasou family...
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