Kenban no Ue no Caress 4.9

Kenban No Ue No Caress

Vol.1 Chapter 2

84.3K Jan 20,16 Fujitani Youko

The prodigy, Isshiki Kyouya, selected Sasa Kenjirou as his piano teacher. Sasa, who used to be a prodigy, thought that his own potential was limited when he heard the young Isshiki played at a concert. However, Isshiki was actually captivated by Sasa's music instead years back. Their love for each other was connected through their music. With the reverberating affection, this relationship blossome
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Diabolik Lovers Anthology 4.4

Diabolik Lovers Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve - The Captured One

670.4K Jan 20,16 Rejet

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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 4.4

Kami To Sengoku Seitokai

Vol.6 Ch.42 : Fenrit

403.7K Jan 20,16 Akahori Satoru

Katsuragi lost his parents in an accident and is now all alone. He missed the first months of school and now he arrives to be put through a lot of weird occurences. The school he is attending is said to be the center of the universe and he must fight to become the king. His opponent however was a crybaby he used to protect. Does he have what it takes to fight against his childhood friend, deal wit
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Amiami Romance 4.3

Amiami Romance

Ch.0 : Oneshot

66.9K Jan 20,16 Otomo Nana

Momiji knits a sweater for her friend, Yunobe, who's going to be in the school's Christmas fashion show.
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Otona no Tame no Piano Lesson 4.4

Otona No Tame No Piano Lesson


53.7K Jan 20,16 Akio Mimi,[add]

After Shiori loses faith in her piano playing, she meets a weird Physics Professor who asks her to teach him to play the piano.
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Rock Paper Scissors 4.9

Rock Paper Scissors


153.6K Jan 20,16 Kimura Shinichi

Masumasu Academy, an Academic City floating in the Pacific, is home to children with mysterious powers known as "Fiction". "Fiction" grants them enhanced physical prowess, as well as one additional ability. What will happen when a time stopper, Kazuma, meets a cute girl with the ability to move at lightspeed, who knows and is searching for him?
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Yukarism 4.9


Vol.2 Ch.12

322.1K Jan 20,16 Shiomi Chika

From Omari's Sister: Yukari, at the tender age of 17, is a renown Edo period novelist who claims visions of Yoshihara during the Edo period gush from his heart. After meeting Mahoro, a girl he swears he knows and has met before, Yukari finds himself falling asleep and waking up in the Edo period as an Oiran. The past and present collide in this time traveling romance.
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Momotan 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.5

84.4K Jan 20,16 Momono Miku

1) Usotsuki Ookami Satsuki is a counselor at a prestigious boys' high school. In fact, she is an ordinary high school student. Though she wishes that it will not be revealed, Tsuburaya, a problem student of the school, hangs around her...?! 2) Miscalculation of the Little Demon 3) Together with Doggie 4) Deli Bunny Girl 5) Non-sugar Darling
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A Senpai 4.1

A Senpai

Vol.1 Ch.1 : A Senpai (Oneshot)

88.7K Jan 20,16 Nakamura Asumiko

Body and mind think different things.But which one is true? A junior and senior love triangle
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Dance in the Vampire Bund 4.8

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Vol.14 Chapter 82

2.4M Jan 20,16 Tamaki Nozomu

The storyline revolves around Mina ?epe?: Princess- her werewolf guardian Akira Kaburagi Regendorf and Ruler of Vampires. For a long time, Mina is in hiding along with her folks as with other vampires. Trying to end centuries of isolation, Mina gets permission to produce a particular district for vampires called "The Bund" off the shore of Tokyo, Japan by paying off the whole national de
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12 Days Before Graduation 2.3

12 Days Before Graduation

Vol.0 Chapter 1.2

74.7K Jan 20,16 Mr. Some1else

Vyalen, the main character in the story, is a graduating high school student from their school.Their school was pretty known as one of the best athletic and academic breeding students. In other words, only those who have special talents, elite minds, and abilities could only enter the school. Each of the students were categorized according to their major fields-- like being an elite, academic, and
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Citrus Eyes 4

Citrus Eyes

Vol.1 Chapter 5

129.4K Jan 20,16 Ooya Kazumi

After jumping into the sea during a cruise, Fukamachi Wataru, the famous musician, lands on an Hoshi Island, a place inhabited by folklore people. There he meets 12 year old, Himukai Antsu, a girl gifted in the arts of singing and dancing. With her, he is able to find his calling again, and once more create music. What he wants is to take her to Tokyo so that she can share her gift with the world
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Houkago Hokenshitsu 4.7

Houkago Hokenshitsu

Vol.3 Ch.12

162.3K Jan 20,16 Mizushiro Setona

From Go! Comi: Like most teenagers, Mashiro Ichijo has a secret. But Mashiro's secret is that he’s neither fully male nor female! So far, Mashiro's been able to live his life as a boy, but all this changes when he's informed of a new class he must take in order to graduate from his elite prep school. To pass, he must find the “Key”…and the only way to find it is to enter into
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Nar Kiss 4.7

Nar Kiss

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : Extra [End]

370.4K Jan 20,16 Nekono Mariko

Honjou Naru is an 18-year-old young man studying at Libre University. For his entire lifetime, he never once had a girlfriend. This is because of his abnormality, his narcissism, which only happens if he sees a reflection of himself. To prevent that, he needs to wear contacts all the time. One day his contacts fell off and was step on by the most handsome guy in the school, Takashina Mamoru! This
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Vanilla (KITAHATA Akeno) 4.5

Vanilla (Kitahata Akeno)


48.5K Jan 20,16 Kitahata Akeno

The pastry shop Natsuki works at as a patisserie has been garnering a lot of interest ever since it was featured in a magazine article. The shop has been receiving tons of new customers – which was to be expected, except when one particular visitor comes in.
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Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koi 4.8

Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koi

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Ryou Yume Omoi [End]

254.2K Jan 20,16 Kakine

From Hoshi Kuzuu: Out of the blue, childhood friend Takaoka confesses to Iwami! When popular playboy and ladies man Takaoka says "I love you", he doesn't believe it one bit. Is he making fun of the virgin!? A modern high-school boys' adolescent love development!
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Sei Dragon Girl Miracle 4.9

Sei Dragon Girl Miracle

Vol.5 Ch.25

337.1K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Natsumi

From StarryHeaven: Anjuu Sendou is a nice girl who just started her first year in the Seiryuu Academy Middle School. She is currently living away from home as a boarding student with her pet named Lime. Her father is a sorcerer and her mother is an expert in chinese kenpo. They are both famous, especially her mother who is called Dragon Momoka. Because of her mother’s fame the executive comm
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Real Purple 5

Real Purple

Vol.3 Ch.13

144.9K Jan 20,16 Park So Hee

From NOIR: This is the story of two siblings, Joo-won and Hee-won, and one man determined to take Hee-won's heart. Both of Joo-won and Hee-won feel isolated after their parents separate due to infidelity and remarry, placing both of them in new families. However, Hee-won's new step brother,Min-hyuk, notices Hee-won's suffering. Is he determined to take care of her, or is there something more?
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Mosaic Rasen 5

Mosaic Rasen


55K Jan 20,16 Hagio Moto

Mira attends a private school in England and finds out that the boy who appears in her dream since her childhood really exists. He's Radley Macchiavelli, a beautiful model. When the two finally meet, the boy is transported to a parallel world connected from one spiral ("Rasen"). Mira follows him to try to save him and is swallowed into the parallel world dominated by the mysterious Black King...
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Trace 1.5 4.9

Trace 1.5

Vol.1 Ch.38

356.1K Jan 20,16 Nasty Cat

The story set in the contemporary South Korea. Some 30 years ago, unidentified creatures appeared out of nowhere and have attacked people. They have caused massive destruction wherever they go. The monsters are called "Trouble", and get the world have fallen into chaos. Along with the first appearance of the "Troubles", some number of humans were born with or acquired supernatu
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Hatsukoi Rhapsody 4.9

Hatsukoi Rhapsody

Chapter 0

82.1K Jan 20,16 Aoyama Haruno

"People always say that your first love is the most special..." A sweet story of lost and found.
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Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu! 4.8

Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Finest Men And Me, The Social Recluse

101.7K Jan 20,16 Kanae Sato

Towako and her brother has been living together since their parents passed away. Suddenly, a host of ikemen that are friends of her brother appears and they are all living together! One of them especially, seems to be spending alot of time in the house together with Towako, who's not just a shut in, but a NEET as well. Will Towako be able to escape from the shell that binds her due to past bullyin
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Zetsuai 5


Vol.5 Chapter 6 : Sidestory #2

256.5K Jan 20,16 Ozaki Minami

From Obsession: Long ago, his mother had killed his father and had hurt him also; that may be the reason why Izumi Takuto, a soccer player in school, acts so "cold" to other people. He didn't want to trust anyone, or give his love to others, so he went to live on his own when he was adopted by another family. One may think that by now he would forget about the murdering incident in his life, but
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Matantei Loki Ragnarok 5

Matantei Loki Ragnarok

Vol.5 Ch.25 : Ragnarok

358K Jan 20,16 Kinoshita Sakura

From ADV: Private Investigator Loki is certainly an extraordinary fellow with an incredibly demanding profession. While his boyish good looks disguise his true nature, no challenge is too tough for Loki. Not only is it Loki's job to solve mysteries, but he must also protect his own interests, namely his family, especially when those who want him rubbed-out enter the picture. Loki must dig up evid
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