Mabaram The School Conqueror 2

Mabaram The School Conqueror

Chapter 23

26,284 Oct 16,21 나락 (Narak)

In the near future, the education system has evolved into a military competition between youths over domination of others where the stakes are high : The winner takes all from the loser. Schools are now mobile buildings that host their students, which are able to summon weapons of varying power and shape to battle each other. Mabaram starts from the bottom in this system and won't let his school,
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Iron Ladies 4.6

Iron Ladies

Chapter 360: Daxia Fleets

87,945,156 Oct 15,21 Iron Scales Group, Bai Chen Guang

University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe…
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Askr Yggdrasil's Wood 3.8

Askr Yggdrasil's Wood

Chapter 128

4,557,742 Oct 15,21 dna_s

Exiled to a desolate and harsh planet, Ayr spends his days hunting giant monsters as his food source. Then, everything changes when a police officer comes and tells him his exile was revoked. After arriving in Askr he learns that a lot of time has passed while he was gone. 100 years. Everything seems to be different now, but one question remains: For what reason was
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Cavier Falcon Princess 4.6

Cavier Falcon Princess

Chapter 40

4,066,893 Oct 15,21 Dongjeon,Han ryui,Samweoleh

Zelle, the eighth royal princess of Roymonde, who was driven to the brink of defeat in the war. She was kidnapped by the enemy, and when she woke up… She became a bird?! Fortunately or unfortunately, as the messenger bird of Commander-in-Chief, Valhayle! She struggles for her country even though she is in a bird's body. But you can't even do as much as treat me like a bird!! “
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The Tomb of Famed Swords 4.3

The Tomb Of Famed Swords

Chapter 24

89,910 Oct 15,21 恋爱.玄幻.古风,飒飒动漫

The useless female lead suddenly becomes the head of the Sword Pavilion? Even after finding out the truth of the Famed Sword, facing the bloody hatred from fellow disciples, and receiving a scolding from her master, the girl who has no talent for cultivation still persists forward, unaware of the catastrophe lying ahead. As the only person who can save the Shenjian Sect from such a catastrophe, th
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Tacit 4.6


Chapter 12: Episode 12

35,465 Oct 15,21 Kim Dazzi

In the near future, the world is a desolate place occupied by the undead. Strange crystals emit a deadly zombie virus as the last remnants of humanity struggle to avoid infection and survive. Despite all this, life is relatively peaceful for young Ruby, who lives in the Amina Safe Zone with her father and a small band of other survivors. All of this changes when Ruby encounters Arvan, a white-hair
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Yumemi ga oka Wonderland 4.7

Yumemi Ga Oka Wonderland

Chapter 6: Sos! Hawk Hero Office [Part 2]

97,399 Oct 15,21 Masuda Eiji

One day, a UFO suddenly crashes in the middle of an ordinary city, making the world change in unexpected ways. Suddenly, all sorts of wishes come true and everything seems possible… The series follows the stories of the people affected by these changes. From Masuda Eiji, the author and artist of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa and Shuukan Shounen Hachi Published
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Kyomu Senki 3.9

Kyomu Senki

Chapter 10

96,223 Oct 15,21 Ishikawa Ken

In Confucian Era 14276, a violent showdown unfolds in the space surrounding Planet Lagra. And with that, the story begins. Unfolding on Earth and in far-off galaxies, in the past, the future, and across dimensions, the curtain has risen on the final war between light and darkness. A great, galactic epic spanning the author’s career begins here! Kyomu Senki is made up mainly of four series: “The
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Ottoman 4.7


Chapter 9: All Good

86,893 Oct 14,21 Kanazawa Shinnosuke

Souya is a sullen salaryman whose days are spent chasing after work deadlines all while still keeping his dream of becoming a manga artist. To him, his one and only support in life is none other than his beloved wife, Yuuka. One day, on his way back home, he was suddenly caught in an accident and before he knew it, an alien had taken hold of his body! Not only that, the evil threat of another alie
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Gunnm Mars Chronicle 4.5

Gunnm Mars Chronicle

Chapter 40.1: Panzer Kunst's Allurement (First Part)

2,327,190 Oct 14,21 Kishiro Yukito

The third part of the Gunnm series and set after Gunnm Last Order on Mars.
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Darwin's Game 4.7

Darwin's Game

Chapter 96

26,137,557 Oct 14,21 Flipflops

Sudo Kaname suddenly gets involved in a death game through the mysterious mobile app "Darwin's Game." But later realizes that he's in for more than he's bargained for when he finds out that there's no way to "quit" the game.
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Rebuild World 4.9

Rebuild World

Chapter 25

5,515,760 Oct 14,21 Kirihito Ayamura,Nafuse

At the risk of his own life, a young man sets foot in the ruins of a devastated old world. His name is Akira, and in order to claw his way out of the hellhole that is his birthplace of Slumtown, the boy became a hunter. In the wastelands he happens upon a strange woman, standing perfectly still, stark naked. <br>She is beautiful, but it seems that only he can see her. She exists incorporeal,
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Yokohama Souran Hen 4.3

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Yokohama Souran Hen

Chapter 19: Crimson Blooms

2,275,185 Oct 14,21 Satou Tsutomu, Kitauma Tsuna

The Thesis Competition, an event with as much importance as the Nine School competition, this competition has the particularity to have its competitor brain compete to see which one has more mastery on magic theory. However, things may not go smoothly ... And "disturbance" may unfold... (Adaption of Light Novel v06-v07) Related Series:
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Yotsuba Keishou-hen 4.7

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Yotsuba Keishou-Hen

Vol.2 Chapter 16: Nomination

1,988,774 Oct 13,21 Satou Tsutomu,Kitaumi Tsuna

In December, Miyuki receives an invitation for the Yotsuba's new year's family gathering. However, unlike previous years, they specially added "Everyone must attend" on the invitation. Miyuki understands that "the time has come" — it is time to decide the next head for the Yotsuba Clan. — If she is elected, her brother will be free.
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Real Man 4.8

Real Man

Chapter 46

4,492,810 Oct 13,21 도가도

The world’s only one best CEO, Han Yoo Hyun. He leaves everything behind and relives his life!
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Hero Killer 3.2

Hero Killer

Chapter 30

1,273,248 Oct 12,21 Kase Daiki

The story of a young man's revenge on the heroes that failed him.
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Amateur E-girl Streaming a Space War 4.5

Amateur E-Girl Streaming A Space War

Chapter 3

106,476 Oct 12,21 Banai,Watanabe Kouzou

On a day just like any other, a giant spaceship suddenly appeared and invaded Earth, obliterating entire cities in the blink of an eye. In the midst of the attacks, Kanna Fujimiya, amateur content creator, rose to fame overnight with her video coverage of the invasion. With her newfound popularity and charms, Kanna continues to cover the war from the front lines, but...!? This
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Room of Swords 2.9

Room Of Swords

Chapter 164: (S3) Ep. 164

462,662 Oct 10,21 Toonimated

The 34th time Gyrus wakes up in a world ruled by monsters, he still thinks it's his first! Little does he know, he's stuck in a loop until he can survive long enough to collect the treasured “boss sword” from the Boss of Monsters and unlock the mythical Room of Swords before he dies agai-– whoops, too late! Well, here's to lucky thirty-five…
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Raihousha Hen 4.7

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Raihousha Hen

Chapter 19: A Maiden’S Love

3,197,802 Oct 10,21 Satou Tsutomu, Majiko!

Manga adaptation of the 6th arc of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei series. (Adaption of Light Novel v09-v11) Related Series: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Double Seven Hen (Sequel)
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Konchuki 4.4


Chapter 5: Choose Any Hole You Like

889,726 Oct 10,21 Murata Shinya,Zunta

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Space-Time Prisoner 4.3

Space-Time Prisoner

Chapter 86: Truth Amongst The Lies

2,873,980 Oct 09,21 Bai Xiao

Vampires have been defeated by Humans. A story about them wearing collars. Wait - you're mistaken, it's not like that!
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Joshi Kouhei 4.5

Joshi Kouhei

Chapter 45: Kiriko 10 [End]

288,018 Oct 09,21 Matsumoto Jiro

In the future. The people that migrated to an alternate dimensional space, seeking a new world to live in, started an armed rebellion in order to declare independence from Earth. Thus, multi-dimensional war broke out with the United Army of Earth. The battlefronts spread, and the fight grew long. In their desire to break the deadlock, the United Army of Earth decided to launch a large-scale offens
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Witch Sanctuary 3.8

Witch Sanctuary

Chapter 19: Manuka Honey

145,564 Oct 08,21 Zodiac

The good-natured witch Mia sunshine wants to change the bad image of the witches.<br>How she is going to make it real and what sort of obstacles will be on the way of her goal?
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Kinnikuman II Sei: Kyuukyoku Choujin Tag Hen 4.4

Kinnikuman Ii Sei: Kyuukyoku Choujin Tag Hen

Vol.28 Chapter 312: The Dawn Of Terry The Kid (Part 2)

364,221 Oct 07,21 Yudetamago

After the terrible battle against the Demon Seeds peace has been restored and thus Mantarou is wasting his time away sleeping around, like usual... Suddenly he has a weird dream of him fighting a tag match against the Original 'Machine guns' team (Kinnikuman x Terryman tag team)... Even weirder is that the machine guns aren't 60 something, but are instead in their top form at their fin
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