In the Bleak Midwinter 4

In The Bleak Midwinter

Chapter 52

75.1K Sep 22,22 Kat , Ali

With a dead sister and 25 years to go on her soulmate timer, Anya decides to cryogenically sleep away her problems. Too bad she wakes up to an apocalypse full of them. Now stuck in a burnt out landscape full of killers, Anya must decide which she wants to keep: her heart or her head.
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Shape of the Future 3.5

Shape Of The Future

Chapter 32

27.3K Sep 24,22 DAMA (III)

The Future / / Don't open Pandora's box. Estranged daughter Som discovers a mysterious box in her mother's closet after she falls ill and is hospitalized. Upon accidentally opening the box, Som meets a strange woman who introduces herself as a grim reaper. Just who is this mysterious woman and what is her connection to Som's mother?
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It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 4

It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future

Chapter 90

1.1M Oct 05,22 Madam Ru, Yuewen Manhua

After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father's premium military benefits, Ling Lan's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. Af
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Star Prison 4.3

Star Prison

Chapter 3

535.6K Aug 17,22 爬爬社

Li Tianlang, a taciturn high school student, is actually Queqiu Tianlang, one of the initiators of the third cosmic war. In the past, he was arrogant and free, and he rose up with all the ascendants to fight against the star officials, killing countless star officials. However, after the defeat, he became a lackey and was sealed as a prisoner of the stars. He was ordered by the star god to protect
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Super Smartphone 4.6

Super Smartphone

Chapter 21

730K Oct 02,22 TOMISAWA Hiroki , HIDANO Kentarou

A high schooler finds a phone that can search for anything on Earth What would you do if you had a smartphone that let you look up anything? Secret documents, security camera footage, a certain person's text messages, where people dropped money... This smartphone lets you do the impossible! Jump's newest suspense thriller begins!
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Kaibutsu Shoujo wa Hatsukoi no Yume wo Miru ka? 4.6

Kaibutsu Shoujo Wa Hatsukoi No Yume Wo Miru Ka?

Chapter 21.1

180K May 19,22 Zaima Rishin

Kusanagi Sousuke's childhood friend, Mikadodai Kyoko possesses world-renown intellect! Known as a living national treasure, not only are there rumors of her being called a **monster** throughout Earth, it even reaches another world.   They laugh, cry, and fall in love(?) as they aim to live a normal high school life in this youthful romantic comedy.
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The Macrocosm Era 4.4

The Macrocosm Era

Chapter 57: The Time Game

398.2K Aug 15,22 Big Bear Company

Space voyage, time travel, and mechanical technology to explore the unknown starry sea! After doomsday, mankind adventures into the universe. In the unexplored world, the power of space adaptors is awakened, beginning the macrocosm era.
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404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse 3.1

404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse

Chapter 126: The Truth About Earth (Part 1)

1.3M Jul 17,22 Chong Nan

A young man named Hope lived a life without hope. Unemployment, break up, unimportant, family debt... When he was finally pushed by the despair in life to jump off a building and end his life, his phone strangely received a 30 seconds countdown timer. When the countdown finished, strange things happened...
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Super God Gene 4.3

Super God Gene

Chapter 67

6.2M Sep 30,22 Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel

Based on an adaptation from the author's novel Twelve Winged Dark Seraph'. In the future, countless beasts will invade. As you are able to gain certain genes from devouring the flesh of beasts, humankind welcomed an era of genetic evolution. Han Sen, a newcomer who had just entered the shelter, was a despised Butt Maniac' on the outside. He is, however, also the B God' that was adm
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Weilai Duan Dian 3

Weilai Duan Dian

Chapter 92

565.4K May 24,22 Updating

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A Lone Wolf Can Have Toriko's Love 2.4

A Lone Wolf Can Have Toriko's Love

Chapter 49: The Imposter Dong Xuyang

146.2K Sep 27,22 Mao Yao, Du Ge

Chi Su Mu's favourite hobby is feeding stray dogs and doing house chores.     In a sudden incident of “Kleine-Levin syndrome”, he met the hot-tempered yet tsundere “fox”, Gu Xue. With his kind disposition, Sumu suddenly became an emergency member of “Whale Fall” and has to commit a vaccine robbery, thanks to Gu Xue. A complete noob
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Perman 4.3


Chapter 26: Kidnapped Ganko

107.6K Sep 18,22 Fujiko F. Fujio

From Birdman, a superman from space, he received a mysterious mask and cape. Wearing these, even a slightly clumsy elementary student can transform into Perman, a hero of justice! Rescue the weak, thwart the evil. Together with his three friends, Perman does his best every day to protect peace on Earth!Published in Indonesia by M&C Comics.
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Rockman-san 3.4


Chapter 12

49.6K Feb 27,22 Kawata Yushi

A melancholy story in which Rockman, now grown up, confronts the absurdities of adult society and lives on.
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Legend of Star General 4.6

Legend Of Star General

Chapter 74

7.4M Oct 03,22 Updating

Song Yunxiang, the last Star Soul General of the Human Race, brought the system back to the campus era. When he was a teenager, he was blinded by the incomplete soul, because he was weak and could only watch his relatives and friends die in front of him. In this life, he returned with a system rebirth, with 60 years of combat experience and knowledge and technology, and returned to school. From th
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Lily System 4.7

Lily System

Vol.1 Chapter 21.5: Yuuko And Kousuke (Extra One-Shot)

83.1K Jan 04,22 Yoshitomi Akihito

Two high school girls discover a shabby machine in the back of a shed and it leads them to a strange world.
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Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years 4.8

Growing Tired Of The Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years

Chapter 14

2.9M Sep 12,22 Kou Narita,Rarutori

Aesir's already spent 120 years of his new life as a high elf living the lackadaisical lifestyle one would expect from him. It's about all he can take. With much more time than he knows what to do with, he decides to set off and explore the world he's spent a century in and still knows nothing about.
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Learning Magic in Another World 2.4

Learning Magic In Another World

Chapter 45

1.7M Aug 17,22 Updating

Xiao En, who was working on a virtual world learning machine, died in an accident, and got isekai-ed to a magical world with the learning machine AI that was a slut in the inside but has a pure elder sister image outside. The time in the virtual world learning machine's space is ten times slower, and with this endless time, it can surely create the greatest new generation of outstanding master
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Lightning Front 4.2

Lightning Front

Chapter 8

339.4K Dec 09,21 Updating

What is known as the failure of the largest secret military operation in a hundred years, once again unveiled the "ancient weapons dispute" between the Western and Eastern continents! frustrated by this incident, Ye Kong retires from the army and returns to the city to spend his days in a muddle, but due to the unique bloodline in his body, he gets caught in the centre of the storm of events. Afte
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Harmonia 4.7


Chapter 50

102.3K Oct 03,22 YOON , JINU

Divers discover an immortal jellyfish in the Caribbean Sea and the key to immortality is seemingly at hand for humanity with the development of Harmonia, a pill that keeps its consumers looking young as long as it is taken daily. However, a fatal flaw is discovered when a singer experiences its side effect while on TV, rapidly aging until death. Trapped on Nakwon Island with his family, islanders
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Mountains and Seas 4.7

Mountains And Seas

Chapter 25

51.4K Dec 09,21 Updating

In a certain era, in a certain corner of the vast universe, humans have already entered the universe and established a great empire. In this time period, the concept of "states" does not exist. Instead, private capitals and giant enterprises make up the government, and control every aspect of society. Besides from private property, nothing else is sacred. Dong Zhong Min, who's hometo
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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission! 3.9

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!

Vol.3 Chapter 15.5: Bonus Story

325.7K Apr 28,22 Nagayama Yoshitaka

Spin-off manga and the sequel to both Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission.
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I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! 4.6

I'm The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!

Chapter 14.2

9.4M Sep 28,22 Yomu Mishima,Nadashima Kai

Liam Sera Banfield is a reincarnator. He was reincarnated into a fantasy universe of swords and magic, but at a time that civilization was already making advancements into outer space. The setting takes place in an intergalactic empire, a space opera-like universe where humanoid weapons and spaceships do battle. Liam, who had incarnated into an aristocratic family in a monarchic socie
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Necromancer Survival 4

Necromancer Survival

Chapter 46

4M Aug 27,22 Antstudio,Cm

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung's mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked i
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The Teacher of Perishable Villains 4.2

The Teacher Of Perishable Villains

Chapter 7

1.7M Dec 19,21 Grilled rice cake,Lee ji,Tteog gu-i

Wouldn't it be possible to prevent a bad reputation if we turned children destined to become destructive villains into hunters and legendary hunters? If you don't do anything, waiting is just a terrible reputation. 멸망급 빌런들의 선생님 / Teacher of the End-Of-The-World Villains
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