The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You 4.7

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

Chapter 112: Mimimi-Senpai Is A Beautiful Heroine

22.8M Oct 06,22 Yukiko Nozawa,Rikito Nakamura

Aijou experienced 100 heartbreaks during Junior High. While praying in a shrine, the God of Love appears, saying that Aijou will meet 100 fated girls. If their relationship with him fails, all the girls will face an accident and die. Now it's a matter of love or death, and it's up to Aijou to decide.
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Dorobou-chan 4.7


Chapter 7: Dorobou-Chan And The Bento.

80.1K Oct 06,22 Hitotose Hirune

Yonaga-kun, a second year high school student, has someone on his mind. His seat neighbor, quiet and tidy Nemukata-san. He loves seeing her glimmering eyes through her glasses as she reads a book. However, one day he finds that same girl trespassing in his room as "Dorobou-chan"!? A bright, fun, and not quite criminal, romantic comedy ★ (Source: Shounen Magazine, translated)
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Tonikaku Cawaii 4.9

Tonikaku Cawaii

Chapter 208: A Future Story That May Or May Not Have Happened

53.6M Oct 06,22 Hata kenjiro

Hata's new manga is titled Tonikaku Kawaii (Generally Cute), and it will launch in the magazine's next issue on February 14. The English subtitle is "Fly Me to The Moon," and the visual shows a "mysterious girl." The magazine's tagline says the series is "packed with love and dreams. [ANN]
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Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki 4.6

Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou No Moto Ouji Ni Tsuki

Chapter 96

29.3M Oct 06,22 Karayumi,Haraguchi Fuuta

Ars, the prince of the Kingdom of Karitz, who was called the strongest wizard, died at a young age. But on the verge of death, he uses reincarnation magic. Reincarnated as Wals Sai, a slave with the best body! Wals, who became the escort of a princess in a small country, became a matchless slave who used his best body and magic to crush all enemies! From "Become a Novelist"! A fantasy ad
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Baki-Dou (2018) 4.5

Baki-Dou (2018)

Chapter 134

20.2M Oct 06,22 Keisuke Itagaki

After more than 2,000 years, Nomi no Sukune's successor is born. This time, Baki will challenge the god of sumo.
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The Only Necromancer 4.8

The Only Necromancer

Chapter 61

25.2M Oct 06,22 Kim Kyungyeol

The world is ending. Monsters from legends appear everywhere. They eat people, conquer the streets, and begin to make dungeons in the buildings and subways. If you could choose one job in this decrepit world, what would you choose? For a “necromancer” extinction is my playground and death is my wealth.
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Martial Peak 4.7

Martial Peak

Chapter 2659

346.1M Oct 06,22 Momo (ii)

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you break through and and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey.One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road t
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Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu 4.9

Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu

Chapter 374: Studying At Home 2

182M Oct 06,22 Oda Tomohito

Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no-one can take their eyes off her. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty out of their league, but Tadano Shigeo knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others. Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun.
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Temptation of Shiro Gal & Kuro Gal 3.7

Temptation Of Shiro Gal & Kuro Gal

Chapter 12: Seating Change

453.9K Oct 06,22 Shiraishi Kouhei

Rei, the white gal, and Naro, the black gal, gets their classmate "Otaku-kun" involved in one thing or another. You'd think the two of them were seductively tempting Otaku-kun, but the one who was interested in Rei was the black gal next to her, Naro...The Yuri web manga that gained popularity, has announced that it's been serialized in a tankoubon volume with over 20 pages drawn.
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They Say I Am the King of the Future 4

They Say I Am The King Of The Future

Chapter 33

1.9M Oct 06,22 新意

The new era has come, and mankind embarked on a new adventure with all members. Everyone has functions similar to games. Xiu Xian and Xiu Mo have become two different career directions in the previous story. During a blind date, the protagonist learns that a new era is approaching, and after communicating with Tang Qingrou, who is on the blind date, he discovers the fact of the rebirth.
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Ranger Reject 4.7

Ranger Reject

Chapter 69: A Dreamy School Life, Part 14

4.1M Oct 05,22 Haruba Negi

Thirteen years ago, suddenly the Villainous Army of evil appeared in their gigantic floating castle 10000 meters in the sky to invade Earth! The villainous army have reviving capabilities that make them immortal, making them a serious threat to humanity. To protect us against these invaders, the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, wield their miraculous powers and their weapons, Divine Tool
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Apotheosis 4.9


Chapter 982

254.2M Oct 05,22 Ranzai studio

Apotheosis - elevation to the status of a god. Luo Zheng, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. Due to his family's decline, the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others. However, heaven never seals off all exits. An ancient book left by his father reveals a secret divine technique, giving the reader immense power! But
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Tokyo Neon Scandal 4.6

Tokyo Neon Scandal

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Top Idol 7

216K Oct 05,22 Mita

The magazine contains people "secrets".Hayama, a new employee is assigned to the weekly scandal editorial department.It is a weekly photo magazine that publishes extreme stories about everything, from celebrity infidelity to behind-the-scenes crimes, and is derided as "trash" by some people.As soon as he is assigned to the magazine, Hayama is paired up with a female photographer and he
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Reborn 80,000 years 4.4

Reborn 80,000 Years

Chapter 352

71.3M Oct 05,22 Burning Manhua,Zhang Yue

A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king... that child, it is said 40,000 years ago, overcame common customs and became supreme! O
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Ukyo no Ozora 4.5

Ukyo No Ozora

Vol.3 Chapter 11: The White-Hot Battle

156.6K Oct 05,22 KAJI Kengo , OKAMURA Kenji

Ukyo Ozora came from Brazil, holding up his Musashiri Tenryu, a special fist created by Miyamoto Musashi. As soon as you come to Japan, defeat the giant Rick who defeated `` Hazinkai '' karate and get attention at once!
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Ochikobore Datta Ani Ga Jitsuha Saikyou: Shijou Saikyou No Yuusha Wa Tensei-shi, Gakuen De Mujikaku Ni Musou Suru 4.3

Ochikobore Datta Ani Ga Jitsuha Saikyou: Shijou Saikyou No Yuusha Wa Tensei-Shi, Gakuen De Mujikaku Ni Musou Suru

Vol.3 Chapter 7.5

4.3M Oct 05,22 Ibarakino

Eugene, a hero, is forcibly reincarnated by the demon king Venomzard. In a world far in the future, he becomes a noble boy named Julius. Freed from his "hero" mission, Julius decides to enjoy his second life and his school life. However, his brother, Gaias, mocks him, and his parents and teachers consider him a failure. Having been reincarnated with the immense power of his previous life
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Isekai Tensei Soudouki 4.7

Isekai Tensei Soudouki

Chapter 79

64.1M Oct 05,22 Takami Ryousen, Honoji

Balud Cornelius is the son of a noble of the Mauricia kingdom and inside him also dwell the souls of the niggardly warring states commander Oka Sadatoshi and animal ear otaku high schooler Oka Masaharu. With these 3 souls in a single body, he can exhibit extraordinary abilities when it comes to combat or managing the domain.
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Regressor Instruction Manual 4.7

Regressor Instruction Manual

Chapter 62

17.3M Oct 05,22 Domi , wooden spoon , MIDNIGHT STUDIO , 독점 , 수 연재

He was suddenly summoned to another world one day.Monsters poured out, a huge disaster incoming.His ability the lowest.[Player's level is low][Your level is hopeless]It doesn't matter whether you're the chosen warrior, a talented wizard, or someone who travelled back in time. One must do everything they can,in order to survive.The Regressor's Instruction Manual."It doesn't matter if I'm trash." Is
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Winning Shot! 4.7

Winning Shot!

Chapter 30.1

960.2K Oct 05,22 Kang Kyeon

Ahn Shiyun is a pitcher who doesn't mind his team losing streak, as long as he can play baseball. After continuing his dream in middle school, his life begins to change when he meets Baek Tae-Oh, a catcher of the opposing team. This is the story of amazing people who can throw powerful winning shots at the top of high school baseball's elite!
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Black Clover 4.7

Black Clover

Chapter 340

109.7M Oct 05,22 Tabata Yuuki

From MangaHelpers: Aster and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church, and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next sorcerous emperor. However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain. Yuno was a genius with magic, with amazing power and control, while Aster could not use magic at
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How to Raise a Cross-Dressing Master 2.8

How To Raise A Cross-Dressing Master

Chapter 16: Reunion

78.7K Oct 05,22 Marui Maru

In the middle of Mt. Fu Yun and on the banks of Lake Egret, there is a school called tao yuan academy, which houses the children of imperial and wealthy families. Su Li's twin sister, Su Li, who was intelligent and sensitive at an early age, was given an imperial order to study at tao yuan academy. however as the start of school was just around the corner, Su Li (the sister) ran away with a handso
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Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!! 4.6

Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!!

Chapter 22: Bergamo’S Port Town And First Negotiation

8.8M Oct 05,22 Tamutamu,Zazaron Anan

After falling into the ocean, Wataru Toyoumi, finds himself reincarnated in another world! Armed with a skill to allow him to summon boats he plans to get rich and live a happy life aboard his very own luxury liner.
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Sketchbook 4.2


Vol.13 Chapter 183

779.5K Oct 05,22 Kobako Totan

Sketchbook revolves around a group of high school students who are members of the art club at their school. The plot follows a slice of life style via the students' experiences at school through the club. The main character is a young shy, and quiet girl named Sora Kajiwara who goes through life at her own pace. She tends to look at the little things in life, and is often at awe of the more simple
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