Always Second but Actually Invincible 3.2

Always Second But Actually Invincible

4.7K Dec 08,23 Azane

Cleo Farshid has been disowned from his noble family due to his inability to be number one in anything at the Royal Academy. Cleo decides to escape his stuffy life and live more freely, taking advantage of his skills to become an adventurer. Neither he or his father have realized how amazing it is to be ranked as second in everything at a school where the most talented compete. "I'm just an averag
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I Became a Sales Prodigy 5

I Became A Sales Prodigy

1.3K Dec 07,23 Daenkim, Hyelim

I chose to do what I could to immediately pay off my debt, and for me, that was sales. And I was given another chance at it.
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Surviving in A School Bully 3.7

Surviving In A School Bully

2.6K Dec 07,23 Hyeonsil Anjuhyeong

The author of the number one-ranked school bully webtoon, Noh Cheolmin, has been trapped in the world he created! And as the world's weakest character!His assistant, who ran away halfway into production, is in the body of the world's strongest, the Protagonist'?!Can this chaotic duo, an author with a broken personality and his runaway assistant, survive in the harsh world of A School Bully Webtoon
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This Life Starts as a Child Actor 4.7

This Life Starts As A Child Actor

Chapter 21

25K Dec 08,23 Maneul Sogeum

Read manhwa This Life Starts as a Child Actor, This life is doomed, you say? I'd rather think it's good!After four years of a life that seemed destined for failure no matter what, Kang Soo-hyun thought he might finally shine as an actor.Just when he was about to embrace the light, a truck from the opposite direction collided with his car, bringing him to the brink of death and falling into despa
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My Spirit Pet Isn't Normal 4

My Spirit Pet Isn't Normal

3.7K Dec 07,23 A&D Entertainment

In a world where everyone is a beast tamer, every young person who reaches the age of eighteen will have their Contract Day, receiving a pet egg bestowed by the Alliance for a contract. On this day, the time traveler Chen Feng, after contracting with the most worthless, ornamental-grade Spirit Turtle, awakened the Attribute Allocation System.
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Magician of the Abyss – I Was Imprisoned as a Traitor, but I Obtained an Immortal Body and the Strongest Power to Rise as an Adventurer 3.9

Magician Of The Abyss – I Was Imprisoned As A Traitor, But I Obtained An Immortal Body And The Strongest Power To Rise As An Adventurer

Chapter 7.2

215.2K Dec 09,23 Tsugaya

A magician of justice will change the rotten world!Wim Abel, a court magician of the Cyrus Empire, is falsely accused of being a traitor by the upper echelons of the empire who fear his great power, and is trapped in a dungeon with a strong barrier that makes it impossible for him to escape. However, Wim, who has enough power to frighten an entire country, successfully escapes from the dungeon
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Haiiro no Onmyouji 4.6

Haiiro No Onmyouji

Chapter 2: Dragon And Trap

10K Dec 08,23 Nekono Hachioki

Sabatora, a boy whose parents were killed by Kuremyō, works as an Onmyoji for the Public Security Bureau to get revenge. His only comfort is Kyue, a Kuremyou who lives with him. Kyue, who has lived with Sabatora since he was a small child, is a kind and gentle soul who is like an irreplaceable member of Sabatora's family. One day, however, Kyue is attacked by Seto, a colleague from the Public Secu
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Blue Sky Lover 5

Blue Sky Lover

1.2K Dec 06,23 Miura Kouji

Taichi, the older brother, and Yo, the younger brother, were born as twins. They grew up together, both fell in love with table tennis, and both fell in love with their childhood friend Shuri. However, one day, Yo became an active player in many tournaments, while Taichi quit ping-pong and lived a carefree life. One day, an incident occurred. This incident triggered the destiny of Taichi, Yo, and
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Thunder 3 5

Thunder 3

1.4K Dec 06,23 Yuuki Ikeda

A trio of teenage boys taken straight from a classic retro-looking gag manga jump through dimensions to a hyper realistic modern sci-fi world Gantz-style in order to save one of the boy's little sister.
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Ruirui Senki 3.6

Ruirui Senki

3.3K Dec 04,23 Amemiya Kento

Kasane are spirits who latch onto the shadows of people's hearts. But as long as Yayoi and Aoba are around, evil spirits won't be hurting any students at the school! Beautiful art and occult action! The door to the unknown has now been opened...
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Sasensareta Munou Ouji wa Jitsuryoku wo Kakushitai 4.1

Sasensareta Munou Ouji Wa Jitsuryoku Wo Kakushitai

Chapter 7

140.2K Dec 07,23 Ibarakino

The main character, Noah, is a reincarnated person. He was active as a sword saint in a previous life, and as a sage in another. But he’s been forced to work hard all his life, and he’s sick of being a hero!One day, Noah dies and wakes up to find that he has been reborn as a prince. He had a high level of magical talent and the swordsmanship of a sword saint, but he didn’t want to get busy aga
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The Fan & M Museum

Chapter 2

7.6K Dec 05,23 Akatsuki Akira

I want to find out the secret of the natural and slightly H Mizuki-sensei......!!!?Tenma Akitaka, a curious junior high school boy, has something he can't stop thinking about. It's his homeroom teacher, Mizuki-sensei. Her glasses and dull outfit gives her a plain appearance, but for some reason she always visits the old school building with her cute face!!!!Tenma's intellectual curiosity
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Magaku no Varmut 5

Magaku No Varmut

3.7K Dec 04,23 Uematsu Nanashi

My name is Varmut. I am the gatekeeper of the Demon King's castle. What the hell happened to that brave hero guy? He didn't show up today either... hmm? The brave guy didn't show up, so I was transferred to the day-care center! What's that? Hey!
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Scandala 3


6.1K Dec 04,23 Matsumoto Denchi

Haku Ogino, who was once hailed as a genius child actor, attends in the entertainment department of Seigun Gakugei High School, one of the top schools in Japan. In this class where stars gather, Haku doesn't have any work in the entertainment industry and spends his days being made fun of, but in reality, his secret identity is Kanda, the mediator who controls the activities of suger moms and dads
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Becoming A Legendary Ace Employee 4.8

Becoming A Legendary Ace Employee

Chapter 1

5.9K Dec 02,23

Kim Tae-seok, a former construction worker, receives a notification that he has passed the document screening for a major corporation called El Sung.Soon after, a system message pops up before him. "You have gained access to the tutorial for The Path of a Regular Employee'. Would you like to proceed with the tutorial?"Follow Kim Tae-seok's struggles and adventures in his quest to become the legend
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Huashan Gale Sword 4.3

Huashan Gale Sword

Chapter 0.1

14.6K Dec 02,23 韩白林+mummoo

After the mysterious demise of the venerable Master Shanxian from the Huashan Sect in a duel with the demonic martial artist Lu Keshen, his direct disciple, Qingfeng, is left alone. Soon after, a malevolent enchantress from the demonic sect, eager to obtain the legendary Four Divine Swords, launches a surprise attack on Huashan Sect. In his quest to thwart the enchantress, Qingfeng comes into cont
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You Don’t Decrypt At All, Do You? 4.5

You Don’T Decrypt At All, Do You?

Chapter 10

17K Dec 03,23 刺猬猫漫画

The strange game "Paradise" has invaded the real world, randomly choosing humans as players and forcing them to play a real-life escape game. Zhu Wen, one of the players, is reminded that there are no revives, no way to make any alternate accounts and no guides. The only way to the continue living on is to continue the difficult decryption according to the game's prompts. Zhu Wen finds a match, an
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Romelia Senki ~Maou wo Taoshita Ato mo Jinrui Yabasou Dakara Guntai Soshiki Shita~ 4.5

Romelia Senki ~Maou Wo Taoshita Ato Mo Jinrui Yabasou Dakara Guntai Soshiki Shita~

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Fortress Capture Starts

24.9K Dec 01,23 Ariyama Ryou

“Romé, no, Countess Romélia. I can no longer do this with you. I am breaking off our engagement. We will part as soon as I return to my country.”Prince Henri announced this to me while I was still rejoicing the long-awaited defeat of Zergis, the Demon King.But the prince did not know, I have the miraculous power of “Grace.”
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Toto! The Wonderful Adventure 4.2

Toto! The Wonderful Adventure

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Kakashi And The Man Chicken Family

6.4K Dec 01,23 Yuko Osada

(From the back of volume 1):Kakashi is a small-town boy with a big dream: to travel around the world. He's so determined to leave his little island home that he stows away onboard a marvelous zeppelin - one that just happens to be loaded with treasure and a gang of ruthless criminals!
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The Board King 3.9

The Board King

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Hunter

23.4K Dec 09,23 Watabiki Toshiya

A vampire who has no choice but to live in eternity challenges the strongest shogi players of the present age!? A new series of rebel shogi battle action drama!!
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Kinzoku Slime wo Taoshi Makutta Ore ga 3.3

Kinzoku Slime Wo Taoshi Makutta Ore Ga "kurokou No Ou" To Yobareru Made

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Miniscule Dungeon That Emerged In The Yard

45K Dec 01,23 Onsen Capybara

One day, a large hole opened up in the yard of a house. There was a mysterious slime with a metallic body that was trembling and shaking.For some reason, Yuma Mitaka, a dull high school student, spends his days exterminating the "metallic slime" that springs up in the hole every morning. As he repeats this daily routine, Yuma's body undergoes an astonishing evolution!This is an unprecedented Musou
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Daijizen no Mahoutsukai Ashuto, Sutareta Ryouchi de Slow Life 4.5

Daijizen No Mahoutsukai Ashuto, Sutareta Ryouchi De Slow Life

40K Nov 30,23 Satou (さとう)

Ashuto was the progeny of a great aristocratic family, but was chased out of the house when his magical aptitude was found to be aligned with plants and was labelled as a failure. At his father’s arrangement, he was to serve as the lord of the haunted forest, Obelstein. Somehow, he came to meet with a member of the rare high elves, Elumina and they lived together. Following that, countless rare sp
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The Dark Doctor Ikuru 4.8

The Dark Doctor Ikuru

Chapter 17.5

52.1K Nov 29,23 Hechii

A catastrophic event has thrust the world into an age where disease begets disease. Ostracized for his unconventional treatment methods, the dark Doctor Ikuru is stricken with an immortalizing disease. On a desperate mission to die, he must save a world desperate to live. This medical science-fiction adventure will go to the very edge of humanity and back in one man's search for an ending to his s
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Green Green Greens 4.8

Green Green Greens

Chapter 2

10.3K Dec 04,23 Terasaka Kento

Haku Yaesaki is a bored high school student with no direction in life. Right as he starts noticing how all his friends have dreams they are striving for, he meets pro golfer hopeful Nadeshiko Oga and his empty life begins to change. Now, it's time to find a whole new you as this golfing adventure tees off!
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