Haven 3.7


Chapter 40

1,017,959 Dec 30,21 작가 ttadu

Min-seong and Jian become brothers after their parents remarry. Eight years later, Min-sung, who has turned twenty-six, is working as a food stylist, and his younger brother, Jian, who has turned twenty-three, is working as a model. Minseong, who spent a little bit radical school days, deteriorates his eyesight due to the influence and manifests itself as an omega. Ji-an is unusually obsesse
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When The Yakuza Falls Inlove 3.9

When The Yakuza Falls Inlove

Chapter 64

4,032,093 Dec 29,21 Murimi,dupal

Min-jun came to Japan to study and also dreaming of a wonderful gay life. A group of black cars surrounds Min-jun as he is about to die after being scammed by his ex-lover. Min-jun's impressive love contract hired as a 'mama' by the Chief Yakuza Daiki and his son Thomas.
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Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu. 4.5

Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu.

Chapter: Animate Booklet 7

6,307,468 Dec 28,21 Sakurabi Hashigo

From Starry Sky Scans: I"ll make it so your body"s unable to forget mine. Saijou Takato's 5 year reign as the "Most Huggable No. 1" has been snatched. Stealing his thunder is the newbie actor with a 3-year debut, Azumaya! Towards the stuffy hostile Takato, Azumaya's sincere sparkling smile starts to become effective. Even as Takato sets his alert level on MAX, Azumaya
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Sexual Exploits 3.9

Sexual Exploits

Chapter 75 - The End

3,649,001 Dec 28,21

.Ever dreamed about your friend's wife? How about a charming masseur, or a MILF who's hired you as a tutor? In Sexual Exploits, an array of characters share their juiciest sexual experiences. Toeing the line between reality and fantasy, these stories will pull you in real, real close
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Coffee & Vanilla 4.7

Coffee & Vanilla

Chapter 69

11,262,269 Dec 28,21 Akegami Takara

From Chibi Manga: A rush hot love with a salary man!.. Would you like an older man dressed in suits? She was never this popular before university but before she knew it, Risa was way out of everyone’s league. The one who saves her from this cruel fate is a handsome man who can rock his suits, Fukami-san. What will he offer Risa, who is a beginner at love…!?
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Koneko-chan, Kocchi ni Oide 4.4

Koneko-Chan, Kocchi Ni Oide

Chapter 33: Passing-By

5,597,683 Dec 28,21 Watabe Mihou

From MangaHelpers: After Yuko graduated from junior college, she ended up running a shop. Though her career is going well, she hasn't had time to work on her love life. One day, she's out drinking with her best friend Mikan, bemoaning her lack of a boyfriend for a Christmas date. When she trips and hurts her leg, Mikan asks her little brother Leo (an 18-year-old) to see Yuko home safely. W
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Motokare ← Retry 4.2

Motokare ← Retry

Chapter 19

751,299 Dec 28,21 Hanaya En

This time i will say it honestly—there is only you. the person that i don't want to see the most in this world—"my ex-boyfriend" During junior high school, Mitsu had her first boyfriend and first heartbreak. Without really resolving the problems between them, she is now a university student. This year, she definitely wants to have a new love, but unfortunatel
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Nukita L - I live on an island straight from a fap game, what on earth should I do? 3.8

Nukita L - I Live On An Island Straight From A Fap Game, What On Earth Should I Do?

Chapter 3: A Fucking Good Reverse-Rape

370,665 Dec 28,21 Mame Oji Tan,Qruppo

Indigo island is a place like no other, to deter emigration and attract tourism they have become the 'sex' destination as residents are punished if they are not have having frequent sex! On this crazy island, Hitori Misaki is still at school and one of the rare virgins trying to keep her secret and find love in such a lewd environment! The manga is based on the adult game "Nukitashi - Is this isla
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To You We Were Demons 4

To You We Were Demons

Chapter 18

1,904,515 Dec 27,21 Nakaritsu Kousuke,Koujou Misumi

This is a story of 6 school friends, adults now, who during their school-days were persistently bullying one of their classmates. Suddenly though their quiet lives will be shaken violently when things they wanted to keep secret are coming out to haunt them! Is this the revenge of the bullied classmate and how far will he go?
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The Sound of Fire 3.9

The Sound Of Fire

Chapter 68

219,238 Dec 27,21 Yuri Shin

The destiny of the beautiful Devil suddenly appeared!<br>Is his heart just too obsessed with appearance?<br>Or true love?<br>In the land of Fire, there was a young man who sold mats to overcome poverty. One day, He came across a beautiful demon. His life suddenly burned like a scorching flame.
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Siren's Song 4.2

Siren's Song

Chapter 68 : Side Story 2

1,613,399 Dec 26,21 Clarju

One snowy evening out on the terrace, Luan hears Yul singing and is immediately captivated by his voice. Luan is surprised to see his own honest reaction, while Yul is surprised by the simple fact that he was heard by another human being. To what lengths will Luan go to claim Yul for himself...? (Source: Lezhin)
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Nana to Kaoru ~Kokosei no SM gokko~ 4.3

Nana To Kaoru ~Kokosei No Sm Gokko~

Chapter 20: Twist Of Fate

2,671,042 Dec 26,21 Amazume Ryuta

New Nana & Kaoru's spinoff, serialized on the newly released (28/11/18) digital magazine "Harem" (ハレム), aiming at adults.  The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, but before Black Label (aka Arashi).
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Sense 3.7


Chapter 71: Secret ⑱

6,410,048 Dec 25,21 Haruki

A new teacher enters an all-girls high school and as he tours around he sees a female student sleeping in a classroom. When she wakes up, however, she suddenly kisses him...
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The Path Of Star 4.3

The Path Of Star

Chapter 18

137,503 Dec 25,21 Kim ah-so / Yeon

“Gyoura” the leader of the idol group "Fale Green," is an rookie group. The legendary group Kimberly was on the top spot to the gap differences in votes. Due this overwhelming pressure Gyoura was crying.So Kimberly's member, Gyeol-woo, hugs him and asks him to congratulate him.? To Winter, who tries to carry everything in the group, he reaches out whenever he has a hard time. A strange, tick
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The Heresy of Love 4.7

The Heresy Of Love

Chapter 6

982,248 Dec 25,21 Ena Moriyama

Yoshino, a girl who spends her days in solitude stumbles across a mysterious book in a secondhand book store. She accidentally summoned Belial the demon, and he tells her she may trade one thing for a wish. Yoshino's wish? To be together with Belial until the day she dies...
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Bite Maker ~Ousama no Omega~ 4.2

Bite Maker ~Ousama No Omega~

Chapter 23

209,430 Dec 24,21 Sugiyama Miwako

Alpha genes produce people with exceptional appearance, intelligence, and abilities, but only exists in 1/100,000 people. Nobunaga, born an alpha, will always attract other people. Despite having everything, all he wanted for was "a turn of fate." After meeting a woman that filled him with a need to have her and only her, the ultimate climax starts!
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Tanaka ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki no Mahoutsukai~ 3.4

Tanaka ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki No Mahoutsukai~

Chapter 16: Rewind

4,410,253 Dec 23,21 Buncololi,Naoyasu Orizuki

Tanaka is a middle-aged man with a face only a mother could love and a personality that no mother could love. After dying from an accident, a god sends him to another world where he has healing magic.<br><br>Join Tanaka as he goes around ogling beautiful women and then watching them get fucked by men other than him. This is a new manga version of the LN isekai series of the same name,
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Gift (ICHINOSE Yuma) 4.3

Gift (Ichinose Yuma)

Vol.2 Chapter 10

597,012 Dec 22,21 Ichinose Yuma

In the series: Vol. 1 - 白い獣の、聞こえぬ声の、見えない温度の、 Shiroi Kemono no, Kikoenu Koe no, Mienai Ondo no, Vol. 2 - 赤い桎梏の、約束の場所の、望んだ十字架の、Shikkoku no, Yakusoku no Basho no, Nozonda Juujika no,
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Futari Ecchi 4.3

Futari Ecchi

Chapter 506: My Shocking Experience With A Body Wash Therapist

10,732,257 Dec 22,21 Katsu Aki

An excellent and very educational series. About a newlywed couple who are virgins and their comedic ups and downs in learning how to have sex. Not really a hentai, though there are scenes which can be called hentai. Tastfully rendered taboo themes. A funny "how to" guide for sex illiterate and experts.
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Him & Him & Him 4.3

Him & Him & Him

Side 3

5,932,776 Dec 21,21 Lee nae-ri , Byun lee-seong

Yoo se-ah, 26 years old, has been an office worker for 3 years since graduating from college. She engages in sexual stimulation to break away from her repetitive daily routine when she gets some time away from work. It started with small things, like drinking alone or going to a club. I'm sure it did... but one day, two men approach her and offer her a 4P?! Notices: first smut
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Obedient Heritage 3.7

Obedient Heritage

Chapter 40

326,090 Dec 20,21 Totiko

One morning out of the blue, I was given an enormous amount of wealth and a man as my inheritance by my father. Despite not meeting even knowing my father's name or face, this man who's my heritage will never disobey me....!
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Honnou Switch 4.7

Honnou Switch

Chapter 18

1,725,437 Dec 19,21 Kujira

[from cotton candy scans] The morning after she got dumped by her boyfriend, when she woke up, she was in the same bed as her childhood friend, Hijiri?! Despite the heartbreak and shock of it all, Koyori just can't seem to forget Hijiri telling her "I love you"...?! How do you get from being "Childhood friends" to "Lovers"?! Super popular on th
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Kuroneko Osananajimi ga Nigashite Kurenai 4.5

Kuroneko Osananajimi Ga Nigashite Kurenai

Chapter 8

1,243,226 Dec 18,21 Tomomitsu yamamoto

Moegi Mizutani is a hard-working office worker who has decided to start her new life in Tokyo. One day, when she comes back home, a guy in the buff hugs her from behind! She has no idea who it is until she turns around and sees a man with black hair, cat eyes, and a big grin on his face. He's Haruka, the boy she played with back in her hometown! He's been teasing and using her as his toy for
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Enji no Hogosha ni Dakarete Shimaimashita 4.6

Enji No Hogosha Ni Dakarete Shimaimashita

Vol.2 Chapter 10

2,395,263 Dec 17,21 Oko Yomiko

Sayaka, a kindergarten teacher, has to start doing adult work to cover the moving expenses after her boyfriend left her.  However, her very first customer as a call girl is none other than the parent of one of her student...?!  Andou-san raises his son on his own and takes him to school every day. Such a kind man, he tells Sayaka take her pay and go home without doing anything. Sayaka re
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