No Moral 4.2

No Moral

Chapter 70

1.7M May 16,24 Tehanu , Shampoo , 테하

Do Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless. Justice was his brand. One day, his elder sister convinces him to join Doguk, one of the nation's largest law firm, as an associate partner. He ends up working as an associate lawyer under Kang Sehun: he's an aggressive man who desires victory in his cases even if he has to use underhanded methods. Finding their outlook in life, Yoonshin
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The Blade and Flower 4.2

The Blade And Flower

Chapter 65

2.8M May 16,24 Snob

Read The Blade and Flower manhwa The Blade and Flower manga The Blade and Flower Yaoi update free at Vinmanga.ComOn a night when the moonlight was particularly cold, Yeonjo's family collapsed at the tip of Hee-ryang's ruthless sword. Yeonjo, who lost everything overnight, vows revenge and approaches Kwon Hee-ryang, hiding a cool blade behind a fragrant flower
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The One Under The Wing 3.9

The One Under The Wing

Chapter 24

1.4M May 16,24 Bbaek-oh

Incubus Jeong-hyeok, who was starving without being able to gain vitality due to insensitivity, tasted the new world at one night with a man he met at a club he went to without much expectation. It was playboy Seohee?! I was forced to become a sex partners, but I don't know how far this man is going! +
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Kill Me Now 3.7

Kill Me Now

Chapter 125

4.2M May 16,24 Cosmos

Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mission: "Kill me when you can." From that moment on, Mian decides that she will do this by choking Haegu with feigned love and emotionally manipulating her into submission. But as Mian grows int
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Abnormal Rommate 3.6

Abnormal Rommate

Chapter 51

682.7K May 16,24 Lee Sohan , Yeon Yura

Lee Robin and Nam Hangyul were childhood friends. They haven't seen each other since elementary school; but when they both get accepted to the same university, their mothers suggest they become roommates, offering a seemingly perfect solution. However, Hangyul, who discovered his true sexual orientation due to Robin's influence in their childhood, worries about potential awkwardness. To his surpri
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Single Not Ready to Mingle 3.8

Single Not Ready To Mingle

Chapter 56

604.9K May 16,24 Chadol

Once upon a time, in a land far away…lived the ordinary and painfully single high school literature teacher, Bu Taekwon. Ordinary, that is, until he found himself transported into one of his students' comic books. But this wasn't your typical comic book adventure, and Taekwon never anticipated the unconventional genre awaiting him. To his despair, he was now trapped in a hardcore BL fantasy world,
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A Young Master 3.9

A Young Master

Chapter 76.5

895.9K May 16,24 Nansae

.In order to keep his underlings afloat, Kyle enters the Roche Household as a servant. He meets the strange and beautiful young master, Adrian. As Kyle takes care of the abandoned and wayward Adrian, they grow closer through mind and body.. Their relationship grows deeper and whenever Adrian sees Kyle his appetite?! Suddenly Kyle's days of rearing(?) became days dedicated to be Adrian's restaurant
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Cherry Complex 2.8

Cherry Complex

Chapter 48.5

2.2M May 16,24 Jin 5

not found...
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Wish You All the Best 4

Wish You All The Best

Chapter 44

455K May 15,24 우변

Alpha transfection, in which the P-virus caused by pheromone imbalance is expressed. In order to stabilize pheromones, we are looking for a solidarity who will pray only for us for the rest of our lives and conducting a bonding of "P solidarity." Korea's only scentless and odorless omega, bond with Korea's notorious Alpha but despite not being enthusiastic, becomes pregnant. Sae-
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Pheromone Baby 4

Pheromone Baby


703.1K May 15,24 Leconut

Beta Jihan, who had a relationship with Yoonseo, who was his next-door neighbor since he was young. Jihan then learns of a sudden pregnancy and that he had developed omega traits. Although it was clear that the father of the child was Yoonseo, a dominant alpha, Jihan decided to erase the child for the future of Yoonseo, who is still a college student. However, Yoonseo readily informs Jihan that bo
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Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa, Aisuru Dorei no Kanojora to Tomoni Dorei dake no Harem Guild o Tsukuru 4.4

Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha No Ore Wa, Aisuru Dorei No Kanojora To Tomoni Dorei Dake No Harem Guild O Tsukuru

Vol.8 Chapter 67: Pull Everything Out From The Black Tip

45.3M May 15,24 Hiiragi Saki,Kawada Akio

Egil, an S-rank adventurer who has lived hateful of "slave", falls in love with one slave at a slave auction he was forced to bring. She was Eleanor, the former third princess of the Kingdom of Cornelia. Eleanor, a slave to Egil, begs Egil to "kill my childhood friend who sold me to a slave trader"! !! Keep an eye on the estrus slaves if t
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Peach Boy (Yooyoung) 4.2

Peach Boy (Yooyoung)

Chapter 27

537K May 14,24 Yooyoung

not found...
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Hosoya senpai's keen eyes 3.5

Hosoya Senpai's Keen Eyes

Chapter 6

572.5K May 14,24 Ike Reibun

not found...
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Fanboy Summoning Shafted by an Otherworldly Beast 3.6

Fanboy Summoning Shafted By An Otherworldly Beast

Chapter 164

2.7M May 13,24 FUJISAKI Moe

."I'm a man who loves BL, but I'm not actually into men!" Kotone Aizuhara, a hardcore BL fan, is run over by a truck and suddenly transported into another world. This is how he finds himself in front of Nagi, a very handsome but strange-looking man who tells him he's a Sacred Beast and Kotone is his Chosen One, that he's been waiting for him and their wedding night foreve
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Legs Which Cannot Walk 4

Legs Which Cannot Walk

Side. : 2 - What If + (1)

3M May 13,24 흑살구 , Black Apricot

Retired boxer Soo-young discovers he has to pay off his father's debt when Tae-seung hunts him down. Fascinated by Soo-young's persistence, Tae-seung offers him an alternative - to learn the ropes and start from the rock bottom. Will this dangerous relationship work, or will this be another living hell for Soo-young?
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Puppy Love 4.1

Puppy Love

Chapter 73

3.4M May 13,24 Ongshim

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting married to a stranger, let alone a female shepherd. He impulsively decides to ruin his parents' scheming by preemptively announcing that he prefers smal
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Secretary Jin's Confinement Diary 3.4

Secretary Jin's Confinement Diary

Chapter 28

826K May 13,24 Han Ye Oe , Kkoli

not found...
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Jinx (Mingwa) 4.5

Jinx (Mingwa)

Chapter 53.7

15.2M May 12,24 Mingwa

Physical therapist Kim Dan has been down on his luck for as long as he can remember. Between an ailing grandmother, menacing loansharks, and an old boss making it almost impossible for him to find work, Dan is truly running out of options. Naturally, it feels like a dream come true when he’s finally hired to treat top-paid MMA fighter Joo Jaekyung, especially when the man then calls him out for a
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Revenge Guide 4

Revenge Guide

Chapter 10: End

334.8K May 11,24 대유마 , 베레

Although he never wanted to see him again, S Class Esper Seo Leehyeon ends up meeting Jin Taewoo during his Guide matching test.In the past, they were each other's closest friend but their relationship fractured and broke due to a peculiar event. In an unexpected and unpleasant reunion, Jin Taewoo becomes Seo Leehyeon's exclusive Guide, due to their high compatibility. This guy, who's acting like
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My Fantasies Are Cumming to Life?! 4.4

My Fantasies Are Cumming To Life?!

Chapter 20

338.6K May 11,24 Dalrim

Read manhwa "My Fantasies Are Cum**** to Life?!" for free at Summary:Park Seojin is the very picture of a ladylike woman. She's elegant, modest, and works harder than anyone at her successful job at a large corporation. Or, at least that's the image of herself that Seojin has carefully crafted in order to indulge in her actual hobbies: reading hardcore sm**! In reality, Seojin is just your average
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Bad Plan 3.9

Bad Plan

Chapter 55

273.8K May 11,24 Titi

Lee Joo-hyuk (the team leader) doesn't understand why his subordinate Park Hwi-rim is only very cold and stiff with him whereas he has good interpersonal relationships with the rest of his colleagues.getting furious, Joo-hyuk decides to approach Hwi-rim with a wicked plan !! +
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Second Time of Dawn 3.4

Second Time Of Dawn

Chapter 34.9

1M May 11,24 Risa lisa

For the past ten years, Baek Hayeon has been living in guilt for ruining the life of his love, Yoon Yihan. Because of this, he feels he has no right to object when Yihan wishes to continue their relationship despite getting married. At the same time, Yihan’s cousin, Yoon Jinwoon, has been using their secret as leverage to get Hayeon to sleep with him since he also has feelings for him. Just when t
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Don't Mix Business with Pleasure! 4

Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!

Chapter 40

1.5M May 11,24 Hodot

Baek Do-hoo, a BL novel writer and college student, gets to know Seo Joo-heon, a junior from the same university. Baek Do-hoo, who was sure that he would come up with a good idea if he conceived a seme character based on Jooheon, followed him around, analyzed him, and developed an interest in Seo Joo-heon. “Do you like me that much? Enough to do such a dirty thing?"
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Dattara Ore ni Horeteshimae 4.2

Dattara Ore Ni Horeteshimae

Chapter 11.4

489.6K May 10,24 Oyanu , おやぬ

not found...
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