Double Click 4.6

Double Click

Chapter 69

14.2M Mar 25,23 Park Subong (박수봉), Kim Janghun (김장훈)

What happens when you lose the one thing that you were the best in the world at? Jiho Seong was once a top-ranked player in the online action game, One Sword. When the game eventually shuts down due to a lack of players, he loses all interest in competitive gaming. That is, until he finds out that his school has an e-sports club and discovers a popular team-based game called Sword Rush, which seem
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Boss in School 4.6

Boss In School

Chapter 183

9.5M Mar 24,23 Lee Hoon Young,Ui-Kwon Kim

Seth Kwon was a born fighter. But due to his promise with his mother, he decides to stop fighting, even in self-defense... Everything changes when his father dies and leaves him with a single message: "Stop getting your ass kicked".
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Swing!! 4.8


Vol.3 Chapter 17.5: The Final Day Of The Training Camp!

37.5K Mar 24,23 SAKURA Oriko

Miyasato Haruka, lover of video games and sweets, was going to spend her school days immersed in video games, when Ibuki, determined to bring back the Golf Club, appeared! Ibuki then dragged Haruka into playing golf.And so, the story of the high school girls of the Golf Club unfolds, a cute and youthful slice-of-life comedy
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Tiempo 4.7


Vol.2 Chapter 14: Never-Ending Practice

609K Mar 23,23 IINO Daisuke

A high school soccer story begins with a crybaby soccer player spinning a miracle! Yuzuki Seto started playing soccer in middle school and has been living a fulfilling life as it is. However, the situation changed completely when Keisuke Asami, who is one year older, joined the soccer club. Now the days of yelling hell will begin!
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Ao Ashi 4.7

Ao Ashi

Chapter 326

34.4M Mar 23,23 Yuugo Kobayashi, Naohiko Ueno

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
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Infinity 4.4


Chapter 57

1.2M Mar 23,23 2오/ 2O

A soccer player that is afraid of the ball? Damin is a defender, but he keeps dodging every ball that flies at him. He receives an unexpected offer: "Start fencing!" As soon as Damins greatest weaknes is turned into his greatest strength, a new world opens up for him.
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Genius of the Unique Lineage 4.7

Genius Of The Unique Lineage

Chapter 38

7.6M Mar 23,23 Zaino, SOULPUNG , 소울풍, Kkudadak , 꾸다닥, Clover, 클로버

I want to be someone who kills invaders __ I want to kill invaders and live a happy daily life in a special world. Can’t I just ask for that? Why? Why can’t I do that? People say chasing two different rabbits will make you miss both, but… just don’t miss them.
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Starting Gate! Uma Musume Pretty Derby 4.5

Starting Gate! Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Vol.3 Chapter 19: An Extraordinary Day #5

3.7K Mar 22,23 S. Kosugi, Cygames

A manga part of the Uma Musume Project by Cygames, a game and an anime. It follows Special Week, an aspiring horsegirl athlete-idol, as she transfers in to the Traincent Academy to follow her dreams.
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Ukyo no Ozora 4.6

Ukyo No Ozora

Vol.8 Chapter 25: A New Friendship!!

425.4K Mar 22,23 KAJI Kengo , OKAMURA Kenji

Ukyo Ozora came from Brazil, holding up his Musashiri Tenryu, a special fist created by Miyamoto Musashi. As soon as you come to Japan, defeat the giant Rick who defeated `` Hazinkai '' karate and get attention at once!
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Catenaccio 4.9


Vol.1 Chapter 1: All Of Myself(1)

11K Mar 22,23 Morimoto Daisuke

Araki Yatarou, a member of Toujou High School's soccer club, dreams of conquering Europe and becoming the best in the world. In the last game of his senior year of high school, taking the first step toward his dream to enter the professional world, he struggles to catch the attention of scouts but...
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Fighters 4.4


Chapter 8

210.2K Mar 22,23 요마

The Genius Fighter Jason Kim. However his winning streak ends with an accident during match, and he couldn’t use his left arm anymore. After defeat, he quit the pro scene and returned to hometown, but the life is just hard to live quietly for such fighter. He’s getting involved into endless fights, regardless of his will..
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The Long Way Of The Warrior 4.5

The Long Way Of The Warrior

Chapter 113

11.6M Mar 22,23 Ming Bae

In the second half of the 2nd century, Naru, a warrior from the Mahan tribal union of Goguryeo, was sold as a gladiator-slave to the Roman Empire and waged a desperate struggle for freedom.
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Wind Breaker 4.7

Wind Breaker

Chapter 436

69.5M Mar 22,23 Jo Yongseuk

Street riding drama of youngsters who dream of freedom! - Naver
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Vanguard of Fencing 4.4

Vanguard Of Fencing

Chapter 101

275K Mar 22,23 晋江文学城 , 焦糖冬瓜 , 晔越文化 , Chen Guojian

After attaining the title of fencing champion at the Olympics, Chris died in a car accident. At the funeral, Lin Yifei found out about the feelings Chris had never revealed before. As Lin Yifei realizes the regrets Chris had before he died, he unexpectedly returned back to his childhood?! Since he had the chance to relive his life, Lin Yifei chose to accompany Chris on his journey to attaining tha
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Giant Killing 4.6

Giant Killing

Vol.52 Chapter 509

14.3M Mar 22,23 Tsunamoto Masaya, Tsujitomo

In Giant Killing a ragtag bunch from East Tokyo are struggling in Japan's top football league. The team is going through an abysmal spell right now where they are nearing the bottom of the table and have lost 5 matches in a row. The losses haven't done much to team morale, because it was already low. Fan support, on the other hand, is looking bleak. In the world of football, once the fans
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Koukou Kyuuji Zawa-san 3.9

Koukou Kyuuji Zawa-San

Chapter 57: Big Brother!

653.8K Mar 22,23 Mishima Eriko

It's about a girl, often called as Zawa (short for her surname, Miyakozawa), in a high-school baseball team. She's talented, but being a girl, she doesn't get to participate in any official matches, and yet she trains just as hard as the rest of the team anyway, just for her own personal satisfaction. Nominated for the 3rd Manga Taisho Award (2010).
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Yume no Sono 5

Yume No Sono

Chapter 4

1.6K Mar 22,23 Yoshida Akimi

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Hajime no Ippo 4.5

Hajime No Ippo

Chapter 1415: If You Listen Closely

97.1M Mar 22,23 Morikawa, George

Hajime no Ippo manga is japanese manga written by George Morikawa Several bullies directed by Umezawa got into the practice of picking on him, because he kept to himself. One day, he was given a somewhat serious beating by these bullies. A middleweight professional fighter who was passing by to treat his wounds and took the wounded Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym,owned
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Kinnikuman 4.5


Chapter 798.5: The Birth Of The Kinniku Buster + Kinnikuman Diy

3.2M Mar 21,23 Yudetamago

Kinnukuman, a weak and clumsy super hero, constantly getting into wacky situations. As the series progressed, the story began changing from comedy to action as Kinnukuman battles stronger and stronger foes in the wrestling ring. The series continually introduced new Super Human characters, known as Choujins, who would challenge Kinnikuman and his friends for various purposes. (From Toriyama's
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Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen 4.7

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen

Chapter 450: Correction

3.7M Mar 20,23 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

The Summary is updating... The Kaiji series is divided into five parts: 1. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji 2. Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji 3. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji 4. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen 5. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen
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Saki 4.5


Chapter 258: Awakening

4.5M Mar 20,23 Kobayashi Ritz

Miyanaga Saki is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. Ever since she was a child, she would lose her New Year’s gift money during her family mahjong game. If she won, her parents would be upset, and if she lost, well, she lost. As a result, she’s learned to play in such a way that her score always remains plus/minus zero: not good enough to win, but not bad enough to
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Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life 4.6

Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds Of Life

Chapter 121: Kobayakawa Akari

1.4M Mar 19,23 Sakura Amyuu

Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club, or the club will be terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will
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New Prince of Tennis 4.6

New Prince Of Tennis

Chapter 339

9.9M Mar 19,23 Konomi Takeshi

The purported advertisement from the Jump Square issue says that everything in The Prince of Tennis up to now has been "prologue" and that "a new legend for [the main character] Ryoma and the others will begin." This continues what happened in the "Prince of Tennis ", after the end of the tournament . In "The New Prince of Tennis," Ryoma and the others (team
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Starting Gate -Horsegirl Pretty Derby- 4.5

Starting Gate -Horsegirl Pretty Derby-

Chapter 19: An Extraordinary Day #5

256.2K Mar 19,23 Cygames & S. Kosugi

A manga part of the Uma Musume Project by Cygames, a game and an anime. It follows Special Week, an aspiring horsegirl athlete-idol, as she transfers in to the Traincent Academy to follow her dreams.
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