BE BLUES ~Ao ni nare~ 4.5

Be Blues ~Ao Ni Nare~

Chapter 462

9,018,007 Dec 29,21 Tanaka Motoyuki

The manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for Best Shōnen Manga at the 60th Shogakukan Manga Awards.
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Someya Mako's Mahjong Parlor Food 4.2

Someya Mako's Mahjong Parlor Food

Chapter 18: The Secret Good Rice Club (1)

232,600 Dec 29,21 Ritz Kobayashi,Mekimeki

Saki spin-off focusing on Someya Mako as she cooks meals for customers of her family's mahjong parlor.
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Shinohayu - The Dawn of Age 4.3

Shinohayu - The Dawn Of Age

Chapter 92: My Tankard

992,368 Dec 29,21 Kobayashi Ritz, Igarashi Aguri

The long-awaited new Saki spinoff, centering around the past of Harue and the pros Hayarin, Kokaji and Noyori.
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Captain Tsubasa - Rising Sun 4.7

Captain Tsubasa - Rising Sun

Chapter 132: Away

3,170,504 Dec 27,21 Takahashi Yoichi

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Rokudenashi Blues 4.5

Rokudenashi Blues

Chapter 296: A Free Kick In Zico

2,912,721 Dec 26,21 Morita Masanori

Maeda is a new student in the Teiken High School. He stutters when he's nervous and he's rather clumsy. He gets noted immediately because he hits a teacher during the entrance ceremony. Some clubs search to enlist him as they see in him a force they can use to get even with other clubs. But Maeda is a loner and has only one dream: becoming boxing champion. His first objective is to beat th
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Baby Steps 4.6

Baby Steps

Chapter 427: Betting One’S Life

19,574,000 Dec 26,21 Kachiki Hikaru

Maruo Eiichirou (Ei-Chan), a first year honor student, one day decides he's unhappy with the way things are and lacks exercise. His mother gives him a flyer for the local Tennis Club and he decides to check it out. He's instantly captivated by it. With no prior experience and poor physical conditioning, join Ei-Chan as he embarks on a tennis journey using his smarts, dedication and work et
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Murasaki 4.2


Chapter 5: This Guy Is A Monster

83,116 Dec 23,21 Otoko Hamigaki

Ichijou Murasaki is a girl with dreams of entering the world of interpretative dance - but she knows she hasn’t got the charisma, the fitness, or the commitment to do it. Watching on the sidelines, she eyes her classmate, the naturally brilliant Sumire Sora with envy… until a chance encounter with dancing prodigy (and absolute complete weirdo) Shounosuke makes her finally get the r
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Ballroom e Youkoso 4.8

Ballroom E Youkoso

Chapter 63: The World Keeps Changing

8,731,548 Dec 23,21 Takeuchi Tomo

An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn't find any objective in life and spent his days idly. One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class! While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou
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Gift (ICHINOSE Yuma) 4.3

Gift (Ichinose Yuma)

Vol.2 Chapter 10

597,012 Dec 22,21 Ichinose Yuma

In the series: Vol. 1 - 白い獣の、聞こえぬ声の、見えない温度の、 Shiroi Kemono no, Kikoenu Koe no, Mienai Ondo no, Vol. 2 - 赤い桎梏の、約束の場所の、望んだ十字架の、Shikkoku no, Yakusoku no Basho no, Nozonda Juujika no,
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Mabataki yori Hayaku!! 4.3

Mabataki Yori Hayaku!!

Chapter 3: Discord

87,257 Dec 22,21 Funatsu Kazuki

La historia se centra en Himari Kohanai, una estudiante de 15 años que odia ser torpe. Quiere pasar página en la preparatoria, pero es un desastre, sin embargo, y a pesar de todo, Himari hará cualquier cosa para acercarse a la persona que admira. Aunque sea meterse en un mundo totalmente desconocido... Una historia donde poco a poco nuestra personaje principal crecerá para alcanzar su meta.
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Seiten Kickoff 4.2

Seiten Kickoff

Chapter 13.6 [End]

391,458 Dec 21,21 Kota

Rambunctious high school student Hayate is the lone girl in an all-boys soccer club. One day, honors student Yuuto suddenly asks her out, starting a cute opposites-attract romance.
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Saki 4.6


Chapter 239: Joyful

3,956,975 Dec 19,21 Kobayashi Ritz

Miyanaga Saki is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. Ever since she was a child, she would lose her New Year’s gift money during her family mahjong game. If she won, her parents would be upset, and if she lost, well, she lost. As a result, she’s learned to play in such a way that her score always remains plus/minus zero: not good enough to win, but not bad enough to
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Haikyuu-bu!! 4.8


Chapter 86: Let’S Teach The Managers

2,864,670 Dec 15,21 Haruichi Furudate,Kyouhei Miyajima

A new official spin-off of the popular weekly series Haikyuu!! In which our protagonists are the members of the rival schools. A comedy series about their ridiculous antics that you can't read in the original story!
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Grand Blue 4.9

Grand Blue

Chapter 80

38,383,909 Dec 08,21 Inoue Kenji, Yoshioka Kimitake

From MangaHelpers: A new life begins for Kitahara Iori as he begins his college career near the ocean in Izu city, full of excitement for his new life. He will be moving into his Uncle's diving store "Grand Blue." There he finds the beautiful ocean, beautiful women, and men that love diving and alcohol. Will Iori be able to live his dream college life? This manga centers on the buddi
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Sekai wa Kyou mo Mawatteru 4.2

Sekai Wa Kyou Mo Mawatteru

Chapter 4

90,199 Dec 06,21 Minamori Koyomi

Wataru, who has nowhere to go after his track-and-field dream gets torn apart, stumbles upon an old movie theater wandering about and carelessly breaks the movie projector. Together with the bewitching, handsome manager Shuuhei and the young boss, Rinne, he vows to fill the empty theater! Connecting people one by one with movies, a warm comedy about humanity opens its curtains!
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Namaikizakari 4.7


Chapter 129

26,663,119 Dec 06,21 Miyuki Mitsubachi

From Mystic Iris: Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
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Rifle is Beautiful 2.7

Rifle Is Beautiful

Vol.5 Chapter 129.1: Vol.5 Extras

406,892 Dec 05,21 Akki Sarumi

Kokura Hikari is a first-year high school girl who loves rifle shooting. She entered Chidori High School because it had a shooting club, but finds that the club had been disbanded. She had only one day to find enough members to reform the club, but luckily was able to find three other first-year girls who she had met at a competition in middle school. Thus begins the daily activities
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Burning Kabaddi 4.6

Burning Kabaddi

Chapter 23

495,727 Nov 30,21 Musashino Hajime

The story centres on first-year high school student Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a former ace soccer player who dislikes sports. He gets invited to join a team for the contact sport kabaddi. He scoffs at the idea at first but becomes interested after watching a kabaddi practice.
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1518! 4.6


Chapter 10: See You Tomorrow

151,435 Nov 29,21 Yuu Aida

The manga's story centers around Sachi Maruyama, a girl who has just entered high school. In her new school, she finds that no club activities really interest her, so she is invited by an upperclassman from her middle school — now the student council president of her high school — to help with student council activities. There, she finds Karasuya, a boy she had met three years ago
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Fate/Mahjong Night - Seihai Sensou 4.4

Fate/mahjong Night - Seihai Sensou

Chapter 20: Turn 20

128,883 Nov 28,21 Type-moon

Original 4-koma updated daily at
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Inazuma Eleven 4.6

Inazuma Eleven

Chapter 19: Those That Stand Against God...!!

228,072 Nov 28,21 Yabuno Tenya

Raimon Middle School 's soccer club captain, Endou Mamoru is in a pinch - his club is about to be destroyed! Literally! To avert the wrecking ball and disbanding of the club, his team must win against the toughest soccer team in the area - Teikoku. Will Endou and his team meet a crushing defeat or will a mysterious transfer student with a fiery kick save them from disaster?!
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Otohime Diver 4.7

Otohime Diver

Chapter 14

303,695 Nov 26,21 Endou Okito

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One Outs 4.7

One Outs

Vol.20 Chapter 168.7 : Last Ball - Glory [End]

1,147,433 Nov 26,21 Kaitani Shinobu

From Project Strikeout: The story starts in Okinawa, in a training camp-- the ace batter of the Lycaons, a notoriously weak professional baseball team with a record of losses, Hiromichi Kojima, is trying to find out just why his team can never make it to the championships. During his training, he discovers the game of One Outs, a gambling derivative of baseball, and the game's champion, Toua T
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Shippuu Windmill! 4.2

Shippuu Windmill!

Chapter 26 [End]

115,718 Nov 19,21 Haruno Shuu

In a seaside city, Fuuko, a young girl who likes places where she can feel the pleasant wind, joins her high school's sailboat club. Despite being a complete newbie, will she be able to compete in the tournament...? A marine sports 4koma drawn from the author's experience!
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