Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse 4.3

Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse


4.4M Oct 07,16 Gae Ho Joo

Won-yeoung is 20 years old. He is very active and has curiosity about women. He decided to work at Hahri boardhouse to earn money because he needs to buy SAT books and wants to get closer to his friend Yeonjoo. He's left alone however and with a duty he must fulfill in the boardhouse...
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Seduction Season 2 4.1

Seduction Season 2


333.5K Oct 04,16 Ewha

Second Season of the poular series "Seduction"
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Double Self 5

Double Self

Ch.1 : Myself And Me

60.3K Sep 17,16 Nasx

Ina is a timid girl who found herself in a parallel universe similar to her own. There she met someone with a completely different personality than herself, and guess what, it's herself—Ina. How will she live this new life in a new world.
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Ingress GO 5

Ingress Go

Ch.7 : The Fall

70.4K Sep 16,16 Hybridjunkie

A webcomic about Ingress players. Inspired by true stories. Full of XM, drama and smurf tears.
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Hear My Voice 4.4

Hear My Voice

Chapter 17

181.2K Sep 07,16 Lee Hyeon-min

A chance for an interview for a large company is given to a man who has nothing to show for himself. An authentic fiery interview will now begin! Are you paying attention? Get ready!’ Lee Hyunmin’s begins!
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Red String (Dong Bi) 4.8

Red String (Dong Bi)

Ch.52.5 : End

531.1K Aug 29,16 Dong Bi

From Easy Going Scans: The story of a boy and girl whose lives were one day entwined by red string. Literally.
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Before the Footprint Melts 4.9

Before The Footprint Melts

Chapter 0

72.5K Aug 24,16 Seogyul

Fictitious Joseon - the love story of those who have the pain of the world..
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The elementary school student that I love 4.4

The Elementary School Student That I Love


278.3K Aug 16,16 Hwaro

For Shim Chung-ah, becoming a teacher is a dream come true. But her joy is short lived! She gets dumped by her boyfriend, meets a pervert on the bus... All these upsetting events just keep making her suffer. After deciding to escape reality by jumping into a video game, the gosu player she ends meeting is actually one of her students?! Without even trying, she find her heart continuously beating.
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Odin 4.8



137.3K Aug 12,16 Gam Lam [add]

Summary from Batoto: The girl who drank M� misbrunnr to become a god from human, and the person who made her a god Odin. The adventure sets forth to stop Ragnarok from happening! Original Webtoon
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Witch Hunt 4.6

Witch Hunt


722K Aug 11,16 Park So-yeon

From Easy Going Scans A boy transfers to a seemingly ordinary school. But on his first day, he witness a classmate using magical powers...
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Noblesse: Rai's Adventure 4.9

Noblesse: Rai's Adventure

Ch.6 : Noblesse: Rai's Adventure 6

2.5M Aug 10,16 Son Jae-ho

"Noblesse: Rai's Adventure is a 10 episode limited series which focuses on Rai's adventures in the human world while solving the mystery of "Tears of God". "
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Candy Floss 4.9

Candy Floss

Chapter 1 : Memories Of Summer

70.3K Aug 01,16 Nanamoka

Wait! My heart's beating? Is it because of him!?
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Maze Age Z 4.4

Maze Age Z


752.7K Jul 22,16

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Jingle Jungle 4.7

Jingle Jungle

Chapter 101

174.1K Jul 08,16 Kim Yongjin

Come meet these happy friends in the jungle! These are the animals from the mysterious “Jingle Jungle” village. Get ready to smile as you read the story of the everyday life of these somewhat clumsy but lovable creatures. Original Webtoon
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Sky Blades 5

Sky Blades

Chapter 11

117.3K Jul 08,16 Nathalie De Valliere

Zuzu Zhang, a self-declared cripple, tumbles into the turbulent world of an underground sport involving an exciting new technology.
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The Girl from Class 4.6

The Girl From Class


276.3K Jul 08,16

A plain but considerate main character falls for a girl who happens to sit next to him in class. Using a group project as an excuse, he gets her number and they go on a date, but everything is ruined because of the unexpected rain and his credit card reaching its limit. Over the course of the story, the main character learns the hardships of love. Original Webcomic
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Annarasumanara 4.8


Chapter 28

2.1M Jul 08,16 Ha Il-kwon

"Do you believe in magic?" A rumor goes around school about an abandoned amusement park and a magician who lives there that can make someone disappear for good. Yoon Ai, a very smart girl in her class, struggles to feed herself and her sister everyday. She just wants to become an adult faster so that she can escape from the poverty and the reality of her current situation. One day, her l
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Familyman 4.8


Chapter 42

429.7K Jul 08,16 Jung Pil Won

A fierce love triangle forms between a family man's wife and his son's school homeroom teacher, who's a really handsome and ri.. I mean, the story of a father who can't reveal his true self to his family, and his struggle to protect his family from the shadows. 
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Smile Brush 5

Smile Brush

Chapter 36

109.4K Jul 08,16 Waru

From Bamboo Garden: Hilariously drawn, centered around a humorously short boy named Waru, his friends, and his memories. The memories are all based on according pictures that were taken during those moments...
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Deep (Towoo) 5

Deep (Towoo)

Chapter 45

157.3K Jul 08,16 Towoo

Families that went missing decades ago... started to resurface.
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Pigminted 5



173.6K Jul 07,16 Le Brown

A little bit made up and a lot of it not.
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The DaneMen 5

The Danemen

Ch.141 : The One About Loss

215.5K Jul 07,16 David Danemen

"Show, don't tell. That's what they told me. "The DaneMen" is a silent comic strip. People all look the same. There are three main flavors: absurd, truthy and grim. Hitchcock said "Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out." Too bad. Life is 99% dull bits. Seems like a waste of bits to me. Chaplin said "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy
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Will You Do as I Say? 4.6

Will You Do As I Say?


654.6K Jul 06,16 Jae-sung

If you do as I say, I will let you taste heaven~ An exciting story of living in a women’s only house along with five girls who all have different fetishes~
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Ilhago Ssaugo Salanghala 4.8

Ilhago Ssaugo Salanghala


252.3K Jul 05,16 Yoo Ha Jin

Original Digital Publication
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