The Skeleton Becomes a Cat Dad 4.5

The Skeleton Becomes A Cat Dad

Chapter 90

273,536 Jun 04,22 Mago

A soft skin, short and coarse fur, tiny feet… What is that strange and cute creature? Hegol (skeleton) is independent and wants to raise a baby cat. He finally got a cat from the human agency service on the day he moved houses! But the baby cat got less fur on it's body… Does a baby cat look like that normally? He cannot contact the human agency service, Hegol takes in the sleepi
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Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up? 2.5

Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up?

Chapter 37

65,573 Jun 22,22 Updating

Li Chengxiu tasted the bitterness of life at a young age and longed to be loved. Shao Qun has a distinguished background, the second generation of naughty and unruly character in high school to the extreme, due to curiosity and approach, from bullying to be attracted, youthful feelings occurred in the wrong period, doomed to harm. He wanted to leave everything behind and start anew, but will the e
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Tit For Tat 2.7

Tit For Tat

Chapter 19

17,829 Jun 18,22 水千丞

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Cases of Judge Zhang 2.8

Cases Of Judge Zhang

Chapter 81 : [Official - End / Indefini.

35,694 May 23,22 大风刮过 , 千二百/鲜漫文化

Ministry of Rites met poor student Zhang Ping by chance. Seeing a talented person being so broke, he sent him in the office, and let him begin investigations. Look at an ordinary person rising in his career and being worshiped.
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One Night Mate 2.7

One Night Mate

Chapter 33 : It's A Secret

125,258 Jun 13,22 Cherry Manju , Justice

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Marriage and Sword 4.6

Marriage And Sword

Chapter 42

355,972 Jun 22,22 Saha

Read manhwa Marriage and Sword /   House Targayel, the sword of the Emperor and the glory of the Empire.House Targayel, whose name was respectable, was doomed. They weren't just doomed, they were destroyed.Just to make ends meet, Elje hides her identity and goes to war.After returning home, Elje who made a name for herself through her amazing swordsmanship and gained a fortune thought that all she
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I was Reborn as the Villainess' Father and I Need XXX to Survive!? 2.3

I Was Reborn As The Villainess' Father And I Need Xxx To Survive!?

Chapter 73

585,671 Jun 22,22 Cocoon Production

.We all know the isekai formula. The MC is always some nobody, they wake up in a perfect body, and they always end up dominating their new world. Sure, Satoru got the first two tropes, but he sure didn't choose to be reborn as an evil king in his ex-girlfriend's otome game. He'll have to quickly figure things out before the hero slays him and his villainess daughter.... all while dealing with sexy
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Don't Be Nice To Me 1.9

Don't Be Nice To Me

Chapter 6

16,744 Jun 18,22 Ssak

You called me first, bought me chocolate milk when I was drunk, deliberately visited me at my part-time job and the small group that consisted of only us. I didn't want to receive any of this from you.Yeonwoo Hyung, the person who treats me nicely but appears indifferent towards everyone else.
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Stack Overflow 2.9

Stack Overflow

Chapter 49

400,298 Jun 18,22 Pilhyo

.If you become a game tester, not only money but you'll also be given a vacation?But participate in such virtual game had led him into an unexpected accident. Gowoon, who have just barely open his eyes, received a mysterious notification."Would you like to start a new game?"A game that has invaded reality!! Who's the other party that'll be with me till the end...!!?! +
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Roses and Champagne 4.1

Roses And Champagne

Chapter 44

880,918 Jun 24,22 Zig & Fat

.Lee Won, who works as a poor lawyer in Russia, visits City Councilor Zdanov, who is in conflict over Nikolai's commission, and there he meets the mafia boss, Caesar. Behind City Councilor Zdanov, there was a mafia involved. The meeting between the two is extraordinary. +
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Through the Rumors 3.3

Through The Rumors

Chapter 19

67,599 Jun 24,22 그림 글 따쓰

.After getting a job, Jin SolYi suddenly discovers himself to be an omega. Caught by his colleagues, SolYi is forced to scoop around a famous alpha actor, Baek GiEun for a dating scandal. For the sake of getting some dirt on Baek GiEun, SolYi hides behind a club and catches a slightly drunk Baek GiEun kissing another omega. He secretly takes photos of them. It is the perfect scandal to drag Baek G
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Nation's Hunk is Hooked on Me 3.7

Nation's Hunk Is Hooked On Me

Chapter 129: I Splashed The Wine On You. What’S The Big Deal?

662,361 May 13,22 Bi Ciyuan Comics

Set up by a fellow colleague, she barges into the president's office insisting to apply medication on a certain part of his body. Offended by her actions, the almighty president physically attempts to prove his competence with her body. As if that wasn't cruel enough, the president's five-year-old son catches the two red-handed. The little rugrat plunges into her arms and says, "Daddy, did you get
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Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO 4.1

Contract Wife Runs Away From The Ceo

Chapter 455

560,629 Jun 22,22 Nian Hua Fu Liu (Original) , Shi Bu Manhua

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his possession to the whole world.Alternative the wife contract ran away of ceo,Flash Marriage President Contract Wife,Hasty Marriage Contract With The Heir
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Modern Vampire Slayers 4.1

Modern Vampire Slayers

Chapter 49

115,923 Apr 12,22 Updating

Only the Slayer can save the world. Long ago, vampires were created by the devil as destroyers of humanity. Now a vampire is after something but can disguise itself like anyone. What happens when an experienced and blood-crazed vampire gets loose in the city and no one is there to stop it?
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Big Brother's Parenting Situation 2.5

Big Brother's Parenting Situation

Chapter 30

137,323 Jun 16,22 Updating

.Jae-in, a key figure in the illegal gang and the big brother, disappears after a decisive battle with the Yuksa. Four years later, Yu Nan, who closely followed Jae-in, reunites with his hyung who had dreamed of it... The relationship between the hyung who wears a hypermarket apron and the dongsaeng which doesn't seem so serious?! Jae-in, who buried his past and walks the path of child-rearing
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No more Innocence 3.1

No More Innocence

Chapter 30

183,875 Apr 04,22 팀307

.If you take off the checkered shirt and thick rimmed glasses on his head, you get a handsome and young blond man?! The nerdy Ethan fell in love with Dwayne at their high school prom. With no progress for 4 years, Ethan reunites with Dwayne in his graduation party. Dwayne, ignoring Ethan who had mustered up his courage to go talk to him, feels something hard graze his hand as he walks past the ner
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Ghost Gate 3.6

Ghost Gate

Chapter 10

93,037 Apr 04,22 MEL

After staying behind in the office to work overtime, Giyoon accidentally spots Director Jung Yitae masturbating in the empty office. Disturbed by the immoral sight, he tries to leave. But an unknown force draws him closer to the man he does not get along with. After resolving to take a video of the director's unpleasant acts, the director catches him in the act and turns the situation against him.
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404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse 3.1

404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse

Chapter 122: Coward

810,918 Jun 19,22 Chong Nan

A young man named Hope lived a life without hope. Unemployment, break up, unimportant, family debt... When he was finally pushed by the despair in life to jump off a building and end his life, his phone strangely received a 30 seconds countdown timer. When the countdown finished, strange things happened...
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Briefly Free 3

Briefly Free

Chapter 5

40,633 Apr 05,22 Baek Do

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Pfeos 2.6


Chapter 36

284,512 May 24,22 Dips

.Webtoonization of , a web novel of the same name! "Adar" the escaped slave. Arriving at the port, Adar finds a ship to take him to the south. However, he only has a body and a few coins... Adar, who has no place to return, gets aboard on a boat on the condition of becoming a "women" where he meets the captain, Claude Weil.
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I Asked My Deskmate To Beat You 3.7

I Asked My Deskmate To Beat You

Chapter 59

166,585 Jun 09,22 Changpei Literature Jiuchuan Animation

.Little poor Xueba was bullied by the campus, so he switched from a key high school to an ordinary school.Class teacher: Zhan Ming, what did you score on your test?Zhan Ming: I asked my deskmate to teach me.Former classmate: Gu Qinan, don't think we can't find you if you transfer.Gu Qinan: I told my deskmate to beat you.
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