My Brother's Lover 3.6

My Brother's Lover

Chapter 11

86.5K Mar 27,23 Ponpacha

After confessing at a high school graduation ceremony, Chan-ran, a piano prodigy and Hye-jun, a former lover of his deceased brother met again at the university. Hye-jun who has not yet forgotten his brother who committed suicide, is still shaken by the splendid voice that resembles his older brother. Hye-jun who is drunk at a dinner party, couldn't help but to fell into the temptation of his hesi
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My Damned XXX 3.6

My Damned Xxx

Chapter 30

323.4K Mar 27,23 Ssaewoo

What does it take for a guy to get laid, you ask? Well, a hell of a lot of tries is the answer. Lee Si-hyeon is a 21-year-old virgin who has been in the bottom rungs when it comes to getting laid—and it’s not the kind of bottom he aspires to be. After four failed attempts at having sex, Si-hyeon’s fifth attempt is finally successful. Kind of. He wakes up in bed with his former-childhood-best-frien
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Frenzy Train 2.6

Frenzy Train

Chapter 21

311.1K Mar 27,23 Mehwagwa , Hellowon

On the train to deliver drugs and drinks the water handed to him by Serkin, and his body heats up. Zerkin finds a marble hiding a drug in Sovien's holeand disappears with his marble while Sovien is stunned. Sobian heads to the PrestigeKhan where Jerkin is said to be in search of the marble, but ... "Why is your body getting so hot? Your back is hot and itchy..." A strangely hot body, a train that
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Devil at the Crossroads 4.1

Devil At The Crossroads

Chapter 6

16.3K Mar 27,23 Nangjun

An accidental deal with the devil goes awry. Veterinary student Yoon Ha discovers he has a fear of blood! To solve his problem, he makes a deal with the demon Samael in exchange for his soul, which goes terribly wrong. Now Yoon must help Samael recover his demonic powers... but evil spirits keep showing up, lusting after Yoon's body?!
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Midnight Dweller 3.8

Midnight Dweller

Chapter 14

112.1K Mar 27,23 Gwendoline , Myeong Ye , Yang Ji

not found...
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Faking It In Style 4.6

Faking It In Style

Chapter 114

10M Mar 27,23 Dagabi,Flower j,Jin soye

Suah is a petite, red-haired designer who leads a drama-free life… until one morning, she wakes up tied to a chair. The man scowling down at her is none other than her roommate’s scary older brother, Seung-hyun, the owner of the apartment she’s been living in rent-free for the past eight years. He gives her one week to pack her bags and move out. Panicked Suah tries to plead and
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Release That Witch 5

Release That Witch

Chapter 489

149.4M Mar 27,23 Er Mu, Dr Woodman

A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers are productive forces! Save the witches, liberate the productive forces! Open map, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb up the science and te
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I Seduced The Deceitful Duke 4.4

I Seduced The Deceitful Duke

Chapter 13

405.5K Mar 27,23 BAE Hee Jin , Team Heimdallr

I am a capable guild member. My mission is to disrupt Duke Berry Winter's wedding"This marriage can't happenbecause I'm carrying the blood of a duke"The wedding ceremony began to stir under my words. If the situation continues like this, the wedding ceremony will be over soon, so should we withdraw early?I was about to run out of the wedding venue. But Duke Berry Winter approached me again and sai
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Queen, You Mustn't! 4.5

Queen, You Mustn't!

Chapter 56

2.5M Mar 27,23 Jaya , モカバン

Aurora Fenryr Astrophotas, the Goddess of War, returns from the seven-year war to face the aftermath of her father’s mysterious illness and subsequent death as well as the four men vying for her hand in marriage. Her best friend’s lover, her loyal fan’s fiancé, a professor with a secret, and her ex-fiancé come before her, but will she find a husband in time? She yearns to return
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Please Be Gentle, My Bossy Uncle! 4.1

Please Be Gentle, My Bossy Uncle!

Chapter 379

5.6M Mar 27,23 Updating

The killer queen has got a chance to live her life again, but two things scare her… One is when master Jue flirts with her. He is so hot that she has no idea how to turn him down! The other is master Jue’s huge cannon. The moment she gets close, the fuse is blown. “Little uncle, we are both decent people. Please don’t flirt with me!” But Wei Hanjue simply twitches hi
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Tonari no Seki no Kobayashi-san 4.2

Tonari No Seki No Kobayashi-San

Chapter 135

476.4K Mar 27,23 Chihara Mihashi

"Because I want to see that smile of yours again."
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For Better or for Worse 4.8

For Better Or For Worse

Chapter 107

21.9M Mar 27,23 Noh Hueda , Eunren

Somehow, before the appearance of the female lead, I became the male lead's temporary wife. Since things had already turned out this way, I decided to try my very best. However"It's so fortunate that someone like you became Cedric's partner.""I'll admit it. It's a fortune that you were the one to become his wife, Dylan.""It's such a fortunate chance that you were the one to become the Lady of the
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I Am the Fated Villain 4.8

I Am The Fated Villain

Chapter 76

21.1M Mar 27,23 天命反派,绘术动漫

Gu Zhangge was transmigrated into Xuanhuan World. The moment he was transmigrated, he saw many models surrounding the Lucky Male Protagonist and he really show hate him. Even the Female Protagonist was hugging him which lead to many jealousy among the VIP guest who witness it. Since I am more powerful and higher in status than him, destroying him would be very easy, but wait, there is a system her
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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon 4.7

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’T Protect The Dungeon

Chapter 229

121.5M Mar 27,23 Ant Studio, Sosori

Meet the Skeleton Soldier, a meager but fiercely loyal fighter who serves to protect its master, Lady Succubus. Its dream of a peaceful life with her is shattered when they're both brutally murdered by a group of warriors one day. But what would've been a pathetic end to an unremarkable soul sparks a new beginning: when the Skeleton Soldier opens its eyes again, it has traveled back 20 years in ti
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Survive on a deserted island with beautiful girls 4.6

Survive On A Deserted Island With Beautiful Girls

Chapter 201

21.7M Mar 27,23 Updating

Ancient beasts, modern humans, future technology, time and space chaos of the desert island; Stone Age, Power Age, Electric Age, rapid development of the desert island civilization. Exile on an uninhabited desert island, opening a system, Qin Tian from zero to survive. The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your child.
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Two-Faced Teacher's Night Class 3.8

Two-Faced Teacher's Night Class

Chapter 136

2.5M Mar 27,23 Yuan Chuang You Jia

Mini Mi who had run into huge amount of debt got a job in a bar, and found a great secret -- the gentle teacher at school would become the cool poker-face boss in bar! Damn! Would Mini Mi be killed by the scheming teacher?
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Wild Consort in the Beast World 3.8

Wild Consort In The Beast World

Chapter 142

2.3M Mar 27,23 Palm Reading , iReader , 掌阅文化

Ji Mo travelled to the Orc Continent, and there are handsome male beasts who can fly in animal skins and long legs. She has become the most admired female in the entire Orc Continent. Every male wants Ji Mo to give birth to cubs. . "No! Let go of me! My ideal is not to lie down and give birth every day!" Ji Mo struggled in the arms of the handsome male beast.
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Return of the Legendary Spear Knight 4.7

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight

Chapter 87

46.6M Mar 27,23 Jo Huang,Studio Ignis,Teacher Jo

The undefeated spear knight. A shining star from a Duchy household that completely shattered the common logic that a knight must use a sword. The great hero that put an end to the empire's long civil war. His name was ‘Joshua Sanders'. The man known as the Legendary Spear of the Emperor was coughing up blood. By the hands of none other than his lord, Emperor Caesar… “Cae
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Kubera 4


Chapter 566: [Season 3] Ep. 268 - Kubera And Kubera (4)

7.8M Mar 27,23 Currygom

From The Company: Gods with everlasting lives. Sura who possess unrivaled power. And humans, caught helplessly in-between. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter. One by one the other play
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I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend 4.7

I Became The Male Lead’S Female Friend

Chapter 23.5

540.6K Mar 27,23 Sunshine Beast , ggory

She became the failed-in-love, jealous inducer, female friend of the male lead. In addition, the character even has an unrequited love for the male lead. She would be ruined. As long as this was the case, she decided to just become friends! It was nice to have the first meeting with such a young male lead… "Hello, Miss Bouser." "Uwa!!" You were mistaken for a girl and you cried?
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The Professor Who Reads Love Stories 3.7

The Professor Who Reads Love Stories

Chapter 39

419.4K Mar 27,23 Angram

A middle-aged professor, Joon-woo, is infatuated with internet romance novels. Even though he does not show that he's an avid reader due to his social status, waiting for the next chapter of the novel enthuses him. But one day, as the author goes on an unexpected hiatus, Joon-woo decides to write a letter to the author... A story that echoes and vibrates deeply in the heart.
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Fist Demon of Mount Hua 4.8

Fist Demon Of Mount Hua

Chapter 126

39.3M Mar 27,23 Jin Sungyu (진선규),Ugak (우각)

Dam-Ho, the sole survivor of a raid on his village, has a lame leg, the worst possible condition for a martial artist. Nonetheless, he refuses to stop training. Whilst everyone around him tells him he cannot become a martial artist, Dam-Ho refuses to give up on his dream. Will he really be able to become the best martial artist?
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The Princess of Vengeance 4.4

The Princess Of Vengeance

Chapter 126

3.3M Mar 27,23 Updating

She was the king’s daughter, yet treachery took her whole family’s lives. With the help of a legendary artifact, she was granted a new life. She decided to hide her astounding beauty in disguise and concealed her real power, only to seek her vengeance!MangaToon got authorization from BYdongman to publish this manga, the content is the author’s own point of view, and does not repr
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