From Hate to Fate 3.6

From Hate To Fate

Chapter 60

1.7M Dec 10,23 Lee Ho Rim

For as long as he can remember, Chaemin’s been an unlucky guy. But he’s also learned that there’s nothing he can do but pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the best with what he’s got… until he’s hit by a truck and dies. Or at least that’s what Chaemin thought when he was rudely awakened by a grim reaper who, to Chaemin’s surprise, decides they’re willing to give him a second chance at life!
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You're Under My Skin! 4.7

You're Under My Skin!

Chapter 90

3.9M Dec 10,23 Nakta

Support the author on Lezhin if you can.- Hikki ?
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Into the Rose Garden 3.8

Into The Rose Garden

Chapter 27

1M Dec 10,23 Meg , Winterbaum , Gazealle

who was proud to be an aristocratic nobleman, fell in love at first sight with Klop, a lower-class aristocratic family he met by chance. Arok approached regardless of the difference in status, wealth or even the taboo of being the same alpha, but Clough ignored him and married another omega. In the end, Arok, blinded by jealousy, commits a terrible sin. And after learning the truth, Klopp executes
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Starting From Today I'll Work As A City Lord 4.3

Starting From Today I'll Work As A City Lord

Chapter 510

54.2M Dec 10,23 Qing Ting Animation, Aoye Dabai, Lou Xiaoyue, Tan Yong Lun, Zhuo J Yu

When a gaming otaku gains the power to cross over to other worlds, he will obviously have to figure out what to do with it! But what is this?! A powerful cat-woman elder sister, a loli fox-woman, a cuddly rabbit-woman younger sister... This isn't a zoo! Welcome to a world where the strong prey on the weak. Then again, it's all so wonderful! An authentic st
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Love You, with Death 4.1

Love You, With Death

Chapter 29

435.7K Dec 10,23 TOUMA Sakuru

Read manhwa Love You, with Death / Yakushi Olivier wa Aisuru Koushaku ni Shi wo Okuru / "We were happy until that fateful day." Born into a clan of apothecaries, Olive is a young girl who dreams of continuing her family's legacy. But then, one day, her hometown gets attacked. She loses her entire family, except for her older sister. They get adopted by the lord of the domain, Earl Elvert, only to
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If You Wish for My Despair 3.6

If You Wish For My Despair

Chapter 57

972.5K Dec 10,23 Konekoneko , Samoh

An orphan Anastasia, despite being of noble birth, was unable to afford to eat because of debts left behind by her parents. One day, her uncle, the Earl of Everdeen, proposes that she marry Theodore, a rival duke, in exchange for repayment of her debts, and Anastasia is sent to live with him. However, what awaits her is a life of ridicule, not only from Theodore but also from the maids. She is ser
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That Fishery, I’ll take it 4.7

That Fishery, I’Ll Take It

Chapter 23

175.2K Dec 10,23 Kkochnilang

Read manhwa That Fishery, I'll take it / , The first life was as So-yeon, an illegitimate child of a Chaebol family, where I would break my nose even if I fell backwards, the second life was one where I lived unfairly as the illegitimate child of a martial arts sect leader, the third life I was in a romance novel I read in my first life, the illegitimate daughter of the evil supporting family! T
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Master On Saturday's 3.9

Master On Saturday's

Chapter 21

437.7K Dec 10,23 Seom Onhwa

•This series relies heavily on honorific's, it's part of the storytelling. •The series is under the tag "비욘드 하드코어" which means beyond hardcore. Meaning this series is not suitable for everyone and can be very extreme
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Mary Jane 3.9

Mary Jane

Chapter 14

670.8K Dec 10,23 Gwagen

Dowon, a famously known psychoanalyst in the United States, returns to Korea to work as a counselor at a research institution affiliated with the government agency, where he encounters an arsonist who’s infamously known for never leaving behind a trace. MJ, a man suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and unable to control his urges, asks Dowon to cure his illness. Eventually, Dowon accepts
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Not Even Bones 3.5

Not Even Bones

Chapter 179

1.3M Dec 10,23 R.Schaeffer , Alai Cinereo

Nita doesn't hunt supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the black market her mother does that. Nita only dissects the magical bodies for her mother. However, Nita about to get a real taste of the family business and there is no turning back. Now, Nita must decide whether she is willing to become a monster... (Based on the YA novel by Rebecca Schaeffer.)
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Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing 4.7

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 159

53.7M Dec 10,23 Arlg,So Yu-Hyun

While working overtime through several nights, I fell asleep for a short while. When I woke up, I seemed to be possessing the villain of the webnovel I was reading. "Well, how typically cliché... to the point where I'd end up dead if I were to follow the predetermined fate. Darn it." I need to find a way to survive.
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The End of the World 4.5

The End Of The World

Chapter 30

281.1K Dec 10,23

Read manhwa The End of the World / Jusqu'au bout du monde / / Eesuh Yoon appears to have it all: beauty, intelligence, privilege, and a great career. Men are captivated by her, but none can truly capture her heart. Her future seems predestinedsettle down with a suitable partner and live a life of luxury. Enter Taejoh Ryu, a wealthy and arrogant man determined to "humble her." However, their pass
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MookHyang - Dark Lady 4.2

Mookhyang - Dark Lady

Chapter 200

59M Dec 10,23 Lee Jae Heon, Gugis, Jeondongjo

As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the new world of elf, sorcerer, knight, and dragon, MookHyang’s adventure of finding a way back to his old world (Murim) unfolds.
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We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside an Adult Fantasy Novel 4.7

We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside An Adult Fantasy Novel

Chapter 24

951.1K Dec 10,23 hyeyong , CHUNG

There’s only so much one can take of her friend squealing over yet another cliché romance fantasy novel. But the biggest cliché of all happens when Jiwon and Yein reincarnate with Sihyeon in the exact story their friend is so obsessed with! Though God has summoned them to this new world to save it from impending doom, the three women have other plans. Jiwon wishes to rebel against the imperial pal
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I’ll Divorce My Tyrant Husband 4.2

I’Ll Divorce My Tyrant Husband

Chapter 73

14.1M Dec 10,23 Josala , 오윤하

I possessed of the Empress in the novel of Rofan.Isn't that good thing?The problem is that the Empress is a supporting character who will be pushed off the throne by the cunning Emperor, then eventually dies of illness.Like the original empress, I couldn't die in the cold valley, waiting for my love to come.But I couldn't die. I've to be villain to get divorced.As if to destroy the national treasu
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Falling In Love With Disgrace 4.2

Falling In Love With Disgrace

Chapter 21

65.1K Dec 10,23 Kounryusuy

Despite being born into a noble family, Claudia faced severe adversity. She was confined to a shed and taunted as a "Demon Child" because her eyes were two different colors. In an effort to secure her a chance at becoming the Crown Princess, her father devised a scheme. Claudia remained determined to prove her worth through the demanding training. However, her dreams are shattered when the Crown P
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Profundis 3.9


Chapter 55

2.1M Dec 10,23 Jae Young , Morphish , Eise

A time where positivity and compassion for the weak have disappeared. 13 years ago, the life of the whole family was shaken when a mutant came out of the abyss, into the world. An old catastrophe, the most powerful star Almuten. Yoo Geon, who has lost his one and only older brother, is saved by the S-class hunter Woo Shin-je who appeared just in time."Be the guide of Erehon and obey my commands, e
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From a Knight to a Lady 3.8

From A Knight To A Lady

Chapter 105: Episode 104

12.9M Dec 10,23 Song Hye-rim

The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body... When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger's body, three year's time was lost, in which my homeland was brought to ruin. I was unable to come to my senses because of the pain of betrayal and the confusion of my identity. However, I eventua
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Time Roulette 4.2

Time Roulette

Chapter 81: Episode 81

9.6M Dec 10,23 Choi Yegyoon

Jeohun is taking the law course at elite school Korean National University. To make matters worse, my father was hit and run…! A strange compass-like object enters his desperate eyes! Suddenly a messenger named ‘Jun' appeared! It is said that the Time Roulette grands wishes with its powers. Unexpected missions and disasters! And the master of time travel, Karma! Will Junghoon be a
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Shutline 4.5


Chapter 77

7.2M Dec 10,23 Kyou. , Kyo Woo

.A street mechanic scene where people work hard on broken cars on the street.He finally meets Jake, who rides in a broken car and pays a large amount of money for maintenance. he tries to offend Jake, who gives him a sexual glance, but he forcibly passes his contact information because he doesn't want to miss Jake, who pays his living expenses for several months at a time.But soon after learni
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The Villain’s Match Is Too Perfect 4.8

The Villain’S Match Is Too Perfect

Chapter 38

374.8K Dec 10,23 Chae Jooah

Read manhwa The Villain's Match Is Too Perfect / The Devil's Match is Too Perfect / The Villain Match Is Too Perfect / The Villain's Match Is Too Perfect / The Villainess's Date is Perfect / Possessed by the rumored evil woman Yvon Argenthoz'! In her original work, she was a villain who met a tragic end because she was jealous of the female lead with her male lead, but after being possessed by
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Crowning My Feral Prince 4.3

Crowning My Feral Prince

Chapter 81

3.4M Dec 10,23 Salted man , Maru Comics

Some people start off their possession stories on an epic journey of discovery and growth–but not the newly awakened Trixie Giuseppe. She’s not even five minutes into her novel but is already married to the biggest creep ever and disowned by her parents. Wishing to free herself from the shackles placed by her awful husband, Trixie takes a job as a servant at a remote estate. But she discovers too
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A Tree Without Roots 4.1

A Tree Without Roots

Chapter 43

2.5M Dec 10,23 라포 , Lapo

Hee-seo, who lost his only family member, his mother, in an accident when he was young and is now raised by his adoptive parents and is curious about who his secret supporter/sponsor is. That night when he was hospitalized for causing an arson, he meets the person he has been looking for so much...
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