My Husband Changes Every Night 4.4

My Husband Changes Every Night

Chapter 67

4.6M Jul 23,24 Han YunSeol , 한윤설

"I'll come to the princess's bedroom every night."A perishing worldMy family sold me to the worst tyrant in history.But this man, he's weird at night."The only one who can heal me is the princess. I need princess."He unbuttoned. A burning desire was revealed in the flashing light of his eyes.Do you have to do this every night?'As if to relieve the extremely old thirst, the man endlessly longed for
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The Villainous Family Is Against Independence 4.7

The Villainous Family Is Against Independence

Chapter 45

581.2K Jul 23,24 Lee Huin

Read manhwa The Villainous Family Is Against Independence / I became an illegitimate child of a blo*** villainous family with no family love. Elodie, who had a weak body and a nervous attitude, bullied the servants. Three years from now, my sister will be adopted. The female lead, who was adopted as a political tool, will melt not only her father but also the whole family with her loveliness.
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Surviving As A Maid

Chapter 124

18.3M Jul 23,24 Heeseo

When I opened my eyes while cooking ramen, I woke up as the Queen’s maid, who was treated coldly by the King in the BL novel, where the King was gay, the concubine gay, the knight gay, the servant gay, and the librarian were gay. Will she be able to survive safely after becoming an ordinary maid, Ash, who has no main character buffs? How will the maid survive!
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Zero Game 4.1

Zero Game

Chapter 256

10.2M Jul 23,24 Jeulbahsen

A fantasy/drama story that follows a young girl as she participates in a survival game with the prize being a chance to rebuild her life to be better than the one she had. And the price of failure being her death.
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Girl's World 4.5

Girl's World

Chapter 399: 398 - Part 2.183

5.2M Jul 23,24 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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Hero Has Returned 3.9

Hero Has Returned

Chapter 125

52.9M Jul 23,24 Narak,Fungback

Kim Min-soo, a hero who saved another world with the single thought of returning home. He saved the world, but couldn't save himself, and decides to destroy the world. This story is about the last moments of the heroes, a cold reality with no happy
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I'll Raise You Well in This Life, Your Majesty! 4.7

I'll Raise You Well In This Life, Your Majesty!

Chapter 113

30.2M Jul 23,24 Anna,Jaha

When Ellisa opens her eyes and sees her young son, Leon, staring at her with eyes full of love and concern, she realizes that, by some miracle, she's been given a second chance. In her past life, she thought making Leon emperor was the only way to ensure his safety. But if she had known Leon had never wanted the crown, or that laying a crown soaked with the blood of his enemies and beloved one
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Unfinished Relationship 4.3

Unfinished Relationship

Chapter 33

312.4K Jul 23,24 Ant Studio

not found...
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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet 4.8

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

Chapter 503

25.6M Jul 23,24 Updating

“How perverted is Si Ye Han’s taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second.
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The Moon Comes to Me 4.4

The Moon Comes To Me

Chapter 79

75.4K Jul 23,24 长佩文学网

When Tao Xi was in his third year of junior high school, he learned about his fate of being deliberately exchanged by his "mother" when he was born. He lived in confusion until he saw Lin Qinhe from Wenhua No. 1 Middle School, a prestigious school thousands of kilometers away, on the remote live broadcast screen of a high school in a poor county. That was the first time he glimpsed the moon in the
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I Will Take The Duchy From Today 4.4

I Will Take The Duchy From Today

Chapter 56

2M Jul 23,24 Royal B,Yumin

Read manhwa I Will Take The Duchy From Today / I'll be Taking Over this Duchy / I'm a princess?Lucia Arpegio was the most powerful wizard ever.However, she abandoned all of her power and duty because she was a terribly greedy woman, and ran away at night with her best-looking gardener.And their daughter is me!Strong mana is the evidence of noble blood and pride.But in the Empire, the wizard's b
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I took care of him, but he came back obsessed with me 4.6

I Took Care Of Him, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

Chapter 63

3.7M Jul 23,24 Choam

I possessed the body of ‘Cersinia’, the only sorceress in the Empire who can conjure the power of fire. Fortunately for me, I still had three years before the original story began. Determined to change my fate, I decided to visit a gambling house, where I hit the jackpot. But Instead of money, I was offered a young slave boy as collateral. “Regarding your name, what about Ben?” “I like it. Ben… it
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Rough Uniform 2.9

Rough Uniform

Chapter 15

163.8K Jul 22,24 Bombibom , Cheoyeon

not found...
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I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother 4.8

I Will Divorce The Female Lead’S Siscon Brother

Chapter 47

2.5M Jul 22,24 Oaen

Read manhwa I Will Divorce the Female Lead's Siscon Brother / I Will Divorce the Female Lead's Older Brother / "We're getting a divorce." Ethel, who reincarnated into her favorite novel, has married the female lead's brother Liena. She thought her marriage life was genuine, but soon enough she became tired of a husband who cared only for his sister and whose attention was always centered on Lie
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The Baby Prisoner in the Winter Castle 4.9

The Baby Prisoner In The Winter Castle

Chapter 41

559.6K Jul 22,24 Ryu Hee-on

Read manhwa The Baby Prisoner in the Winter Castle / On the day when the country is defeated and all members of the royal family are executed, the illegitimate daughter of the beaten royal family unexpectedly becomes the last member of the royal family."You cannot put a person to death under the age of eighteen."Nine-year-old Clarisse was saved thanks to the law of Saffers, a victorious country
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To deny the route 4.3

To Deny The Route

Chapter 55

715.4K Jul 22,24 Honey Trap

not found...
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Living as the Tyrant's Older Sister 4.7

Living As The Tyrant's Older Sister

Chapter 169

36.2M Jul 22,24 Aperta,Chyobab

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a fantasy novel world! The beauty I see in front of the mirror is the future tyrant's older sister, Alicia! She's not even a protagonist or an antagonist, but a character that doesn't appear much and gets beheaded by the (upcoming) tyrant little brother. My life is all about escaping that fate from the novel. In the end
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Placebo Memories 3.4

Placebo Memories

Chapter 26

1.1M Jul 22,24 Do Kyung

[Woojin, who has lost his memories x Hamin, who has had an unrequited love for 13 years] An accident occurs where Woojin forgets 13 years worth of memories with Hamin. This causes a lot of panic for Hamin, as he has harbored unrequited feelings for him for those 13 years. Seeing this reaction, a misunderstanding occurs where Woojin believes that they are dating…
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Ideal Type but Kkondae 3.4

Ideal Type But Kkondae

Chapter 27: Last Update

1.2M Jul 22,24 Barry Potter

“Is this what it feels like to fall in love at first sight?” Han-sol fell in love at first sight when he happened to see Min-joon at Eunseong College of Engineering who came to play with his friend. Min-Jun is a professor of architecture and famous for being a huge brat... "I, Lee Han-sol, don't back down over things like that. Baek Min-joon, I will make you mine!"
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Wan Gu Shen Wang 4.4

Wan Gu Shen Wang

Chapter 411

37M Jul 22,24 Xiaomingtaiji , Huang Shaoxing Man ,

The past life died because of the imperial concubine, and he was born again in the high school era. It coincides with the recovery of the aura and the great changes in the world. When rejuvenating a teenager, he will follow the path of his journey, and he will protect his own friends. Loved ones. When he does not choose to stay, he will push him all the way.
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Memories Of Your Breath 4.3

Memories Of Your Breath

Chapter 19

49.3K Jul 22,24 Chepali

Nae-young, a veterinarian with deep childhood trauma, lives a quiet life until one day he meets a man who comes to see him for his dog. While caring for Nari, who was rescued from a pound and adopted, the man gradually develops a crush on Nae-young. Nae-young, who lives in gloves due to a condition that prevents him from making human contact, panics when he realizes that his inner walls are only l
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The Fox's Thief Marriage 4

The Fox's Thief Marriage

Chapter 54

471.7K Jul 22,24 Han Si-won , Lee Solwoo

On the day of his grandfather's funeral, his grandson Kin-Heon commits an irreversible relationship with his grandfather's hundreds of sponsors. Among them is Baek-Yeon, who grew up with his grandfather's support. One phone call, he gets caught up with Kin-Heon again, after forgetting him for 4 years. More than a hundred people who have had a relationship with him in the past claim to have his son
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The Bondservant 4.6

The Bondservant

Chapter 36

228.8K Jul 22,24 Jezz , Lena Jeong

not found...
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