Ai to Kairaku no Jouken 4.7

Ai To Kairaku No Jouken

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Love Together

124.4K Jan 20,16 Kanda Neko

From Shinmakoku Scanlations: My name is Tamaki. I always loved the night life where I could have as many guys as I want. Until one night, I slept with Gunji-san, an ordinary salaryman. Since then, no man can arouse me. Have I been dried up? At my age? How could it be possible!? And then, when coincidentally I met Gunji-san again, my body instantly burns with passion…
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Tsuzuki wa Mata Yoru ni 4.8

Tsuzuki Wa Mata Yoru Ni


74.9K Jan 20,16 Chiba Ryouko

Popular host Akusawa Fumi and renowned detective Futagami Takaharu have been classmates throughout high school and college, and also been lovers at some point. They met again two years ago, and have since rekindled their sexual relationship. And while it proved to be as hot and fierce as ever, in truth there might perhaps still be a little more to it than just that..?
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Welcome to the University of Love 4.9

Welcome To The University Of Love

Vol.1 Ch.0

73.5K Jan 20,16 Minami Haruka

From Liquid Passion: Aizome Riku enjoys napping on the school's roof, but when he falls from a tree tryng to climb down Kairi is there to catch him. The two become fast friends, but Kairi's three bodyguards who follow him everywhere soon grate on Riku's nerves. Can Kairi convince Riku that his 'like' is more than friends and capture his would-be uke's heart?
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What's Your Weakness? 5

What's Your Weakness?

Vol.1 Ch.0

50K Jan 20,16 Iruka

Original dj
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Whip On! 4.5

Whip On!

Vol.1 Ch.9 : Overwork

130.2K Jan 20,16 Chouno Shibuki

From DokiDoki: BL is such a... rich and uh... varied genre. Don't believe it? Check out this extremely hot compliation celebrating the various shapes and sizes of men in BL... from delicate waifish youths to middle-aged musclemen, you'll find it in here.
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White & Black 5

White & Black

Vol.1 Ch.8

87.5K Jan 20,16 Misasagi Kumiko

Eiji and Kouki are angels whose mission is to guide souls to either heaven or hell. Eiji, a black angel, guides corrupted souls to hell, while Kouki, a white angel, guides pure souls to heaven. Both have to work together as partners to accomplish their task. However, God cannot forgive black angels for their accumulated sins, and only gives white angels the power to reincarnate. Though Eiji develo
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White Guardian 4.8

White Guardian

Vol.1 Ch.5

97K Jan 20,16 Duo Brand.

From DramaQueen: The Kingdom of Landa, once a proud country, is weakened by internal espionage and strife with its neighbors. In order to save the country, Linth Highwind Belc Landa IV, Crown Prince of Landa, returns to his country determined to bring about change. But missing from his plans is a man - the one man who had left behind the intrigue of the palace for the freedom of the sea. Gener
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Wild and Strawberry 4.6

Wild And Strawberry

Vol.1 Ch.1

63.5K Jan 20,16 Suzuki Tsuta

"Turn. Turn this way. Focus those eyes on me." Is what Yuusuke is thinking, and by chance the guy he likes turns around. Then his confession just slips out.
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Dreamers High 5

Dreamers High

Vol.1 Chapter 2

59.6K Jan 20,16 Miyamoto Kano

Rules series timeline: 1) Please (ch5) -- Hydra dj - Kiss -- Hydra dj - Kiss After 2) Hydra dj - Skies 3) Hydra 1+2+3+4 (ch1-4) 4) Hydra 3+4+5+6 (ch5-6) -- Hydra dj - Blue Film First (after Hydra ch8) -- Hydra dj - Heavenly (between Hydra ch9 and ch10-11) -- Hydra dj - The Days Before -- Rules dj - Real Thing -- Rules dj - Hello Again 5) Lovers and Souls 6) Rules dj - Fragile 7) Vani
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Wild Fangs 4.6

Wild Fangs

Vol.1 Ch.7.5 : Extra - Dear My Brother

183.3K Jan 20,16 Yamagishi Hokuto

Mao, who has a rare bloodline of a beast, goes on a journey to find his brother after their grandmother dies . He then meets Syon, a bounty hunter, who is willing to help him on his search...will it become more?
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Wild Fish 4.9

Wild Fish

Vol.1 Ch.5.1 : Extra

193.4K Jan 20,16 Hiiro Reiichi

Ayase kai almost drowns in the ocean but is saved by a merman. He thought it is all a bizare dream, until the merman shows up again at his company, this time with legs. He claims to be a rich prince and Ayase's new boss but thats not all, his true goal is to make Ayase his mate!
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Wild Rock 4.9

Wild Rock

Vol.1 Ch.6

221.9K Jan 20,16 Takashima Kazusa

Yuuen, the child of the Forest Clan chief is given the task of seducing Emba, the son of the Lakeside Clan Chief. Yuuen discovers a problem however when he realizes how sensitive and naive Emba really is, and he finds himself liking the youth more at every meet.
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Wild Wind 4.9

Wild Wind

Vol.1 Ch.8.5 : Extra: A Blast Wind

177.6K Jan 20,16 Yamagishi Hokuto

From Nakama: Long ago in a distant land, when the heavens ruled the earth, the two of them met by a trick of destiny. this is part of the Wild Fangs and Wild Rose set
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Kiken na Otonarisan 4.7

Kiken Na Otonarisan

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Extra(The End)

189.1K Jan 20,16 Nanami

Story 1: Endou got into an affair with the neighbor's wife and was caught red-handed by the husband, Okumura. He apologized to Okumura and was expecting a beat-up when Okumura pushed him down instead... Story 2: Ritsu has unrequited feelings for his friend Masashi. In order to cope with the situation, he indulges in a frivolous life as an escort in the red-light district. When he suspects to ha
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Sensei! Koi no Shitsumon Desu! 5

Sensei! Koi No Shitsumon Desu!

Ch.0 : Oneshot

57.2K Jan 20,16 Tomoe Fumi

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Wonderful Kiss! 5

Wonderful Kiss!

Vol.1 Ch.6 : The Heart Doesn't Stop (Sequel To Wonderful Kiss)

94.4K Jan 20,16 Ichijo Hikaru

Collection of oneshots : 1) Wonderful Kiss 2) Taboo 3) Ame no Ato 4) Nocturne 5) A Midsummer's Premonition 6) The Heart Doesn't Stop
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Wonderful Life 5

Wonderful Life

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Extra

103.7K Jan 20,16 Yamakami Riyu

1) Wonderful Life (5 chapters) : Takumi and Tomohiro are a very loving couple. Tomohiro is a not-so-popular illustrator, but Takumi is an elite. They only get to meet up once a week and Takumi always leaves immediately after making up. Tomohiro couldn’t help but thinking, “could it be because Takumi’s lazy to look for another lover or…?" 2) Wonderful Days (1 chapter) extra story.
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X-Kiss 3.7


Vol.1 Ch.1

59.2K Jan 20,16 Uchida Kazuna

Collection of short stories
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X'mas wa Kirai 4.3

X'mas Wa Kirai

Vol.1 Ch.2

52.9K Jan 20,16 Atsuko Ryo

Fujikura Akira is aiming to be a photographer while Masaki Hiroyuki is a high school dropout. Akira takes an unknown picture of Hiroyuki last Christmas while Hiroyuki was crying... and all Akira wants to find out is why...
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Renai Saiban no Yukue 4.6

Renai Saiban No Yukue

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Beloved Butler

74.5K Jan 20,16 Aniya Yuiji

From The Back Door: Attorneys Sobaru and Igawa have set up their practices in the same building. Sobaru is always berating the laid-back Igawa, but is he actually just hiding his true desires?
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XI 4


Vol.1 Ch.6 : La Decadanse & Extra ~ Policeboy The Passionate

147.4K Jan 20,16 Sadahiro Mika

This manga contains a series of one-shots that feature Hanai Shishimaru, the perverted boss of ‘The Help-for-Help-Seekers Room’, which will do anything for their clients except murder. Causing divorces, turning someone gay, ‘relieving stress’ on a crowded train…… Just how far will he go? The first, fourth and fifth one-shots, XI -Extreme Love-, Fool and Shadow Game, as well as the extra, La déc
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Mizugi tte Kimochi Ii ne! 4.5

Mizugi Tte Kimochi Ii Ne!


166.1K Jan 20,16 7c [add] Nanashi Shounen [add]

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Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru 4.8

Kimi Ga Koi Ni Midareru

Chapter 10

258.9K Jan 20,16 Takanaga Hinako

One day, dazzled by the pattern of a beautiful kimono, he suddenly finds himself enchanted by the talent behind its simple genius. Just how far will he go for such a lovely masterpiece?
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Sugar Code 4.9

Sugar Code

Vol.1 Ch.4.6

317.7K Jan 20,16 Natsume Isaku

From Nakama: When Takagi Akira, an owner of an apartment, was in town, he ran into a scene where a man, Oodoi, saved an old man from a gang. Akira fell for Oodoi’s manly courage and took him in his apartment. Oodoi found Akira’s apartment comfy and spent time there. Akira thought Oodoi's manly act was now part of the past... But when Akira was harassed by mobs and about to sell his apartment, i
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