Player (OH Hyeon-Jun) 4.6

Player (Oh Hyeon-Jun)

Chapter 92

9.1M Feb 17,22 Hyeon-Jun Oh

Through posting a "Best Comment", I somehow became the main character of a webtoon!
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Ernak 4.4


Chapter 83

18.3M Feb 12,22 Gurim Lee, Kaichael

Novice gamer Youngsik Yuu, who finds himself sucked into a game world several years in the past, attempts to make the most of his wealth of knowledge, to survive in a world unwittingly bracing for a huge war.
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Abide in the Wind 4.4

Abide In The Wind

Chapter 183

4.5M Feb 03,22 Shin Weol

Reana lives peacefully in a small town deep in the province of the Earthside Kingdom. She has a loving father, an interesting job and the childlike trust in the people around her... But everything changes after she encounters a dying dragon. He is the last one of his kind and possesses the power which can shake the world - what a great titbit for others! And so Reana is thrown into turmoil, into t
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Desire Diary 4.2

Desire Diary

Chapter 39: Ep. 39 - Human Leather (5) (Series Finale)

2.5M Jan 22,22 Park Tae Joon

A new work by Park Tae-joon, who succeeded in ! The desire that anyone would have, and would the end be happiness or destruction… Let's dive into the new world he draws.
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The female teacher who fight back 4.3

The Female Teacher Who Fight Back

Chapter 22

543.8K Jan 19,22 Tu Shanjun

Black and white two sides of the blood Raksha, became a teacher of The Holy Day College, and was commissioned to a heavy-duty? In the class, a student who skips class smiles and asks, “Teacher, what is the most painful thing in life?” A step of a woman blocks the door who lazily replied: “The most painful thing in life is that I came, and you did not graduate!” “
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Blooming Days 4.3

Blooming Days

Chapter 33

407.3K Jan 18,22 Siradasue

"Tulip" first love is "Chen" friend of her brother who are years older than her. When they meet again after she's all grown up and ready to love. Tulip realize that there are more problem to this than their age gap. Is that Chen is not the same man she thought he was anymore.
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Loplop 4.4


Chapter 21

548.7K Jan 18,22 Chong Tak

Felix, who likes to watch different people and things on the subway, finally picks up a brush again after two years. Felix's roommate Harry is an eccentric yet brilliant person. The simple Felix and his roommate interactions are bizarre, and Felix has no idea that his roommate is watching his every move... But the surprising thing is, the artist's block that Felix came across oddly reso
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Jazz For Two 4.5

Jazz For Two

Chapter 74

1M Jan 18,22 Clarju

Taeyi hears a familiar melody fill the empty halls and makes his way to the old music room. He knows his brother is dead, but he can’t help but hope, maybe, just maybe…it’s his brother playing his favorite song. When he slams open the door, however, he finds Seheon, the new transfer student, at the piano. Disappointment comes crashing down and Taeyi can’t control his anger
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I'm Your Cute Copycat! 4.4

I'm Your Cute Copycat!

Chapter 31

681.2K Jan 17,22 Marob-mic

Semin always stalks the social medias of his favorite internet personality, John. One day, he suddenly finds out that John is actually his classmate, Jo Yohan. Strange feelings are starting to develop in Semin's second semester of third year...
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Heavenly Match 4.5

Heavenly Match

Chapter 335: The End

6.8M Jan 15,22 Alic

From: Easy Going Scans A young girl accidentally awakens a guardian spirit sealed within a sword. Together they will face many challenges in order to complete a mysterious mission given by the gods. They meet other summoners and spirits, face demons, and details about their past lives are revealed. 
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Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels? 4.6

Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

Chapter 62.5

1.3M Jan 15,22 Kim Jimmy

Kim Manseok is your average, everday guy but with one particular hobby: his love for high-end high heels. He owns his own personal blog and is known as a woman online but one day, his identity is exposed! Will he be able to continue his life as an ordinary salary man?
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Tensei Kenja wa Musume to Kurasu 4.7

Tensei Kenja Wa Musume To Kurasu

Chapter 6.1: (Part Two)

5.5M Jan 14,22 Ryo Kotohira,Uso Uzaki

Meet Kento Oonari, salaryman in hell. Overworked by his bosses, his head surely whirled. He dies, but meets up with a god called Raidel Who tells him that he’ll be sent to a new world. Kento's fairly cautious - he’s read this before.   And so, to the god, he begs for one thing: “I just want to live a slow life, nothing more. &ldq
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On the Emperor's Lap 3.6

On The Emperor's Lap

Chapter 106

9.2M Jan 05,22 Updating

Little Bella, a war orphan who once trusted for survival; grows up carrying an abandonment wound. It’s a life without purpose, she’s the unseen, unheard, and a war slave. Kiris embraces Bella, a girl he once abandoned, now has been forgotten. Maybe it is too late when he’d found her again. Will she get over past hurts and believe in love again, when there is too much damage do
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December rain 3.1

December Rain

Chapter 51 : Side Story 2 (The End)

428.2K Jan 05,22 Kimon

Fresh out of the army, Suchae decides to take some time off and travel around the country by himself. On the first day of his trip, he spots a guy who looks totally his type at a rundown bus terminal. The only problem is, it's the same guy who was jerking off in the bathroom 5 minutes ago. Despite the possibility of him being a creep, however, Suchae is drawn to the mysterious stranger. He finds e
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Boy's lipstick 4.3

Boy's Lipstick

Chapter 65

1.1M Jan 04,22 Miyeon choi

Famous beauty influencer disguising as a guy B-magic the hottest beauty blogger in the industry. Everyone is always waiting for her next upload! But little do they know B-magic is trying to a normal life as a high school student as a boy? What secrets is she hiding? And will her classmates uncover her identity ?
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On My Own 3.7

On My Own

Chapter 66

988.8K Jan 03,22 Zuha

Genius chef and restaurant owner Heemin hates relying on others so much that he's called “Mr. On My Own”. Being known as a no-fluff, values-over-looks guy is all good in the workplace, except it means he has to hide an integral part of who he is... The fact that he's a diehard fan of the K-pop group, Emotion! To be specific, Heemin is obsessed with Jeong-woon, but at a meet-and-greet, one of
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Foreigner on the Periphery 4.7

Foreigner On The Periphery

Chapter 17

6.7M Dec 31,21 Huloseuteu,Tyang

I don't want to work. Like at all. But I don't have a choice. On earth where Humans, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and Alien immigrants live, it is an endless repetition of incidents. This is the story of a man that's had to work in secrecy for 800 years because he'll die if he doesn't work.
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When The Yakuza Falls Inlove 4.1

When The Yakuza Falls Inlove

Chapter 64

6.6M Dec 29,21 Murimi,dupal

Min-jun came to Japan to study and also dreaming of a wonderful gay life. A group of black cars surrounds Min-jun as he is about to die after being scammed by his ex-lover. Min-jun's impressive love contract hired as a 'mama' by the Chief Yakuza Daiki and his son Thomas.
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The Lurking Spirit 4.9

The Lurking Spirit

Chapter 4

271.3K Dec 28,21 Shimazaki Mujirushi

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Siren's Song 4.2

Siren's Song

Chapter 68 : Side Story 2

3M Dec 26,21 Clarju

One snowy evening out on the terrace, Luan hears Yul singing and is immediately captivated by his voice. Luan is surprised to see his own honest reaction, while Yul is surprised by the simple fact that he was heard by another human being. To what lengths will Luan go to claim Yul for himself...? (Source: Lezhin)
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Confusion Desire 4

Confusion Desire

Chapter 6

351.9K Dec 18,21 리팬

"Would you like to try it?“ Inhyuk, Suwon, and Yubin are living together after 10 years of friendship. Inhyuk witnesses Yubin trying to kiss Suwon while he is sleeping. In the process of trying to overcome this, Yubin, who wanted to sleep with Suwon, gets caught up in the scheme of three?
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Kiss Me Liar 4.1

Kiss Me Liar

Chapter Side 1

4M Dec 14,21 Updating

As a secretary, is there anything more tragic than having a crush on your boss? What's more, this boss is a big Alpha doctrine. What age does he still engage in sexism and refuse male Omega! Just when Yeon Woo thought that his bitter secret love was going to end in vain, he found out that the boss who looked down on him secretly took care of everything for him. After the heat cycle he not on
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Wendy the Florist 4.6

Wendy The Florist

Chapter 99

10.7M Dec 08,21 Bize / Sizh

Wendy is a reclusive florist who doesn’t believe in love. That is until he came in, ready to destroy the walls caging her heart.
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