Stealing the Lady’s Heart 3.7

Stealing The Lady’S Heart

Chapter 31

5K Sep 26,22 CHACHA KIM , JOY , 조이 , Mani , 마니

Stealing the Lady's Heart manhwa, ; Rainier Cavalier is a handsome duke burdened with an enormous debt. Henrietta Cortez is a wealthy yet neglected heiress. When Rainier's friend suggests that he "bride-kidnap" Henrietta as a means to relieve his financial woes, he does just that. However, he wasn't expecting Henrietta to be so beautiful, nor was he expecting her to propose a marriage of conveni
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The Duke of Ashleyan’s Contractual Marriage 4.7

The Duke Of Ashleyan’S Contractual Marriage

Chapter 37

10K Sep 25,22 Dancheong , EunO , issue-anne

In order to leave the nunhood to avenge her parents by killing the tyrant king, Rubiana swears to devote her firstborn child to God. After all is done, she's ready to fulfill her oath, except... She doesn't have a husband! Enter Louis, the only descendant of the late king and rival to the current ruler. He's got a proposal for Rubiana: he'll help her bear a child if they marry and she assures his
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Death Row Boy 4.3

Death Row Boy

Chapter 18

15K Sep 25,22 Kim Soong-nyeon , Gwangsan

Park Tae-Jun Comics Company, Kim Soong-Nyung / GwangsanShin Kim, the rare serial killer who shook the Republic of Korea!Ji-hoo, who lost his family to Kim Shin, meets another victim, Du-seok, and is trained as a human weapon.And he goes to prison on his own to kill the killer with his bare fistsThere has been no execution in our country since 1997. Shouldn't someone be doing it?'
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Ophelia the Oracle Queen 4.6

Ophelia The Oracle Queen

Chapter 25

20K Sep 25,22 Rosarin , Terry , Ullpe

Ophelia the Oracle Queen manhwa, There's nothing more frustrating than a novel with endless tragedy and zero triumph. Such is the tale of Ophelia, a powerless princess who is used by those around her only to be cast aside and poisoned to death. So when an ordinary bookworm wakes up in the princess's body, she knows that she must rise to the throne in order to survive. Being the illegitimate daug
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Marriage B 4.7

Marriage B

Chapter 20

75.1K Sep 25,22 G-ANNE , Namsalang , Yosyua

Marriage B manhwa, B "You killed Melissa. If you let me go, she won't!"I am married to Terio Alte, a friend from childhood. But Terio's heart only goes to Melissa, my sister.Not long after that, Marquis Ancy Betelgius destroyed the Rubiet family. And Melissa, who was married to him, also died.Terio took out all his resentment on me, because I couldn't stand it and decided to give up on this lifeW
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Take Me, I'm Yours 4.6

Take Me, I'm Yours

Chapter 69

19.8K Sep 22,22 RoseBean , One Punch Rabbit

Have you ever had a ghost as a roommate? That's the situation that confronts Chanyang Jeong when a haunting turns into a homestay. The "ghost" in question is actually Jian Nam, heir to the Baekgyeong Group, who's currently in a coma after a suspicious accident. Jian needs to remain near Chanyang for three months to find out if he can wake up from the coma, so the two are forced to cohabitate. Can
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I have Max level luck 4.6

I Have Max Level Luck

Chapter 33

185.2K Sep 22,22 IHMLL

I have Max level luck manhwa, My Luck is Max A Virtual Reality game praised for its extreme difficulty. Hansung was once a top-tier ranker, but he got trapped inside the game! It's hard to survive with his current stats. However, Hansung has a high level of luck! Obtaining SSS class skills from random boxes? That's easy! Hitting the jackpot from the slot machine? A piece of cake! He is overflowin
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Phase 3.7


Chapter 78

5K Sep 22,22 Jouki

Min is unique. Plagued by debts, misfortune and a troubled past her life has been anything but normal. When she has the opportunity to earn a great deal of money, 50 million dollars to be exact, she would be a fool to refuse. Despite the odd conditions she takes a chance with Shuu, the handsome, irritating billionare who can change her life. Can she keep her secrets close to her chest or will she
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In the Bleak Midwinter 4

In The Bleak Midwinter

Chapter 52

45.1K Sep 22,22 Kat , Ali

With a dead sister and 25 years to go on her soulmate timer, Anya decides to cryogenically sleep away her problems. Too bad she wakes up to an apocalypse full of them. Now stuck in a burnt out landscape full of killers, Anya must decide which she wants to keep: her heart or her head.
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The Wicked Wife of a Scheming CEO 2.9

The Wicked Wife Of A Scheming Ceo

Chapter 26

8.1K Sep 21,22 Yoon soda

Eunsang Hahm just caught her boyfriend cheating, and Kyungwoo Kang, the CEO of her company, is engaged to someone he doesn't love. They both agree to a mutually beneficial fake relationship. After all, it's just a business deal, so what could go wrong? But as the two begin their scheme, it is clear that their connection runs deeper than what is written in their contract. With his rich family set o
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I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother 4.7

I’Ll Be The Warrior’S Mother

Chapter 23

110.1K Sep 22,22

"Even if you become my wife, I won't touch you""Is that so? Then it's okay if I touch you, okay?""""What?"***In about 20 years in the future, this world will. destroyed by the devil. There is only one way to prevent that catastrophe.It was to marry the duke known as the "monster" and give birth to his child. After that, the baby will become a warrior to save this world."Mielle, this marriage, let
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The Hero is Standing in My Way 4.3

The Hero Is Standing In My Way

Chapter 43

120.1K Sep 22,22

Read manhwa The Hero is Standing in My Way / I reincarnated into a novel that I'd read in my past life.I'm destined to be the fianc of the villain in the not-too-distant future, but that's Doesn't it depend on how I live?"My ideal type is 190 centimeters tall, handsome, rich and doesn't get fat when he gets older!"And then I saved the life of the young male protagonist before I even started lo
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The Land Lord’s Baby Retires 4.6

The Land Lord’S Baby Retires

Chapter 52

195.2K Sep 22,22

Read manhwa The Land Lord's Baby Retires / In her third life, she was reborn as the only daughter of a villain that didn't have blood nor tears.People lived in a house that was on the verge of collapsing, so she designed a building using her previous life's knowledge.However, her dad caught her and"We passed a bill that the building's ownership would be given to the person who
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Boss in School (Season 3) 4.6

Boss In School (Season 3)

Chapter 55

175.2K Sep 20,22 LEE Hoon Young , KIM Ui-Gwon

Seth Kwon was a born fighter. But due to his promise with his mother,he decides to stop fighting, even in self-defense Everything changeswhen his father dies and leaves him with a single message:"stop getting your ass kicked".
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The 3 Strongest High School Heroes on Earth 3.7

The 3 Strongest High School Heroes On Earth

Chapter 6

24.7K Sep 25,22 Bluecoldtunamayo

Dead-Teen Hero manga, The 3 Strongest High School Heroes on Earth ; ; 3Can she be the main character? High school senior Jihyeon Han wants to be the heroine of a teen comic but every application has been rejected. Desparate and running out of options, she takes a chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove herself. Can she finally be the main character for once?
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Overbearing Tyrant 4.8

Overbearing Tyrant

Chapter 38

55.1K Sep 19,22 Jang Dae-soo , Storytree , Coff , Doff

In the year 202X, the Otherworlders invaded Earth. The otherworlders have more sophisticated technology and hunted down humans with combat robots and viral weapons, and the remaining humans battled on for 10 years just to survive. The main character, Park Sung Hyun', was the leader of the troops in Incheon, Bupyeong. Prior to the invasion of the Otherworlders, he used to be a part-timer at a conve
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I Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time 3.8

I Refuse To Be Executed A Second Time

Chapter 22.5

115.1K Sep 23,22 BARUSA Mine , SORAJIMA Studio

Ella Walker looks back on her life atop a guillotine. She was forced to cancel her engagement with Prince Gil in favor of her stepsister Isabella and demoted to rule a desolate hinterland. Then, the resulting riot leads to Ella getting executed. But after the execution, she somehow ends up reincarnated ten years into the past. Having been given a chance to do it all over again, Ella is determined
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Youngest Son of the NamGung Clan 4.7

Youngest Son Of The Namgung Clan

Chapter 23

245.3K Sep 24,22 Gobatan , Teyang-i

[From the studio behind SSS-Class Suicide Hunter:]This is the story of NamGung DeSo, the youngest son of the NamGung Clan!After losing his dantian in the competition for the position of vice-patriarch, he then faces an unexpected death out of nowhere and regresses into the pastThe youngest son of the strongest clan?Such a title is way too bothersome.Let someone else become the strongest person or
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Talented baby squirrel 4.6

Talented Baby Squirrel

Chapter 23

95.1K Sep 25,22 Hogdeung Golae , Ultramarinesilk , Han So-young

Talented baby squirrel manhwa, Beatty, the frail squirrel was born into a family of lions. So, she had to live in abusive situations at her aunt's house.The second prince is her only friend and fiance. The moment she said she was leaving to achieve her dream"Ritter, you bastard!"She died from his fangs.When she opened her eyes again, she discovered that she had returned to the past. The time befor
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King Of Octagon 4.5

King Of Octagon

Chapter 18

125.1K Sep 20,22 GOPUBI , Philip

King Of Octagon manhwa, The thrilling MMA conquest of a rookie genius fighter Wheesung, who was a promising sportsman with a natural sense of movement, quit exercising in high school due to an injury and lives a part-time life. In the meantime, he is invited to the match of MMA amateur Junghwan He feels a strong thrill at the power of Octagon' that he encounters for the first time. 22-year-old
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The World’s Best Escort Bureau 4.3

The World’S Best Escort Bureau

Chapter 43

135.1K Sep 20,22 Jang Dam , Jung Jae

The World's Best Escort Bureau manhwa , One day the strongest person in the world disappeared. An old man who was suffering from dementia and couldn't remember himself appeared in front of the village boy So Woon. So-Woon takes care of him carefully and later the old man teaches him martial arts. One day he finds that the old man whom he was taking care of and who taught him martial arts disappea
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Not Even Bones 3.9

Not Even Bones

Chapter 129

50K Sep 25,22 R.Schaeffer , Alai Cinereo

Nita doesn't hunt supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the black market her mother does that. Nita only dissects the magical bodies for her mother. However, Nita about to get a real taste of the family business and there is no turning back. Now, Nita must decide whether she is willing to become a monster... (Based on the YA novel by Rebecca Schaeffer.)
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Shadowless Night 4.7

Shadowless Night

Chapter 19

105.1K Sep 18,22 Kim Miyu , Somco , Teava , Hin

Shadowless Night manhwa, When you enter the deep forest, you will be devoured by the shadow. The shadow in the forest moves when no one is looking. In the deep forest, there is a shadow that mimics humans. The shadow speaks.Rosalin of the White Night Chivalric Order went missing after suffering from an unexpected enemy attack during a hunting competition. They were able to find her unconscious and
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Leave Me Alone, Duke 4.5

Leave Me Alone, Duke

Chapter 36

135.2K Sep 19,22 MUSO , CheolGunhee

Read Leave Me Alone Duke manhwa, The fiancee who disappeared five years ago appeared with a child."This child, is it my child?""We are no longer in a relationship."But somehow, her fiancee rejected him, and he was frustrated because he didn't know, but it didn't matter."There is plenty of time. So take it slow."" .""There was no other woman but you in my life, in the past, now and in the future .
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