This Doesn't Feel Like Me 3.9

This Doesn't Feel Like Me

Chapter 51 [End]

22M Jul 28,19 Andromeda 11

Jin-Woo gets a new beautiful mom which is 10 years older than him.
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A Thousand Years Ninetails 4.8

A Thousand Years Ninetails

Chapter 126

2.5M Jul 26,19 Giryang

In a city that is neither small nor big, there's a mountain that people avoid. The undeveloped mountain isn't protected with a green belt nor is it a site of environmental conservation. The avoided, prohibited forest... With the dismal atmosphere and the rumors that whisper about the spirits, let it to be called Spirit Mountain. On the mountain there's a house, a famed house of mediums
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Hero Waltz 4.5

Hero Waltz

Chapter 55

5.4M Jul 18,19 Penguin Juice

Go Sung-tae is the target of the bullies in his school... voluntarily. He is a part of a secret experiment by the government that aims to produce "Heroes" in hope of rivalling the other countries. Not wanting to get involved, he steers away from the prying eyes of the government by keeping a low-profile, being the "timid" kid. The most popular girl in his school, with a strong
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Hosik's Story 4.5

Hosik's Story

Chapter 42

2.8M Jul 01,19 Chae Nok

A comedic, slice of life romance between a popular senior Sungyeon and a normal university student Hosik! What will Hosik do after encountering his hidden perverted side?
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All Day Jo Ayoung 4.9

All Day Jo Ayoung

Chapter 71

1.9M Jun 24,19 Kim-meng

A blunt but kind big brother and the bright and innocent Ayoung live in apartment building 201, suite number 202. This is the story of the everyday life of these cute siblings and their unpredictable neighbors! Even today, with Ayoung All Day Jo Ayoung ♡
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Handsome and Cute 4.3

Handsome And Cute

Chapter 20

1.3M Jun 08,19 Hankyu

One day, a traffic accident happened to a highschool girl.. After that, she became a man and this is where the story begins...
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Look at me when you want to cry 4.3

Look At Me When You Want To Cry

Chapter 26

276.5K Jun 04,19 Moto

Summary: It was a usual day for Yu Hui-Ne, a color blind girl. A usual black & white day. But now, she can see colors for the first time.
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Zone-Tan Adventures (Pandemic) 4.3

Zone-Tan Adventures (Pandemic)

Chapter 21: Visitor

664.2K May 30,19 eon Merryweatherey

Zone City is suffering a mysterious pandemic turning people into tentacle monsters.
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This Ending 4

This Ending

Chapter 17.3

484.7K May 28,19 Gwa-in

I broke up with my boyfriend of 10 years. Out of nowhere, I received a phone call from him asking for help. But, why does he suddenly look so young when I went to meet him?
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Cheon Gwan Nyeo 4.8

Cheon Gwan Nyeo

Chapter 22

321.1K May 17,19 Bak Yunhu, Jo Mihyeon

From Rainy Sunday: Cheon Gwan Nyeo is the royal gisaeng (geisha) of King Jin-Pyeong, who lived in the Shilla era. However, the poetic general Kim Yoo Shin falls in love with her.
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Love x Devil 4.4

Love X Devil

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

148.1K May 08,19 Fuyuno Ikuya

A narcissistic apprentice devil suddenly appears before a lonely shut-in? In order to pass his final exam, Tougo Nishizaki, an apprentice devil, makes a contract with the shut-in college student Sugishita Masato. He'll grant three of Masato's wishes in exchange for his chastity and life energy. Another apprentice devil, Yoichi Murase, has a contract with Nishiima.
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Evergreen Tea Shop 4.7

Evergreen Tea Shop

Chapter 100.5

1.5M May 07,19 Go Byeong Joon, Jae Nyu

A bittersweet growth story about headstrong children.
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Warehouse 4.6


Chapter 52

3.6M Apr 30,19 Killer Whale

It's all about BL (Boy Love), but the hard way...
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We On 4.7

We On

Chapter 29

319.1K Apr 28,19 Lee Soon-ki, Park Jong-Sung

When the world is threatened by a parasitic alien invasion, our only hope lies with a group of super powered teenagers. But how can they save the world when they can hardly save themselves? Teamwork, optimism, and good intentions are seemingly no longer enough as each enemy is stronger than the last. They’re going to save the world, or simply die trying.
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Builder 4.5


Chapter 61

2.8M Apr 26,19 Moon Haneul, Lee Dong-Joon

Close to our future, humans have made a new way to dream whatever they desire. Those who seeks to become gods in this dream world are called "Builders". Why does she want to become a Builder?
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Sweet X Trouble 4.6

Sweet X Trouble

Chapter 41: What Kind Of Mum Is This? (3) [End]

4M Mar 11,19 Tamlin, Kim Soo Hwa

Hmmm... It seems like a funny story!!!
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Skeleton Soldier (Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon) 4.4

Skeleton Soldier (Skeleton Soldier Couldn’T Protect The Dungeon)

Chapter 53

4.2M Feb 28,19 Ant Studio, Sosori

His only purpose was to protect his master. And yet he was powerless to protect her. But fate has more in store for him as he gets another chance to protect his master once more and change his destiny.
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Not for the Faint of Heart 4.7

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Chapter 12.5: Afterword

493.2K Jan 20,19 Bopul

Joo Sungwan is working as a fake ghost in order to pay back for a broken laptop, but instead of scaring customers, Sungwan is the one being scared! Even worse, there’s an actual ghost living in the haunted house?! With his job on the line, Sungwan ends up in a dating contract with the ghost — in exchange for the ghost scaring visitors, Sungwan must give him three wishes and be his b
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King of Hell 4.4

King Of Hell

Chapter 372 [End]

5.8M Jan 13,19 Ra In-soo, Kim Jae-Hwan

There's a rift between Hell and the mortal world, and lost souls have been escaping to torment the living. To deal with the problem, the King of Hell released Majeh, the greatest swordsman of the underworld, to stop the wayward souls.
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Badao Zhong Quan Zun Aiji 4.6

Badao Zhong Quan Zun Aiji

Chapter 37: Relatively Struggling

1.2M Jan 12,19 2-dimensional anime

In his past life he was the most loyal personal guardian, but because of a misunderstanding he lost it all forever. In this life he keeps searching for traces of her. He transforms into a small charming "problem" for her. Will there be a clear path to pursue love? Who is he from the princess dreams?
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Noblesse 4.8


Chapter 545: Epilogue [End]

68.1M Jan 08,19 Son Jae-ho, Lee Gwang-Su

Noblesse is of a strong aristocrat - He is beginning to become accustomed to today's world, and has woken up within an abandoned building in South Korea. He goes into a school where he meets with his true servant Frankenstein. Into Ye Ran high school, Rai registers with Frankenstein's help, and unwittingly befriends Shin Woo - an athletic teen, Ik Han - Yuna, a com
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Nano List 4.7

Nano List

Chapter 147

5.7M Jan 05,19 Song Ah Min

A deadly android was delivered to me on my birthday!..  This is a Manhwa by Songa Min. Set in the near future, follows the life of Nano, a classified Android.
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Super Secret 4.8

Super Secret

Chapter 143

2.3M Jan 02,19 Eon

The boy next door, friends for life, is actually a werewolf!
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