System Rules 4.1

System Rules

Chapter 49

643.9K Jan 30,23 Yutist

Yoon siwoo, a master of the "fighting game bloodfist" got something special. Even in real life, he can see a system that usually appears while playing games. Feeling bored with the game, Siwoo began to turn towards actual combat and tried to use his abilities to conquer his school, but was defeated by Snow leopard "Hong Minjae". To compete with him again, Siwoo joins the martial arts club Lara Par
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Fray (manhwa) 4.2

Fray (Manhwa)

Chapter 38

2M Jan 30,23

Fray manhwa,Frey, Add more firewood if you don't want to turn into ashes" In time of desperation, he have flames that can kill demons. However, the flames make its master a demon who
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Tied Up In Twins 4.2

Tied Up In Twins

Chapter 53

1.9M Jan 22,23 Red shoes , Racking

Sarang loves Jinwoo, Jinwoo loves Woojung, and Woojung loves... you get the idea. But after a mix-up of affections and tangled signals, can they find a happy ending stuck between love and friendship, or will even family bonds be lost in heartache?
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Would You Like A Cup of Tea? 3.9

Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

Chapter 42

3.3M Jan 17,23 Kim Zia

Read manhwa Would You Like A Cup of Tea? / ?Not only was our MC reincarnated as the youngest daughter of an unweighted count in a novel, but she also realized that she'll soon die as a result of the war that the protagonist will startbut thanks to her ability to see the past, she's determined to avoid death this time.
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Queen of Avalon 1.8

Queen Of Avalon

Chapter 43

3.7M Jan 13,23 Rossiwon

"Queen Arthur. That is your name from today."I was summoned to save the kingdom that King Arthur had rolled over.As the Archmage Merlin said, I am the possessor of the same soul as King Arthur.If I find the Holy Grail and complete my mission, will am I be able to live with love?But why are knights so rude?Xian, who has been living a life of bliss for 20 years.When I woke up one day, I became a cha
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Usotsuki Omega No Kamase Kata 4

Usotsuki Omega No Kamase Kata

Chapter 4

381.8K Jan 12,23 Megane , Fujita

Narumiya an Alpha and a top performer at a trading company, hates his rival Tsukishima, and is passionate on not losing against him. One night, he saw Tsukushima whom he thought was an Alpha in heat?!  A Secret Office Love of an Elite Salaryman (alpha x) and  a beautiful and capable Omega that is hiding a secret♪
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Daytime Star 4.8

Daytime Star

Chapter 77

15.1M Jan 08,23 Chae eun,Godago

Yura Hwang, an actress that only gets to act as extras for all seven years since she has started her career. She got betrayed by her boyfriend that got married to another person. But in all of that mess, she met again with the famous senior actor for the second time in her newest movie! Will her path to becoming a star come true? Star in the daytime / 낮에 뜨는 별 / Star in daytime
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The Imperious Young Lord 4.3

The Imperious Young Lord

Chapter 53.1

7.4M Jan 05,23 Jang Dae-soo , Storytree , Coff , Doff

In the year 202X, the Otherworlders invaded Earth. The otherworlders have more sophisticated technology and hunted down humans with combat robots and viral weapons, and the remaining humans battled on for 10 years just to survive. The main character, Park Sung Hyun', was the leader of the troops in Incheon, Bupyeong. Prior to the invasion of the Otherworlders, he used to be a part-timer at a conve
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Knight Under Heart 4.6

Knight Under Heart

Chapter 40

19.3M Jan 04,23 Lasne (라스네),Goppipullin (고삐풀린),Han Seong-Woo (한성우)

Have you ever skipped studying to play video games? Unfortunately for high school senior Yushin Lee, the stakes are a little higher than flunking, as he finds himself trapped in a VR-based MMORPG. Yushin was selected to beta test the game, only to be forced to fight for his life in a seemingly endless loop. What was supposed to be a light distraction from the stress of high-school life becomes a d
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The World’s Best Escort Bureau 4

The World’S Best Escort Bureau

Chapter 52

4.5M Jan 03,23 Jang Dam , Jung Jae

The World's Best Escort Bureau manhwa , One day the strongest person in the world disappeared. An old man who was suffering from dementia and couldn't remember himself appeared in front of the village boy So Woon. So-Woon takes care of him carefully and later the old man teaches him martial arts. One day he finds that the old man whom he was taking care of and who taught him martial arts disappea
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The Saintess Returns as a Villain 4

The Saintess Returns As A Villain

Chapter 10

3.1M Dec 31,22 Sona

The Saintess Returns as a Villain manhwa, Beatrice has lived as a saint for 10 years to prevent the disaster of the empire and win the love of her family. One day, her place as a saint was taken away by a girl named Lina Cumbell with her black hair . "I will kill you, your family and all your followers." She is framed as a warlock and executed. Beatrice's second life began like that. "Even if t
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I Can See Your Death 4.7

I Can See Your Death

Chapter 40: S1 Finale

10.5M Dec 28,22 Dan Hae-Neul,Zanza

After an accident, Eshana Ash has started seeing people's lifespan. The date and sign of the person's death would appear above their head. If the letters were black, she could help, and sometimes save the villagers from danger. “It's better not to go to the lake today. It's too cold for going boating,” she said. That man was to die today by dro
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The Return of the 8th Class Magician 4.3

The Return Of The 8Th Class Magician

Chapter 81

21.7M Dec 26,22 Ryu Song , Girdap,Jaeyoon

It’s been many years since I’ve bloodied my hands for the United Empire and its emperor, Ragnar. I wanted to return to my hometown and live a quiet life as if to repent for my sins. However, “You are a great 8th class magician who is able to overthrow me and the empire at any time” “How could I let a monster like you stay alive?” After being betrayed on the verge of death by Ragnar, who was my
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Battleground 4.4


Chapter 50

3.1M Dec 25,22 Hyeong Eun , Choi Yun-yeol

[PUBG UNIVERSE] In order to find a missing assemblyman, Cheon Hoyoung, a member of the National Intelligence Service, participates in an illegal battleground murder game. Survival action between 100 death row inmates.
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Silent Night 4.1

Silent Night

Chapter 50

710K Dec 25,22 한동우/Q-Ha

[PUBG UNIVERSE] The famous writer Logan died, leaving behind a mysterious novel! His daughter, Leah, digs up the truth behind her father's death and the stories of the villagers in the first part of the manuscript…
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My Goodness, Your Majesty 4.7

My Goodness, Your Majesty

Chapter 71

3.7M Dec 25,22 Yang Hyo Jin , Gray Cat

Sistina, who has been spending her days peacefully while running Grand Grand bakery, received favor to become the emperor one day. As she feels tormented due to the pile of work after becoming an emperor overnight, she wisely solves through each work due to her know-hows while running the bakery On one side, because she has a life of a witch, she feels anxious because her most important fate searc
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Because It’s Love 4.3

Because It’S Love

Chapter 50

1M Dec 23,22 Park saet byul / Juy

Ki Seung-joo is a young, multi-talented top star who has it all. Yoo Lee-hyun is a newcomer to the celebrity scene, but quickly making an impact. While they navigate the twists and turns of celebrity life, Lee-hyun is also intent on resolving something from her past. Both are hyper-focused on their careers. But their chance meeting on the set of a variety show sparks something in them that neither
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Jinx Yeon-in 4.6

Jinx Yeon-In

Special.30.3 : Fanart

2.6M Dec 18,22 Han Ji Hae, Gu Seul

The beautiful goddess of fortune hidden by a rich man came into the life of the poor and unlucky guy....
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Earth Savior Selection 4.2

Earth Savior Selection

Chapter 60: Episode 60 (Series Finale)

9.2M Dec 16,22 외투,하정수

The Earth has a message for all of its inhabitants: the world is ending in 42 days, and monsters will bring about the apocalypse. Game studio employee Jeong-u Park is selected by the Earth as someone who can save the planet, but he must first survive in a world where people are now killing each other for power. He also must compete with other saviors to retain his planet-saving abilities. As dooms
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Bathory’s Deadly Curse 3.4

Bathory’S Deadly Curse

Chapter 15

735.4K Dec 13,22

Deadly Curse , Kutukan Mematikan , ,Son of Bathory , Bathory's Deadly CurseThere is a beautiful woman named Elizabeth Bathory that is more beautiful than anyone. She who took care of her beauty with the blood of young girls, gave birth to a son named Miguel. No one knows anything about that son and he grew to become a human eating monster.Read more
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Lost Princess 4

Lost Princess

Chapter 126

8.2M Dec 11,22 Katino

For as long as Olga can remember, she’s dreamed of setting sail and chasing down the hidden treasure that her father always told her about. But after her father and older brother go missing at sea, that dream seems like it too will be lost forever. That is, until pirates charge into her quiet English village, turning everything upside down! Now with a rag-tag team of sailors, can Olga fin
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The God of High School 4.4

The God Of High School

Chapter 572

130M Dec 09,22 Park Yong-je

The God of High School is a Korean manga that is hosted by the a Korean search engine. This full colored manga tells the story of a young 17 high school student named Mori Jin. The main character is an orphan taken in care by his "grandfather" without any real blood relation. Main Character of The God Of High School Mori Jin rec
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To Level and Chew Up a Newbie 4.2

To Level And Chew Up A Newbie

Chapter 13

586K Dec 07,22 Soobing

To Level and Chew Up a Newbie manhwa, Asta Chronicles, where the seeds of MMORPG appeared like a comet in the dry game market. On the day when the notice of the mythology' difficulty raid update, which is the most recent update in a long time, was announced, the heart of Ji-Jeong (Seong Cha-hyun), the master of the famous guild Haste', who ranked first in all server guild rankings and reco
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Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga 4.7

Heavenly Sword’S Grand Saga

Chapter 40

18.9M Dec 04,22 Eunyoul (은열),Glee (글리)

There are people in the world that thinks they are the ‘chosen’ of the heavens. It’s been decades since chaos and strife among heroes ensued because of those people. A certain disciple who has six masters has been entrusted with the fate of the central plains. “If you guys are the heavens, then I’m the sword that’ll pierce the heavens.” That was what he&rs
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