Black Feather Love Song 4.8

Black Feather Love Song

Chapter 10

493.6K Jul 12,20 Sa Manhua, Jin Yu, Rou Song Bing

"If you can't even help the dying or injured, how can you call yourself a veterinarian?!" Veterinary student Ju Kui risks losing her diploma to save a dying cat, but she never expected it would change her life completely! A magic kiss allows her to switch between being a human girl and a parrot, and the same goes for Xuan Dai, who can change from a cat to a human boy. This marv
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Glass Slippers 3.4

Glass Slippers

Chapter 50

213K Jun 12,20 weibo comic

After finding her boyfriend’s betrayal, Peggy Zhu, an ordinary girl with unimpressive appearance, was pushed off a cliff by his current girlfriend. Although she was almost killed, she was lucky enough to obtain the power of the crystal shoes and become a beauty, after transforming, she decided to take her revenge with the identity of Peggy Zhu. Before the coming of the dawn, their destinies
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Records of the Southern Mist House 4.5

Records Of The Southern Mist House

Chapter 13

262.6K Jun 09,20 Zuo Xiao Ling, Ke Xiao Sha

In the mysterious female boss Lu Mansheng's spice shop, occurs many unquestionable fantastical stories of the vicissitudes of life.
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Jin Tian Kai Shi Zuo Nu Shen 5

Jin Tian Kai Shi Zuo Nu Shen

Chapter 114

2.7M May 22,20 Tete Luo

A normal, honest sophomore guy, whose life was changed when he became a super beautiful girl. Who was the one that caused it? Are there any more misfortunes lying in wait for him/her? What kind of charming experiences will he have...?
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The Strongest Angel is a Part Timer Warrior 4.8

The Strongest Angel Is A Part Timer Warrior

Chapter 4

261.4K May 19,20 Sato Ame

The story of an extremely cute girl who is also the strongest gamer.
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Qiang Jin Jiu 4

Qiang Jin Jiu

Chapter 58

168.6K May 17,20 花香蘑菇 / Hua xiang mo gu

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My Wife is Unqualified 4

My Wife Is Unqualified

Chapter 42

443.3K May 17,20 Updating

Having been a mature technology, the “artificial human” is, however, forbidden by many countries through the promulgation of various decrees. In the circle of wealthy, nonetheless, “artificial human” are still being produced by many companies secretly to meet the needs of the rich. Artificial mates become a fashion trend! But… my wife seems to be unqualified!
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Counter-Attack of A Pregnant Actress 3.7

Counter-Attack Of A Pregnant Actress

Chapter 126

1.2M May 07,20

Qing Ruan is upright and proud. She always looked down on the ways of the entertainment industry. Her many public criticisms won everyone’s dislike. At the end of her graduation party, she fell into her best friend’s trap to make her fall into bed with a random stranger then being discovered. Now the laughing stock of the industry and broken down, she could only flee the country and st
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After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy 4.3

After Transformation, Mine And Her Wild Fantasy

Chapter 141

7.9M May 06,20 Xue Yan Tian Zhao

When other people experience a body transformation, it is inevitably either male to female or female to male. Me? I wake up to find myself transformed into two different bodies. Both a male body and a female body, one conscience operating two bodies, all sorts of embarrassing moments. Walking together normally makes other people think that I am sweethearts wi
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 I Found Somebody to Love 4.7

I Found Somebody To Love

Chapter 29

371.5K May 04,20 DAYA

As a professor of English Literature, strict but capable Yihyun is both admired and feared by his students. He’s surprised to discover his love for poetry is shared by one of them, the quiet yet arresting Namwoo. Drawn to her despite a painful past, can their love remain strong when faced with the new challenges that l
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Addictive Marriage 3.4

Addictive Marriage

Chapter 49

354K Apr 30,20 Updating

Because of her father’s seriously ill, Ye Youyou came back home in a hurry, but unexpectedly she fell into a sham… Her mother and elder brother sold her to a man who had a record of domestic violence for money. In order not to marry that old man to pay debts for her mother, she lied that she had married a rich man. When the lie was about to be revealed, the president who they haven&rs
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BugCat-Capoo 4.8


Chapter 507: Models & Flying Machines

3.4M Apr 25,20 Yara

Like a cat, like a bug, this cute and scary story of Capoo will heal your heart, and eat all your meat. A heartwarming comedy of its daily life begins! First place in 2015 LINE Webtoon original comic competition, short comic category, Taiwan region.
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Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen 4.1

Strategy Of Reborn Movie Queen

Chapter 35

961.6K Apr 17,20 HangMan, Thigh Son Studio

What Chu Chi faced on her wedding day was not happiness and desired future, but the murder of her sister and the heartlessness of her fiancé. Pushed down from the roof, Chu Chi clearly saw their ferocious smiling faces. After rebirth, returning to the place where the plot just began, how will Chu Chi change her destiny?
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My Underworld Boyfriend 3.9

My Underworld Boyfriend

Chapter 100

1.4M Apr 08,20 Updating

Subrina meets the rogue who kisses her. He is very handsome. No, super handsome, but he is not some unknown small potato, but the biggest leader of the underworld – Jim Feng. He tells her to wait for him after school, but she is afraid of being killed and hides in the rooftop with she meets a “prince”, but she doesn’t expect… They turn out to be a group. The one who
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Doubt. 4.2


Chapter 31

905.8K Apr 06,20 Kirara

"I have my eyes on him, only him." Ming ZiQi's attention was drawn to Xiao Luo on his first day as a supervisor in practice. But as a simple murder case becomes something much more, it is time to seek out the truth?
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Hi, Wolf Captain 4

Hi, Wolf Captain

Chapter 61

724.8K Mar 28,20

The moment she woke up, Qiao Yoyo felt that she had a long dream, and the dream brought her a angelical child. Many years later, she worked in a company, little did she think that he would meet the child’s father Ye Yimin…
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Sound of Heaven 4.4

Sound Of Heaven

Chapter 54

1.4M Mar 21,20 Updating

Ordinary young girls who can see people's hearts are invited to join a popular band, falling in a beautiful and deep trap full of opportunities and conspiracy, meet by chance a voice that opened the way for the girls to counterattack and became the start of their travel/trip!
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Maison Toki no Yu 5

Maison Toki No Yu

Chapter 1.1

31.1K Mar 09,20 Ono Miyuki,Seta Kazuno

If you don't have a place where you belong, make one yourself. Minato Mahiko, who graduated from college without a job offer, ends up living and working at the public bathhouse "Toki no Yu" after a series of coincidental events. As he interacts with the regular visitors and creates bonds with those around him, his life slowly but surely changes in more ways than o
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The Journey of Flower 4.7

The Journey Of Flower

Chapter 126

2.8M Mar 05,20 Fresh

his is a story of a young girl named Hu Qian Gu. After losing her father, Qian Gu goes on a spectacular adventure to become an immortal and chases after her dreams.
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My Boss, My First Love 3.5

My Boss, My First Love

Chapter 40

255.8K Mar 04,20 Qian Hui Comic

After finding her handsome boyfriend has cheated on her, 26-year-old Qin Shaofei immediately breaks up with him, and goes back to China. But on the plane, she has a conflict with a cute guy, who later helps her. After getting back to China, Qin Shaofei soon finds a job, but surprisingly, the one that she meets on the plane is actually her new boss Baili Ruyu, and this man lives upstairs. Gradually
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The Knight of the Falling Star 4.4

The Knight Of The Falling Star

Chapter 78

620.1K Feb 17,20 Sujeong gwa

During a meteor shower, a magical Faerie appears in a dark alley. Lemon, the Fae Knight has come to the human world to complete his final knighthood test. Alongside him is his human companion, Mira, who dreams of being a Black Mage. Will Lemon be able to complete his test in time?
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Devil's Ear 4.5

Devil's Ear

Chapter 76

409.7K Feb 17,20 Updating

A cold an evil president suffered in phonism (hearing things), which allowed him to hear different thoughts from people around him. One time he unknowingly hear the heroin singing, and suddenly all the other noise in the world were gone. From then on, whenever he hear she sings, he would become a docile and cute boy.
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