Southern Bird and Northern Bird 4.8

Southern Bird And Northern Bird

1.4K May 25,23 Aman

When the northern goose meets the southern sparrow.
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The President Is Too Hard To Deal With 2.3

The President Is Too Hard To Deal With

Chapter 31

7.5K May 28,23 Ake Comic

Sophia's marriage life had never been about tranquility and happiness but betrayal of her husband and abuse from his family. She chose to put up with it all for the sake of her own family. After three years of torture, she finally decided to give her husband a taste of his own medicine by sleeping with a random man. However, she never expected that the man she messed up with was someone not to
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Streetball in the Hood 3.8

Streetball In The Hood

Chapter 49

41.8K May 16,23 赶稿某张

With eyes set on the world of competitive basketball, a young man begins his journey in the streets. As he faces obstacle after obstacle, his passion and talent become his one shining beacon. Witness tense basketball action between street folk as they share the passion for the sport!
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Young master is too Righteous 4.3

Young Master Is Too Righteous

Chapter 28

125.2K May 24,23 小炎戒

Young master is too Righteous manhua, The villain traveler, the son who's an example of justice was possesses by him! Get the cheat system, but, later he found that the system is actually a villain training manual! How to choose between good and evil? Do justice, or act evil? Still only kids make choices, I will do both!
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The Heavenly Conqueror 4.8

The Heavenly Conqueror

Chapter 60

261.6K May 19,23 为峰文化

The Heavenly Conqueror manhua, xuantian supremeAfter thousands of years, QingYu returns with the scroll of a thousand beasts. With the power to fill the lands and breakthrough skies, I am the supreme of all eternal heavens!
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The Son Of The First Emperor Kills Enemies And Becomes A God 4.8

The Son Of The First Emperor Kills Enemies And Becomes A God

Chapter 4

18.8K May 10,23 无量功德

Zhao Qi gets reborn to the warring period. At the time when the Qin emperor, Ying Zheng, started sweeping the 6 nations, and rule the world. Enlisting in the army Without hesitation, I didn't expect once I start killing enemies I would level up the system! Slowly but surely, Zhao Qi became the commander for Da Qin's army, when he saw emperor Qin he was immediately startled, he is actually the son
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This Account is Ridiculous 4.6

This Account Is Ridiculous

Chapter 9

45.4K May 05,23

This Account is Ridiculous manhua, Accidentally traveled to another world after creating a side account with a max charm stat!? This account is ridiculous! A person who does game boosting travels to another dimension and uses their max level experience to rise above the world. Even though it's only a side account, it's still ridiculous!
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The Reverent Immortal Has Returned 4.6

The Reverent Immortal Has Returned

Chapter 11

270.3K May 26,23

He was stabbed in the back, lost his precious ones and was reduced to a cripple to only tragically meet his end consumed with sorrow and grieve. After becoming the immortal reverent, He returned from the world of cultivation, to his past life to settle all accounts! "In my previous life, this world took everything precious to me, now I have returned to have the whole world bow down at my feet!"
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Although I Obtained A Rare Profession, I’m Being Hunt Down By The Whole Server? 4.2

Although I Obtained A Rare Profession, I’M Being Hunt Down By The Whole Server?

Chapter 22

214.6K May 27,23

[The reputation value reaches -100, Reputation level: villain. All attributes increase prestige value*-10%] [Prestige value reaches -1000, prestige level: terrifying. All skill level +10, CD reduced by 90%] [Reputation value reaches -10000, prestige level: Notorious. ? ? ? ] Gradually when Yuan Ye came back to his senses, he found that he had become the
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Evolution In The Flood 4.7

Evolution In The Flood

Chapter 4

270.3K Apr 27,23 豆七

The earth is suddenly surrounded by a tsunami of unknown origin and a powerful flood makes the mountains tremble in the waves as the ground groans Su Yi wakes up to find the city flooded, corpses revived and beasts mutated In the game of the gods, the hunt and Evolution begins.
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Martial Arts Peak 4.7

Martial Arts Peak

Chapter 29

320.3K Apr 20,23

Because of an accident, Luo Yi crosses over to a mysterious world. The original owner of the body Luo Yi transmigrated into is a loser. His father was the sinner of his family, and he himself was a useless level 1 martial arts cultivator. His meridians were crippled, and he had lost all of his spiritual energy. He met his end to an unforeseen disaster. However, after Luo Yi crossed over, everythin
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Novelist Can Fight Too 4.5

Novelist Can Fight Too

Chapter 3

33K Apr 14,23

In reality, a novelist who has run out of inspiration has transmigrated into a restrained world where his inspiration explodes everywhere! He was sacrificed at the beginning but accidentally fused with the flesh and blood of the ancient g**.Through the system created for him by the ancient g**, he can write his experience in this bizarre world into a novel and publish it to the real world. Underco
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The Ten Great Emperors At The Beginning Are All My Apprentices 4.7

The Ten Great Emperors At The Beginning Are All My Apprentices

Chapter 44

672.8K May 27,23

The legendary king Gu Xuanchen had once trained ten powerful emperor-level experts as his disciples, who dominated the world with their strength. However, when he tried to break the seal that bound him, he was struck by lightning and perished. He was then reborn as a son-in-law and embarked on a journey to regain his former glory, overcoming various obstacles along the way. He slayed demons and mo
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Baked by the Baroness 4.6

Baked By The Baroness

Chapter 21

470.6K May 10,23 Yuziyinghua , Aricraft

When hapless aspiring baker Ally dies and is reborn as the villainess Nannette, she finds herself in the middle of a web of spies, lies, love affairs, and lemon squares. And that's before Nannette's super-hot husband decides to rekindle their failing marriage! Will a spoonful of sugar help the espionage go down, or will Ally realize she's in over her head too late to save her neck?
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Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years 4.6

Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years

Chapter 14

444.9K May 26,23 iCiyuan动漫

One hundred thousand years ago, the old ancestor of the Forgotten Immortal Sect Chen Xuan who was once known as a peerless existence in the world, retires himself from the limelight, little did anyone know that the reason behind this was that he could no longer breakthrough due to the malfunction of his system. One day, a female disciple of the clan's Lineage prays for His help, which causes the s
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Eternal Tribulation 4.7

Eternal Tribulation

Chapter 4

280.3K Apr 01,23 萌月文化 , BOOM工作室

A mansion full of terrifying and murderous monsters, the human nature hidden deep in the heart, and the desire is ready to move uncontrollably! Security guards with arms turned into giant batons Diners with belly gaping into the abyss Internet celebrities who are obsessed with desire There are endless monsters, survivors with unpredictable behaviors. There is only one thought in Zhao Chen's mindis
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I Will Be The Hades In The Apocalypse 4.5

I Will Be The Hades In The Apocalypse

Chapter 3

280.3K Apr 06,23 上海漫漫鱼

Read I Will Be The Hades In The ApocalypseThe protagonist was originally King Qin Guang, the head of the Ten Temples of Yan, who was conspired and plotted by the other nine Halls of Yan, and was reborn into the apocalypse world with the book of life and death. Here is a wasteland, supplies are scarce, and zombies are rampant. The male protagonist Qin Guang has become a level 1 , but he has the ext
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World Defying Dan God 4.4

World Defying Dan God

Chapter 17

730.8K May 25,23 Ji Xiao Zei

Young Shen Xiang had a fateful encounter with goddess & demoness & received their peerless heritage, get godly pulse, learnt ultimate martial arts, mastered transcendent alchemy techniques, which gives him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation. When hungry he refines some spirit medicine to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with goddess, when bored he teases those martial artist who ca
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The Flower of Heaven 3.5

The Flower Of Heaven

Chapter 47

335.4K May 24,23 山見羬 , 翻翻动漫

Emilia was a botanist who had no interest whatsoever in romance. Her only focus was researching rare plants. One day, she headed out on an expedition to the snow-covered mountains and fell off a cliff. But when she woke up, she found herself in another world. She was no longer a scientist but a goddess sent from the heavens, destined to save a nation. And the emperor she'd just engaged to, Adrian,
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Accidentally Became a God 4

Accidentally Became A God

Chapter 30

194.3K Mar 29,23 女少阁 , 肥鸡 , 阿妹

Zhang Buzheng, an unemployed Buddhist Youth selected by the God, became a lying God in order to get rid of his ordinary life. Unexpectedly, all his teammates on the way to climb the tower were half-witted. In order not to give up halfway on his way to become a God, Zhang Buzheng was forced to open the most difficult way to to climb the tower and become a God.
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Spectres 4.5


Chapter 5

200.2K Mar 29,23 小刀

Under the laws of heaven, no rules are hidden. The path does not permit one to float. Concealers, an unconventional species, every historical event has the shadow of – spectres. Spectres are concealers, they have inherited an ancient skill. And their methods are ever-changing, leading others to learn [they are the beings who will show themselves to save the world and hide once finished]. 9 spectre
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Debussy Lover 4.4

Debussy Lover

Chapter 13

64.2K May 27,23 秦三见

You Lu, who is about to join an animation company, tore off the skirt of a big boss who's in a woman's clothing in public at the comic exhibition. When she joined the company the next day, she found out that the big boss that wear the woman's clothing whose skirt was ripped off by her yesterday was actually her boss! ...... A vigorous and optimistic workplace rookie x a cold and arrogant director
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The Supreme Crazy Son-in-Law 4.4

The Supreme Crazy Son-In-Law

Chapter 22

931.1K May 28,23 漫神共创 , 共小创 , 漫神共创

The originally foolish Jiang Chen was forced to marry into one the Gu family because his birthday horoscope could cure Miss Gu's illness.Unexpectedly, due to an accident, Jiang Chen, who was almost killed by the Gu family, possessed the soul and memories of a g**-level celestial beingZhi Zun Kuang Xu, , Extreme mad son-in-law
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My master knows everything 4.7

My Master Knows Everything

Chapter 17

292K May 09,23 丰祺动漫

Read My master knows everythingThe male protagonist was originally a programmer, but he was accidentally reborn into the great world of Xuanhuang and became the master of the peak of the first hundred peaks of the Baifeng Sect. The Tianyuan system developed during his lifetime also came to this world. He became the administrator of the Tianyuan system. He could have the ability to load users into
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