The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails 2

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails

Chapter 30

20K Sep 28,22 Masa茶

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails manhua, Chen Hang has transmigrated! He traveled to the world of the game as "The Strongest Snail" with a set of villas which he had inherited recently. As a hardcore player of this game. Chen Hang has no objection to crossing into this world.
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My Nine wives told me not to be afraid 3.3

My Nine Wives Told Me Not To Be Afraid

Chapter 18

55.1K Sep 28,22 众阅动漫

My Nine wives told me not to be afraid manhua, Chen Xuan, who was admitted to Dong l ig University, went to Dong ling, prepare for his studies. His first wife, Lin Suyi, explained that if he went to Dong ling, he would remember to find his fiancee to fulfill the marriage contract. Chen Xuan entered the city and began to unlock all kinds of wonderful opportunities. The charming and domineering elde
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I’m A Prisoner In The Demon World 3.8

I’M A Prisoner In The Demon World

Chapter 18

25K Sep 27,22

I'm A Prisoner In The Demon World manhua, The demons invaded and the humans were defeated. The male protagonist Ichiya and his childhood friend Taozi, became prisoners and were escorted to the devil's lair, where humans were used by demons as laborers, experimental tools, and even food. With his witty mind, Yi Ye dealt with the four major demon masters and got the protection of the demon queen Mo
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The Guidance on Black Lotus 3.7

The Guidance On Black Lotus

Chapter 48

12.8K Sep 27,22 Xiaomingtaiji

Yu Chu, a top student in the 21 century, accidentally picked up a third-rate story about an ambitious ML avenging himself. Having finished the story, a voice appeared and the next thing Yu Chu knew was that she was transmitted into the book! What's worse could be that she became the tragic villain in the book and will soon be crushed by the ML. To save her own life, she decided to behave but the
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Insects of the Night 4.3

Insects Of The Night

Chapter 7

8.9K Sep 26,22 2910

Insects of the Night manhua , Suddenly one day, 99% of the people on earth disappeared, and giant bugs took over the planet. How do the remaining 1% of humans survive?
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Attack And Occupy 3.4

Attack And Occupy

Chapter 54

25K Sep 26,22 Ji Tong Culture , Shu dan wang , Xi de yi gua

After being favored by a man, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes. He has become a lover of the other side from the promise of heaven, and he has become cautious every step of the way. When everything is destroyed by the other party, he just wants this person to live uneasy forever
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I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem? 4.2

I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem?

Chapter 9

230.3K Sep 25,22 BOOM工作室 , 二三玖陆工作室

[ I am Holy Maiden, Even if you use strange spells I will not give up, and continue to resist the coercion and temptation of you demon lord! Whether it's strange potions, special seals, mental hypnosis, just use them all on me! ] [ I am Lu Xiu, Demon Lord, I am determined to change my destiny, Who will be destroyed as a villain! So you Holy maidens, dwarven princesses, Dark elves, and Valkyries wo
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Son Of The Earth’s Core 4.3

Son Of The Earth’S Core

Chapter 10

65.1K Sep 28,22 乐知者动漫

"Some people say that he is a black sheep in the cultivation world, one with no sense of righteousness and honor, and one who disrupts the order of Taoism! Some people say that he is the biggest scum in Nanzhan Prefecture, colluding with demonic cultivators, swindling and committing all kinds of crimes! To all the slanders, Fang Xing said, "that's right, I'm that legendary black sheep. Is there a
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Apocalypse Mechanic 4.4

Apocalypse Mechanic

Chapter 17

64.3K Sep 25,22 沙丘

Apocalypse Mechanic manhua, The Apocalypse has broken out, and the zombie virus has spread wildly. Ye Bei was persecuted by the squad leader of the "White Lotus B*tch", his arm was bitten off by a zombie, and he's lived like a cockroach for fifty years in the apocalypse. With his own efforts to become a mechanic, Ye Bei developed a time machine, returned to the beginning of the end 50 years ago,
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The Fate of Undesirable Saintess 2.9

The Fate Of Undesirable Saintess

Chapter 12.5

125.1K Sep 27,22 KIZAKI Yuu , SORAJIMA Studio

The Fate of Undesirable Saintess manga,Koukina Seijo ga Arawaretanode, Minashigo Agari no Seijo wa Iranaku Narimashita? At the orphanage, Emilia has developed her power and has been awakened as a saintess. That's when she meets her crush from the novel she used to read in her previous life?! However, her crush, Prince Sion, was supposed to be married to the daughter of the duchess, Mystia Still d
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Fighting Again For A Lifetime 4.6

Fighting Again For A Lifetime

Chapter 36

220.3K Sep 24,22 犁天 , 2波 , 阅文集团起点中文网 , 黑鸟社

Wu Xinghe, the youngest grandmaster in the history of ancient Chinese martial arts, was hunted down by the organization of Blood-Eating Rose and died. However, it is a spirit that is not ignorant, and the soul is reborn on the body of a low-level noble boy in a different world, once again opening the road to the peak of his pursuit of martial arts.
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I Can Summon God 4.6

I Can Summon God

Chapter 31

95.1K Sep 29,22

Traversed and became the demoted prince, fortunately God did not let Qin Jun despair, activate the myth system! All characters in mythology can be summoned! The Monkey King who can shake the mountains and rivers with one stick! Clairvoyance and ears, insight into the world! Buddha that holds people in the palm of hand, and no one can escape! In this world of demons and gods, I vowed to be the stro
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My Cells Kingdom 4.5

My Cells Kingdom

Chapter 8

97.7K Sep 26,22

My Cells Kingdom manhua, My Miniature Kingdom, My cell kingdom of God, , , My cell kingdom, My Pocket KingdomAt the beginning of Lin Fan's life, a sand world appeared, in which the biological cells unearthed from each sand tribe multiplied. He knew, That it would change the world
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Top-up Master 3.6

Top-Up Master

Chapter 23

120.1K Sep 22,22 Era Comic King

Shen Qian, a silver spoon boy, went into Yanbei Middle School for his cultivation of Qi. Both tutors and classmates thought his as a good for nothing who used money as his passport. However, Shen Qian wad actually talented even better than some of his tutors. Then what was his real purpose?mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of
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My Love Story 3.5

My Love Story

Chapter 71

53.9K Sep 26,22 Xiaomingtaiji , Extreme Culture , Lao Di

Two years ago, Jessica Claire saved a mysterious man when travel abroad. Meanwhile her best friend Rosa Dale was taken away by a gang. Have suffering great guity, Jessica chose to stay abroad and looked for her friend. Finally she met a familiar figure at Hilton Hotel and he turns out to be.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all o
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The Beginner’s Guide to Be A Princess 3.3

The Beginner’S Guide To Be A Princess

Chapter 73

50.1K Sep 21,22 Xiaomingtaiji

All the infant girls countrywide drift downstream from the beginning of the fosse. Whoever reaches the terminal point first will be adopted by the emperor. Excuse me??? Who think of such ridiculous idea?! Whoa! I want to go back to my original world! What an awful time travel!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-re
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Legend of Awakening 4.1

Legend Of Awakening

Chapter 25

33.8K Sep 23,22 Xiaomingtaiji , Butterfly Blue , Extreme Culture

An adaptation of Butterfly Blue's novel of the same name, Road to Awakening tells the tale of Lu Ping and Su Tang: a pair of children who escaped from a mysterious organization in a world of cultivation.Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, Essence, and Excellence. These are the seven forces of the soul, and their use has produced countless powerful cultivators.Heaven Awakening Path,Road to Awaken
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Stars And Dawn 4.4

Stars And Dawn

Chapter 102

17.2K Sep 25,22 Kuaikan comics , 葵子

Secret crushes turn into a love square.The boy I've had a secret crush on for four years kissed me in my dream Is it true that my family members have dreams that predict future events? Four characters, entangled relationships, and clashing desires. When it comes to their future and love, how will they make choices in the final year of school?
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Love You Is My Fault 3.9

Love You Is My Fault

Chapter 78

80.1K Sep 18,22 卡比丘 , 哔哩哔哩漫画 , 漫创堂 , 长佩文学 , Yoshida Chiyu

He, who had been waiting in the orphanage, was suddenly found by his biological father and taken back to England. I thought I could live a happy life with "family", but the reason he didn't want his biological father to call him home was to repay the debt. And the young adoptive father who was transferred to seemed to be a big brother known for his cruelty. While smirking his father
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Reborn Tyrannical Slag: Pampering the Iceberg President 4.6

Reborn Tyrannical Slag: Pampering The Iceberg President

Chapter 8

7.3K Sep 18,22 阿柯文化

There's no need for revenge after being reborn. There's only him in my eyes, and I am willing to use everything from my past life in order to be with him again.Chng Shng N Zh: Jioyng Bngshn Zngci,Chong Sheng Nve Zha: Jiaoyang Bingshan Zongcai,mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, revi
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Your Highness, Enchanted By Me! 3.6

Your Highness, Enchanted By Me!

Chapter 116

70.1K Sep 29,22 Cloud Studio , 叉布 , 漫星球

Your Highness Enchanted By Me at I time travelled. I died on the first day. What the heck, system? !Sorry, host! Let's start one more time!Lian Qi, an ordinary high school student, time travelled to be Princess Yunying with a useless system. Her mission is to help the forth prince, Prince XuanYu, ascend the crown and make him fall in love with herself.Easy?! But Prince Xuanyu mistakes me for the a
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Princess Agent Reborn 3.8

Princess Agent Reborn

Chapter 66

52.1K Sep 23,22 Haotoon

Sheng Qianyu was an agent who accidentally time traveled to the ancient time as the third daughter of King Yu. Yet the original owner of the body seemed to be unfavored by her family and lived a hard time before. Meanwhile, King Xuan got close to Sheng Qianyu and offered her a cooperation. What would he like to do? Anyway, it wouldn't bother Sheng Qianyu, for she had a firm tit-for-tat belief and
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Royal Highness Is A Badass 3.9

Royal Highness Is A Badass

Chapter 47

28K Sep 24,22 WHTCOMIC

Who time travelled to a brothel? That's terrible! I don't want to be a prostitute (although I respect their job). Phew, lucky me, I got rescued by my elder brother and became the daughter of the general! Wwait! My parents want to marry me to the notorious royal highness? Bye, playboy, I'd better run away now!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where
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Ladies Prefer Menservants 2.6

Ladies Prefer Menservants

Chapter 45

33.8K Sep 24,22 WHTCOMIC

Qin Luoyi was set up by her sister and has a one-night stand with a man at bar! She was banished from the family and to make up for her reputation, she was advised to marry the man she slept with. Luckily, Qin Luoyi bumped into that man at bar again. Thinking he worked here as a manservant, Qin Luoyi asked bluntly whether he wanted to start a contract marriage with her. And the man be like "Fine,
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