The Tutorial is Too Hard 4.7

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 114

62.2M May 26,23 gandara, 이마에 다이키

Gandara's fusion fantasy novel, 'The Tutorial is Too Hard', is now here as a webtoon. One day, amidst a boring life, an invitation message appears before my eyes. Following it is a difficulty-selection window.    . I select hell-difficulty without hesitation. And I regret it. I know it said hell-difficulty, but this is
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Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord 4.8

Fun Territory Defense By The Optimistic Lord

Chapter 20.1

5.1M May 26,23 Mitsuru Inoue,Maro Aoiro

Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord Okiraku Ryoushu no Tanoshii Ryouchi Bouei A man was reincarnated as Van, a boy of noble birth, who grew up to become a child prodigy through hard work. But when it was discovered that he possessed "production magic," he was immediately relegated to a remote village. However, his magic, which was called useless, turned out to be truly extraordinary, capa
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The Duchess Has a Deathwish 4.8

The Duchess Has A Deathwish

Chapter 50

7.8M May 26,23 HANAYORI Seifuku , Himydear

“I was reborn…and I want to die again.” Despite choosing to die in her previous life, our protagonist is reborn as Selena, the short-lived villainess from a novel. The character Selena was written to be so villainous she spends her final moments isolated in a dungeon. But our reincarnated protagonist has no will to live anyway, so she might as well jump (again) and save Selena from her predetermi
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From now on, I will be the father of the mage 3.8

From Now On, I Will Be The Father Of The Mage

Chapter 97

2.7M May 25,23

I'm Really Not Targeting The Magicians manhua, Luo jie, who accidentally traveled to the wasteland game world, spent ten years in Beginner Village because he was too cautious. After killing more than 100,000 magic frogs in ten years, his spell resistance has finally reached 100% Now, Luo jie stepped out of the novice village, but he just wanted to say to the world: I am not targeting mages, What
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MONMUSUGO! 〜Living in Another World with the Strongest Monster Girls with Translation Skills〜 4.6

Monmusugo! 〜Living In Another World With The Strongest Monster Girls With Translation Skills〜

Chapter 3.2

580.6K May 25,23 Kimimaro

Amakawa Keisuke, a hapless corporate slave who suddenly dies, wakes up in a different world! He tries his best to enjoy life in another world, but he has only been given the bottom-tier skill "Translation" and on top of that, the most powerful monster was in front of him...!
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Ryuuou Heika no Gekirin-sama ~Hon Suki Nezumi Himedesuga, Naze ka Ryuuou no Saiai ni Narimashita~ 4.5

Ryuuou Heika No Gekirin-Sama ~Hon Suki Nezumi Himedesuga, Naze Ka Ryuuou No Saiai Ni Narimashita~

789 May 25,23

Ryuuou Heika no Gekirin-sama ~Hon Suki Nezumi Himedesuga Naze ka Ryuuou no Saiai ni Narimashita manga, Princess Ruiying of the Rat Clan, the weakest of the thirteen animal clans, was summoned to the palace of the Dragon Clan, as the Dragon King sought a bride. But instead of competing with the other princesses, her goal is to check out the dragon palace's library, the largest in the world. Seven d
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I Became the Beastman’s Wife 3.7

I Became The Beastman’S Wife

Chapter 97

1.3M May 25,23 九川动漫

During her nightly programming session, Yin Zhu suddenly died and was transmigrated into a world of beastmen. She found out that the original owner of her new body drugged Teng Xiao Her social awkwardness caused everyone to misunderstand her. She claimed to be uninterested in love and only cared about her career. From then on she used the system she created to help her tribe rise to the greatest f
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I Used to Be a Disqualified Daughter of the Duke 4.5

I Used To Be A Disqualified Daughter Of The Duke

Chapter 21

820.9K May 25,23 ICHIBU Saki , SHIROTORI Ushio

Claire Martino has a fairy-tale life anyone would envy, with a noble upbringing, a crown prince for a fiancé, and a promising future ahead of her as Noston’s most powerful mage. That is, until everything crashes down around her when all of the family magical talent goes to her half sister, Charlotte, instead. With her engagement broken and reputation tarnished, Claire flees the only life she’s eve
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Hello, I’m the Gardener! 4.6

Hello, I’M The Gardener!

Chapter 76

1.5M May 25,23 한시우럭,헤이륜

Lee Ji-hyeon, an ordinary high school student who was met with a sudden death on the day of the end of college admission exams. But suddenly, she became a gardener that can communicate with plants? After her death, she was born into ‘Elleb' a fantasy world, with the new name Silvia, and her own special ability. Silvia nurtured and improved her ability and became a garde
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Love and Blade: Girl in Peril 4.1

Love And Blade: Girl In Peril

Chapter 50

618.8K May 25,23 Cha Cha , 차차 , Lee Ru-i

I was reborn as a web novel character and found out that I was destined to be assassinated by my rivals! My name is Moyong Ah-rin, a girl who just lost her parents and joined the Moyong sect, one of the strongest groups in Murim. To avoid the inevitable, I disguised myself as a boy and changed my name to Moyong Ah-hyun. But there's one problem, my brother-in-arms and distant relative, Moyong Chun,
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The Princess of the Attic 4.2

The Princess Of The Attic

Chapter 52

2.5M May 25,23 Ja Eunhyang , JIN , Jeongchebulmyeong , 정인

Branded as a cursed child, Princess Osiria spent most of her life locked in an attic. In actuality, Osiria is the divinely chosen, the one who could’ve saved the empire of Trionfo. Instead, she was sold to a neighboring kingdom and left in the care of Sir Fedelius, a handsome young knight. Although her heart beats faster when Fedelius is around, she doesn’t plan on staying for long. She wants only
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Surviving Romance 4.8

Surviving Romance

Chapter 81: Ep. 81 - The Devil Is...

7.9M May 25,23 Lee Yeon

Chaerin leads a blissful and comfortable life as the lead in a romance novel. She only has eyes for the male lead, Jeha, to the point where all the extras are literal black shadows. But then, one day, her story suddenly switches genres. All of a sudden, she discovers that if she wants to live, she has to band together with the extras she ignored before and work with them to survive!
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The Strongest Unemployed Hero 3.6

The Strongest Unemployed Hero

Chapter 49

3M May 25,23 Jakto, Seo Tae Hoon

Shin Min-cheol had been recruited to the world called ‘Anhelles’. He was one who had lived 200 years fighting to survival and destroying the enemies, in the end the ruler of the continent Zero, was lead to the victory of war. And finally, Min-cheol, who has finally returned to Earth leaving the peace of Anhelles behind, wants to live his long-awaited life as a ‘rich unemployed man’, but another
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Cheat Skill “Shihai” Otsukatte Isekai Harem! 4.1

Cheat Skill “Shihai” Otsukatte Isekai Harem!

Chapter 3

195.2K May 25,23 Kt60

One day, the protagonist suddenly transferred to another world."It looks like the world of the anime I was watching last night, but when I tried to imitate the hero of the anime, the status screen appeared in front of me! I was surprised by the high specs of my abilities, but I was shocked when I saw the name on the status screen! Surprisingly, I am a small fry character who is defeated by th
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I Reincarnated as an SSS-Ranked Goblin 4

I Reincarnated As An Sss-Ranked Goblin

Chapter 15

1.1M May 25,23 Kazumi Maki

When I came to, I was a goblin.I was reincarnated as the lowest rank monster in a state-of-the-art VRMMO game. After persevering through the tumultuous life of a goblin with my little goblin sister Lily, I was killed in an invasion conducted by the hero.Why did I have to die such a pitiful death after I’d been reincarnated…?… No, you must not die yet.At the brink of death, I was br
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Class Shoukan ni Makikomareta Kyoushi, Hazure Sukiru de Kikai Shoujo wo Shuuri suru 4.8

Class Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Kyoushi, Hazure Sukiru De Kikai Shoujo Wo Shuuri Suru

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Valkyrie Android, Brynhildr

43.9K May 25,23 Satou (さとう)

The whole class was transferred to a different world. The teacher, Aizawa Seiji received a failure skill . He was treated as a burden until his skill was activated in the ancient ruins! The Android girl awakened and slaughtered the Minotaur!! They tried to escape via the teleportation device but ended up on unknown grounds. Aizawa brought the Android Girl, Brynhildr, with him to travel aro
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RTA Sousha wa Game Sekai kara Kaerenai 4.9

Rta Sousha Wa Game Sekai Kara Kaerenai

Chapter 3

21.7K May 25,23 Koide Yoshito

Our protagonist, the speedrunning emperor of "Another Verse", suddenly feels sleepy in the middle of practice.When he awakens, the familiar opening of "Another Verse" is playing right before his eyes!?In this godly environment where the body is moving better than usual, you have to speedrun!Clearing the game world faster than anyone!Abusing bugs to fight, the "fastest" Isekai fanta
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The Villainess Is Changing Her Role to a BroCon 4.6

The Villainess Is Changing Her Role To A Brocon

Vol.1 Chapter 3

39.2K May 25,23 HAMA Chidori

“Brother, I loved you since before I was born!”Corporate slave Yukimura Rina was reincarnated as the villainess Ekaterina from an otome game. In her past life she was obsessed with the brother of the villainess, Alexei, but seeing him in real life is so much better than in the game! It’s just that, her brother’s upbringing is just so sad that she cries every time she thinks about it!“Okay!
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If I Die, I will Be Invincible 4.6

If I Die, I Will Be Invincible

Chapter 81

6.7M May 25,23 勤奋码字人 , 飞卢小说网 , 映穆文化

After transmigrating into a world of Immortals, Ye Qing obtained the ultimate cheat! He will obtain invincibility the moment he dies!Ye Qing: It's time to court death!Empress of Zhou: I met my soulmate when I met Ye Qing. With all my power, I will make sure he lives!Immortal Ruler of the Upper Realm: The world is a cold and indifferent place, but Lord Ye alone showed me a warm and caring world. I
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The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer 4.7

The Tyrant’S Tranquilizer

Chapter 63

7.5M May 25,23 Forgiven , Kim Seul Gi , Dyubu , Yeonju

Amelie Bourbon is a witch, destined to die at the hands of her lover, the ruthless tyrant Serwin Hennessia. So when ordinary office worker Lee Suyeon is reborn as Amelie, she vows to change the ill-fated story. The problem is the “calamity” sealed inside Serwin’s body, which threatens to ruin him and the entire world, can only be calmed when he is near Amelie. As she grows closer to Serwin, Amelie
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How to Live at the Max Level 4.7

How To Live At The Max Level

Chapter 48

4.7M May 25,23 Team.SC4B, Kim Ji-Woo (김지우)

Even a graze from her is a Critical Hit! The tormented goddess who can’t land a weak hit has descended!A stress-free fantasy adventure romance between a girl who fell into a world inside a game and a mysterious and virtuous man!She was summoned to the Otherworld after she mistakenly clicked a quest window of , a game that provided a reality-like fantasy. Nicknamed ‘Chaos Demon King’, Ju Sa
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Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi ga Jibun no Saikyou ni Kizuku made 4.6

Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi Ga Jibun No Saikyou Ni Kizuku Made

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Worst Start

9.3K May 25,23 Tokura Haka

Wimme Strauss is an adjunct sorcerer who provides support and does odd jobs. However, after defeating the master of the hierarchy, he is expelled from the party by the leader, whose pride is hurt. Wimme is at a loss, but his childhood friend (and Wimme's's stalker), Heidemarie, finds him and recruits him for the biggest party, the Wings of the Dragon. "It's like a miracle ...... fuhehe." He claims
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Princess of Doom 4.5

Princess Of Doom

Chapter 92

5.4M May 25,23 Han se-ram , Gaenyangppa

The Demon King, Kaon broke the taboo and tried to revive his dead lover. However, the magic went beyond his expectations and created a new existence, a little girl who looked exactly like his dead lover. However, her soul was that of a Korean woman, "Lee Eun". The Demon King tried to kill the child and failed. Hence, he thought that it was related to the will of his deceased lover.
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I Became a Dead Character in a Prison for Wastes (Promo) 4.7

I Became A Dead Character In A Prison For Wastes (Promo)

Chapter 0

15K May 25,23 Moon Sihyun

I was reincarnated into this novel… Wait, no!I was reincarnated 10 years before the events of the novel took place? The setting of the novel is a prison that’s even worse than hell itself. This and that happened, and ten years flew by. I’m now the top dog of this prison.*“Hey, Mint. I’ve got a job for you. Get working.”“You’re saying all this stuff, but I don’t know what yo
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