The Scorned Villainess Survives in the Wilderness 4.2

The Scorned Villainess Survives In The Wilderness

Chapter 49

20K Oct 05,22 An yoshii / Nakano ruri

Read manhwa The Scorned Villainess Survives in the Wilderness / Kon'yaku o Haki sa Reta Akuyaku Reijou wa Kouya ni IkiruThe Crown Prince Wilhelm suddenly announced the dissolvement of his betrothal to Constance (Connie), the daughter of a marquis. It seems like he had fallen in love with someone else a saint who had appeared recently. Connie grew depressed at the cruel declaration, as she had spen
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This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince 3.6

This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince

Chapter 5

15K Oct 05,22 TSUKIGAMI Saki

This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince MANGA, Tensei Hakushaku Reijou ha Oujisama kara Nigedashitai, Countess Sherazade of the Holy Kingdom of Florentino is hit with a flood of memories. Memories of a past life, in which her current life is just a Teen Love novel called, "The World that Surrounds Me," or "My World" for short. Her life is about to go from tragic to downright
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Nokori Mono niha Fuku ga Aru 5

Nokori Mono Niha Fuku Ga Aru

Chapter 13

5K Oct 05,22 HINATA Sora

Nokori Mono niha Fuku ga Aru manga, The Best Is Saved for Last , There Is Luck In the Last Helping , Nako's been summoned as a sacred figure, but she doesn't have the special powers her summoners expected to make this "other world" a better place. She's sent away to live in a detached palace with Lynn, her lady-in-waiting, until one day, she's ordered to marry an earl who's said to be the country'
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Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord 4.6

Fun Territory Defense By The Optimistic Lord

Chapter 13.1

135.2K Oct 05,22

Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord Okiraku Ryoushu no Tanoshii Ryouchi Bouei A man was reincarnated as Van, a boy of noble birth, who grew up to become a child prodigy through hard work. But when it was discovered that he possessed "production magic," he was immediately relegated to a remote village. However, his magic, which was called useless, turned out to be truly extraordinary, capa
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Born As The Daughter of the Villainess (The Wicked Woman’s Daughter) 3.9

Born As The Daughter Of The Villainess (The Wicked Woman’S Daughter)

Chapter 42

85.1K Oct 01,22

Born As The Daughter of the Villainess (The Wicked Woman's Daughter) , /:I was born as the daughter of a wicked woman in a novel. At birth, my mother had already been exposed to her evil deeds and was confined to the spire, and would soon face a miserable death in the hand of the main characters. I looked at my mother, who was still searching for her ex-husband until the moment she died and hel
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The One Within the Villainess 4.8

The One Within The Villainess

Chapter 8: A Beautiful Person

125.2K Oct 01,22 Shiraume Nazuna,Makiburo

In order to clear the name of 'Emi,' a girl who had reincarnated as Remilia, the villainess of an otome game, the real Remilia who had been watching all along inside awakens. Now it's time for the true villainess' revenge to begin!
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Isekai Robin Hood 4.1

Isekai Robin Hood

Chapter 9.5

81.5K Oct 01,22 Miyama Yuuki,Fumihiro Kiso

Takio Asakawa is an ordinary salaryman who - surprise, surprise - dies and gets reincarnated into another world. A big fan of isekai stories, Takio is immediately ready for his OP slow life adventure. However, when he enters the other world, he discovers that not all is as it seems. Adventure guilds are a relic of the past, and income inequality has plagued the country. Technology has also pr
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Idol Manager In Another World 2.8

Idol Manager In Another World

Chapter 18: A Girl Named Le Qiu

33K Oct 06,22 StoRy

Top-tier idol manager Le Qiu accidentally traveled to another world. To return to her reality as soon as possible and help the farm girl, Ella, save her village, fate led Le Qiu to bring six beautiful girls of different races and personalities together into a girl group. While she spreads the idol culture, she is also… saving the world.
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Fantastic Days! 4.1

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku O! Fantastic Days!

Chapter 8

12K Oct 04,22 Akatsuki Natsume

Manga adaptation of the mobile game Konosuba: Fantastic Days
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Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu 4.3

Kagetoki-Sama No Kurenai Koukyuu

Chapter 4

31.9K Sep 28,22 Shouoto Aya

Haunted by death and rumored to be a "Death Goddess," Kito Tsutsuji falls off a building because of a man who believed those same rumors and resented her for them. At the point of dying, Tsutsuji is summoned to another world. The one who called her is the abhorred first prince of the Shinju Empire. Due to a commotion at the time of her summoning, she becomes known as the Holy Maiden. However, the
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Saint? No, it's a passing demon! ~Absolutely invincible Saint travels with Mofumofu~ 3.9

Saint? No, It's A Passing Demon! ~Absolutely Invincible Saint Travels With Mofumofu~

Chapter 12

58.7K Sep 26,22 Inujin Inumajin

.Finally,Finally........I can touch fluffy!Kanata, the girl known as the second coming of the "Saint".She has a lot of talent, and her chosen profession is the weakest of all the demon users.That's right, Kanata, who ended up having a previous life of loneliness, has chosen to use her cheat power to pat all the world's fluffers. All you have to do is to adore it to the fullest!A fast-paced girl's
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Houkago Saitensei! 4

Houkago Saitensei!

Chapter 9.3: Extra: My Quiet Best Friend Suddenly Confessed To Me And Then Suddenly Dumped Me

56.7K Oct 03,22 sometime

Ten years ago, a magic circle suddenly appeared above Earth, connecting it to the parallel world Alterna. This led to the invention of the Alternaphone, which allows people to freely reincarnate between worlds, allowing earthlings to become adventurers and otherworlders to become normal citizens. The series follows two amnesiac girls, earthling Kurami Utaho and otherworlder Melua Solaris, as they
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Ophelia the Oracle Queen 4.6

Ophelia The Oracle Queen

Chapter 26

115.1K Sep 28,22 Rosarin , Terry , Ullpe

Ophelia the Oracle Queen manhwa, There's nothing more frustrating than a novel with endless tragedy and zero triumph. Such is the tale of Ophelia, a powerless princess who is used by those around her only to be cast aside and poisoned to death. So when an ordinary bookworm wakes up in the princess's body, she knows that she must rise to the throne in order to survive. Being the illegitimate daug
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Starting with the Guhuo bird 4.3

Starting With The Guhuo Bird

Chapter 17: Big Dipper Sword 24 Origin Fence

140.8K Oct 05,22 Huo er gai, 活儿该

Li yan, who is contracted with an incurable disease, by chance, entered a bizarre and motley world " Yan Fu ". Relying on his masterly skills, he step by step become a person of strong character. And in the process of walking through the world of Yanfu, he also began to discover the true mysteries of this world.
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Villainess’ Reprisal Boutique 4.5

Villainess’ Reprisal Boutique

Chapter 16

125.2K Sep 28,22

After a car accident, fashion designer Madison wakes up inside her favorite fairy tale as Allena, the daughter of the villainess Irene! For years Irene and Allena have lived in banishment. But there is an untold storythe truth is Irene was never a real villainess. She was framed! Using her fashion skills, Allena enters the noble finishing school, Versailles Academy, swearing to earn the prestigiou
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Ochikobore kuni o deru ~ jitsuwa sekai de 4 hitome no fuyo-jutsu-shidatta kudan ni tsuite ~ 4.7

Ochikobore Kuni O Deru ~ Jitsuwa Sekai De 4 Hitome No Fuyo-Jutsu-Shidatta Kudan Ni Tsuite ~

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Chef Girl, Nina.

247.7K Oct 05,22 Shizuku Mikage

Having lived a useless 30 years of his life, the main character (Saito Jinkuro) is hit by a truck. When he wakes up, he enters the body of "Dzink Norland", the 14-year-old son of an aristocrat who served as his Highness' escort. But due to the lack of skills with a spear, which were inherent in all members of his family, and terrible behavior, he was kicked out of the guard post, and then complete
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The 3 Strongest High School Heroes on Earth 3.7

The 3 Strongest High School Heroes On Earth

Chapter 6

34.1K Sep 25,22 Bluecoldtunamayo

Dead-Teen Hero manga, The 3 Strongest High School Heroes on Earth ; ; 3Can she be the main character? High school senior Jihyeon Han wants to be the heroine of a teen comic but every application has been rejected. Desparate and running out of options, she takes a chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove herself. Can she finally be the main character for once?
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The Beginner’s Guide to Be A Princess 3.6

The Beginner’S Guide To Be A Princess

Chapter 77

85.1K Oct 05,22 Xiaomingtaiji

All the infant girls countrywide drift downstream from the beginning of the fosse. Whoever reaches the terminal point first will be adopted by the emperor. Excuse me??? Who think of such ridiculous idea?! Whoa! I want to go back to my original world! What an awful time travel!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-re
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I Became the Beastman’s Wife 4.2

I Became The Beastman’S Wife

Chapter 11

53.1K Oct 04,22 九川动漫

During her nightly programming session, Yin Zhu suddenly died and was transmigrated into a world of beastmen. She found out that the original owner of her new body drugged Teng Xiao Her social awkwardness caused everyone to misunderstand her. She claimed to be uninterested in love and only cared about her career. From then on she used the system she created to help her tribe rise to the greatest f
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Isekai Tensei 3.8

Isekai Tensei

Chapter 20

98K Oct 03,22 OOYAMA Sanpo

Noah, the youngest survivor of the earth, aims for a new universe on a spaceship entrusted by her mother, a scientist. What we arrived at was a planet where all creatures had "magical powers." While conducting a field survey, I met a girl who claims to be the "Demon King's Daughter"!? Another world sci-fi fantasy where a cyborg young man travels through a mysterious planet!
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Governess of a Tyrant 4.4

Governess Of A Tyrant

Chapter 19

310.3K Sep 30,22 Cheng zi , Kuaikan comics , Tapas entertainment

Blackened Duke Strategy Plan,Hei Hua Gongjue Gonglve Jihua,Hi Hu Gngju Gngl Jhu,mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online
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Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~ Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee 4.8

Shoushaman No Isekai Survival ~ Zettai Hito To Wa Tsurumanee

Chapter 6

433.3K Oct 04,22 SNIS

Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~ Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee manga, A merchant by the name of Okuda Keigo put everything into his work, day and night, until one day he won a lottery of 1 billion yen! With his money worries solved for life, he moved to the countryside far away from civilization to live the slow life. Then, suddenly he was transported to another world, along with his chicken coop?!
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Isekai Craft Gurashi Jiyu Kimamana Seisan Shoku No Honobono Slow Life 4.8

Isekai Craft Gurashi Jiyu Kimamana Seisan Shoku No Honobono Slow Life

Chapter 8.3

653.5K Oct 02,22 Aroe

Isekai Craft Gurashi Jiyu Kimamana Seisan Shoku No Honobono Slow Life , Miyabi always had dreams of being an architect, creating buildings that would inspire awe in others. And in the MMORPG Yume Sekai, he was finally able to achieve that dream even if his constructions were used entirely to house marriage proposals.One day, Miyabi received a message from the admins of the game as his architectu
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