I Am The King 4.6

I Am The King

Vol.1 Chapter 60: Tree Demon

705.7K Sep 24,22 时代漫王

In order to return to his hometown, the Earth, Gao Miao the traverser, journeys through the IP worlds of novels, comics, movies, etc. Experiencing a variety of different lives, getting to know a bunch of beautiful women, and beating up strong enemies.
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In a post – apocalyptic world, I’ll become the richest man ever! 4.6

In A Post – Apocalyptic World, I’Ll Become The Richest Man Ever!

Vol.1 Chapter 37: The Temptation Of The Military Instructor

3.1M Sep 24,22 There are european gas factories (有欧气工厂)

Zhou Ming, an ordinary office worker, has a rough life, aside from being oppressed by his higher – ups, he also is poor. But due to this unexpected opportunity, Zhou Yuan gained a system. And now, his life takes a complete 360° turn.
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Flowers are flowers, leaves are leaves 4.6

Flowers Are Flowers, Leaves Are Leaves

Chapter 48

2.5M Sep 21,22 Gol_G ; WOO Ji hye ; Haepyo

Hong Seol-young, the daughter of a concubine of a chaebol family, stood proudly despite all kinds of persecution, when her parents suddenly died in a car accident and Seol-young also dies under the guise of suicide. Seol-young curses the Hong family until the moment she closes her eyes. Seol-young, who suddenly came to consciousness, opened her eyes and found her surroundings reminiscent to that o
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - KazuMegu Will Get Married In 100 days (Doujinshi) 4.9

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo! - Kazumegu Will Get Married In 100 Days (Doujinshi)

Chapter 34: Day 34

434K Sep 19,22 Suke Yuno

A parody of (
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I’m Really Not A Supervillain 4.2

I’M Really Not A Supervillain

Chapter 19

1.8M Sep 18,22 衣月动漫

The human world is shrouded in fear of the unknown. In order to survive, a few awakened people rose up to fight. Yilin, an unlucky man who couldn’t become a hero in time, was tragically assassinated when he killed the boss. Unexpectedly, he was born again and gained the ability of a villain leader. He was originally an ordinary man but he became the lifelong enemy of countless gods and demon
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Bon Appétit! 4.7

Bon Appétit!

Chapter 25

4.2M Sep 17,22 Ryu-Ran,류란,뽀슈,Bbo-Syu

"If I die after eating, that’ll be great!" Luana was born an abandoned princess of a kingdom that would soon be occupied. It’s the story where her death was decided anyway, so she ate what she wanted to eat. Her cooking has captured The General of the Conquering Army, the duke who was cursed and can’t taste foods? "There was nothing I wanted in this small kingdom, but now I think I do.” Why are yo
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Wind Through Young Reeds 4.8

Wind Through Young Reeds

Chapter 1.5: Chinese Valentine's Day Art

25.1K Sep 17,22 碧落cici

“There’s no way a lady this gorgeous could be the villainess! And she’s going to end up as part of the OP MC’s harem?! Absolutely not, I refuse! I’m going to change the outcome of this story!” The weak and pathetic—but with a large stomach!—transmigrator Hu Xiaoman quietly made up her mind.“You look so focused, silly.” The villainess, reborn in the New Game+, thought that this girl was very~ i
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My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path 4.6

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

Vol.1 Chapter 42

3.8M Sep 14,22 Hylain

When I was reincarnated, I only wanted to live happily with my one and only younger brother. But the problem is, my younger brother, who will do anything for my sake, gave me the crown off the head of the tyrant who was the Emperor just up until yesterday. "I'll make the continent kneel at your feet, Sister!" ...At this rate, before becoming the first Empress to unify the continent, I migh
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The Princess Back From Hell 4

The Princess Back From Hell

Chapter 7

840.6K Sep 11,22

After taking revenge on the ex-boyfriend who used to abuse her, she died and transmigrated as the heroine of the popular otome game "Rose Spiral". She found out that the targets who could be captured possessed evil intentions, approaching the female lead only to use her. The frozen heart of a reborn girl burns with hatred, and a revenge plan slowly unfolds. While attacking and taking revenge on th
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Mushoku Tensei - Eris Gaiden 4.7

Mushoku Tensei - Eris Gaiden

Vol.1 Chapter 6.2: Finale [Part 2] [End]

2M Sep 11,22 Rifujin Na Magonote,Okano Yuu,Higake Take

Eris Boreas Greyrat is a former noble girl, who one day was transported to the other side of the world with her cousin Rudeus. She grew as a swordswoman, but ultimately was unable to save Rudy as he was nearly killed. Deciding that she wants to be someone who can support him rather than the other way around, Eris decides to leave Rudeus and go on her own journey. This is a spinoff of Mushoku Tens
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Isekai Izakaya 4.8

Isekai Izakaya

Chapter 74

17.5M Sep 11,22 Semikawa Natsuya

Imagine there is a bar with many weird kind of food and drink that might bring you to another world! The bar, so-called "Nobu" is located in a alley of the old city Aiteria. AT the very first step, diners feels like falling into another completely country, with cold, super cool beer, so-called "toriaezu Nama"!
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Serious Villainess! 4.6

Serious Villainess!

Chapter 3

172.3K Sep 11,22 Kyaru

I was reincarnated as Blanca, a villainess in the world of an Otome game that I loved in my previous life. It's unfortunate that I was reincarnated as Blanca, a character I don't like very much, but maybe I can witness a flirtatious scene between the heroine and her capture target without being charged for money! In order to make the love of the captured target and heroine more exciting than the g
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Villainess Level 99 ~I may be the Hidden Boss but I'm not the Demon Lord~ 4.8

Villainess Level 99 ~I May Be The Hidden Boss But I'm Not The Demon Lord~

Chapter 15

17.8M Sep 10,22 Tanabata Satori,Nokomi,Tea

I reincarnated as the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumiella is merely a side character, but after the ending, she re-enters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character boasting high stats on par with the heroes! Lighting a fire in my gamer's soul, and taking advantage of being left on my own in my parent's territory, I trained, trained, and trained! As a resul
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Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World 4.6

Survival Story Of A Sword King In A Fantasy World

Chapter 146

139.3M Sep 06,22 Kwon Sun Kyu,Studio Chun,Lim Kyung-bae

Ryu Han-Bin was a normal person who just had been discharged from his mandatory military service, when he was transported to another world. Left to fend for himself, he was given the goal of surviving and growing stronger in a desolate world riddled with monsters. The problem is the 'Guideline' that was supposed to be his guiding system to survive is filled with errors.
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White Necromancer ~Road to Necromancer King~ 3.6

White Necromancer ~Road To Necromancer King~

Chapter 15

2.3M Sep 05,22 Hidefumi,Azumaya (Ii)

After dying of sickness at 15, I had been reincarnated into the world of the MMORPG “War Chronicles of Desgarde”! The help feature taught me the basic summary of this world, but there seems to be additional secrets about me, aside from my reincarnation. Let’s survive in this Isekai world to become the character I played in my previous life, a necromancer! (Wait, there’s a Necromancer King? What’
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Moto Isekai Tenisha datta Kachou no Ojisan, Jinsei ni Dome no Isekai wo Kake Meguru 4.4

Moto Isekai Tenisha Datta Kachou No Ojisan, Jinsei Ni Dome No Isekai Wo Kake Meguru

Chapter 3.7

1.2M Sep 03,22 Ginmugi , kura

Guy gets transported to another world for the second time in his life, armed with only his business suit and glasses. This is the adventuring tale of a cool, but slightly pathetic 37 year old ossan's life in another world.
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What's a Villainess Supposed to do Again? 4.4

What's A Villainess Supposed To Do Again?

Chapter 4

124K Aug 31,22 Soy,Sagara Naho

Kardinal, a researcher who loves light novels, had been reincarnated as the villainous daughter of an otome game. Her banishment flag is raised, but oblivious to the game's storyline, she doesn't know how to overcome or avoid it. She makes the critical decision to live on her own and become a villainess until the very end! She'll rise up in this unknown world embracing her new role.
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What Should a Villainess Do? 4.8

What Should A Villainess Do?

Chapter 4

280.6K Aug 31,22 soy , SAGARA Naho

Cardinal, a researcher who loves light novels, had been reincarnated as the villainous daughter of an otome game. Her banishment flag is raised, but oblivious to the game's storyline, she doesn't know how to overcome or avoid it. She makes the critical decision to live on her own and become a villainess until the very end! She'll rise up in this unknown world embracing her new role.
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Astro King - Summoned as a Hero, I Turned Out to Be Low Rank, so I Made a Maid Harem! 3.7

Astro King - Summoned As A Hero, I Turned Out To Be Low Rank, So I Made A Maid Harem!

Chapter 10

6.6M Aug 30,22 Ryuutei Kenji

After being transported to another world with all of his classmates, Yoshitsune was ordered to conquer the dungeon as a hero. While his peers were all reeled in and tamed by the offer of unlimited sex with the castle maids, Yoshitsune, a low-rank hero, devoted his cheat skills to getting more and more maid wives...
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Nidome no Isekai Shounen Datta Kare Wa Toshiue Kishi ni nari Dekiai Shitekuru 4.5

Nidome No Isekai Shounen Datta Kare Wa Toshiue Kishi Ni Nari Dekiai Shitekuru

Chapter 10.3

562.9K Aug 30,22 Kotoko (琴子)

"The boy I saved before becomes an older and a highly talented knight!" One day, Sara was transported to another world and saved a boy named Luke who was pursued and collapsed in the forest for some reason, and decided to live together with him. However, just as Luke was beginning to recover from his wounds, Sara was abruptly sent back to her own world. Three years later, Sarah returned to the ot
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Kurogane no Valhallian 4.6

Kurogane No Valhallian

Chapter 49: Pawn

1.2M Aug 29,22 Matsubara Toshimitsu

When he woke up, Souma Tetsujirou, a samurai from Kamakura who had survived the Mongolian invasion, found himself in an unfamiliar place. He was told by Hrist, the girl who brought him there, that they were in Valhalla, a place where the souls of dead warriors congregate. In order for him to be revived, Tetsujirou now has no choice but to fight against the "dead warriors" from different eras in t
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Onna Majutsushi-san, Moto no Sekai e Kaeru Tame ni Ganbarimasu 4.5

Onna Majutsushi-San, Moto No Sekai E Kaeru Tame Ni Ganbarimasu

Vol.1 Chapter 1: A World Of Swords And Magic

121.1K Aug 25,22 Imaki Ten

Rintaro and Haruto are two friends who enjoy playing the VRMMO Eternal Maze Online, a fantasy video game where you can be a different person from the real world and enjoy a second life. One day Rintaro finds a mysterious item called the Reincarnation Jewel in his inventory so he decides to use it and teleports himself and his friend to a fantasy world. Rintaro became his female avatar who is a mag
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The Crownless Queen 4.4

The Crownless Queen

Chapter 14

498.6K Aug 25,22 Kim Ramu

60-year old historian, Jung Gwinam. On the day of her retirement ceremony, she got into an accident while attempting to save her daughter, just to later wake up as the main character of a fantasy novel written by her daughter?! Of all things, she had to be reborn as an orphan peasant. But who cares? This is the start of Jung Gwinam's second life.
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