BL Game no Shujinkou ni Nattara Rival ni Dekiai Sareta Ken 2.2

Bl Game No Shujinkou Ni Nattara Rival Ni Dekiai Sareta Ken

Vol.1 Chapter 3

138,185 Aug 04,22 Nomiya Tomoka

Kuudere, Devil, Yandere or the Ideal Man - who the hell am I supposed to choose?! Together with his long-lasting rival Wataru, the university student Tatsuya ends up in an unknown world. To his surprise, it was the world of a school BL game! The only way to return to his original world is for the protagonist, Tatsuya, to get the happy ending (= have sex) with one of the in-game bachelors! One time
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Bad Thinking Diary 3.9

Bad Thinking Diary

Chapter 15

951,003 Aug 04,22 Park Do-Han

Min-Ji and Yu-Na, who have always been together. From the age of 17 to the age of 21, they are each other’s best friends. From one day the relationship is subtly different. Min-Ji’s wild dream about Yu-Na started! Their relationship begins to change into something other than their best friendship. Unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. “‘bad ideas” growing up in their own minds. Where will th
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New Town 4.1

New Town

Chapter 49

1,286,381 Aug 04,22 Lee Wan

" it possible for me to take more classes?" Himchan is a tutor who has no quiet days due to married women in a quiet city.
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Good food, great sex, erotic Marshmallow Girls fuck all day long. 4.1

Good Food, Great Sex, Erotic Marshmallow Girls Fuck All Day Long.

Chapter 6

500,576 Jul 30,22 Ibuki Haruhi

I took in a girl who looked like a destitute stray. I even tried asking her why she's homeless but she wouldn't answer?! She's become my pet, but sometimes she needs a "special treat" only I can give her. Her only wants appear to be sex, food, and sleep. What will happen now that I've picked up such a starving stray?
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Gyaru JK Onee x Shota 4.2

Gyaru Jk Onee X Shota

Chapter 3

340,344 Jul 30,22 MM

Stepsiblings Onee x Shota original H doujin, by MM.
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Happy Kuso Life 2.5

Happy Kuso Life

Vol.1 Chapter 6.3: Miscellaneous Extras

40,876 Jul 30,22 Harada

Kyoutarou Kasuya is an elite businessman who caused a scandal at his company. As a result, he gets sent off to a remote rural area where he meets a weird, unemployed – and living off his grandmother's pension – neighbor, Yoshiyuki Kuzuya.
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Die if you aren't a virgin 1.9

Die If You Aren't A Virgin

Chapter 3

39,996 Jul 30,22 Samjang Shaman

On the first day of his transfer, Gyu-tae fell in love with Seok, who greeted him warmly. He dreams of a "real" first love story with him, but soon he hears a bolt from the blue. "I think men who are not virgins should die". Shocked by Seok's strange love philosophy, Gyutae, who had been in a crush for years, one day witnessed Seok receiving a ring from another man...
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K-On! - Azu You Like!! (Doujinshi) 2.8

K-On! - Azu You Like!! (Doujinshi)

95,110 Jul 21,22 Chapel, Ryunnu, Sage (Circle)

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I Want a Taste 4.1

I Want A Taste

Chapter 15: Team Leader, Help Me Out Once More

1,531,676 Jul 19,22 Team Danbi

Ho-Chan who visits Somang Enterprise after receiving their business card, was greeted with the Manager’s ample bust inside the rundown company? “Ho-Chan, aren’t you curious what’s inside my panties?”. Already being seduced by Da-Som and now… from an older woman with a supple body to a fresh 20 year-old… is this the life’s best restaurant?!
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An Ardent Teaching Life 4.5

An Ardent Teaching Life

Chapter 16: Daughter Drenched In Front Of Mum!

885,943 Jul 14,22 Hwang Geon-Jeok

Yoo-Dong Seo was drunk and posted on his university bulletin board that he was selling a dildo after being dumped by his ex. Surprisingly, someone called him up to buy the article. As he arrived at the rendezvous point, a pretty girl approaches.... "Are you going to use this?"
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Yuri ni Mezameru Hon 3.5

Yuri Ni Mezameru Hon

Chapter 5: Oneechan To Yuri Ni Mezameru-Hon

240,242 Jul 14,22 Nanakusa Amane

A GochiUsa doujinshi series in which Cocoa aims to awaken everyone to yuri.
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Punch Drunk Love 2.9

Punch Drunk Love

Vol.1 Chapter 16

177,587 Jun 25,22 Moscareto (모스카레토)

Park Sunwoo is a member of the finance team at DM Electronics. He styles his hair with a deep side part, wears thick glasses, and prefers his suit oversized.His inflexible personality has earned him an awful reputation, but he prioritizes his own comfort and happiness and pays no mind to the badmouthing that happens behind his back…However, even a guy like him has unrequited feelings! Towa
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The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Bathtub Scene 2.2

The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation - Bathtub Scene

Chapter 1: Partially Colored Version

61,310 Jun 23,22 Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

These scenes take place at the end of chapter 231 of the manhua "The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation", and correspond to chapter 95 of the novel of the same name. They illustrate what happens between Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian in the bathtub, and later in bed.
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Gyakure Banchou Zenpen 3.9

Gyakure Banchou Zenpen

280,318 Jun 20,22 Miyashiro Yousuke

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Hametsu no Itte 2.4

Hametsu No Itte

Chapter 2

880,936 Jun 04,22 Tamagou

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