Joshi Rikujoubu Harem Training 4.5

Joshi Rikujoubu Harem Training

Chapter 19

2.4M Mar 06,23 Pei

Ever since his leg got injured, Miyamoto Wataru's athletic career has been on hold. In the meantime, he's been offered to coach the track and field club at the local girls' school.
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Enlistment Countdown 3.6

Enlistment Countdown

Chapter 23

7.8M Mar 05,23 Zunger

"100 days left, and I'm still a virgin"Guen is a 21 years old university student, he has a girlfriend but is still a virgin. Because my girlfriend Gaeul will be a virgin until marriage! Instead of a girlfriend showing no sign of permission, a tempting offer comes to Kun-hee, in a hurry before enlistment...
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Prototype Lolita 2.7

Prototype Lolita

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Bonus - Houkago Wa Minna De Extra

1.5M Feb 24,23 40010Prototype, Shimanto Shisakugata

1. Houkago wa Minna de (Together With Everyone After School)2. Kyoudai tte ii na (Siblings Sure are Great / Ane Otouto tte ii na)3. Oyakotte ii na (Fathers and Daughters Sure are Great)4. Boku no Tonari no Souma-san 1 (My Slave Soma-san)5. Boku no Tonari no Souma-san 26. Boku no Tonari no Souma-san 37. Shougakusei tte Ii naBonus. Houkago wa Minna de extraTAGS:Ma
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku o! - Bakuretsu Musume o Kanojo ni Shitara Yaru Koto nante Kimatteru! (Doujinshi) 3

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Syukufuku O! - Bakuretsu Musume O Kanojo Ni Shitara Yaru Koto Nante Kimatteru! (Doujinshi)

Chapter 2

936K Feb 24,23 Poncocchan, Tonkotsu Fuumi (Circle), Ponkotsu

Instead of Kuzuma, we got a big ol'bald guy who got isekai and chose the power of HypnosisWith it, he makes Megumin his ◯na◯le
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Sweet Family 4.2

Sweet Family

Chapter 1

1.4M Feb 23,23 Hwang Boohyun

Moontak, a jobless man who has been living at his girlfriend's house for two years after being discharged from the military. At the club where he secretly visits, he learns the secret of his prospective sister-in-law, "Youngah," and received a secret proposal.I thought everything was a secret between the two of us. Did my girlfriend find out?What's the fate between the two families that ge
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Love Theme Park 4

Love Theme Park

Chapter 13

1.4M Feb 21,23 강원도

“Welcome to Fantasyland!” An amusement park where getting a girlfriend is guaranteed if you work there. Ki-Hyun applies for a part-time job there to make money and find love. On his first day, he meets the friendly Hye-Sol and forms grand plans, but they’re dashed as he’s assigned to the janitorial department and ends up working all day. With no contact with the other part-timers and no luck with
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Next Door's Chinatsu-chan R 4.8

Next Door's Chinatsu-Chan R

Chapter 6: Next Door's Chinatsu-Chan R 06

1.4M Feb 21,23 Kuragamo

With his family being gone on vacation, a student is wondering what he'll have for dinner. Luckily, his neighbor Chinatsu stayed behind to serve him a meal which both won't forget any time soon.
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Half Succubus Wo Hirotta 4.2

Half Succubus Wo Hirotta

Chapter 48: Ordinary Days 7

2.3M Feb 21,23 Zurikishi

Take a child half succubus and half human.
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Tonight Office 3.6

Tonight Office

Chapter 2

830.9K Feb 17,23 Xiu

Kang Jiyoung dreams of living in the luxurious Tower Palace, but she has no money to do soAt the suggestion of her friend, Jiyoung signed up in an app where people pay her for companionshipJiyoung is able to buy anything she wants, but is it worth it when her every move is being watched?
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Beaker no Naka no Yokubou 4

Beaker No Naka No Yokubou

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Public Bath Saga

956.1K Feb 16,23 Morris

From MU: Collection of short stories dealing with sex and the slightly strange. 1. Go with the Accident Flow! In the bathroom Sho limbers up his wrist with his mother's panties. Mother comes home early in the soaking rain and can't wait for a nice hot bath. But when she surprises her dear boy he throws the panties in her face. She slips on the wet floor and skids right into–a
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Married Couple Swap ~He's Better Than My Husband~ 3.2

Married Couple Swap ~He's Better Than My Husband~

338.4K Feb 14,23 Peter Mittsuru

I hear my beloved wife's moans through the sliding door as she's having sex with her affair. Meanwhile, I'm also having sex with my friend's wife and letting out my sperms...
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Hame Pero 3.3

Hame Pero

Vol.1 Chapter 14: Omake Q&a

1.8M Feb 14,23 Yahiro Pochi

01. Natsu to Mei (Summer & Me) 02. Pride Ijiri 03. Ran Tomo 04. Himitsu no Love Match (The Secret Love Match) 05-06. Ero Hiiki 07. Natsu ni Mei 08. Imouto Yuukaihan 09. Milky Yankee 10. Shy S Sensei 11. Fude Koi 12. 2/14 Valentine Repeat 13. Teru Teru Momoko 14. Omake Q&A 15. Lesson Koharu
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As If Daughter 4.4

As If Daughter

Chapter 49

2.9M Feb 09,23 F-set

For my friend's father, to him, I'm just a child. He says he thinks of me as a daughter, but does he know? I'm lusting towards him every day…
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“Hypnotized” Sex with My Brother 3.9

“Hypnotized” Sex With My Brother

Chapter 30

3M Feb 08,23 Yuuki HB

I'll comfort you until morning..." His hot and stiff crotch is crawling inside my wet slit. My hypnotized brother won't stop no matter how many times I cum...Tags: Romance, Special Abilities, Forbidden, Sisters, Tsundere, Hypnosis
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Workplace Romance 3.6

Workplace Romance

Chapter 33

7.7M Feb 07,23 Gregor (그레고르)

Say goodbye to the never ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead.But it doesn’t make any sense that you’re my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That’s how I’ll do it, I’ll find out her weakness, no matter what! A struggling new employee, Dong-hyuk’s office life and his beautiful coworkers will now begin.
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Better Than Sex 4.2

Better Than Sex

Chapter 6

1.8M Feb 02,23 Ken Sogen

A virgin inherits 7 million credits from his dad and nearly works himself to death in order to earn the 8 million total credits needed to buy a sex robot. Now that he has the money, it's time to use the robot.
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Kuso Omo Yandere Maken R18 4.4

Kuso Omo Yandere Maken R18

Chapter 6

1M Feb 02,23 Kuga Tsuniya

Do not cheat on your knaifu waifu if you value keeping your laifu.
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