Better Than Sex 4.2

Better Than Sex

Chapter 6

4M Feb 02,23 Ken Sogen

A virgin inherits 7 million credits from his dad and nearly works himself to death in order to earn the 8 million total credits needed to buy a sex robot. Now that he has the money, it's time to use the robot.
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Kuso Omo Yandere Maken R18 4.3

Kuso Omo Yandere Maken R18

Chapter 6

2.7M Feb 02,23 Kuga Tsuniya

Do not cheat on your knaifu waifu if you value keeping your laifu.
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Stealthily Fucking My Dozing Boss (She Came While Pretending to Sleep) 3.6

Stealthily Fucking My Dozing Boss (She Came While Pretending To Sleep)

Chapter 1

4.5M Jan 17,23 Nanakusa Amane

"If you're not awake, then I'm putting it in..." His throbbing, pulsating member slides deep inside of her...During a late night at the office, Reiji Kirishima finishes his work and finds his boss, Mika Arimura, on a sofa, fast asleep. He attempts to shake her awake, but to his surprise, her breast falls out of her shirt! Mika, who is normally crass and intimidating, turns out to be rather arousin
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Kegareboshi 2.4


Chapter 3: Kegareboshi Murasaki -Jo-

6.3M Jan 11,23 Vpan's EXTASY (Circle), Satou Kuuki

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Stepmom's Sisters 3.9

Stepmom's Sisters

Chapter 2

6M Jan 05,23 FACON

Mi Rae, a beautiful young woman, has recently been married to a successful middle-aged man. After dropping out of study abroad, her stepson, Hyun Soo, returns home to live with them. Just in time for the newlyweds' housewarming party, her sisters and stepson face each other
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Drunken Sex on Company Trip!~I'm Getting Hot in the Hot Spring... 3.3

Drunken Sex On Company Trip!~I'm Getting Hot In The Hot Spring...

Chapter 1

2.9M Jan 04,23 Mothica

“B-, boss... We can’t do it here...!” Those tits floating in the outdoor hot spring are too hot... I can’t take it! On a company camp, Noko accidentally enters the men’s hot spring area, slips, and gives her boss a face full of her breasts! Such an ample bosom makes the boss loses his senses, and with a little teasing of her perky nipples... Ooooh! That alone’s enough to push Noko over the edge. “
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Dangerous Roomies 3.9

Dangerous Roomies

Chapter 2

4.2M Dec 21,22 FACON

Jin Ho has let his best friend Hyun Ah live with him as she just moved in to the city. Even though that they are a man and a woman living together, they only see each other as friends. But as new people come into their lives and events unfold, their feelings start to reveal themselves
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I Was Drunk and Made to Cum Violently, It Was Merciless Sex With My Loser Senior 2.9

I Was Drunk And Made To Cum Violently, It Was Merciless Sex With My Loser Senior

1.7M Dec 10,22 Yu Yago

Not only is he good at work, he's also handsome and popular. However, despite of being such a perfect senior, Tachibana is actually a total scum! Yukine, a new employee who gets drunk at the welcome party, is supposed to be taken home by Tachibana, but he takes her to a hotel instead. When she's still half conscious, he keeps teasing her good spots... She wants to resist, but she doesn't have any
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Kind-hearted Little Sister 3.4

Kind-Hearted Little Sister

Chapter 1

2.8M Dec 06,22 FACON

Dooyeol is a troubled son due to his father's womanizing habits and the death of his mother. He meets two women who will become his step-mother and step-sister, much to his chagrin. However, Dooyeol didn't expect to have a whirlwind of emotions towards these two women
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Absolute Hypnosis in Another World 3.6

Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

Chapter 40

18.1M Dec 03,22 KAMADI (카마디), OneDollar (원달러)

HYPNO is equipped with hypnosis, status window, nonsense and self-justification. He intends to build a harem using his new abilities in a new world! And... the first woman he meets in the new world is a married one with the hottest body!!---- (
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Trigger 3.7


Vol.1 Chapter 43: Extra Episode 2 (Side Story Complete)

1.3M Nov 14,22 Blue Lack (블랙커피)

An offer to give 100 million won for bringing a ballpoint pen.For his family in need, Han Seojin pretends to be a partner for the night.He is heading to the house of Choi Moohyun, executive director of Daeil Air.But with a cynical smile and cold eyes, Muhyun, who looks clean and perfect without any flaws, pushed Seojin away.Seojin gives up his last pride and begs him…
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New Town 3.7

New Town

Chapter 60

17.7M Nov 07,22 Lee Wan

" it possible for me to take more classes?" Himchan is a tutor who has no quiet days due to married women in a quiet city.
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Under the Radar 3.4

Under The Radar

Chapter 16

12.5M Oct 29,22 Weak Man

Sun-jung, a senior instructor who doesn't care about affair with pretty girls, and Myung-jin, a young instructor who spends his days picking up trash because of such an idiot-like senior. Myung-jin falls in love with a beautiful student 'Yura' in an advanced class where he accidentally entered as a pinch hitter, and afterward, he sees Sun-yung, who starts flirting with Yura, like a thorn in his ey
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Beauty Salon Sisters 2.8

Beauty Salon Sisters

Chapter 16

4.8M Oct 11,22 김도끼

Han Dong-soo, a lucky student in the rural countryside. Here, he finds a beauty salon, and his luck begins! "Student…what style do you want to do..? I'll do it all…♡"
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Mother Hunting 3

Mother Hunting

Chapter 88: End

10.2M Oct 05,22 OUM ,Onjom (온점)

“You want to eat it too? Married woman! I’ll tell you everything.” Sang-Hyeon, a lecturer at an academy at Mosolada. One day, the sound of a moan heard in an empty lecture room, Sanghyun discovers the scene of star instructor Junbeom’s secret attack on a married woman. In exchange for keeping her secret, she listens to a special lecture on the white-haired Baekjung married woman master…---
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Doki Doki Connection 4.1

Doki Doki Connection

Chapter 30: Final

19.5M Sep 29,22 SSAEM

Because of the slow internet in my place these days, I changed the Wi-Fi password to avoid freeloading. From that day on, random porn videos that I'd never seen, are played onto my TV... "It's not even my video.. Is this someone's real-time pairing?"
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Happy Parasite 3.7

Happy Parasite

Vol.1 Chapter 4.2

1.4M Sep 11,22 Shakeda Nene

An encounter that leads to a pushy parasite?! "Thanks for your help!" "Please leave." The cool, low energy businessman and the super-positive NEET, the worst possible match(?), start living together! "I'll repay you with my body!" One night, Kazuhisa, a company employee who doesn't like getting involved with others, meets Haru, a backpacker lying down on the street. Surprised and annoyed by his de
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To LOVE-Ru - Prototype Other Love (Doujinshi) 3

To Love-Ru - Prototype Other Love (Doujinshi)

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Magical Orange Darknes

6.7M Aug 25,22 40010Prototype

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Love Love Reversible Couple Heart Beat Anthology 4

Love Love Reversible Couple Heart Beat Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 12: Mismatched Morning Lovers

1.1M Aug 25,22 Motoyama Ako, Matsumoto Noda, Yocto Yoda, Various, Wakachiko, clamming, Imai Sasaru, Nikumaru, Tobi Washio, Hino Youhe, Gimmy, Round Cutting, Hirosato Kana

This is a collection of oneshots created by 13 artists. 1) Night Routine - MATSUMOTO Noda 2) Koukishin wa Neko wo mo Korosu - MOTOYAMA Ako 3) Kusayakyuu Nakama Batsu Nii Yamome - Gimme 4) Hajimari wa Dou Are - HIROSATO Kana 5) Turning Point - 依田ヨクト 6) Christmas Eve no Shitsuren - Shiohigari 7) Virtual Liberty - Nikumaru 8) Surprise Switch! - ためいけ 9) Nigate na Os
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Sold Out Girl 3.5

Sold Out Girl

Chapter 44

10.6M Aug 21,22 Shampoo

Old fashioned and strict Hae-jin's team is always at the last place for sales. A newcomer ace saleswoman Mihoo is always clashing with inflexible Hae-jin for even the smallest thing. “Chief, you are too strict.” The office story of an ace sales girl who sells every insurance and her overly strict chief.---- (
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She is Working Out 4

She Is Working Out

Chapter 45

21.1M Aug 19,22 Kim Mundo

Namseok, who returned to his hometown after 10 years to operate a kendo dojo. Jungbin, who I’ve known as a guy, turned out to be a girl! In the stamp with only the two of us, Jungbin soaked in sweat is waiting defenselessly. “Was kendo such a sexual exercise?”---- (
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Trapped in the Academy's Eroge 4.3

Trapped In The Academy's Eroge

Chapter 12

16.7M Aug 14,22 Feel

I woke up in the world of the ero-game 'Seka' after writing a bad review... The God of the game 'Seka' said that they will kill me if I don't get the harem ending of all 6 heroines! Such a stingy god... All right. I will try to seduce all six of them and survive until the harem endings...!
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A Wonderful New World 4.2

A Wonderful New World

Chapter 152

16.5M Aug 11,22 Ko Sonjak

Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women's bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then one day, he was suddenly notified of his reassignment by the team manager. It seemed that she was victorious, until…
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