Protect Me, Knight 4.7

Protect Me, Knight

Chapter 44

576,632 Jul 01,22 달봉

After “Ye Eun” fell in love at first sight with a Male student, she practiced kissing her older sister's figurine called “Brick” While imagining the boy she fell in love with. She woke up because of a strange dream that night. She saw the figure “Brick” moved as if its alive. The figure asked her for help to lift the curse. Ye Eun accepts Brick's request
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My Horse Is a Fox Spirit? 3.9

My Horse Is A Fox Spirit?

Chapter 59: Let's Continue In Your Room

77,216 Jul 01,22 Chen Guojian

The super dedicated emperor who "only loves his kingdom and dislikes beauties," and the unfortunate vixen who "decided to use beauty to ruin the kingdom." Hu Xiaocha, a vixen who wants to seduce the emperor of the Qian Kingdom, transformed into horse to sneak into the imperial palace. When she's a horse, the emperor, Bai Liang, treats her with much love. However, when she transformed back into a h
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A Guide to Proper Dating 4.7

A Guide To Proper Dating

Chapter 117

2,800,896 Jul 01,22 Nam Soo

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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 4.9

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Vol.8 Bonus Short Story: Veldora's Slime Observation Journal

152,899,160 Jul 01,22 Fuse, Kawakami Taiki

A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker's new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virgin by gives him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of !?!
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Modern MoGal 4.7

Modern Mogal

Chapter 208.5: Art: Searching For The Wolf! (By Seisei815)

21,015,288 Jul 01,22 Shepherd0821

The daily experiences of modern monster girls.
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Play, Playlist 4.6

Play, Playlist

Chapter 82

1,430,545 Jul 01,22 Eiff

Hanju is your ordinary university student except for the fact that shes also the up-and-coming Metube cover artist, PLII. When popular boy group member Levi takes notice of PLII and requests to collaborate, Hanju will do anything to hide her secret identity. But as the two grow closer working on a class project, Hanjus cover begins to unravel. Will Levi discover her secret?
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Back To Rule Again 4.1

Back To Rule Again

Chapter 249

23,502,664 Jul 01,22 Rose Office

A young man named Yang Fan was betrayed by his girlfriend while he and his sister at death’s door, when suddenly, he traveled back to the past. Last time, you guys bullied me and sold me out. This time, with the power of the ring, only the strongest can survive. And I, am the strongest.
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Why Should I Love You? 2.2

Why Should I Love You?

Chapter 38

45,453 Jul 01,22 Updating

When Zheng Zhe proposes to the homosexual Song Xiaoyan, the other party unfortunately suffers from the love-breaking syndrome, thus forgetting all the memories related to him.Zheng Zhe never abandons his lover, he tries a lot of ways to help his lover remember.
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Lady Yang Is in the Special Forces 4

Lady Yang Is In The Special Forces

Chapter 85

235,588 Jul 01,22 Jiang Jinghaiqi, 猫蛋蛋工厂

A special forces soldier has transmigrated into the body of Lady Yang, destined for greatness on the Imperial throne! Her future husband, Li Longji, is actually a devastatingly handsome and clever man, despite his young age. Watch as the couple plays the fool to gain advantages. Their goal? To have the Great Tang Dynasty wrapped around their fingers.
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Mismatched Love 4.4

Mismatched Love

Chapter 86

829,629 Jul 01,22 Rima

Saiga Kyousuke, the hottest boy in high school, has been rejecting confessions from every girl for one year straight. What he wants is someone who is interesting and different from others. One day, he meets a mysterious junior who is more than a little different...
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A Mismatched Complicated Love 4.1

A Mismatched Complicated Love

Chapter 86

1,066,945 Jul 01,22 Rima

Saiga Kyousuke, the hottest boy in high school, has been rejecting confessions from every girl for one year straight. What he wants is someone who is interesting and different from others. One day, he meets a mysterious junior who is more than a little different…
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Hongshi Loves Me! 3.4

Hongshi Loves Me!

Chapter 193: You Can Barely Tell A Lie, My Little Cutie Pie ♡

843,744 Jul 01,22 Ganghada

“Hongshi Loves Me!” tells the exciting school life of a 20-year-old 12th grader! Look forward to a school campus sitcom full of affection!
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Make the Exorcist Fall in Love 4.8

Make The Exorcist Fall In Love

Chapter 17: For Whom The Bell Tolls

389,070 Jul 01,22 Updating

As the strongest exorcist, a boy chosen by God was engaged in mortal combat with the Demon Kings. Although he bears the fate of humanity on his shoulders, he actually wants to make sweets peacefully. One day, he meets a girl... This is a story of love and hope growing in the midst of a holy war.
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Almighty Master 4.4

Almighty Master

Chapter 279

33,543,537 Jul 01,22 博易动漫

Let’s take a look at our young hero here, who was born and entered the world of Martial Arts. There’s nothing that he cannot do! Be it music, chess, medicine or even culinary arts. Pretending to be the weakest while he is the strongest. Women from left to right, look at how an orphan rise. An orphan who will solve numerous cases and who will become the master of the city!
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Please Show Up! 4.6

Please Show Up!

Chapter 46

965,498 Jul 01,22 Kim kihyun

One day, Kim Jiyong, an ordinary student, dreams of Jung Jihye and falls in love with her at first sight. But when he tries to find her... it turns out that the woman committed suicide 2 years ago?! The romantic story of Jiyong who wants to return Jihye's life, Please Show Up!
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I Have a Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World 4.5

I Have A Mansion In The Post-Apocalyptic World

Chapter 526

74,029,157 Jul 01,22 Min Man Tian Xia

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That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime Strange Tales: Monster Country Life Of Trinity 4.6

That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime Strange Tales: Monster Country Life Of Trinity

Chapter 44: The Departure

12,525,344 Jul 01,22 Fuse,Tae Tono

Receiving a secret mission from Callion of the Beast Kingdom Eurazania, an energetic animal-eared girl sets off to Jura Tempest Federation!
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Turn to Prince Charming 4

Turn To Prince Charming

Chapter 119

653,853 Jul 01,22 Haotoon

Xia Xiaotao, a tone-deaf ordinary girl changes her body with Ling Xi, a superstar and her idol. After experiencing various types of chaos, accidents and setbacks, she gradually stars living a wonderful life in the entertainment circle by conquering different princes charming, and becoming a superstar famous in films, TV and singing!
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Yoka-san ga Nameru 3.9

Yoka-San Ga Nameru

Chapter 16

38,855 Jul 01,22 Bento Matsura

Aran Narushima, the lowest boy who is being bullied in the class, accidentally witnesses the secret act of Sakuya Yoka, a super popular girl in class number 1.Doing something on the skin of human face...!?With that as a kick, a secret relationship between the two who transcended the boundaries of the school caste started ... !!?
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Xiu Zhen Nai Ba 3.4

Xiu Zhen Nai Ba

Chapter 65

2,713 Jul 01,22 青葶动漫

.The almighty Demon Cultivator Xie Tian gave birth to a child during the demon king selection and lost his place as the demon king! Now at the bottom of the pit, he decides to bring his son Duoduo and get his man back from the succession and marriage ceremony of the righteous sect! Who is the father?!Bai Jing: Since you're already, then you won't be going anywhere else. I want both the father and
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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator 4.5

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 233

10,720,016 Jul 01,22 Webnovel comics

It’s a cultivation story. One with immortal gods and cultivation arts. But more importantly, it’s the story of a boy named An Lin, a mortal who was heavily in debt and was pursued by loan sharks before meeting his savior, a True God. Saved from the loan sharks, An Lin was sent to cultivate at the Immortal Cultivation United University, but it seems like he was trolled by the True
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Why The Princess Acts Like White Lotus 4.3

Why The Princess Acts Like White Lotus

Chapter 95

605,816 Jul 01,22 xiamen1819

Xiao Aiai found her boyfriend cheat on her when the day her mother died. She sweared that she would be the white lotus (girls who win boys' love by acting innocent) in her next life. Rumble! A thunderstorm struck her and when she woke up again… Where am I?! I want to be a white lotus! Wish accomplished.
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Yurucamp 4.8


Chapter 72

1,694,838 Jul 01,22 Afro

Rin, a girl camping by herself at the base of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko, a girl who came to see Mt. Fuji on her bicycle. The scenery the two witness over a supper of cup ramen... marks the start of a new friendship and many adventures to come, camping in the great outdoors!
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