Rules for Peddling in Another World 4

Rules For Peddling In Another World

Chapter 97: Another Companion

11.1M Apr 15,24 Zero Creation Animation

If you accidentally crossed over into another world, what kinds of abilities would you need to reach your peak in life? Would you became an Enchanter? A Hero? Or maybe a Cultivator of Immortal Techniques? Of course not. You would take advantage of your present day knowledge in this other world to do business and earn big bucks!
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Ochikobore Shoukanshi to Toumei na Boku 4.3

Ochikobore Shoukanshi To Toumei Na Boku

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Save Me... 2

45.3K Apr 15,24 Urushibara Yukito

The world is full of stories... novels, manga, movies, and anime. These stories that are thought to be fiction are a record of a world that actually exists as "another world". This is the story of a summoner who connects the world of stories and reality.
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Spare Me, Great Lord! 4.6

Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 628

55.2M Apr 15,24 The speaking pork trotter

After the revivification and return of the spirit energy, men and women did their best to capture every strands of spirit energy and train, except Lu Shu, with his Negative Emotion System, he becomes stronger by taunting others! He only wanted to protect his younger sister, but the change of an era in unavoidable, then all he could do was… to taunt others in passing, and become the stronges
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Neko ga gotoku 4.4

Neko Ga Gotoku

Chapter 12: Oyaji And Temptation

195.4K Apr 15,24 Yuuki Sumida

The Yakuza boss is... a cat!? The "brown tiger" group boss, Oyaji. Yanagi, the new recruit in the Yakuza, and the gang members are once again at the mercy of the carefree Oyaji today... But it's not that bad.A lively comedy about a cat... Begins!!
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Nina My Love 3.8

Nina My Love

Vol.4 Chapter 24

267.1K Apr 15,24 IKUEMI Ryou

One afternoon, Atsushi's best friend from childhood, Masa, informs him, "I kidnapped Niina Aota." Niina, whose popular nickname is "Nina", is the girl Masa fell in love with at first sight on the train attending school. Atsushi found it unexpected and hard to believe, until he heads over to Masa's apartment and discovers that Nina has really been kidnapped....
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I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week 4.3

I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week

Chapter 615

18.8M Apr 15,24 阅文漫画

After being fired from his company, Lin Yi accidentally gets the All-Pro Experience System. Lin Yi relies on the various career arrangements and generous rewards given by the system to achieve his ambition and path to wealth step by step, becoming the ultimate all-powerful big brother who dominates the world.
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My Sect's Senior Disciple Has a Hole in His Brain 2.6

My Sect's Senior Disciple Has A Hole In His Brain

Chapter 457: Don't Even Think About Living (Part 2)

1.8M Apr 15,24 Ling Yumo

The hilarious adventures of the eldest disciple of a sect who has a problem with his brain. Dong Fang Xian Yun was reincarnated as the most senior disciple of the Carefree sect. But the only thing that goes through his mind is to make sure he doesn't end up dying by the hands of the "main character". Read as he makes no sense to his fellow disciples while avoiding flags left and right.   
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Wo Jia Dashi Xiong Naozi You Keng 4.1

Wo Jia Dashi Xiong Naozi You Keng

Chapter 457

8.3M Apr 15,24 Ling Yu Mo

The hilarious adventures of the eldest apprentice of a sect who has a problem with his brain. Dong Fang Xian Yun is reincarnated as the eldest disciple of the Care-free sect. But the only thing that goes through his mind is to make sure he doesn't end up dying by the hands of the "main character". Read as he makes no sense to his sibling disciples while avoiding flags left and right.
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Yeon Woo's Innocence 4.6

Yeon Woo's Innocence

Chapter 145

9.7M Apr 15,24 Esol

Yeonwoo possesses such a delicate appearance that he could be mistaken as a female student. However, he has a secret crush on the school idol, Gang Haesol. But the shy and timid Yeonwoo has never said a word to her… Yeonuui Sunjeong
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Hellper 2 <KillBeros> 4.7

Hellper 2

Chapter 80

615.1K Apr 15,24 Sakk

Jang Gwangnam's life and how he grows the guard tribe that protects the city.
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Only for Love 4.8

Only For Love

Chapter 14: Paying A Visit

105.2K Apr 15,24 Qiao Yao (翘摇)

The stunning financial reporter, Zheng Shuyi, is dating a two-timing scumbag? How could she possibly stand back and do nothing about those love birds: the cheating bastard and his white lotus of a mistress. Upon seeing the Rolls-Royce's plate number of the mistress' uncle, which was a straight numerical number plate, Zheng Shuyi made up her mind. Doesn't the cheater plan to marry rich to retire tw
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Saving My Sweetheart 4.8

Saving My Sweetheart

Chapter 123

41.2M Apr 15,24 Han yujeong , hound , Kim Jiei

Despite being the daughter of the Holy Empire’s most revered divine leader, Leticia is rumored to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrant. The thing is… none of the rumors are true! After years of living as her vindictive mother’s scapegoat, Leticia is ultimately cursed to die if she doesn’t kill her beloved husband, King Ditrian, with her own two hands. But when the clock miraculously resets to mere d
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 132

6.7M Apr 15,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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Tekken Chinmi 4.4

Tekken Chinmi

Vol.29 Chapter 136

1.4M Apr 15,24 Maekawa Takeshi

Chinmi is a young Chinese boy devoted to martial arts training. Word of his skill reaches the kung-fu masters at the famous Dailin temple who invite him to study with them. Through his own dedication and the guidance of his teachers, Chinmi becomes one of the top students at the temple. Eventually the time comes for him to leave Dailin and make a pilgrimage. On his journey he faces a number of dan
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Surviving in an Action Manhwa 4.3

Surviving In An Action Manhwa

Chapter 56

3.3M Apr 15,24 Jinoh (지놓), Lim Jong Hyun (임종현)

There’s a saying that the scariest antis in the world are the fans.The manhwa that Lee Hee-ro had been faithfully reading since he was a child, 〈Adventure King〉, had come to an unsatisfying conclusion.However, it seemed like the author was one step ahead of the reader in this case.To the rage-fuelled message that Hee-ro had sent in response to the ridiculous ending, the author replied,
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Kimi wa Kawaii Reptile 4.7

Kimi Wa Kawaii Reptile

Vol.1 Chapter 5.3

123.9K Apr 15,24 Yamamoto Mato

Itsuki Fukunaga (27) is the manager of a reptile store. Surrounded by his favorite reptiles, he spent every day happily. But one day, Fuu-chan, a bearded lizard with a chinturned into a human girl. Her personality and gestures are the same as when she was a reptile. A exciting love comedy with 120% reptile geekiness and 120% lovey-dovey!
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Guardian Tales - Kanterbury Days! 4.9

Guardian Tales - Kanterbury Days!

Chapter 119: Best Pizza In Town

194.6K Apr 15,24 Junsuina fujunbutsu

An official slice of life themed 4 panel webmanga of the Guardian Tales series.
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Netkama PUNCH!!! 4.5

Netkama Punch!!!

Chapter 62

1.3M Apr 15,24 Bongyee (미쪼), CHIMA (II)

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Netkama a male who portrays himself as female online. This is what Kim Seyeong decides to become after reencountering Shin Heejae, the guy who destroyed Seyeong's gaming career in "Arcadia" a year prior. His plan is to pretend to be a g
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Yashiro no Maou 4.1

Yashiro No Maou

Chapter 3

8.7K Apr 15,24 Kuroda bb

Maou Shaitan Geneha, a demon lord whose powers were sealed away, seeks out the descendant of the one who sealed her; company employee Shishibe Yashiro. Wanting Yashiro to undo the seal, Maou forms a contract with her, aiming to satisfy Yashiro in the hopes that she'll undo the seal.
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Convenient Semi-Friend 4.2

Convenient Semi-Friend

Chapter 15.5: Twitter Extras: Tried Teasing A Gloomy Girl And Got The Tables (Unconsciously) Turned On Me

378.3K Apr 15,24 Minori Chigusa

Three-part guest series publishing in Manga Time Kirara.Kuruma Suuna, a gloomy and socially awkward girl, begins her high school dorm life only to discover her new roommate, Hamanasu Ruka, flirting with another girl!
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Tower of God 4.6

Tower Of God

Chapter 619

180.2M Apr 15,24 Siu

Read ​Tower of God Manga The storyline centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Baam, that has spent his life trapped beneath a tower that was mysterious. Chasing after his only friend, as he attempts to locate his company, he manages to open a door to the Tower, and must face challenges at every floor of the cryptic tower.
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Yandere Mahoutsukai wa Sekizou no Otome shika Aisenai - Majo wa Manadeshi no Atsui Kuchidzuke de Tokeru 4.6

Yandere Mahoutsukai Wa Sekizou No Otome Shika Aisenai - Majo Wa Manadeshi No Atsui Kuchidzuke De Tokeru

Chapter 21

394.3K Apr 15,24 Crane

Lara, the magician, confronts a dragon to protect her disciple Alistair, and magically turns into a stone statue to avoid death. Twenty years later, she wakes up safely and is astonished to see her arrogant disciple Alistair become an older lord who is loved by everyone. Alistair reunites with Lara and begins courting her fiercely. "You are mine." Lara, who is breathless with her beloved disciple'
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Zettai Karen Children 4.6

Zettai Karen Children

Vol.55 Chapter 531: Head Hunters (1)

5.9M Apr 15,24 Shiina Takashi

It's the 21st century, and the number of ESPers continues to increase. They are active in the military, diplomacy, politics, and in other places. They hold the key for global competition. A country that controls ESP can control the world! However individuals who posses higher than Level 4 are less than 3% of the population. There are only three Level 7 people who have government contracts. The
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