There Was a Cute Girl in the Hero’s Party, so I Tried Confessing to Her 4.6

There Was A Cute Girl In The Hero’S Party, So I Tried Confessing To Her

Chapter 25-3

7.4M Mar 25,23 Suisei,Kairi

Youki was reincarnated in another world. However, instead of being reincarnated as the hero or the demon lord, he was instead reincarnated half-assedly as a minion of the Demon Lord. One day, the Hero's Party attacked the Demon Lord's castle with the intent of defeating the Demon Lord. Of course, Youki was able to repel their attempt with ease. In spite of this, he ended up falling for the cleric,
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Satou-kun no Makai Koukou Hakusho 4.2

Satou-Kun No Makai Koukou Hakusho

Chapter 36.5 [End]

254.5K Mar 25,23 Kaneshiki Swiss

An ordinary high school student, Satou Ichirou, was born to a demon father and a human mother. Together with his best friend (← one-sided), the beautiful grim reaper Freddie, and the money-obsessed Rinto, who looks almost like a rabbit, he is enjoying his high school life in the demon world today!
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Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!! 4.6

Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!!

Chapter 28

13.7M Mar 25,23 Tamutamu,Zazaron Anan

After falling into the ocean, Wataru Toyoumi, finds himself reincarnated in another world! Armed with a skill to allow him to summon boats he plans to get rich and live a happy life aboard his very own luxury liner.
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Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years 4.7

Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years

Chapter 134

9.1M Mar 25,23 Star Club

Being reincarnated in a cultivation world, Han Jue realizes that he can live his life like a video game. He con reroll his cultivation potential and connate providence. In pursuit of longevity, Han Jue decides to cultivate in a low-profile manner. A thousand years later, generations of cultivators have become history. That is when the immortals start cleansing the mortal world. Han Jue can no long
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Pavé Rose 4.3

Pavé Rose

Chapter 44

120.4K Mar 25,23 Jyabachip

While waiting for her friends on the street one day, university freshman and band music enthusiast Do Ahyeon reunites with former high school classmate Lee Haerang, who's now... the vocalist of a band? Having only hung out with Haerang once during high school to see a live show together, Ahyeon still has some unanswered questions about him... Why did he drop out of school after the show? How d
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Modern MoGal 4.6

Modern Mogal

Chapter 250: Hidden Threats

26M Mar 25,23 Shepherd0821

The daily experiences of modern monster girls.
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Shiotaiou no Sato-san ga Ore ni dake Amai 4.8

Shiotaiou No Sato-San Ga Ore Ni Dake Amai

Chapter 34

9.8M Mar 25,23 Sawatari Kazami,TETSUYAMA Kaya

Satou-san is the unattainable flower of the class. She is always cold and curt with classmates, but only I know she's actually very cute when she smiles, even if she's not much of a photographer. Oshio-kun is friendly and lively, but only I know he works at his family's cafe after school. He does a great job with the cafe's SNS account, and his mischievous smile makes my heart skip a be
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The Loyal Knight Killed Me. After Changing to a Yandere, He Is Still Fixated on Me 3.8

The Loyal Knight Killed Me. After Changing To A Yandere, He Is Still Fixated On Me

Chapter 4.1

220.2K Mar 25,23 Usagi Hoshimi , Yuzushiwo

Tiana's engagement was annulled by the prince of her own country, and she was sentenced to exile. However, the knight of a neighboring country, who was an aide to that country's prince, suddenly proposed to her. Since he was her type, Tiana accepted the marriage proposal and traveled with him to his country, but what awaited her was an unjust death. However, although she should have died, Tiana fi
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My big boss daddy’s 4.5

My Big Boss Daddy’S

Chapter 174

1.7M Mar 25,23 Yuewen Manhua , Ladle Art-Two Cats

When the young monk Ji An Ruan, who didn't know her life experience, she was five years old, she was taken down the mountain by the master who raised her to entrust her to five dads who she hadn't met. Relying on her cuteness, Ruan Ruan successfully moved to come to survey the environment but unexpectedly met Ruan Ruan's first father-Mu Shen. Mu Shen, who originally disliked children and didn't th
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Plastic Memories - Say to Good-bye 4.7

Plastic Memories - Say To Good-Bye

Vol.3 Chapter 20: Memories: 20

479.7K Mar 25,23 Yuuyuu

In a future not too far away, androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. The android production company SA Corp. produced Giftia, a new kind of android that has the most amount of emotion and human-like qualities out of any other model ever seen. However, due to problems in technology, the androids have a service life, and once they pass that, it gets pretty bad. For
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Love For Hire 4.4

Love For Hire

Chapter 26

23K Mar 25,23 Haeri yoon , Livingston

The last thing a powerful attorney like Jin Doha wants to do on the weekends is fill in for his sister as a housekeeper. It doesn't help that his client, Yi Wonyi, always finishes the chores for him. Wonyi, on the other hand, is just trying to live her best life as far away from her messy family as possible. At the law firm where she works, she's known for being cold and distant, but somehow Doha
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Did It Work 3.9

Did It Work

Chapter 28

400.5K Mar 25,23 Rain , Binun , Lime Tree , Deung Bul

Seungjeong inherited the abilities of his ancestors, who were famous shamans, but those abilities can only be used when they get pleasure from sexual contact with the right person. Seungjeong, who went to the casino because of a friend's trick, lost all of his fortune and was looking around to use his ancestor's abilities. Seungjeong, who found Gayoon, followed him and forcibly rubbed his body to
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Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor 3.8

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Emperor

Chapter 189

8M Mar 25,23 Benming Manhua , Dong Man She

This series is adapted from a novel on zhulang site. Lin Qinghan's grandfather (her father's father) is facing an imminent danger. His relatives disregarded the stability of Lin conglomerate and used various despicable means to inherit properties owned by him. President Qinghan was framed in the process. However, her husband, Zhang Xuan, who owns the title of "Satan" among the Lords of Dragon King
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My disciples are super gods 4.5

My Disciples Are Super Gods

Chapter 204

32.1M Mar 25,23 Updating

Ye Yang, the game tester of the game company, crossed with the account of “full profession and maxed skill-set”! The life of a patriarch of man level sword master + immortal cultivator + magician starts. The headache is that a group of beautiful disciples advise him to improve every day
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Romance is a bonus book 4.3

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Chapter 78

2.1M Mar 25,23 Jeong hyeon-jung,Mino,Nana

“Sister” “I don't want to go back.” “Tell me where you want to go.” “ I'll take you there.” “If there's a day I want to turn around, that's the moment. If I didn't go back to the wedding hall that day. I wish I had gone somewhere far with Eunho.” Dan-i, who came back as a divorced woman, started living with Eun-ho. Eun
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Love Live! Superstar!! Chokotto Liella 4.7

Love Live! Superstar!! Chokotto Liella

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Cute Animals Videos

2.1K Mar 25,23 moffmachi

The web-based one-panel manga project "Love Live! Superstar! Chocotto Liella", which was serialized on the official Twitter and Instagram pages, has been published in book form! This is a collection of illustrations by moffmachi, which compiles the daily lives of the cute Liella.
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I Raised A Black Dragon 4.6

I Raised A Black Dragon

Chapter 61

9.9M Mar 25,23 Dalseul , Sottan , 달슬 , 소탄

The witch, Eleanor Asil, has fifteen previous convictions.And the transmigrator, Noah Park, had no intentions of being involved in the novel’s original plot of the dragon beheading the villainess. With that thought in mind, she abandoned her titles as The Wicked Witch and sought to live a long and peaceful life.So she heads down to the countryside wrought with deep remorse for all her misd
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I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot 4.7

I’M Actually A Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 215

9.1M Mar 25,23 乱室佳人 , 绘世TONY

The Immortal Dao is ethereal, and Immortals are hard to find.Li Nianfan had descended into the cultivation world as a mortal. After learning that he has no hope in cultivation, he only wants to live a peaceful life.HoweverThe dog he adopts becomes a demon king of a generation when it sees his poems and paintings. It manages to suppress an entire world.The tree he plants behind his house becomes a
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Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu 3.9

Oshi Ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu

Vol.5 Chapter 26

446.8K Mar 25,23 Hirao Auri

A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she'd die to see her play at Budoukan.
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Nemu-chan won't let me sleep! 3.5

Nemu-Chan Won't Let Me Sleep!

Chapter 2

25K Mar 25,23 Mokoyama Jin

The succubus' target was a second grader!? So begins a seductive comedy with a clumsy succubus and a mature grade schooler!
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It’s Time to Change the Genre 4.8

It’S Time To Change The Genre

Chapter 78

16.4M Mar 25,23 Garin,KEN

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels. I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I’ll try my best to take care of my nephew until his uncle shows up and takes him as per the original plot. But then… “Oh, mom!” I’ve become his mother all of a sudden? “I don’t know your circums
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Kiruru Kill Me 4.6

Kiruru Kill Me

Chapter 44

3.2M Mar 25,23 Kano Yasuhiro

is coming to collect on it is Kiruru Akaumi. But the one who commissioned this hit... was Aoi himself! He fell head over heels in love with Kiruru from the moment he saw her and, in order to spend more time with her to deepen their relationship, he himself commissioned the Kiruru company to kill him.
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