Kenzen Robo Daimidaier 4.3

Kenzen Robo Daimidaier

Ch.1 : Chapter 01

93.8K Jan 20,16 Nakama Asaki

To fight against the mighty Penguin Empire, a secret organization known as the “Prince Beauty Salon” has developed the Daimidaler, a giant humanoid robot powered by a source of energy known as “Hi-ERo particles”. Since high school student Kōichi Madanbashi possesses a high amount of this rare energy in his body, the organization sends Kyōko Sonan to get him to pilot the Daimidaler. However, to rel
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Tokyo ESP x Ga-rei - Shadow Walker 5

Tokyo Esp X Ga-Rei - Shadow Walker


123.4K Jan 20,16 Segawa Hajime

When Tokyo ESP meets Ga-rei...
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Gosh! Obake ga Boku wo Penpen Naguru! 4.4

Gosh! Obake Ga Boku Wo Penpen Naguru!

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Insert The Eyes Into Those Brainpans!

64.1K Jan 20,16 Oshikiri Rensuke

Collection of short stories: 1. Dohii! Obake ga Boku wo Penpen Naguru! 2. Sharekoube ni Me wo Irero! 3. Kotatsu Obake 4. 4444 5. Zekkyou!! Norowareta Shinya Taxi 6. Kyoufu!! Hitokui Mansion 7. Youkai Jansou 8. Kyodai Mahjong Jigoku Ezu 9. Shuunen no Kurenhoutou 10. Akumu no Mental Care 11. Shinken 10-dai Shaberanuba 12. Kagerou no Hibi 13. Kyoufu no Shuugaku
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Hatsukoi Rhapsody 4.9

Hatsukoi Rhapsody

Chapter 0

82.1K Jan 20,16 Aoyama Haruno

"People always say that your first love is the most special..." A sweet story of lost and found.
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Kaidan Is Dead 5

Kaidan Is Dead

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Ghost Stories Are Dead

61.4K Jan 20,16 Iijima Shingou

It's tough being a ghost in the modern era. A group known as "The Seven Wonders" are distressed by the lack of children taking tests of courage to the school that they haunt. Without children who believe in them and perpetuate ghost stories, they will eventually cease to exist! Can they figure out how to instill fear in children, or is the modern world already scary enough?
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Jitsuryokuha Elite Jin 3.9

Jitsuryokuha Elite Jin

Chapter 0

64K Jan 20,16 Ashihara Daisuke

Creatures from another dimension have invaded Earth! Earth weapons are useless against these 'Neighbors,' but some scientists have created new weapons based on the enemy's technology. Using these weapons, humans struggle to defend themselves from the invaders. The head of the central base has sent the ace soldier, Yuuichi Jin, to help out the failing Base 7, and rescue his son Yuiga Tadashi, who i
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Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu! 4.8

Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Finest Men And Me, The Social Recluse

101.7K Jan 20,16 Kanae Sato

Towako and her brother has been living together since their parents passed away. Suddenly, a host of ikemen that are friends of her brother appears and they are all living together! One of them especially, seems to be spending alot of time in the house together with Towako, who's not just a shut in, but a NEET as well. Will Towako be able to escape from the shell that binds her due to past bullyin
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Gunka no Baltzar Gaiden - Yuukoku no Liebknecht 4.5

Gunka No Baltzar Gaiden - Yuukoku No Liebknecht

Chapter 2 : Fraying

130.4K Jan 20,16 Nakajima Michitsune

The story of Liebknecht after he ran away from his country and before he met Baltzar again.
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Zetsuai 5


Vol.5 Chapter 6 : Sidestory #2

256.5K Jan 20,16 Ozaki Minami

From Obsession: Long ago, his mother had killed his father and had hurt him also; that may be the reason why Izumi Takuto, a soccer player in school, acts so "cold" to other people. He didn't want to trust anyone, or give his love to others, so he went to live on his own when he was adopted by another family. One may think that by now he would forget about the murdering incident in his life, but
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Something Happening 5

Something Happening

Chapter 1

63.3K Jan 20,16 Satoko Ida

Chihiro was just dumped by his girlfriend, so his senpai organizes a drinking party to cheer him up.
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Tsukiyoda Sadame no Sekai no Sukuikata 5

Tsukiyoda Sadame No Sekai No Sukuikata


79.3K Jan 20,16 Shigahaku

From MangaHelpers: Tsukiyoda Sadame is a high-schooler and hypocrite who plans to use his charisma to take over the world. Through his machinations, he is able to become instantly popular as soon as he transfers into his new school, to the point where he's nominated as the class rep! However, there is another manipulator at work in his class, also trying to claim power: a girl named Kokoro.
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Matantei Loki Ragnarok 5

Matantei Loki Ragnarok

Vol.5 Ch.25 : Ragnarok

358K Jan 20,16 Kinoshita Sakura

From ADV: Private Investigator Loki is certainly an extraordinary fellow with an incredibly demanding profession. While his boyish good looks disguise his true nature, no challenge is too tough for Loki. Not only is it Loki's job to solve mysteries, but he must also protect his own interests, namely his family, especially when those who want him rubbed-out enter the picture. Loki must dig up evid
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Crazy for You (ARAYA Miki) 5

Crazy For You (Araya Miki)

Chapter 5 : Extra

167.9K Jan 20,16 Araya Miki

From Beautiful Soup: Takami has an 'eye power' that causes guys to fall in love with him by looking them in the eye and Ninomiya has a 'pheromone power' that gets both men and women fall in love with him. What happens when these two characters clash together?
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Suberu o Itowazu 5

Suberu O Itowazu

Vol.1 Ch.7.5

94.7K Jan 20,16 Morita Masanori

A collection of seven short stories and a collection of color pages from Rokudenashi Blues from Morita Masanori's career. - Suberu o Itowazu (Setting Up to Fail) A story of two stand-up comedians preparing to participate in a school festival. - Bachi-Atari Rock The pilot oneshot that would eventually lead to the creation of the one volume series under the same name, Bachi-Atari Rock. -
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Seishun Pop! 4.1

Seishun Pop!

Vol.6 Ch.47 : Seishun Pop

2.1M Jan 20,16 Kitakawa Touta

Every day Sakuta Gotou likes to zone out to his favorite band the Incest, because it makes him feel at ease. However, this band is very secretive and has yet to have a live performance. Now, when the chance comes to Gotou to see his idol Ive, the band's singer, on stage, he finds out that she is the new transfer student in the classroom next door... and to make this even better she stops the c
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Nourin 3.8


Vol.1 Ch.6

146.7K Jan 20,16 Shiratori Shirow

When the national idol Kusakabe Yuka suddenly retired from the entertainment business, it shocked the world and it devastated teenager Hata Kosaku. Kosaku was Yuka’s biggest fan and her departure left him depressed. His classmates at the Tamo Agriculture School finally are able to get him to leave his room and attend his class, but to everyone’s amazement, Kusakabe Yuka (her stage name) comes into
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Kiseki no Shounen 5

Kiseki No Shounen


188.2K Jan 20,16 Noujou Junichi

Oda Yuuma is an odd young man. He can float off the ground. He can see into the future. He scares the crap out of some of his classmates and teachers. There is a physicist trying to understand how he does what he does, but Oda-kun has his own agenda, and it involves a possible future he has seen of a girl from his school…
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Hatsukoi (Kakine) 4.8

Hatsukoi (Kakine)

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

125.6K Jan 20,16 Kakine

Ryuuji and Ushio haven't seen each other for fifteen years. It was supposed to be a happy reunion between childhood friends, but because of something that happened long ago, the relationship between the two is strained...?! Taking place in the worn down apartment, “Haitsukoiwa”, four omnibus love stories that make the heart flutter are unfolding.
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Rental Hearts 4.9

Rental Hearts

Vol.1 Ch.1

71.9K Jan 20,16 Otonaka Sawaki

Amamiya Nonoka is a human that can see spirits. Because of the strange ability she posseses, she has no friends at school at all. Suddenly, one day two handsome brothers appear in front of the lonely Nonoka. Aki and Kou, the two of them came to borrow Nonoka's "strange ability"? Not to mention, they are renting parts of their bodies to continue living...
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Gakuen Heaven - Double Scramble - Kasahara Hen 4.9

Gakuen Heaven - Double Scramble - Kasahara Hen

Chapter 5

168.2K Jan 20,16 Spray

Asahina Yuki, a young man with no special skills save for good luck, was invited to attend Bell Liberty, a legendary high school for elite students. Immediately after arriving, he was given an armband by a mysterious ninja who begged him to protect the school. That armband is the proof of being the Ace of the school - the student council president!
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Hwaja 4.8


Chapter 35.5 : Appendix

437.4K Jan 20,16 Hong Jac-ga

A story about a boy who meets a girl in an abandoned house. Original webtoon (Korean webcomic) Completely scanlated in Russian.
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Blue Spring Runnings 4.3

Blue Spring Runnings

Chapter 1

109.6K Jan 20,16 Saida Nica

A cute love story between a track runner and an older librarian.
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Brother's Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 5

Brother's Conflict Feat. Tsubaki & Azusa

Vol.1 Ch.2

89.5K Jan 20,16 KANASE Atsuko,MIZUNO Takashi,Udajo

Brothers Conflict manga focused on Tsubaki and Azusa.
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