Kiken na Otonarisan 4.7

Kiken Na Otonarisan

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Extra(The End)

201.7K Jan 20,16 Nanami

Story 1: Endou got into an affair with the neighbor's wife and was caught red-handed by the husband, Okumura. He apologized to Okumura and was expecting a beat-up when Okumura pushed him down instead... Story 2: Ritsu has unrequited feelings for his friend Masashi. In order to cope with the situation, he indulges in a frivolous life as an escort in the red-light district. When he suspects to ha
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Winter Flowers 4.8

Winter Flowers

Vol.1 Ch.0

60.2K Jan 20,16 Watanabe Shiho

Yuudai, being a son of a family that makes fireworks really wanted to turn eighteen so that he could finally be able to help out in their family business. His childhood friend Hana, also wanted the same thing to make Yuudai happy. Little did Hana know, that for Yuudai, being with her again is the most happiest thing that could ever happen to him. And she also doesn't know how much he is sufferi
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Winged Armor Suzumega 5

Winged Armor Suzumega

Vol.1 Ch.0

72.3K Jan 20,16 Nihei Tsutomu

[From Kotonoha]: While it’s not explicitly mentioned in the story, it’s believed that Suzumega is at least somewhat related to Abara since it features the Gaunas.
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Wisteria-Colored Sky Apartment 5

Wisteria-Colored Sky Apartment

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Wisteria-Colored Sky Apartment

57.7K Jan 20,16 Higashimura Akiko

A young woman gazes wistfully off of her balcony, gazing at the beautiful view. She enjoys drinking beer on her days off, and has noticed someone growing flowers in an empty space on the first floor. One day, she receives mail that does not belong to her; and after happening a second time, she returns it to its owner. And that's when she meets a special man...
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Witch (Chi-ran) 5

Witch (Chi-Ran)

Vol.1 Ch.1

54.8K Jan 20,16 Chi-ran

Sanjou is a teacher whose love life surrounded by gossips about her failures because she had no charm as a woman. But when she sets out to capture the heart of one of her students, it is revealed that there is more, far more, to her than meets the eyes.
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Witch Class 5

Witch Class

Vol.2 Chapter 0

68.7K Jan 20,16 Lee Ru

Summary from ANN: Dorothy is on her way to school one day when she stumbles across a witch's mansion. The witch takes Dorothy as her apprentice, and the girl promptly casts a spell on the witch's nephew (she didn't think it would work). He turns into a werewolf, so now Dorothy must learn enough magic to take the curse off of him. She doesn't seem to have much talent for magic, though....
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Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou 3.8

Wolf Guy - Ookami No Monshou

Vol.12 Ch.117 : Promise

8.7M Jan 20,16 Tabata Yoshiaki

Ms. Aoshika is not only divorced, but an underappreciated teacher at her job. But one drunken mishap leads her to witness firsthand the brutal assault and murder of a young man. However, after fainting, she awakens to discover that all of the assailants have been seriously wounded. And to her further surprise, the next day she discovers that not only is the young man, Akira, she met the night befo
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Sensei! Koi no Shitsumon Desu! 4.8

Sensei! Koi No Shitsumon Desu!

Ch.0 : Oneshot

64.1K Jan 20,16 Tomoe Fumi

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Yuugure, Orange, Saku Hana wa 4.1

Yuugure, Orange, Saku Hana Wa

Ch.1 : Love, Heat Haze, End-Of-Summer Regrets [Sequel]

64.4K Jan 20,16 Ohsawa Yayoi

From Ramsus-kun: Megumi is rumored to have a thing for girls and, shunned by most of the school, has become something of a quiet outcast. One day, though, she catches the attention of Asuka, star of the girl's basketball team. As they become friends, Asuka is astonished to find another feeling blossoming within her heart...
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Night Flower 4.9

Night Flower

Vol.oneshot Ch.oneshot

46.3K Jan 20,16 Mizuno Hideko

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Love, Heat Haze, End-of-Summer Regrets 4.6

Love, Heat Haze, End-Of-Summer Regrets


49.7K Jan 20,16 Ohsawa Yayoi

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Wolf's Rain 5

Wolf's Rain

Vol.2 Ch.11

266.8K Jan 20,16 Nobumoto Keiko,Bones

From Viz: Humans thought the wolves died off two centuries ago in this bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their animal bodies. One white wolf, Kiba, scours the land for the scent of the Lunar Flower that will lead them all to Paradise...But will it lead them to a deadly false legend?
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Wonderful Cafe ni Youkoso 5

Wonderful Cafe Ni Youkoso


69.9K Jan 20,16 Takagi Shigeyoshi

A dog shop love comedy! The place where hot men and hot dogs come together!
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Sayonara Sorcier 4.5

Sayonara Sorcier

Vol.2 Ch.12 : End

195.9K Jan 20,16 Hozumi

In the late 19th century in Paris, Theodorus van Gogh, famous art dealer in Paris and the branch manager of the prestigious Goupil & Cie patroned exclusively by Bourgeoisie clients, seeks to embrace new art talents and techniques. However, the period is full of the prestigious and conservative who think that art belongs solely to the upper echelon of the society whereas commoners are considere
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Wonderful Kiss! 5

Wonderful Kiss!

Vol.1 Ch.6 : The Heart Doesn't Stop (Sequel To Wonderful Kiss)

100.6K Jan 20,16 Ichijo Hikaru

Collection of oneshots : 1) Wonderful Kiss 2) Taboo 3) Ame no Ato 4) Nocturne 5) A Midsummer's Premonition 6) The Heart Doesn't Stop
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Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan 4.2

Onsen Yousei Hakone-Chan

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Hakone-Chan And The Box Of Secrets

93.5K Jan 20,16 Yui Daisuke

The story follows Hakone, a hot spring spirit who descended to a spa resort on Earth. However, with her long slumber, she looks like a little girl on the outside. ("Yōsei" in the title is a wordplay on the Japanese words for fairy and a young child.) The high school boy Tōya stumbles across her at a hot spring and ends up joining Hakone in retrieving her original powers. [ANN]
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Wonderful Life 5

Wonderful Life

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Extra

114.1K Jan 20,16 Yamakami Riyu

1) Wonderful Life (5 chapters) : Takumi and Tomohiro are a very loving couple. Tomohiro is a not-so-popular illustrator, but Takumi is an elite. They only get to meet up once a week and Takumi always leaves immediately after making up. Tomohiro couldn’t help but thinking, “could it be because Takumi’s lazy to look for another lover or…?" 2) Wonderful Days (1 chapter) extra story.
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Working Musume. 5

Working Musume.

Vol.1 Ch.4 : From Sparrow To Phoenix 2000

80.6K Jan 20,16 Mizukami Wataru

Saki, an ordinary 14-year-old girl is very stingy and loves money. One day after her parents and little sister and brother mysteriously disappear, she finds 2 guys at her door. According to the handsome one, Takumi, her father lost his job a long time ago, and had incurred massive debts at Takumi's firm. In exchange for saving Saki from a loanshark, Takumi asks her to work for him, to pay of her f
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6 Weapons 4

6 Weapons

Chapter 2

154.1K Jan 20,16 Team_yahada

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Tonari no Onna 5

Tonari No Onna

Ch.2 : Walking Days

59K Jan 20,16 Tsuge Yoshiharu

A collection of late-period Yoshiharu Tsuge stories, originally published 1981-1985.
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Worlds 5


Vol.1 Ch.5 : Soul Of Knight

71K Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Ryu

A compilation of five short stories by Ryu FUJISAKI written throughout his career. Ranging from fantasy to gothic horror, they explore the fantastic worlds contained within the mind of the mangaka of such series as Houshin Engi and Waq Waq.
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Working!! - Secret Memories 5

Working!! - Secret Memories


94.4K Jan 20,16 Takatsu Karino

A side story from the main series of Working!!
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Lupin Kozou 4.8

Lupin Kozou

Vol.1 Ch.10 : Big Riot Casino

126.1K Jan 20,16 Monkey Punch

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Kyoufu Kansen 4.4

Kyoufu Kansen

Chapter 9

136.9K Jan 20,16 Ochazuke Nori

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