Beyond Myriad Peoples 4.7

Beyond Myriad Peoples

Chapter 69

2,699,153 Jan 26,22 Boyi animation

A Myriad of big shots grovel at his feet, yet he insists: “I'm really just an ordinary mortal.” The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world. 万人之上 / Who's Your Daddy / Beyond A Myria Of Peoples
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Return of the Mount Hua Sect 4.9

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Chapter 48

17,695,856 Jan 26,22 Updating

Chung Myung, The 13th Disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, One of the 3 Great Swordsmen, Plum Blossom Sword Saint, defeated Chun Ma, who has brought destruction and disarray onto the world. After the battle, he breathes his last breath on top of the headquarter mountain of the Heavenly Demon Sect. He is reborn after 100 years in the body of a child. ……What? The Mount Hua Sect has fallen? What kind of n
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Peerless Battle Spirit 4.3

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 400

26,383,606 Jan 26,22 立群君&神域动漫

In the Canglan Continent, only those that who manage to awaken a Martial Spirit can walk on the path of cultivation. In this world, only those with stronger martial spirits can communicate with the heavens and earth. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awak
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Me and My Zoo 4.3

Me And My Zoo

Chapter 128: Word Of Mouth Explosion~

395,746 Jan 26,22 MKcomic, La Mian Hua Tang De Tu Zi

The poor Duan Jiaze inherited a private zoo after graduation and was forced to bind a "rogue" app called "Lingxiao Hope Project", which ushered in bizarre "animals" such as Lu Ya, Daji, Bai Suzhen, and Black Bear Spirit.     The app regularly released business-related tasks. Jiaze would be punished if he failed to complete them. In this way, Jiaze the director was forced to begin his joyfu
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Latent Blue 4.9

Latent Blue

Chapter 47

877,103 Jan 26,22 ceci

In this remote seaside town, different people meet with their own confusions and misgivings. In the face of the deep blue sea, everyone can find their own answers. The Deep Blue journey of scuba diving and ordinary youth begins!
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Mo Shou Jian Sheng 4.2

Mo Shou Jian Sheng

Chapter 103

7,833,006 Jan 26,22 Tian Can Tu Dou

Internet addicted boy Liu Feng accidentally crossed the world of sword and magic. He can
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Goddess Café Terrace 4.7

Goddess Café Terrace

Chapter 44: A Shadowy Figure At Familia

2,825,794 Jan 26,22 Seo Kouji

Kasukabe Hayato has been accepted to Tokyo U on his first try. Receiving news of his grandmother's death, he returns to his childhood home, Cafe Terrace Familia, for the first time in three years to find five strange girls there who claim to be "Grandma's Family"! Hayato's unexpected life in a seaside town with these five girls of fate begins here! In this handsome harem
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Free Throw 4.5

Free Throw

Chapter 71: Arrived In Okinawa

2,098,778 Jan 26,22 Jeon Sun-wook

A diverse group of youths' spectacle school sitcom drama revolving around Han Tae Sung.
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Fairy King's Daily Life 4.5

Fairy King's Daily Life

Chapter 149

3,127,072 Jan 26,22 Entertainment is right

This is an era of cultivating immortals for all! Everyone is working hard for the flying of the imperial sword and the cultivation of the immortal! Wang Ling is a counterexample! Fairy? Cultivation? Elixir? He didn’t care, but the repair was escalated like a plug-in. A 3-year-old Yu Jian and a 7-year-old deity, he wanted to live a low-key Buddhist life but fell to an ordinary high school! It
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Reincarnated as an Aristocrat with an Appraisal Skill 4.6

Reincarnated As An Aristocrat With An Appraisal Skill

Chapter 54: Wife's Role

22,805,744 Jan 26,22 Miraijin A,Natsumi Inoue

After being reincarnated, Ars Louvent is supposed to live in a different world as a weak aristocrat. Both his physical strength and intelligence were mediocre in both worlds, but here he naturally possessed a skill called "Appraisal" that allowed him to see the potential of any person. By gathering talented people by his side, Ars uses this "Appraisal" skill to transform his we
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Strongest Cultivation System 4.5

Strongest Cultivation System

Chapter 24

5,101,405 Jan 26,22 Maple leaf (original) + chaoyu animation

The young Han Hao, learned that pure girlfriend turned out to be a rich man’s plaything? After being green as a spare tire, he was blessed by misfortune, and won the strongest system of cultivating immortals. Seeing through all the “perspective symbols” and “Jin Chuang Dan” that cures all diseases, women can get magical powers? It can be said that the system is in han
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Pendant of the Elemental 4.5

Pendant Of The Elemental

Chapter 33

709,699 Jan 26,22 Bigpi

The only son of the living legend, the duke of landert, who suffered countless hardships during his childhood, enrols in the karingston academy.
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I Don't Love You Anymore 4.7

I Don't Love You Anymore

Chapter 57

9,498,985 Jan 26,22 수수,연재중

To Nivea, the world seemed like an eternal winter. Her parents and maids had given her the cold shoulder ever since she was a baby. When she fell down in the snow, no one spared her a glance. It was truly a dreadful winter. While living day to day like a doll on a display shelf, Nivea was engaged as part of a pre-natal agreement between her father and her fiance’s father. Her fiance was a Wi
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Salad Days (Tang LiuZang) 4.5

Salad Days (Tang Liuzang)

Chapter 101

3,041,424 Jan 26,22 Tang LiuZang,Jing ShuiBian

This is the story between a young innocent ballet boy and a passionate, determined boxing boy. The two met at the children's palace, and since then, they have grown up together supporting each other. May there be hardships, may there be obstacles, yet they never stopped pursuing their dreams. The beauty of the salad days is the sweat from the hard work and the bonding of friendship. Although t
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Dragon in the Kitchen 4.4

Dragon In The Kitchen

Vol.4 Chapter 26: A Drop Of Milk

119,131 Jan 26,22 Shimada Lily

Eastern Europe, 1980s. A Japanese Art student finds a mysterious egg in her new house. Born from it is a small lizard-like creature that shrieks in a strange voice. A new life begins together.
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I Don't Want a Harem! 2.6

I Don't Want A Harem!

Chapter 30: Be The Mantrap, Juejue

101,859 Jan 26,22 Good Little Beast Studio

The female leads who reincarnate into different worlds are usually both smart and brave, and possess special skills as the main characters. They avenge the original heroine who died a tragic death, then win over handsome men and conquer the world. But what would happen if a useless person reincarnated as the female lead of a harem story?
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The Incapable Married Princess 4.5

The Incapable Married Princess

Chapter 68: It Shouldn't Be Too Big

726,030 Jan 26,22 石头人

For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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You Are My Only Love 4.6

You Are My Only Love

Chapter 32

1,059,407 Jan 26,22 岑利/晋江文学城

To the people who know Sheng Yu, he is very lazy and unpassionate. There’s not a time when he’s serious about anything he does. He slacks off during his photoshoot, gets bored during his interview, and is even more indifferent when it comes to filming his movie. Everyone thought that he was probably out of his mind. But then, everyone noticed he wasn’t half-assed and was actually
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Roelin Walks the Future 4.6

Roelin Walks The Future

Chapter 28

1,248,409 Jan 26,22 Rosie

Roelin Deaz, the daughter of Count Deaz, who is supporting the family that is in debt due to her father's business failure. While struggling to raise the family on the verge of collapse, Roelin has an accident that almost killed her one day. This as an opportunity, she remembers the past when she was the high priest of the temple of night and darkness, which has now disappeared, and gains the
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The Princess Pretends to Be Crazy 4.8

The Princess Pretends To Be Crazy

Chapter 50

4,011,723 Jan 26,22 Dalseul,Rohan

“On the Moonlight Garden-!” “White evening primroses are in full bloom -!” It was a strange succession ceremony in which the strongest member of the royal family succeeds the throne. After being poisoned, she returned five years into the past, and played the part of a crazy b*tch in order to survive. Seriously, was surviving by simply looking like the weakest not enough? Th
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A Stepmother's Märchen 4.9

A Stepmother's Märchen

Chapter 81

25,354,647 Jan 26,22 ORKA

The iron widow, the spider widow, male hunter, the witch of Neuwanstein castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies....... These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness, Suri Van Neuwanstein. Despite receiving such criticism from the world, she raised her 'children', who were unrelated to her by blood and were old enough to be called her siblings.
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Vicarious Lover 4.4

Vicarious Lover

Chapter 38

533,107 Jan 26,22 Gangjang,Yeoldusi

"There is someone who makes my heart race. I will date her for three months. So you, too.. should date another man for three months." To get revenge on her fiancé... No, to make him love her again, Hwang Hae Geum planned to look for a substitute boyfriend. That person is Kang Si Hoon, her brother's friend who is five years younger than her. He's the definition of the perfec
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The Omniscient Point of View of an Unrequited Love 4.3

The Omniscient Point Of View Of An Unrequited Love

Chapter 77

4,937,359 Jan 26,22 Jung Ha Rim

Hyeji is a social media star with over 100,000 Instargram followers. She's received tons of confessions because of her popularity, yet despite that she's never been on a single date. But one day, she gets asked on a date—by another popular social media star that she's secretly been following, no less! On the day of the long-awaited date, when she's a
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