Trainees 4.6


Chapter 30

523.5K Nov 12,17 Narak

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Virtual Grimm fairy tale 5

Virtual Grimm Fairy Tale

Chapter 7

116K Nov 11,17 Kyeong-Ok Kang

This is how people experience a virtual Grimn fairy tale story. The fairy tale hide cruel stories about wounds and ambitions and obsession.
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Ginza Neon Paradise 4.7

Ginza Neon Paradise


213.9K Nov 11,17 Unohana

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Dear Diary: Hello Memories 4.8

Dear Diary: Hello Memories

Chapter 4

82.6K Nov 11,17 Komai

"Is our relationship really going to stay the same forever...?" "Or will everything we experience just be memories?" "How will everything come into a conclusion?" Together, they experience life, laughter, heart-warming romance, action and drama... The life they experience together now begins.
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The Girl who Walks the Waves 5

The Girl Who Walks The Waves

Chapter 22 : Afterword

183.4K Nov 11,17 Han Nau

Youth wait for the big wave. They share stories of life, healing and love, the many gifts of surfing. Raw:
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I Found Another Kitten 4.7

I Found Another Kitten

Chapter 3

182.6K Nov 11,17 Yohachi

The sequel manga to "I Found a Kitten."
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Re:Birth 2 - The Life Taker 4.1

Re:birth 2 - The Life Taker

Chapter 0.3

474.4K Nov 11,17 Lim Dall-young

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Neither A Long or Short Walk 3.3

Neither A Long Or Short Walk

Chapter 13

137K Nov 11,17 Go Ara

In a quiet village, Young Seol, an aristocrat, wakes from deep slumber, only to find a young man named Soon Jo Yi trying to kidnap her.
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My Ancestor Came Back 4.3

My Ancestor Came Back

Chapter 8

133.1K Nov 11,17 Wonder

I accidentally summoned my ancestor! How do I return him safely...!? Please support the artist by visiting the original Korean comic:
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Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan 4.6

Jinrou E No Tensei, Maou No Fukukan

Chapter 6

2.7M Nov 10,17 Hyougetsu

Reincarnated to a werewolf magician, the Protagonist Vyett was instated as the vice head of the Demon Lord’s third brigade force. Occupying a remote market town, he was entrusted to management and defense. As a former human, born a monster, I can understand the sentiments of both sides well enough. Because of that, those around seem to think I’m a man of wisdom, or something of the like, but it
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Iro Otoko 5

Iro Otoko

Vol.5 Chapter 3

253.5K Nov 07,17 Toribito Hiromi

From Loveless' Site: Amidst the crowds in Asakusa district, Tokyo, a young man is assaulted by a group of bandits. When a red-haired stranger comes to his rescue, Suoh falls in love at first sight, but all's fair in love and war.
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Getsuei 4.8


Chapter 5

124.5K Nov 06,17 Shoowa

Gomenne boku wo aishite.. A very interesting story..
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I Found a Kitten 5

I Found A Kitten

Chapter 2.1

383.4K Nov 04,17 Yohachi

Atsuki Komiya is a college student that’s living alone. Suddenly, his sister visits and asks for a favor, which is to take care of his niece, Kasane, for two weeks. A story about the awkward relationship of these two, the confused Atsuki and the sullen Kasane, living together. Which direction will this story go…?Made by:
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Rewrite 4.9


Chapter 11

145.7K Nov 04,17 Key

Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia
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Tonari no Kuni kara 4.8

Tonari No Kuni Kara

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

60.8K Nov 01,17 Matsuura Saori

In a world quite different from our own, a young boy ventures into a forbidden forest and meets a girl utterly alien to him.
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Hakwonmul 4.3


Chapter 84.5 : Extra

1.1M Nov 01,17 Sunbo

Web Comic
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Boukyaku no Cradle 5

Boukyaku No Cradle

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : An Island Of Fifteen Year Olds

68.7K Nov 01,17 Fujino Moyamu

From MangaHelpers: The world is in a tense political situation, and one country has instituted a new mandatory education program for all children fifteen and up. It's a half-year program that puts the children through military training. Kazuki has traveled to an installation on Yurikago ("Cradle") Island for his half-year of training along with many other boys. Kazuki has no special physical ta
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Gringo 2061 5

Gringo 2061

Chapter 8

193.5K Nov 01,17 Noguchi Keisuke

From MangaHelpers: 28 July 2061 was an unlucky day for Raiji, in which he was falsely accused of being a groper on public transport. That evening, he joined his friends, Yuma and Osamu, to watch Halley's Comet. The comet appeared to arrive a few hours ahead of schedule, but it didn't just pass by in the night sky. Instead, there was a blinding flash, and all the people Raiji and his friends had
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Sono Te o Toreba 4.6

Sono Te O Toreba

Chapter 7

187.4K Oct 31,17 Chiba Ryouko

1-4) If You take the Hand, Within this Hand, & Holding Hands To make a choice is to take a risk, so Hinata simply coasts. When the older Kasahara pursues him, Hinata allows himself to fall into an awkward friendship. But Kasahara demands more and Hinata’s hand is forced: will he take a risk and face his fears, or will he stay in his comfortable but empty life? 5-7) Indecisive Spring, The
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Real Clothes 4.9

Real Clothes

Vol.3 Chapter 102

935.6K Oct 31,17 Makimura Satoru

Kinue is a saleswoman in the futon section of a department store. Despite her plain clothes and poor makeup, she ends up being transferred to the women's clothing department, where she has to be trained by her extraordinarily fashionable boss. Needless to say, a makeover is in order.
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Transparent Cohabitation 4.8

Transparent Cohabitation

Chapter 48 : Epilogue

2.6M Oct 25,17 Jungsuh

The risky cohabitation between a ghost and a human that seems touchable, but isn't.
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Hatsukoi Counter Attack 4.7

Hatsukoi Counter Attack

Chapter 5

519.4K Oct 25,17 Ohana

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Piyo Piyo Familia 5

Piyo Piyo Familia

Vol.1 Chapter 5

78.8K Oct 23,17 Aida Kurea

Summary: Kana-chan is blessed with fraternal twins, Sae-chan and Mayu-chan. Although they are twins but they are not look-alike. Moreover, these two babies are really attached with their older sister, which only make them cuter! Just watch how they race against each other every single day to get into Kana-chan’s arms. If you look closer you’ll notice the evilness of Mayu-chan but don’t think th
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Henshokuka no Kawaii Akuma 4.6

Henshokuka No Kawaii Akuma

Chapter 7

207.4K Oct 19,17 Konno Satomi

Michiru, a demon who feeds off of human's dreams, loves sweet and warm dreams! When he meets Taiga, a human who gives him those kind of dreams, his life takes a complete change! Everyday without Taiga noticing he fills his stomach with delicious dreams. However one day, though humans shouldn't be able to see his form, it seems as though his eyes meet Taiga's.... Could it be he's finally being c
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