Hellbound 4.7


Chapter 0: Ep. 0 - Prologue

0 Nov 30,21 Yeon Sang-ho,Choi Gyu-seok

Repent, or face hell on Earth! In Seoul, apparitions have started appearing before those who have done wrong to notify them of when they will die. A new religious group explains these happenings as God condemning people to make them live more righteously. Detective Jin is assigned to investigate the latest incident, just as his wife's murderer is scheduled to be released from prison.
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The Age of Barbarous 4.8

The Age Of Barbarous

Chapter 1

7,393 Nov 27,21 Shin Eui-cheol,Jang Dae-hyun

I found someone who looks exactly like me on SNS! He seems to have everything unlike me who grew up in an orphanage. Maybe he could be my twin?! When I was about to find him and solve my life problems, I got into huge trouble!! Belongs to Blue String Universe.
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Itoshi no Karin 4.6

Itoshi No Karin

Chapter 20.5

63,439 Nov 27,21 Horiizumi Inko

Meet Yutaka Hanagasaki is 20-year-old gardener at the theme park Fuegaoka. Meet Merun-chan, the mascot of Fuegaoka, with lots of popularity. Hanagasaki just so happens to secretly like her, but can never work up the courage to even talk to her, always admiring her from afar like a flower. A sweet story of how Hanagasaki works up the courage and becomes closer to Merun!
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Maguro-Shoujo 4.3


Chapter 6: The Girl Who Opens Up

15,366 Nov 27,21 Ishikawa Hideyuki

Kirishima Haruna is a member of an idol group. But after being told that she would not be part of the main team due to her poor sales, she started to crumble as her debt stacked up with lesson fees. "How did it come to this?!" screams the young girl... while holding a tuna between her thighs.
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Outside the Law 4.4

Outside The Law

Chapter 14

26,075 Nov 27,21 卡比丘,古拉漫社,长佩文学

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." The canary I kept is actually my sworn enemy? This is the story of playing dumb to take advantage of the situation. When the two-faced Ruan Zheng encounters the big shot Luo Yu of the criminal world, what will happen? How c
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Necromancer Survival 4

Necromancer Survival

Chapter 10

39,840 Nov 26,21 Antstudio,Cm

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung's mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked into
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Me, The Heavenly Destined Villain 4.8

Me, The Heavenly Destined Villain

Chapter 5

115,428 Nov 30,21 天命反派(原著)+绘术动漫

Gu Zhangge was transmigrated into Xuanhuan World. The moment he was transmigrated, he saw many models surrounding the Lucky Male Protagonist and he really show hate him. Even the Female Protagonist was hugging him which lead to many jealousy among the VIP guest who witness it. Since I am more powerful and higher in status than him, destroying him would be very easy, but wait, there is a system her
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The S-Classes That I Raised 4.7

The S-Classes That I Raised

Chapter 11

180,335 Nov 30,21 근서

An F-rank Hunter. That too, a useless, pathetic F-rank hyung who dragged down his amazing S-rank brother. To me, who'd halfheartedly lived a disastrous life that'd ended up devouring my brother's life and making me regress, the title given, was… ‘Perfect Caregiver' That's right, this time, instead of fussing about myself, let's quietly look after those amazing bastards…
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Once, It Was Love 3.2

Once, It Was Love

Chapter 40

106,647 Nov 30,21 Fumiko ichi,Sora minazuki

Just like always, I made dinner and waited for my husband to come home. But when he came back, he kept ignoring me. He acted as if I wasn't there. What's more, after he finished dinner, he started checking his phone with a beaming face I had never seen before. It seemed like he was secretly texting with a girl. And that girl was none other than my younger sister... "Why did it have to be my sister
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The President’s Special Instructions 4.6

The President’S Special Instructions

Chapter 23

134,147 Nov 27,21 Jina,Park hanna

What'll happen if he becomes the new secretary of the "Great Demon", CEO Choi Jeong-woo? 사장님의 특별지시, President's Special Order , CEO's special order , Married to my boss
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It’s Mine 4.7

It’S Mine

Chapter 132

122,254 Nov 29,21 Lucks

"What can I do to get closer to you?" Today as well, he watches her intently from afar.
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Final Boss 4.8

Final Boss

Chapter 19

87,562 Nov 27,21 Updating

A legendary gamer chosen by AI, Captain of Engineering. Trapped in the game, he is doomed to be the final boss.But it looks better than I thought!
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The Teacher of Perishable Villains 4.5

The Teacher Of Perishable Villains

Chapter 2

73,987 Nov 27,21 Grilled rice cake,Lee ji,Tteog gu-i

Wouldn't it be possible to prevent a bad reputation if we turned children destined to become destructive villains into hunters and legendary hunters? If you don't do anything, waiting is just a terrible reputation. 멸망급 빌런들의 선생님 / Teacher of the End-Of-The-World Villains
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I Became the Sacrificial Princess 4.4

I Became The Sacrificial Princess

Chapter 6

95,118 Nov 27,21 Dahangdao Anime,Daxingdao Anime

Unknowingly swapped upon birth, Princess Brianna lost her identity as a princess and became a vagrant orphan. One day, her Imperial Father suddenly sought her back, reinstating her back to her rightful identity as the nation's princess. However, what awaited her was not a family reunion nor was it an extravagant life, but instead, she was to become a sacrifice for the god. Reincarnated into the bo
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Princess’s Hundred Ways of Martyrdom 4.5

Princess’S Hundred Ways Of Martyrdom

Chapter 8

25,491 Nov 24,21 青墨苍穹

The night before the girl group was formed, Yu La was pushed by someone and transmigrated into the mysterious ancient kingdom of Adalante, which has long disappeared in history, and simultaneously entered the body of a vicious princess who has the same name as herself. Based on the book "The Mystery of the Fall of Adalante" that she read before she transmigrated, Yu La recalled that all the specul
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The Male Lead is a Murderer 4

The Male Lead Is A Murderer

Chapter 18

18,074 Nov 24,21 Egativism,Hero banana,Nana.maruse

Amber is an author desperate for a best-seller, but while trying to write a new idea, she dies in an accident. The next time she opens her eyes, she is the main character inside her own unfinished novel! High school was hell for Amber, and fictional life inside her book is worse--her novel was a thriller where the heroine is pursued by a love-obsessed psychopath! Now, Amber needs to avoid the male
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I’m Divorced, But I’m a Chaebol 4.7

I’M Divorced, But I’M A Chaebol

Chapter 23

245,273 Nov 28,21 Ding9 (악어스튜디오),한이셀

Even though I was destined to get married in this world overnight, I tried to adapt and live normally, but my trashy husband who thought cheating wasn't enough, he also asked me for a divorce. I'm already tired of him, so I willingly divorced him and willing to collect alimony to then spend that money… I decided to sign a contract with a jewelry craftsman who was suffering from labor exploitation,
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The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess 4.6

The Scandalous Secret Of The Crown Princess

Chapter 18

8,954 Nov 30,21 Jung munee,Rahee

Min Bo Ha has magical powers. She could see a person's memory when she touches them. She was abandoned by her family because they considered her powers to be a curse. After being dumped, Bo Ha survives as a boy. One day his father asks her to return home and forced her to become the wife of the Crown Prince to replace her sister who was said to be dead. Bo Ha is forced to enter the palace and marr
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Being With You Means the World to Me 5

Being With You Means The World To Me

Chapter 5

5,736 Nov 27,21 大柠,漫美映画

The journey of a very sweet, fluffy and warm couple! The author, Da Ning, recorded 10 years of her relationship with her lover, Lin Zhi Min. The two love birds fell in love at first sight in the university's garden. Time and distance tested their relationship but they used their love to overcome these challenges and build their own world. "No matter how big the world is, the sight that suits me th
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I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead 4.8

I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead

Chapter 8

132,405 Nov 30,21 Harara,Yehwon,예훤,하라라

She was possessed as a villain in a novel in which she was miserably executed. I've tried everything to avoid the death flags, but in the end, only death surfaced. On the day of the third regression, I made up my mind. Let's just live! “I'll die if I live like this, and I'll be killed if I live like that!” But was it because it had come too far from the original? The main characters' interest in t
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Please Cry, Crown Prince 4.4

Please Cry, Crown Prince

Chapter 17

160,498 Nov 30,21 Duck담

After having the worst first meeting with the Crown Prince, she discovered a way to avoid this marriage. That is, the crown prince's miracle power—the tears of blessing. Unfortunately, no matter what she did, he didn't shed a single tear...
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The Last Will of a Crush 4.6

The Last Will Of A Crush

Chapter 15

18,989 Nov 30,21 Goonbam

Mingyeol is a happy-go-lucky twenty-six-year-old girl who recently quit her job. With extra time on her hands, she spends her days crushing on Tae-eun, a cute boy who works at her favorite coffee shop owned by Tae-eun's older sister Huiyeon. Mingyeol stops by every day despite Tae-eun's lukewarm reactions. What seems like a lucky break finally arrives when he asks for a favor. He hands her
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Fading Vows 3.6

Fading Vows

Chapter 20

20,207 Nov 26,21 Kuri

I now pronounce you… roommates?! Wedding planner Muran has finally moved into her own apartment, but she gets so swept up in the excitement that she ends up spending all her money on decorations. Now, she finds herself in desperate need of a roommate. What will happen when her coworker suggests her younger brother, Sachung? Oath as the Morning Mist / 誓如朝雾
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