I’m Really Scared! 4.1

I’M Really Scared!

Chapter 29

75.1K Sep 23,23 CHINA LITERATURE , 一颗星动漫

After Guan Shan's reincarnation, he somehow went back to the past and awakened his special ability that allowed him to turn everything into a game system, through which he was rewarded with all kinds of magical items every time he cleared a dungeon. With his peculiar power, he fought against horror and terrifying monsters, vowed to avenge his family regardless of his struggle and suffering, and wh
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Hidden Love: Can't Be Concealed 5

Hidden Love: Can't Be Concealed

Chapter 88

5K Sep 22,23 Guo Xiao , 竹已 , Jinjiang Wenxue Cheng , Ju Zhi

That year, Sang Zhi’s heart was secretly filled with the figure of a man. She fell in love with her brother’s friend, Duan Jiaxu. This big brother had beautiful peach blossom eyes and casually referred to her as “little kid”. Their first stunning meeting always left Sang Zhi unable to help wanting to get closer to him. However, the 7 years of age difference between them seemed like it was an
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Grand Master Knight Has Become the Princess 4.2

Grand Master Knight Has Become The Princess

Chapter 36

15K Sep 22,23 YAMARU Yasuko

Christina, a girl raised like a boy, is the grand master knight of the guards assigned to Prince Leonardo of the kingdom of Lobolovsky, as well as the prince's friend. One day, the prince asks her to pretend to be his betrothed for the sake of the country, to which she reluctantly agrees. This is the story of the kingdom's strongest warrior getting used to life as a princess!
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When the Witch’s Daughter Lifts the Male Lead’s Curse 4.6

When The Witch’S Daughter Lifts The Male Lead’S Curse

Chapter 25

75.1K Sep 22,23 Shuroop , Marucomics

When Daisy wakes up in the novel In Love With a Monster Prince as the daughter of the witch who torments the male lead, Dionel, she must do whatever she can to prevent Dionel from killing her alongside her foster mother when he comes to seek vengeance in the future. 13 years pass, and Daisy is confident that she has achieved this goal until she realizes the original story has changed. Where is the
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I Refuse to Marry You 4.2

I Refuse To Marry You

Chapter 69

25K Sep 22,23 Metel (Jung Yuna) , Hagae

With a handsome fiancé and a career at a fashion magazine, Jung Dana just about has it all. In order to clinch a promotion, she just needs to get star photographer Park Jihan to do a shoot. Dana manages to convince him, but after the shoot, Jihan disappears and Dana is brutally dumped by her fiancé. Dana bitterly swears off dating, but when she and Jihan run into each other four years later, spark
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A Second Chance at Saving You 5

A Second Chance At Saving You

Chapter 24

20K Sep 22,23 Gwonsuri , Yueunbi , Geuneuli

Empress Niobe Roden, the precious Blue Rose of the Rustan Empire, is in love with another man--the one to save her from her tyrant husband. She patiently waits for her lover Eloi, but all that returns is the news that the Emperor has beheaded him. Hopeless in her own imprisonment, Niobe ends her life only to be returned to the past–exactly two years before her marriage with Valon. With the second
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Raising Beta 3.9

Raising Beta

Chapter 10

20K Sep 22,23 Shin yuri

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Blade of the Phantom Master 4.8

Blade Of The Phantom Master

2.9K Sep 22,23 Youn In-Wan

"What is about to happen is mere coincidence. Never dream for such miracle to reoccur." After the ancient kingdom ‘Jyushin’ has perished, the only surviving secret royal inspector Munsu travels about the world, judging the evil. Link: ( (anime)
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I Will Remove Them From My Life 5

I Will Remove Them From My Life

1.9K Sep 22,23 Miraenavi (미래나비)

I was strangled to death by my cheating husband when I asked for a divorce.I thought that would be the end of my painful life."I’m young...?"When I opened my eyes again, I went back to being a powerless, mute 12 year old daughter of a count.My uncle who was watching for an opportunity to swallow the count.An audacious housemaid who thinks that they’ve become the owner.Furth
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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex 3.8

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

0 Sep 22,23 Kishimoto Masashi

With everyone's memories having been altered, Boruto finds himself being hunted by his own village. After escaping with Sasuke, what future awaits Boruto...?(Source: MangaPlus)(
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Atashi, Kiss Shita. 3

Atashi, Kiss Shita.

1.9K Sep 22,23 Mitsui Haruka

With all the intertwines of love, entangled red strings, and perturbed hearts, Mitsui Haruka brings us eight stories that begins by taking that one intense first step. "Cosa posso fare per dare una mossa alla nostra relazione?"
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His Star 5

His Star

1.1K Sep 22,23 快看5年54班_66753

I am your future lover. This time, it's my turn to chase after you.
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Five-Dimensional Zone 4.5

Five-Dimensional Zone

Chapter 4

20K Sep 24,23 Isan (이산), Kim Soo Young (김수용)

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Yuureiyado no Aruji - Meikyou Seitanshou 5

Yuureiyado No Aruji - Meikyou Seitanshou

896 Sep 22,23 Hatsu Akiko

Master of the Haunted Inn introduces us to a young man sometime in middle Meiji-- the late 1880s or early 1890s. He owns an inn where people are said to be able to see the ghosts of their loved ones.To this place comes a young woman who was married to a man she'd never seen before, an invalid whose dying wish was to wed her. He died on the same day as they met. Even with this history, she feel
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Oni to Tengoku Sai 5

Oni To Tengoku Sai

1.5K Sep 22,23 Aga Naomi

Tengoku, a school nurse, and Aoki, a high school teacher.They have been lovers for a few months, and have been experiencing infatuation, jealousy, and little by little, they've begun to embody what it means to be in a "relationship".One day, Aoki receives a phone call from a friend. He tells his friend that he has no intention of marrying his current lover. Tengoku, who was standing beside
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Italia-jin no Onnanoko ga Isourou Suru Koto ni Natta 4.5

Italia-Jin No Onnanoko Ga Isourou Suru Koto Ni Natta

2.9K Sep 20,23 Hamita

An Italian girl, Francesca, suddenly appears in front of Yuji, an illustrator. At the behest of her mother, she suddenly starts to live with him! They eat dinner together and are excited to see each other in their loungewear. It's a very simple way to get to know each other better.
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Honzuki no Gekokujou ~Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen~ Dai 1-bu 「Hon ga Nai nara Tsukureba Ii!」 4

Honzuki No Gekokujou ~Shisho Ni Naru Tame Ni Wa Shudan Wo Erandeiraremasen~ Dai 1-Bu 「Hon Ga Nai Nara Tsukureba Ii!」

Vol.7 Chapter 33.7: Gossiping By The Well - Tobooks Exclusive

20K Sep 21,23 Kazuki Miya

A certain college girl who's loved books ever since she was a little girl dies in an accident and is reborn in another world she knows nothing about. She is now Myne, the sickly five-year-old daughter of a poor soldier. To make things worse, the world she's been reborn in has a very low literacy rate and books mostly don't exist. She'd have to pay an enormous amounts of money to buy one. Myne reso
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City of the Sun 5

City Of The Sun

Vol.1 Chapter 3: How Are You?

4.4K Sep 21,23 Squiggs, Topnugg

In a crumbling and dystopian Lousiana, Rilind, a zombie, aims to help those cast out from society using a peculiar power- Magic "strings" which can heal wounds. However, his world begins to change when he makes the unlikely choice to save a vampire in distress. Rilind soon learns he's way in over his head when he learns she has a bounty on hers!
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Ore no Sora - The Detective Saga 5

Ore No Sora - The Detective Saga

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Enter The Heir Detective!

2.1K Sep 21,23 Motomiya Hiroshi

(from ebookjapan):Ippei Yasuda, heir to the Yasuda Zaibatsu, is back as a detective! Despite being a rookie, Ippei takes on cases head-on, but is confronted by the unreasonable crimes of those in power. Will Ippei be able to maintain his manly justice?
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Chimera Island 5

Chimera Island

1.4K Sep 20,23 Studio Masonimous

There's a hidden Island striving to find balance. We follow four characters on their quest to find adventure, friends, respect, and identity.
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I Was More Overpowered Than the Hero, so I Hid My Power! 4.3

I Was More Overpowered Than The Hero, So I Hid My Power!

Chapter 9

100.1K Sep 21,23 HHAANN

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved the ‘normal and light-looking but hides his strong powers’ type of character.And then, a chance for rebirth came!“What would you like to be in the new world?” they asked.“I want to be someone who hides their true powers and strength!”…But I didn’t mean it to be like this!?”
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Purgatory Academy 3

Purgatory Academy

1.1K Sep 20,23 Studio Masonimous

When death isn't the end and you have four years to decide between Heaven and Hell. Follow fellow students, Travis, Susan, and Jim, as they figure out if we have the power to overcome systems beyond our control.
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Tyranny of the Gale 4.8

Tyranny Of The Gale

Chapter 10

40K Sep 21,23 codezero, Hwang Mu-Ryong

The war of the Northern Xia lasted less than half a year. The war ended in victory for the Zhongyuan army, but in the process, Bai Lixue's family is devastated by a demonic cult.He lost both his parents and siblings.The only survivor, Bai Li Gang has only one goal... the complete annihilation of the demonic cult!
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Souzoku Tantei 5

Souzoku Tantei

Vol.1 Chapter 3: A Certain Novelist's Will (3)

5.8K Sep 21,23 Nishiogi Yumie

If there's people, there's inheritance. And if there's inheritance, there's trouble. At a prominent mystery novelist's funeral, a bitter "family feud" over his estate has begun. A videotape of the author's will shown at the site of the funeral has been like that first boxing bell of a fight, sounding the beginning of a merciless struggle between the author's three daughters and his secretary. Hot
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