Love Wins 3.1

Love Wins

Chapter 33

40K May 16,23 목도리 Shawl

"Da-yeon was excited by the news of legalization of same-sex marriage.I filed a marriage registration with a woman I didn't know because I was drunk.!? "
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Superstar Rivalry 4.1

Superstar Rivalry

Chapter 89

170.7K May 06,23 Harper Jun , Roe Deer Nest Studio , Xuanjian

After Lu Yin bing won the golden award for her performance in "Broken Snow," popular actor Xiao Hua Fen realized her defeat and wept on live television. A huge fan war started on Weibo, and the actresses condemned contributors to the war.All the while, Xiao Hua Fen defended herself online. What nobody expected, however, was that they were
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Does It Count if Your First Time Is With an Android? 4.6

Does It Count If Your First Time Is With An Android?

Chapter 16

297.2K May 26,23 YAKINIKU Teishoku

Beautiful, brainy Tsuda Akane is indispensable at the robotics manufacturer where she works, but her colleagues never saw her private side. At home, Akane’s a hot mess with an apartment that looks more like a landfill than a living space. When she drunkenly orders a maid to help her tidy up, the lady android who arrives is a horny hottie who’s about to give Akane more service than she bargained fo
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Kuchibeta Shokudou 4.6

Kuchibeta Shokudou

Chapter 50

150.7K Mar 14,23 Bonkara

For five years, she's been eating at the set-meal restaurant but didn't feel comfortable saying anything more, and the waitress at the restaurant who wanted to talk to that regular customer but couldn't get the words out.
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A Model Advisory

Chapter 12

79K Mar 06,23 안은진 , Pony , Ahn Eunjin

"It looks the same as the ideal type in your imagination!"One spring day when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, "Bomi," a freshman in high school who was alone in an empty art department, she pours all her ideals and draws a fictional character, surprised to learn that the person in my imagination looks the same as Hae-yoon, a handsome, tall, athletic senior in the nation's rankings for the pract
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A Collar Only For You 4.4

A Collar Only For You

Chapter 13: ...perv!

415.5K May 22,23 Aoto Hibiki

"I'm a woman I like to be slapped with a soft, sharp, supple palm" I accidentally caught a high school girl who was passing out in front of her apartment. There are scars on his face, but he says, "I'm really there. Such a beautiful girl". That night, when I was taking care of a beautiful mysterious girl, how did she end up in my bed!?
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What Dirty Intentions Does Sister Have 4.8

What Dirty Intentions Does Sister Have

Chapter 58

284.1K Mar 09,23 Zhaoguang Media , 昭广传媒

A rookie female director and a rich woman, they'll bring out all the best no matter what flavor: they can be salty, sweet, cute, and fancy ; when the president falls in love with another president. Faced with love and money, power, public opinion, and family pressure, how will they choose? No! Only children make choices, I'm going to take it all!
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Throw Away the Suit Together 4.5

Throw Away The Suit Together

Chapter 15: Her Paradox

455.5K May 19,23 Keyyang

University, job hunting, then future prospects. Trying to keep up with what we take as a given, "having to do like everyone else does", can wear you down. What path are you meant to take when you start losing sight of what's truly important to you... This is the story of two college girls, Haru and Hii-chan, caught in the thick of it, looking to throw away those common expectations and start a new
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Can't Fall in Love! 4.5

Can't Fall In Love!

Chapter 31

218.5K Feb 23,23 Songha

Jeong-hyun often acts before thinking, leaving her unemployed after fighting with the store manager for her part-time job. However, she signs up as a talent manager when introduced by her older brother. There, she falls in love with an actress, Hee-ra! "It was likelove at first sight!" but it turns out that Hee-ra acts quite differently from her expectations. Though she shouldn't be swept away in
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Momoiro Trance 4.6

Momoiro Trance

Vol.2 Chapter 14: Last Dance ★ After-Party

141.5K May 02,23 Koruri

What do you picture when you hear the words "student council"? Does it involve eating snacks on the job? Maybe slacking off? How about playing dress-up? Cosplaying? Maybe not, but this student council will certainly change those outdated expectations for the better. Meet the students: Aoi Fujisawa, the always-hungry council president, Kanade Kawagoe, the thick-browed silent beauty vice president,
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Hateful Lady 3.5

Hateful Lady

Chapter 34

855.9K Mar 03,23 Jo Sangdeuk , Park Minam , 박미남 , 조상덕

Amazingly good looks and amazingly popular. Yu Sung-Ha, the infamous queen of popularity who's known for flirting with only women, has ended her very short relationship and is ready to commit to a proper relationship from now on. That's when the new transfer student, Shin Ra-Hwi enters Yu Sung-Ha's radar In order for Yu Sung-Ha to properly date, she knows that she can't flirt with other women agai
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I Want to Trouble Komada-san 4.4

I Want To Trouble Komada-San

Chapter 9.5

207.3K May 03,23 SUZUO

I Want to Trouble Komada-san manga, Komada-san wo Komarasetai , Komada is a short high school girl who is constantly troubled with something. Her junior, Kagai, who is big in various ways, is always playing with her and annoying Komada! However, there is a reason why Kagai annoys her, and that is simply because The more you love someone, the more you want to annoy them!
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Show Me Your Bust 4.5

Show Me Your Bust

Chapter 19.5

1.5M May 20,23 Team Gaji

University student Kang Ji-ho, accidentally saw Seon Woo-h**'s bre**** at a drinking party, and avoids her because she couldn't resist the desire to see them again."Just give it to me straight. Why are you avoiding me?""If I tell you straight up, won't you get angry?""No. If you don't tell me, I'll kill you."I-I mean..."When I look at you I keep wanting to see your bo***"At first, she thought it w
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Chapter 36

225.7K Jan 19,23 Austen Marie

Ryder is a struggling singer-songwriter barely making rent in Los Angeles when an alluring and mysterious woman leads her into a secret world of supernatural creatures—including Ryder’s teenage crush, Landon Moon?! Ryder’s wildest dreams of music industry fame and fortune are back within reach if she can sing her heart out and survive this mystical realm!
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aster of the Fox Bead 4.6

Aster Of The Fox Bead

Chapter 58

389K May 24,23 Gyaga

One day Jinhwa unknowingly received a suspicious marble from an old lady and the next day there are a Gumiho (Nine Tailed Fox) after her and claimed that Jinhwa have her marble?!
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The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All 4.5

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't A Guy At All

Chapter 45: Battle For A Niece

3.4M May 21,23 Arai Sumiko

A popular Twitter shorts series depicting the love story between a gyaru and her classmate who she mistakes as a guy outside of school, bonding over their mutual love for rock music.
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For Garbage 2.9

For Garbage

Chapter 77

1.9M Mar 06,23 Kim Jong Geon

Min-ju, who felt lonely at her husband's indifference. A beauty 12 years younger, approaches Min-Ju? Seo Ji-ah, a woman who gives off a strange atmosphere in the boring daily life of a full-time housewife, Min-ju. Ji-Ah's kindness attracts lonely Min-ju.
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Kill Me Now 3.6

Kill Me Now

Chapter 74

1.9M May 23,23 Cosmos

Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mission: "Kill me when you can." From that moment on, Mian decides that she will do this by choking Haegu with feigned love and emotionally manipulating her into submission. But as Mian grows int
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Ami-chan's Diary 4.8

Ami-Chan's Diary

Chapter 9

104.3K Oct 21,22 Yatosaki Haru

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I Wish Her Love Could Come True 4.7

I Wish Her Love Could Come True

Chapter 4

138.1K Sep 24,22 Kanalina

Misaki is her best friend so she wants to help her with her crush, but You has her own feelings that she's hiding...
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The Girlfriend Project 4.6

The Girlfriend Project

Chapter 50

1.4M Oct 31,22 Tapas Media , Kisai Entertainment , Sahyu , Protokrawl , Gracefranzen

When Julia’s scholarship is cut, she’s out of options. A surprise rescue comes when her project partner Ryn offers to pay Julia to pretend to be her girlfriend for the holidays. One problem: Ryn is quite possibly the weirdest person Julia knows. On top of that, Ryn’s filthy rich family snubs black sheep like Ryn and working-class people like Julia. As Julia works to win the hearts of Ryn’s family,
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Shoujo-tachi no Kizuato ni Kuchizuke wo 4.6

Shoujo-Tachi No Kizuato Ni Kuchizuke Wo

Chapter 15

247.1K Apr 14,23 Haruhana aya

The story of vampire girls spun in a secret garden Two girls spend their time at a school built deep in a forest. Their secret is that they are all vampires. In order to hunt without being noticed by humans, the girls are bonded by blood, and what does the "sisterhood" bring to them?
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Re-Blooming 4.6


Chapter 47

219.8K Sep 24,22 Meogmul , letINK

Dinner with friends takes a turn when Yeonji's coldhearted college ex shows up. After all those years, Ava wants to try again and to date like they used to. Should Yeonji give it a second chance, when all Ava did was leave her broken and humiliated? And why is Ava reaching out now, just as their old college friend, Mojoo, has returned from abroad? The timing's peculiar, but something's different a
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